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Index of Marriages

- and Nancy or Nannie Noland
- and William Clay Noland
Abbott, Viola and Jewell Richard Kee
Abel, Xxxx and Iva Pearl Smallwood
Abercrombie, F. Rance and Cordelia Woods (25 Jan 1911)
Acker, Clinton and Fanny Bridges
Acker, George William and Margaret Lizette Noland
Acker, Rene Jean and Aubrey Earl Noland
Acker, Tom and Ada Noland
Acker, Virginia and Gilbert Chalmers Noland
Acton, Courtney and Mary Noland Blundon
Adams, Bonnie and Jean Nolen
Adams, Charles C. and Lessie Valeria Nolen (15 Nov 1911)
Adams, Charles R. and Lillie Adene Nolen (17 Nov 1874)
Adams, Ellen and Andrew Webster Nolen (22 Nov 1885)
Adams, Jesse and Mary Noland (06 Aug 1804)
Adams, Nancy Ellen and Stephen Noland (12 Sep 1820)
Adams, Nannie and Greenberry Turley
Adams, William Augustus Nolen and Vinnie R. Atkinson (30 Apr 1894)
Addison, Barbara and James Nolen (1800)
Addison, Elizabeth and George Nolen (circa 1807)
Addison, Mary and Stephen Nolen (1808)
Addison, Phoebe Mae and Henry Russell Noland
Afansco, Annette and Gordan Hulan Gentry
Albright, Gail and Joe Noland Lee (12 Jan 1980)
Alcorn, Carrie and Lindsey Wiseman
Alcorn, Joel Franklin and Elizabeth Ann Noland (07 Mar 1884)
Alcorn, John J. and Elizabeth Kirst
Alcorn, John J. and Usibbia Webb
Alcorn, Margaret and Henry Tuggle
Alcorn, Myrtle and Clark Crouch
Alcorn, William H. and Louisa Tipton
Alcorn, William Thomas and Rachel Lowe (08 May 1907)
Alcorne, Mary Ann and William Jackson Nolen (circa 1805)
Alcron, Maude Clarkston and Arthur Proctor Noland (03 Oct 1932)
Aldridge, Annie Robinson and Henry Peyton Noland
Aldridge, Mary Dudley and Thomas Vaughan Noland (1895)
Alexander, Ben and Verna Lunsford
Alexander, James Boe Sylvester and Caroline "Callie" Noland (Aug 1914)
Alexander, Nannie and Luther Price Noland
Alexander, Rees and Susan Hollar
Alford, Linda and Melton M. Edmondson
Allais, R. C. and Lola Adna Barker
Alleman, Debra Ann and George Edgar Wilson
Allen, Athaliah and Greenberry Noland (1864)
Allen, Harry and Mabel Kiva Sipes
Allen, Jimmy and Melynda Deeann Bragg (14 Feb 1987)
Allen, Paul and Helen Marie Noland (22 Jun 1941)
Allison, Glenda Vern and Rodney Clay Wilson
Allison, Kathryn and William Herschell Nolen
Allman, Bernice and Carl Hasting
Allman, Larkin and Alice Gertrude Noland (1917)
Alsup, Hugh and Nancy Brewer (10 Mar 1827)
Ambrose, Martha Ann and Jeremiah N. Palmer (08 Jan 1835)
Anderson, Alice Helen and Leon Avery Noland (09 May 1925)
Anderson, Darrell and Melba Ann Ware
Anderson, Eleanor Nolan and Edward M. Salyards (28 Nov 1867)
Anderson, George W. and Eliza Smallwood (25 Dec 1849)
Anderson, Mary Palmer and John Anderson Noland (10 Nov 1890)
Anderson, Susan and Charles H. Mitchell
Anderson, Zebiah "Zibbie" Sims and John Richard Weathers (25 Dec 1870)
Apfel, Patrick and Gwen Gardner Lyman
Arbogast, Mary A. and Chauncy Arl Hoppes (30 Jun 1927)
Archibald, Catherine and Andrew Jackson Nelson (17 Aug 1867)
Archibald, David and Sarah Noland (26 Feb 1832)
Archibald, Martha Ann and Charles W. Lee (1865)
Archibald, Martha Ann and Hiram Clegg (01 Jan 1866)
Archibald, Mary Elizabeth and William Aubrey Noland
Archibald, Mary Jane and Jesse M Phillips (08 May 1861)
Armentrout, Eunice and John Philip Noland (22 Feb 1921)
Armistead, Harriet and William Henry Noland
Armoney, Judy and Darrell Brent Beard
Armstrong, Carolyn Ann and Kenneth Joe Nolan (14 Jun 1974)
Armstrong, James D. and Mary Charlotte Noland (20 Jan 1946)
Armstrong, John E. and Earlene Lee (09 Apr 1945)
Armstrong, Martha and Donald A. Day (28 Nov 1970)
Armstrong, Robert and Rebecca Lynn Pflanzer (24 Sep 1983)
Arnold, Clara Mae and Hervey Marion Barker (28 Feb 1931)
Arnold, Kelly and Flossie Florence Snell
Arnold, Lynda Sue and Louis Thomas Baker (07 Jun 1974)
Arnold, Seth Thomas and Maxie Wayne Lee (12 Oct 1950)
Arnold, Thomas Leroy and Gayla Susann Mckenzie (21 Jan 1977)
Asbell, John and Elizabeth Noland (21 Aug 1851)
Asbury, Barbara Lee and Glenn Fowler
Asbury, George Page and Mabel Glenn Mapes (22 Nov 1916)
Asbury, Herbert Ogden and Verna Newton
Asbury, Jean Frances and Stephen Lawrence Asbury (18 Jun 1947)
Asbury, Marilyn Page and Billy Sullivan
Asbury, Robert Page and Barbara Navey (23 Jun 1956)
Asbury, Stephen Lawrence and Jean Frances Asbury (18 Jun 1947)
Asbury, Wayne Page and Kathleen Grinnell
Asche, Genene Loree and Erwin A. Drueppel
Ashcraft, Elene and Edward Arthur Noland
Ashmore, Clarence David and Diana Fae Noland (29 Apr 1971)
Askins, Ann Rebecca and Augustus Davis (01 Jan 1829)
Askins, Vincent and Elizabeth Noland
Atkinson, Vinnie R. and William Augustus Nolen Adams (30 Apr 1894)
Austin, Alma Earl and William Parrish Ware (04 Dec 1907)
Austin, Charles and Mary Susan Nolen
Averett, Adam William and Zelma Eugenia Watts
Averett, Eva Jane and Luther Earling Watts
Averett, Margaret Ann and William H. Willie (07 Nov 1900)
Awbrey, Elizabeth and Philip Noland (1740)
Awbrey, Sarah and Pierce Noland
Babb, Lewis II and Coral N. Keller
Babb, Mary and Ledstone Jr (--?--) Noland
Baber, Lillie Pearl and William Clay Noland
Bach, Margurite and Ralph Ethan Davis (circa 1950)
Back, Pearl and Theodore Nolen
Bacot, Mary Frances and Andrew John Noland (11 Jun 1938)
Badgley, Gay and Edward J. jr (--?--) Ronsheim (10 Apr 1937)
