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1st Noland to America

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Who were the first Nolands in America?

The first recorded landings of our Noland ancestors on American shores took place in the second half of the 1600's.  They came from Ireland, even though some of the small over-crowded ships showed the home ports as English.  First there were single men and women, then a few families and within a hundred years, a flood on Noland immigrants were coming to this new land of opportunity.  We will never know the names of those early Nolands that undoubtedly perished on the way over to their new home.  The journey was most difficult and it was not uncommon to have 10-20% of the passengers lost from disease or misfortune on the long voyage.

Some of the first Nolands that were recorded as landing in Maryland were:

bulletCatherine Noland in 1655
bulletPhillip Noland in 1677
bulletThomas Noland in 1678
bulletWilliam Noland in 1678
bulletHenry Noland in 1679
bulletDarby Noland in 1680
bulletPierce Noland in 1684

Although the records showed that these early settlers landed in Maryland, many of them quickly moved into other states, particularly Virginia.