Bagnall, Joseph Rodeny and Florence Noland
Bailey, Anna Belle and Jerome Henry Noland
Bailey, Denver Lee and Terrye Lynne Flannery (29 Jan 1977)
Bailey, Jennifer Lynn and Owen James Duke
Bailey, Joseph and Jane Noland
Bailey, Nina Lavina and William D. Nolen
Bailey, Priscilla and Obed Noland (02 Sep 1798)
Bailey, Virginia Palfrey and John Burden Noland (12 Aug 1967)
Baker, Gary Joel and Sherry Lynn Emerson (15 Jul 1977)
Baker, James and Temperance Noland
Baker, Louis Thomas and Lynda Sue Arnold (07 Jun 1974)
Baker, Monte Dale and Lynda Sue Patton (20 Jan 1971)
Baker, Sandra and William Ronald Karr
Baker, Shane Ray and Cassandra Ann Durbin
Baker, William T. and Stella Jensine Oksenholt (circa 1946)
Balding, Carol Beth and Robert Taylor
Balding, Fred Raymond and Emi Taira Mount
Balding, Fred Raymond and Julia Esparza
Balding, Fred Raymond and Marijean Alice Carmack
Balding, John Laurence and Linda Gale Westbrook
Balding, Pershing Lawrence and Elizabeth Nell Riley
Balding, Willie Robert and Mabel Laura Smith (14 Dec 1907)
Ball, James and Rosalie Haxall Noland
Ballard, Rose and James Noland Turley
Ballentine, James A. and Mary Jane Nolen (14 Dec 1875)
Ballinger, Freda Irene and Arthur Ray rev (--?--) Noland (27 Jun 1922)
Bangs, Harry Mc and Nellie Tabb
Banks, Homer William and Annie Lois Pate
Banks, Sarah and Stephen Noland
Bannister, Viola Ada and Ivan Leroy Nolan (26 Mar 1948)
Bannon, Olive and Ralvue G. Snell
Barber, Harold and Irma Louise Noland (Aug 1949)
Barber, Hulda and Carl John Henderson
Barbo, Helen Francis and Vernon Paul Noland (02 Jan 1965)
Bard, Adeline and John Merritt Nichols (circa 1889)
Bard, Anna Nichols and L. Vincent dr (--?--) Gorrilla (10 Jul 1928)
Bard, James and Nancy Mills Dodge (1864)
Bard, Mary Frances and George Ashby Brown (01 Apr 1927)
Bard, William Dodge and Alice Ruth Jenkins (20 Nov 1889)
Bard, William Dodge jr (--?--) and Frances Viola Potts (18 Apr 1925)
Bargholz, Bruno and Harriett Louise Chambers (18 Jul 1936)
Barker, Barbara Jeanne and James Jeffrey Butler (14 Jul 1984)
Barker, Barney Richard and Minnie Harriet Sharp (17 Mar 1895)
Barker, Bertha and E. F. Cooper
Barker, Charlie Gordon and Charlcie Plough
Barker, David Wayne and Kathleen "Kathy" Hahn (15 Oct 1983)
Barker, Elias and Sarah Hensley (20 Sep 1851)
Barker, Henry and Sally Noland (01 Jun 1823)
Barker, Henry F. and Amanda Davis
Barker, Henry William and Sarah Sally Margaret Noland (29 May 1823)
Barker, Hervey Marion and Clara Mae Arnold (28 Feb 1931)
Barker, Hervey Marion and Lottie Iola Cummings (09 Apr 1921)
Barker, James and Margaret Or Peggy Noland (22 Aug 1796)
Barker, James and Martha E. Carter (29 Apr 1849)
Barker, James and Nancy Murphy (18 Aug 1825)
Barker, James B. and Brilla James (24 Feb 1859)
Barker, James Jasper and Ann Eliza Veach
Barker, James Wilson and Mirah Ruth Johnson
Barker, Joe and Emma F. Noland
Barker, John Ledstone and Mary Caroline Norris (14 Sep 1871)
Barker, Joseph and Margaret Hopper (11 Mar 1830)
Barker, Joshua and Elizabeth Brown (18 Mar 1856)
Barker, Lola Adna and Elmer Cain
Barker, Lola Adna and R. C. Allais
Barker, Lola Adna and Xxxx Pike
Barker, Lucinda and James Alexander Bolejack (1858)
Barker, Luvola and James Audrey Wiggs
Barker, Mae Elizabeth and Richard Pearson
Barker, Margaret and Samuel Robinette (08 Jun 1843)
Barker, Marion and Josephine Anna Ward
Barker, Martha E. and Sam P. Ward
Barker, Mary E. and Xxxx Hays?
Barker, Mary Elizabeth and Henry Sanford Martin (circa 1869)
Barker, Mary Elizabeth and William B. Barker (09 Jun 1822)
Barker, Nancy and Leftwick Francis (11 Apr 1852)
Barker, Nancy Leathea and Alphonso Daniel Boone
Barker, Pauline and Alvin Walrath (19 Sep 1875)
Barker, Pauline and Dewitt Clinton Bolejack
Barker, Richard Allen and Shirley Rae Howell (19 Aug 1958)
Barker, Roger Allen and Sharon Beth Saks (19 Mar 1989)
Barker, Sarah and James McDonald Reese (31 Jul 1856)
Barker, William and Ellen Boatman
Barker, William and Mary O. Bolejack
Barker, William B. and Mary Elizabeth Barker (09 Jun 1822)
Barksdale, Patricia Jean and Thomas Raiford Jr. Noland
Barnes, Maude Mina and Jesse T. Noland
Barnes, Ray and Eva Lucille Towles
Barnes, Robert and Helen Genell Piburn
Barnes, Sidney and Marium Noland (1847)
Barnett, Albert Cecil and Ida Lois Noland (01 Sep 1923)
Barnett, Billie Jean and Calvin Theodore Emerson (01 Jul 1953)
Barnett, Eva Mae and Howard Lee Gentry (08 Feb 1953)
Barnhart, B.h. and Alice Edith Sipes
Barnhill, Alice R. and Raymond D. Noland (03 Aug 1910)
Barr, Orlena and James Jackson Noland (29 Aug 1852)
Barrett, Virginia Acklin and Elbert Luther Noland
Barrick, Margie Irveline and Edgar Oslin Woods (21 Jul 1943)
Barron, Caroline Elizabeth and Jonathan Marshall Ficquette (23 Dec 1869)
Barrow, Sophie Emily and Andrew William John Noland (26 Nov 1890)
Barton, Berry and Phadelia A. Whitsett (28 Feb 1858)
Barton, Emma Lou and John Wiley McGee
Barton, Freda May and Ralph Byron Collier (26 Aug 1939)
Barton, Leora and James Earl Smallwood
Batchelor, N. B. and Ellen D. Noland (16 May 1837)
Bates, Mildred and Barton Haxall Noland
Batman, Mary and Levi Arthur Smallwood (19 Apr 1899)
Batts, Edna and Robert Federra (06 Aug 1912)
Batts, Harry James and Anna Elizabeth Carter (28 Apr 1918)
Batts, Harry James Jr dr (--?--) and Mary Watson Danhauer (19 Jun 1948)
Batts, Henry Clay and Elizabeth Appleton Beattie (14 Oct 1886)
Baugh, Elizabeth Jane Wright and Caleb Smallwood (12 Dec 1868)
Baum, Howard and Edith Marie Imel (10 Jun 1945)
Baxter, Anna Rachel and Andrew M. Nolen (17 Jun 1918)
Baxter, Elva Ellen and Benjamin Lee Nolen
Baxter, Mayme and Albert Sidney Noland
Baxter, Robert and Sarah Jane Youngblood
Bayne, Mary and Thomas Noland (13 Jun 1796)
Beadle, Dorcas Lee and Isaac Marion Nolen
Beadle, Emaline F. and Thomas Jefferson Nolen (1855)
Beam, James W. and Eliza Noland (30 Dec 1865)
Beard, Chadwick Martin and Toni Xxxx
Beard, Darrell Brent and Judy Armoney
Beard, Darrell Brent and Lisa Hernandez
Beard, Edward Martin and Eunice Louise Wilson (05 Aug 1945)
Beard, Elizabeth Kay and Tommy Clement
Beard, Elizabeth Kay and Walter Hustmyer
Beary, Bertha Rose Ellen and George Washington Carr (27 Oct 1906)
Beattie, Alice Catherine and Henry Johnson col (--?--) Stites (16 Nov 1932)
Beattie, Elizabeth Appleton and Henry Clay Batts (14 Oct 1886)
Beattie, James Alexander dr (--?--) and Doris Alorr Bunker (14 Jul 1920)
Beattie, James Alexander judge (--?--) and Pamela Nolen Dodge (28 Nov 1854)
Beattie, James William dr (--?--) and Alice Mount (14 Jun 1894)
Beattie, Mary Frances and Stewart Hendershot (Jun 1953)
Beattie, Paul Mount and Mary Katherine Ferguson (07 Nov 1925)
Beattie, Thomas Tyler capt (--?--) and Catherine Brown (03 Feb 1925)
Beavers, Morrell and Jean Cazee
Bebestein, Hedwig Marschall Von and Homer Townsend Love (1914)
Becke, William and Anna Kathleen Carr (after 1980)
Becker, Huldah Angeline and William Augustus Nolen (15 Aug 1836)
Becker, Huldah Angeline and William Augustus Nolen (15 Aug 1836)
Beech, Malinda and Obed jr (--?--) Noland (31 Jul 1827)
Beeghly, Bert and Hazel M. Ferguson (24 Jun 1922)
Bell, Clarinda Victoria and Levi Russell Smallwood (07 Jun 1893)
Bell, Joseph S. and Helen Sarah Nolen
Belle, Addie and Franklin O'Neal Kilpatrick
Belter, William Henry "Bill" and Harriette Ann Hoppenbrouwn
Benefiel, Roscoe and Bertha May Noland (05 Nov 1941)
Bennett, Boyd and Hattie Nolen
Bennett, Mary and Claude C. Smallwood (24 Dec 1904)
Bennett, Minnie and Edgar Noland Smallwood
Benoit, Sue and Jimmy Wayne Noland (24 Aug 1970)
Benson, Sarah and Jay Steven Noland
Bently, Eliza and Reuben Nolen
Benton, Francis Lenora and Thomas Jones Noland (19 Jan 1905)
Berkeley, Cynthia and T. Walley Jr (--?--) Williams (15 Jun 1935)
Berkeley, Edmund and Dorothy Allen Smith (18 Apr 1936)
Berkeley, Edmund and Judith Ramsey
Berkeley, Edmund and Mary Lawson Williams
Berkeley, Frances Callender and Henry Horton Williams (28 Aug 1909)
Berkeley, Francis Lewis and Ethel Crissey (05 Apr 1905)
Berkeley, Francis Lewis and Helen Wayland Sutherland (12 Jun 1937)
Berkeley, Lewis Col (--?--) and Frances Callender Noland (27 Sep 1821)
Berkeley, Lucy Beverly and Alexander B. Moore (08 Feb 1884)
Berkeley, Mary Edmonia and Callender St. George Noland
Berkeley, Mary Lewis and Richard Smith Cox (18 Nov 1851)
Berkeley, Norborne Col (--?--) and Lavinia Hart (04 Dec 1849)
Berkeley, William Noland and Cynthia White Smith (18 Dec 1851)
Berney, Betty Josephine and Xxxx Van Dyke
Berney, Linda Gayle and Xxxx Grimm
Berney, Xxxx and Josephine Avaline Noland
Beronja, Milanne and Robert Allen Carr (1978)
Berriman, Robert and Diane Ware Luttrell
Berry, Deena Lynn and David Michael Noland
Berry, Etta Marguerite and Dewey Bonkrud
Berry, George W. and Margaret Louise Piburn (09 May 1951)
Berry, Mary Elizabeth and Royston White Swindal
Berry, Peggy Jean and Dave Riley
Berry, W. D. and Helen Sarah Nolen
Berry, Xxxx and Eleanor Hutson
Berry, Xxxx and Vivian Inez Noland
Berthelot, Agnes Grace and Ancel Leo Noland (19 Sep 1941)
Bevan, Daniel Joseph and Edna Lucille Wilson (16 Oct 1946)
Bevan, George Paul and Ann Louise Corbett
Bevington, Warren and Gladys Smallwood
Beysselance, George and Lillian Eugenia Ware
Bible, Emma E. and Mears Edward Nolan (14 Aug 1879)
Bible, Isaac Monroe and Dicie Arizona Dill
Bickel, Thomas C. and Nancy Jane Noland
Bigner, Derrick and Kay Spillman
Billiu, Gladys E. and Lucius A. Tucker (03 Apr 1918)
Billiu, James S. and Mary M. Mccollum (21 Dec 1887)
Birchfield, Rufus and Elizabeth Ladoska Noland (circa 1890)
Black, Anne and John White Noland (1814)
Black, Jane and John White Noland (1834)
Black, Jane and Robert Boggs Turley (07 Dec 1865)
Black, Jeannette and Louis Argusta "Guss" Demars (27 Apr 1924)
Black, Milton E. and Elizabeth Gardner Head
Black, Xxxx and Lucy Elizabeth Noland
Blackburn, Evelyn Coleen and Edward Prentiss Daviss
Blackman, Gladys and Robert Edward Lee (1934)
Blackmore, Ada M. and Isaac E. Piburn (30 Aug 1911)
Blackwell, Schulyer and Patsy Martha Noland (25 Feb 1865)
Blakely, Leone and Harrison Collier
Blakeman, Bonnie and Danny Dale Patton (04 May 1973)
Blan, Penita Adeline and Archibald Willis Brewer (07 Sep 1890)
Blank, Vernon Dee and Velma Ethel Smith (05 Oct 1915)
Blankenship, Virginia and John Philip Jr. Noland
Blaylock, Maude and Robert W. Noland
Bletcher, Barbara Anne and Raymond Noland Puhl
Blodgett, Victor and Leona Belle Chambers (28 Jun 1921)
Bloomfield, Alexander and Martha Ann Nolen (25 Jan 1866)
Bloomfield, Armelda C. and Joseph Smith (18 Oct 1893)
Bloomfield, Elizabeth and Uriah Nolen (27 Mar 1880)
Bloomfield, Ella Alafare and David Smith (07 Apr 1889)
Bloomfield, Emma and Henry B. Nolen (24 Jan 1877)
Bloomfield, Leander and Xxxx Cooper
Bloomfield, Martha A. and Xxxx Cooper
Bloomfield, Savilda C. and Jacob Smith (08 Jan 1887)
Bloomfield, William T. and Alice Xxxx
Bloomfield, Zander Sylvester and Cora Sparks
Blount, Minerva and Jeremiah N. Palmer (24 Dec 1841)
Bloyd, S. C. and Almira "Allie" Kee
Blundon, John and Fannie Fenton Noland
Blundon, Laura and Erwin Esterley
Blundon, Mary Noland and Courtney Acton
Blundon, Sarah and H. Findlay
Blythe, George Ester and Ada Belle Brewer (24 Dec 1902)
Boatman, Ellen and William Barker
Bobst, Joseph Kirk and Betty June Worsley (23 Feb 1946)
Bodine, Benjiman Henry Jr. and Linda Louise Nolan (02 Aug 1980)
Boen, Hiram Thomas and Pollie Lee Kee
Boersma, Peter J. and Nell E. Tucker (28 Jun 1941)
Bogard, Belinda Jo and George W. III (--?--) McGill (18 Jan 1983)
Bogard, James Russell and Judith Jeannine Clegg (21 Nov 1956)
Boggs, Hannah L. and James Noland Turley (22 Jan 1834)
Boggs, Joseph F. and Mary Elizabeth Turley
Boggs, Robert C. and Margaret Jane Turley
Bogguss, Kent Howard and Marion Lee Vann
Bohart, Anna Elizabeth and Fred Ellsworth Burnett (Aug 1888)
Bohart, Jacob and Martha Ann Gibson (18 Feb 1869)
Bohart, Ora Mae and Marion F. Wilson
Bolejack, Dewitt Clinton and Pauline Barker
Bolejack, James Alexander and Lucinda Barker (1858)
Bolejack, Mary O. and William Barker
Bollinger, Bettie Gene and Bob G. Tate
Bollinger, Gerald Eugene and Florence Virginia Noland
Bollinger, Thomas Earle and Ramonia Parker
Bollinger, William Donald and Marilyn Georgia Brown
Bond, Myron and Roberta V. Noland (Sep 1934)
Bond, Xxxx and Charity Noland
Boner, Casper and Bertha May Noland (25 Feb 1903)
Bonkrud, Dewey and Etta Marguerite Berry
Bonnecage, Doraine Louise and Mark Arlo Wilson
Bonner, Willeta and James Charles Noland
Bonneventure, Xxxx and Edith Gay Noland
Boone, Alphonso Daniel and Nancy Leathea Barker
Bordwell, Alden Shipp dr (--?--) and Eva Cordelia Reed (10 Jun 1931)
Bordwell, Joseph Shipp and Anna Alden Rice (20 Sep 1903)
Boulton, Helene and Nicholas Van De Grift Karstens (27 Nov 1937)
Bourgeois, Amadee and Alma Noland
Bourgeois, Irma and Xxxx Carruter
Bourgeois, Lillian Mae and Ellis Ulen Noland (03 Sep 1927)
Bourque, Ora Janell and Lynn Wayne Hernandez (20 Jun 1959)
Bowers, Levissa and James George Washington Noland (11 Apr 1869)
Bowers, William and Adaline S. Noland (20 Sep 1899)
Bowman, Dr. Edwin Aiden Jr. and Magda Mae Westh (31 Jul 1954)
Bowman, Frances and Joseph Proctor Noland (12 Dec 1827)
Boyce, Jack Everet and Helen Genell Piburn (12 Jun 1920)
Boyce, Lloyd Levi and Elizabeth J. Noland (20 Jun 1940)
Boyd, Annie Rae and James Doyle Noland
Boyd, Vina and John William Thomas
Boyd, Woodrow Wilson and Marie Ann Noland (09 Jan 1960)
Boyer, Don and Dianne Wilson
Boyle, Bernard and Anna Noland
Bozarth, William and Melvina Rae Chamberlain (10 Oct 1987)
Braden, Joseph and Jane Noland (14 Dec 1801)
Braden, Mary Elizabeth and William Whitaker Dr (--?--) Noland (1833)
Bradley, Nina A. and Louis Scott Noland (01 Feb 1882)
Bradstreet, Xxxx and Laura Lee Smith
Bragg, Jerry Leon and Judith Ann Strahan (21 Oct 1964)
Bragg, Melynda Deeann and Jimmy Allen (14 Feb 1987)
Branch, Betty Ann and Paul Wayne Noland (26 Nov 1953)
Branch, Effie and Elmer Lee Shaw
Brandenburg, Hampton and Jennie Tuggle
Brandon, Mary and Mabry Noland
Brandon, Vernon and Elsie Hollingsworth
Brannen, Jack Hillary and Billie Marie Noland
Brantly, Ella and James Thomas Nolen
Brashier, Maggie Lee and James Mccortrie Nolen (1905)
Brashier, Samuel Or James Broadus and Mattie Nolen
Bray, Laura and Elmer Cook (31 Jan 1945)
Brazeal, Eurline and Philip Edgar Noland
Bream, Brian Jay and Karen Nielson Oksenholt (10 Sep 1997)
Breeding, Edd and Ollie Noland (circa 1933)
Brent, W. H. and Juliet Helen Kaigler
Brewer, Ada Belle and George Ester Blythe (24 Dec 1902)
Brewer, Alan Jeffrey and Emily Gross (08 Aug 1981)
Brewer, Alan Jeffrey and Josie Lee Elkins (11 Aug 1972)
Brewer, Archibald Willis and Melvira Millie Cagle (1900)
Brewer, Archibald Willis and Penita Adeline Blan (07 Sep 1890)
Brewer, Benjamin and Alidia Noland (30 Jul 1801)
Brewer, Daniel and Orlena Willis (1850)
Brewer, David Thomas and Maude Burson
Brewer, Eradyce "Dicie" Josephine and George Washington Glover (29 Sep 1884)
Brewer, Eva Lena and Alexander R. Lowe (27 Dec 1903)
Brewer, George Washington and Beulah Mae Williams (10 May 1944)
Brewer, Georgene and James "Jim" Elmer Jr. Shane (16 Dec 1967)
Brewer, Jane and James David Wilson (circa 1838)
Brewer, John James and Sarah Willis (27 Dec 1877)
Brewer, John N. and Mahulda Cxxx (21 Aug 1855)
Brewer, Lewis Hamilton and Annie King Long
Brewer, Lewis Hamilton and Elizabeth Willis (1852)
Brewer, Louisiana and James Wesley Dill (18 Aug 1876)
Brewer, Louisiana and John Anderson Wilson
Brewer, Mary Jane and George Washington Doshier (04 Feb 1874)
Brewer, Nancy and Hugh Alsup (10 Mar 1827)
Brewer, Nancy Caroline and James P. Stephans (30 Jul 1876)
Brewer, Sarah Elizabeth and John Bridges (03 May 1888)
Brewer, William Henderson and Mary Emaline Tully (1854)
Brewer, William Thomas and Sarah Hansborough
Brewster, William and Rebecca Ann Smallwood
Bridges, Alton Hill and Angie Weekley
Bridges, Cathy Annette and Kenneth Waldon Cornelius II (19 Nov 1977)
Bridges, Elizabeth and Claude Robertson
Bridges, Evelyn Louise and James Edward Stamps
Bridges, Fanny and Clinton Acker
Bridges, Grady and Naida Lee Maughan
Bridges, Herbert N. Jr. and Mrytle Teal Strickland (14 Nov 1953)
Bridges, Hoyt and Ethel Ridgeway (1930)
Bridges, Ina and Hurtis Carr
Bridges, James R. and Dora Beatrice Woods (21 Jan 1906)
Bridges, John and Sarah Elizabeth Brewer (03 May 1888)
Bridges, John Elbert and Clara Noland
Bridges, Lou and James "Jim" Johnson
Bridges, Margie and Stephen Bruce Shoemaker
Bridges, Patrick O'Neal and Kaye Martin
Bridges, Robert and Stella Jensine Oksenholt (say 1970)
Bridges, Samuel Earl and Betty Hubbard
Bridges, Ward and Sarah Fern Smith
Bridges, William and Josephine Jackson
Bridwell, Frankie Pearl and Dennis Endwright (01 Apr 1903)
Bridwell, Isaac and Mary Madella Smallwood (29 Aug 1883)
Brignac, Valeria Delphine and William Cullen Fred Jr. Noland
Briscoe, Margaret and William H. Townsend (14 Jan 1875)
Brister, Cecil Rufus and Ora Nell Wilson (07 Oct 1950)
Brister, Randall Cecil and Maureen Johnson
Brister, Sandra Nell and Donald Drew Clason
Brister, Sandra Nell and Samuel Joseph Ragusa
Brittain, James Roscoe and Clara Mae Noland
Broddus, Mary Margaret and Nathaniel Noland (May 1847)
Bronnenberg, Lucinda and John Noland (01 Sep 1878)
Brooke, Guy William and Barbara Louise Chamberlain (12 Aug 1983)
Brooke, Ralph L. Jr. and Charlotte Marie Noland
Brooks, Danny and Allyson Kim Langlois
Broussard, Alan Jean and Donna Denell Hernandez
Broussard, Marilyn Ann and Eugene Daniel Dayries Jr. (09 Jun 1960)
Brown, Anice and Edward Noland
Brown, Betty and Robert Avery Haley (1953)
Brown, Bonnie Belle and Chester Herman Howe (29 Aug 1947)
Brown, Catherine and Thomas Tyler capt (--?--) Beattie (03 Feb 1925)
Brown, Charles Lowell and Connie Louise Russell (23 Oct 1948)
Brown, David and Henrietta Noland
Brown, Delores Rosemary and Billy Joe Gregory (18 Dec 1948)
Brown, Delores Rosemary and Hoy Adair Studle (30 Jun 1956)
Brown, Donald Fay Snell and Imogene White (05 Sep 1941)
Brown, Doris and Cecil Sellers
Brown, Doris Annette and Charles Elliot Smith (28 Feb 1937)
Brown, Eddie and Margaret Joyce Woods (24 Apr 1970)
Brown, Elizabeth and Joshua Barker (18 Mar 1856)
Brown, George Ashby and Mary Frances Bard (01 Apr 1927)
Brown, Gilbert and Ruth Estelle Haley (02 Nov 1945)
Brown, Grady Owens and Joan Elizabeth Noland
Brown, Losa Cleo and Stella Marie Snell (04 Oct 1924)
Brown, Marilyn Georgia and William Donald Bollinger
Brown, Mary Jane and Ray Craig Noland (09 Jun 1979)
Brown, Mary Virginia Barr and Stephen A. Rev (--?--) Noland (08 Aug 1872)
Brown, Norma Jean and James Allison Moore (26 Mar 1971)
Brown, Norma Jean and James Howard Glass (26 May 1956)
Brown, Norma Jean and Thomas Edward Stowers (11 Jun 1982)
Brown, Ralph E. and Mabel C. Nolen
Brown, Robert Denver and Betty Jean Wessell (29 Jan 1949)
Brown, Tim and Vivian Diane Pflanzer (26 May 1979)
Brown, Velma and Spencer Vaiden Johnson
Brown, William Robert and Catherine L. Nolen (02 Sep 1865)
Brown, Wilma Ann and Clarence Jr. Pippenger (01 Dec 1972)
Brown, Wilma Ann and Clinton Everett Sykes (17 Feb 1954)
Brown, Xxxx and Mary Nolen
Brown, Xxxx and Nancy Nolen
Browne, Walter and Daisy East
Browning, Ann and Darby Noland
Bruce, Dorothy Gossett and Karl Merz Shoemaker
Bruce, James Robert and Marilyn Gale Noland
Bruce, William and Ida Smallwood
Brullow, Marion Genevieve and Vernon Noland (10 Feb 1942)
Brumfield, R. Gene and Joan Scott (12 Sep 1948)
Brumfield, Russell and Carrie Louise Noland (04 Oct 1924)
Bruner, Mary A. and Alexander F. Smallwood (31 Jul 1864)
Bruner, Sarah Clark and Enoch Smallwood (20 Dec 1866)
Bryan, Adele and B R Inman
Bryan, Arthur and Juanita Noland (20 May 1933)
Bryan, Grace and Curtis Henchie or Henley Noland
Bryan, Lewis H. and Eliza Ellen Tigner (25 Mar 1851)
Bryan, Mary and Robert Squair Dr (--?--) Noland
Bryan, Nellie and Russell Logan Piburn (22 Aug 1935)
Bryan, Sandra L. and Edward Newton Ware (10 Nov 1967)
Bryant, Albert L. and Mary Lou Martin
Bryant, Curtis Hardwick and Nellie Octave Davis
Bryant, Elizabeth Or Francis and Peter Noland
Bryant, Zelma and Leo Riegle Clegg (30 Jan 1932)
Buchanan, Janet Arlene and Jay Wendell Gantenhein (24 Nov 1979)
Buckley, Alfred T. and Elizabeth Noland (05 Mar 1834)
Buckley, Xxxx and Delilia Noland
Buckner, Tilman and Tabitha Noland (21 May 1821)
Bueneunan, Sophia and William Henry Smith (circa 1866)
Bueto, Rupert Emil and Mildred Estelle Smith (circa 1932)
Bunker, Doris Alorr and James Alexander dr (--?--) Beattie (14 Jul 1920)
Buntin, Roena P. and William Benjamin Noland (02 May 1867)
Bunyard, Clarence and Jimmie Kate Nolen
Burden, Clara "Mitzi" and Thomas Puller Singletary
Burden, Nell Killgore and Iveson Batchelor Noland Jr. (03 Feb 1936)
Burke, Ann and Larry Fromhart
Burke, Daniel Mathias and Ethel Gordon Smallwood (1926)
Burke, Thomas M. and Eulalia Nolen (circa 1910)
Burkhalter, James Clifton and Jo Ann McGee
Burley, Gloria and Rodney Allen Parker
Burnett, Dorothy Jean and Robert Henry Moore (24 Nov 1943)
Burnett, Dwight Bohart and Aleta Mae Mann (26 Jan 1921)
Burnett, Fred Edward and Simone Desmedt (Jan 1946)
Burnett, Fred Ellsworth and Anna Elizabeth Bohart (Aug 1888)
Burnett, Jacob Russel and Esther M. Redmond (02 Feb 1921)
Burnett, Jay Gibson and Ima Jean Thompson (Nov 1927)
Burns, Stanley and Jean Gardner
Burris, Lee capt (--?--) and Katherine Karstens (09 Sep 1955)
Burrough, Joann and Richard Reyes Haley (1957)
Burson, Maude and David Thomas Brewer
Burton, Euna Lee and John Anderson Glover (1928)
Burton, Sarah Ann and Thomas Mack Noland (25 Mar 1858)
Burwell, Judith and Marion Clifford Kirk
Bush, Jake and Mary Ann Strange (24 Aug 1881)
Bussell, Howard and Margaret Jackson
Butcher, Sarah and Enoch Smallwood (27 Nov 1837)
Butler, Doris Jeanne and Rex Marion Jr. Whitton
Butler, James Jeffrey and Barbara Jeanne Barker (14 Jul 1984)
Butler, Teresa L. and Danny Karr (11 Nov 1995)
Bxxxx, Mercy and George Ancel Noland (1985)
Bybee, Alverta and Boyd Durbin
Bybee, Anna and Robert D. White
Bybee, Beverly and M. Winkler
Bybee, Edward H. and Addie Tuggle
Bybee, Kayton and Mollie Tuggle
Bybee, Virgil and Edith Rhodes
Byland, Dave Duane and Bonnie Jane Noland (28 Dec 1979)
Byrd, William and Paulene Estelle Nolan
Caffrey, Phil and Andrea Nolen
Cagle, Melvira Millie and Archibald Willis Brewer (1900)
Cain, Elmer and Lola Adna Barker
Callahan, Lloyd and Wilma Mae Smith
Callender, Catherine and William Maj (--?--) Noland (12 Apr 1796)
Callihan, Rodney and Lisa Kaye Netterville (1988)
Cameron, Chris and Harold Woodward Noland
Camp, Elizabeth and Isaac Nolen
Camp, John and Ella S. Nolen (23 Jan 1916)
Camp, Mary and Isaac Nolen (29 Sep 1835)
Camp, Seaborn Moore and Agnes Grace Nolen (1832)
Campbell, Dora and Everett Hollingsworth
Campbell, Martha Ann and Wesley Noland
Campbell, Meda and Charles Fenton Tucker (23 Aug 1915)
Campbell, Nelson and Becky Jane Sipes
Campbell, Rebecca and Pleasant Noland (19 Mar 1818)
Campbell, Willie and Lula Noland
Campbell, Xxxx and Elaine Nolen
Campfield, Saundra Marie and John Harold Carr (17 Jan 1970)
Campton, Joy Joan and Carl Lee Noland (06 Jan 1951)
Canant, Mary Lillie and Stephen Jesse Woods (20 Jan 1907)
Canfield, Clara and George W. Chambers (01 Jan 1888)
Cantu, Robert E. and Marianne Swafford (05 Jan 1973)
Carder, Oval Robert and Hilda Patricia Hoppenbrouwn
Carlisle, Levis and Jack Nolen (02 May 1931)
Carlyle, Sarah Ann and James Noland (25 Jun 1888)
Carmack, Marijean Alice and Fred Raymond Balding
Carnathan, Allene and Dawson Chism
Carnathan, Clarence R. and Annie Mae Snider
Carnathan, Earline and John O. Hamner
Carnathan, Emma Mae and Evalcus Lancaster
Carnathan, Wiley and Margaret Jureda Noland (29 Dec 1897)
Carney, Anne and James Newell Jr. Maughan
Carney, Grace Edith and John Elwood Noland (26 Jun 1929)
Carpenter, Joseph and Eleanor Noland (circa 1810)
Carpenter, Joseph and Nancy Noland
Carpenter, Lydia and Jason Hutson (circa 1833)
Carpenter, Lydia and Xxxx Dickson
Carpenter, Paul and Mary Collier
Carpenter, Rebecca and Edward Griffin Nolen (18 Apr 1891)
Carr, Anna Kathleen and Carl John Pollack (28 Feb 1945)
Carr, Anna Kathleen and William Becke (after 1980)
Carr, Bert Sylvester and May Edmondson (15 Mar 1924)
Carr, Billy Malone and Mary Lula Noland
Carr, Caleb Russell and Jessie Christenberry (14 Aug 1908)
Carr, Effie and Xxxx Rairden
Carr, Esther and Xxxx Meadows
Carr, George Washington and Bertha Rose Ellen Beary (27 Oct 1906)
Carr, George Washington and Ruth Kirkley (after 1926)
Carr, Henry Edward and Evelyn A. Nail (27 Oct 1906)
Carr, Homer S. and Maggie O'Neal (27 May 1902)
Carr, Hurtis and Ina Bridges
Carr, John Harold and Saundra Marie Campfield (17 Jan 1970)
Carr, John Isaac and Belva Jane Malone (17 Mar 1918)
Carr, John Isaac and Melissa Jane Fields (12 Jun 1898)
Carr, K. Louise and Xxxx Parker
Carr, Karen Lynn and Joseph Patrick Connolly (Oct 1993)
Carr, Mary Lou and Richard Llewellyn Pflanzer (12 Apr 1982)
Carr, Nellie and Xxxx Catt
Carr, Ralph Eugene and Crystal Helen Robertson (29 Aug 1947)
Carr, Randolph Alan and Lisa McSwords (27 Jun 1987)
Carr, Robert Allen and Milanne Beronja (1978)
Carr, Robert Allen and Nancy Hargis (07 Dec 1983)
Carr, Robert Allen and Rose Xxxx (1961)
Carr, Thomas Michael and Chari Xxxx (01 Sep 1973)
Carr, William and Elizabeth Smallwood (27 Sep 1874)
Carr, Xxxx and Ray Kinnaman
Carr, Xxxx and Roy Wilson
Carrell, James and Sarah Noland (23 Jan 1793)
Carrell, John Luke and Martha Noland
Carrodine, Morris M. and Ruth Amanda Henderson
Carrodine, Shirley Mae and Chester Stout
Carrodine, William and Jackie Xxxx
Carroll, Bridgett and Phillip Noland
Carroll, Donald Keith and Annette Williams (16 Dec 1983)
Carruter, Xxxx and Irma Bourgeois
Carso, Marilyn and Clarke Mcrae Williams Jr. (08 Apr 1972)
Carson, Xxxx and Goldie R. Nolan
Carter, Anna Elizabeth and Harry James Batts (28 Apr 1918)
Carter, Debra Joyce and Robert Van Noland (14 Jun 1974)
Carter, James Alphus and Willie Jerry Noland (06 Apr 1946)
Carter, Joe C. and Odessa Nolen
Carter, Julia and George Washington Smith
Carter, M. D. and Lizzie E. Nolen (16 Dec 1888)
Carter, Martha E. and James Barker (29 Apr 1849)
Carter, Mildred and Francis Burns Tucker (20 Nov 1935)
Carter, Nina and John McKenzie Tabb
Carter, Rhonda Jean and Kenneth Kondo
Carter, Robert Herbert and Betty Joe Watts (Jul 1947)
Carter, Robert Herbert Jr. and Debra Jane Revette
Carter, Sherolyn Kay and Jim Reagan
Caruso, Samuel Joseph and Mary Katherine Fuentes (Nov 1966)
Carver, Cynthia and Charles W. Cooley (17 Dec 1878)
Carver, Rebecca Elizabeth and John Thomas Noland (03 Jan 1900)
Casady, Roy Carlos and Wilora Nolen (11 Mar 1939)
Casey, Nora Alice and Elihu "Hugh" Allen Thomas (1934)
Cates, Sylvia Irene and James Hill Noland
Catron, Lloyd Lester and Wanda Lee Noland (19 May 1964)
Catt, Xxxx and Nellie Carr
Caulkins, Odidiah and Miria Chambers
Causey, Juanita and Thomas Clifford Pate
Cavett, James Richard and Martha Ann Doles (01 Jan 1861)
Cawley, Sharon and Harold Woodward Noland
Cazee, Barbara Ann and Xxxx Lundy
Cazee, Henry and Mary Pearl "Dot" Smallwood
Cazee, Jean and Morrell Beavers
Cazee, Samuel and Mabel Parker (1917)
Cazee, Viola and Leo Wharton (1905)
Chamberlain, Barbara Louise and Guy William Brooke (12 Aug 1983)
Chamberlain, Donna Marie and Dale Molt (17 Feb 1979)
Chamberlain, Donna Marie and Eugene C. French (29 Jul 1961)
Chamberlain, Edith R. and Grant L. Piburn (Mar 1920)
Chamberlain, Harold Leroy and Irene Mae Nolan (03 Dec 1941)
Chamberlain, Leona May and Billy L. Johnson (27 Feb 1960)
Chamberlain, Marvin and Viola Smallwood (24 Nov 1923)
Chamberlain, Melvin Woodroe and Irene Mae Nolan (12 Aug 1948)
Chamberlain, Melvina Rae and Richard Engelmann
Chamberlain, Melvina Rae and William Bozarth (10 Oct 1987)
Chamberlain, Pamela Jean and Harold Edward Kirwan (19 Dec 1964)
Chamberlain, Pamela Jean and Richard Engelmann (24 Jun 1983)
Chamberlain, Rodney Allen and Lovetta Lowery (23 Dec 1969)
Chamberlain, Rodney Allen and Susan Elaine Shupack (25 Sep 1982)
Chamberlain, Rodney Allen and Susan Elizabeth Fisher (17 Aug 1973)
Chamberlain, Ronda Lynn and Fred A. Johnson (21 Sep 1977)
Chambers, Adaline and Henry F. Hammond (17 Mar 1874)
Chambers, Allie and Logan Pendleton (05 Jul 1890)
Chambers, Anderson Lloyd and Elizabeth Walburn (07 Dec 1882)
Chambers, Andrew and Sarah Noland (26 Jul 1819)
Chambers, Andrew Jackson and Caroline Powell
Chambers, Charlotte Louise and William Randall (19 Feb 1947)
Chambers, Della and Harrison Prindle (17 Nov 1886)
Chambers, Eldora and Robert Paul Cowden (16 Apr 1892)
Chambers, Eugene Wesley and Doris Kempner (22 Apr 1950)
Chambers, Fredda O'Dell and George Wakeman (20 Oct 1914)
Chambers, George W. and Clara Canfield (01 Jan 1888)
Chambers, Harriett Louise and Bruno Bargholz (18 Jul 1936)
Chambers, Herbert Leroy and Neva Rice (24 Apr 1943)
Chambers, Irena and Daniel Hollandsworth
Chambers, Leona Belle and Victor Blodgett (28 Jun 1921)
Chambers, Lowell and Mabel Wakeman (27 Nov 1917)
Chambers, Martha and Leonidis Derringer (27 Feb 1875)
Chambers, Miria and Odidiah Caulkins
Chambers, Obidiah and Lydia Barlow Lloyd (1855)
Chambers, Oscar C. and Mary Hollandsworth (24 Nov 1887)
Chambers, Preston Morgan and Rachel Weast (23 Oct 1848)
Champ, Debra Ann and David Michael Cook (1983)
Chapman, Lula Cornelia and John Murfee Nolen (19 Sep 1897)
Chapman, Mary and Thomas Noland (10 May 1791)
Chapman, Xxxx and Xxxx Noland
Charles, Elizabeth "Sis" and Thomas Strange (03 Mar 1894)
Charles, Henry and Amanda Strange (18 Jan 1872)
Charles, Sallie Jane and Daniel Strange
Chauvin, Leonard Joseph and Gwendlyn Gay Hernandez
Chemin, Carl Wayne and Amanda Sue Duplessis
Chew, William Locke and Henrietta Frances Noland
Chilson, Celeste Joleen and Richard Buenter Larry Pauley (09 May 1987)
Chilson, Robert Earl and Harriette Ann Hoppenbrouwn
Chinn, Lucy and William Berkeley Noland
Chinn, Sarah and Thomas Johnson Noland (1826)
Chism, Dawson and Allene Carnathan
Choate, Lela Elizabeth and Carl Cephas Thomas (1934)
Christenberry, Jessie and Caleb Russell Carr (14 Aug 1908)
Christian, Frank and Bess Jean Turley
Christopher, Eva B. and V. B. Moreland
Christopher, James and Mary A. Lynch
Clark, Alexander E. and Mary Nolen (20 Nov 1853)
Clark, Augusta and George Cuthbert Powell Jr. (--?--) Noland
Clark, Carson and Huldah Noland (28 Aug 1854)
Clark, Cora L. and Andrew Jackson Johnson? (23 Dec 1875)
Clark, Cornelius Cecil and Ethel Nelcine Moody (01 Jan 1933)
Clark, Jane and Jesse Jr (--?--) Noland (circa 1806)
Clark, Lum and Fannie V. Noland
Clark, Mary and Joe Noland Lee (1964)
Clark, Nancy Jane and William III (--?--) Nolen (30 Aug 1865)
Clark, Thetis and Edward Turner Noland (1827)
Clark, Violet and William Cullen Fred Noland
Clason, Donald Drew and Sandra Nell Brister
Clegg, Abbie Shirley and Earl Edmonds (11 Oct 1941)
Clegg, Abbie Shirley and John Nickless (01 Aug 1931)
Clegg, Clyde Archibald and Lola Kathlyn Lane (18 Aug 1934)
Clegg, Edwin Reuben and Matilda Meyer (28 May 1906)
Clegg, Gladys Ann and Clay Parker (11 May 1932)
Clegg, Gladys Ann and Richard Sliger (16 Jun 1939)
Clegg, Harry Herndon and Frances Lucas (23 Aug 1943)
Clegg, Hiram and Martha Ann Archibald (01 Jan 1866)
Clegg, Hiram Morton and Drusilla McCorkle (10 Jun 1891)
Clegg, Janel Denise and Wagih Mikhail
Clegg, Judith Jeannine and Don Moore
Clegg, Judith Jeannine and James Russell Bogard (21 Nov 1956)
Clegg, Leo Riegle and Zelma Bryant (30 Jan 1932)
Clegg, Lucille Ellen and William Lippold
Clegg, Orpha Jane and Bertram Wasson (04 Mar 1891)
Clegg, Richard Archibald and Mary Ida Riegle (07 May 1898)
Clegg, Sherman DeHart and Alla Timmons (25 Dec 1895)
Clegg, Susan Alice and George Alva Lee (25 Dec 1888)
Clegg, Susan Alice and Roy Van Meter
Clegg, Wayne Randal and Carolyn Gay Schoonover (24 Jun 1984)
Clegg, William Richard M.D. (--?--) and JoAnn Dawn Iattoni (04 Aug 1957)
Clement, Tommy and Elizabeth Kay Beard
Clements, Mary and Thomas Raiford Noland
Clemons, Myrtle Mae "Mirtie" and James Preston Williams (22 Dec 1909)
Clifton, Wallace and Velma Ann Myers
Cline, Loney Margaret and Edward Trohan Haley (1946)
Clinkscales, Sarah Elizabeth and Isaac Nolen (1860)
Coapstick, Carl E. and Clara E. Nolan (04 Jul 1903)
Coates, Estelle and Willaim Albert Noland
Cobb, Susannah and James Jackson Noland (05 Mar 1846)
Cockell, James Bennett and Joan Victoria Nolen (24 Dec 1882)
Cockrell, Mary Ann and William Noland (circa 1778)
Coffman, Nell and Lawrence Sardine "Red" Noland
Cogdill, Hester and Lawrence rev (--?--) Noland
Coghill, Alecy and Frances Noland (24 Aug 1837)
Coin, Gus and Jean Myers Mcafee
Colbath, George E. jr (--?--) and Nancy Ann Nielson (21 Aug 1951)
Cole, J. R. Jr. (--?--) and Elizabeth Lock
Cole, Lewis and Elva Lock
Coleman, Catherine and Stephen M. Noland (07 Jan 1830)
Coleman, Elizabeth and Isaac Nolen
Coleman, John G. and Isabelle Nolen (24 Nov 1846)
Coleman, Nancy Ann and Richard Nolen (22 Jan 1822)
Coleman, Robert and Ella Mae Woods (25 Aug 1912)
Collier, Cecile and Paul R. Tucker
Collier, Harrison and Leone Blakely
Collier, James R. and Junya Cook
Collier, Mary and Max Maurice Wilson (28 Mar 1933)
Collier, Mary and Paul Carpenter
Collier, Mary Ella and James Edward Noland (10 Dec 1881)
Collier, Max and Cathleen Cook
Collier, Ralph Byron and Freda May Barton (26 Aug 1939)
Collier, Ralph Byron and Wilma Doris Milner (24 Nov 1932)
Collier, Robert and Margaret Cook (05 Jan 1898)
Collins, Clara Belle and Joseph Drueppel
Collins, Dorothy and Dennis Reid Noland
Collins, James Mason and Rebecca Stephenson
Collins, Lillie Christine and John Christopher Williams (31 Aug 1936)
Collins, Michael and Rebecca Noland (09 Dec 1812)
Collins, Michael Steven and Milley Jane Oliver
Collins, Patricia Ann and William Charles Morton (22 Jul 1967)
Collins, Rudy and James Richard Nolan
Collins, Vitalla Frances and John W. Noland (21 Nov 1894)
Collins, William Mason and Elizabeth Mary Vilmur
Colter, Mary Lena and Daniel Strange
Colvin, Robert H. and Martha Harbin
Colvin, Thomas J. and Nancy Harbin
Combs, Clarence E. and Geneva Tuggle
Combs, Mary L. and Richard Parker
Combs, Terry D. and Sylvia Joy
Comer, Louis Malcolm and Mary Alice Johnson
Conant, Iris and Glenn Logan Hughes
Condon, Nellie and Thomas Elwood Noland (04 Nov 1886)
Condra, John Forrest and Lois Noland
Conkle, William R. and Mary Ann "Mollie" Nolen
Connell, Mary and Stephen Noland (1704)
Connell, Roy and Alta Nolen
Connelly, Jennie Blanche and Earl Noland Saucier (28 Aug 1933)
Connolly, Joseph Patrick and Karen Lynn Carr (Oct 1993)
Cook, Amanda Mae and Albert Hughie Lee (23 Mar 1924)
Cook, Bobbie Francis and Edward Prentiss Daviss
Cook, Cathleen and Max Collier
Cook, David Michael and Debra Ann Champ (1983)
Cook, David Michael and Susan Xxxx (Jun 1979)
Cook, Drucilla and Edward Griffin Nolen (19 Oct 1882)
Cook, Elmer and Laura Bray (31 Jan 1945)
Cook, Elmer and Maude Keesling
Cook, Florence and Edward Jackson (07 Nov 1937)
Cook, Frank Raymond and Darlene Pearl Nolan (06 Jun 1957)
Cook, Gladys Inez and John Hasson Jr (--?--) Daniel (09 Jan 1942)
Cook, Harrison and Margaret Ann Noland (11 Sep 1861)
Cook, Junya and James R. Collier
Cook, Leslie Pearl and Rufus Hale Noland
Cook, Margaret and Robert Collier (05 Jan 1898)
Cook, Mary Ella and Elias Henry Noland
Cook, Mary Jane and James sr (--?--) Noland (16 Oct 1870)
Cook, Peggy and James Farrell Noland
Cook, Susie and Charles Tully
Cook, Teresa Marie and Dale Emery Neace (Sep 1978)
Cook, Teresa Marie and Harvey Richards (Jul 1984)
Cook, William Edward and Clara Belle Davis (21 Aug 1907)
Cooke, Julia E. and William Phillip judge (--?--) Nolen (Oct 1865)
Cooke, Lucy Landon and Fenton Noland
Cooley, Charles and Mary Ann Nolen (21 Mar 1853)
Cooley, Charles W. and Cynthia Carver (17 Dec 1878)
Cooper, E. F. and Bertha Barker
Cooper, Tommy and Robert Edward Lee (Apr 1936)
Cooper, Willie Sparks and Jessie Evelyn Noland (1904)
Cooper, Xxxx and Leander Bloomfield
Cooper, Xxxx and Martha A. Bloomfield
Copeland, Elizabeth and Christopher Nolen (1833)
Corbett, Ann Louise and George Paul Bevan
Corbin, Bessie and James Piburn
Corbin, Dollie Belle and Jessie Edward Lee (15 Jan 1915)
Corder, Jennie and Milton Eugene Noland
Cornelius, Kenneth Waldon II and Cathy Annette Bridges (19 Nov 1977)
Courtney, Iris Nola and Joseph Aaron Noland (20 Mar 1970)
Courtney, Kathy Ann and Scottie Derelle Noland (06 Nov 1982)
Courtney, Peggy Joyce and Walter Doyle Noland (05 Mar 1954)
Covington, Milton T. and Nida Noland
Covington, R. C. and Mary Noland
Coward, Marion and Adeline Noland
Cowden, Clayton Casper and Ina Burgess Edwards (25 Apr 1937)
Cowden, Lora Ethel and Theo Orcutt (03 Aug 1915)
Cowden, Robert Paul and Eldora Chambers (16 Apr 1892)
Cowser, Patricia Lee and John Claude Noland (24 May 1947)
Cowsert, Xxxx and Melvina Harbin
Cox, Arnola Jane and Harold Ray Noland (22 Aug 1948)
Cox, Don and Patricia Jane Smith
Cox, Emma and James Noland (17 Dec 1873)
Cox, Ida Francis and Thomas McCracken Noland (19 Jul 1896)
Cox, James and Sarah Or Sally Noland (11 Jul 1827)
Cox, Leo Roy and Shirley Rae Howell (26 Jan 1978)
Cox, Marie LaVaughn and Arthur B. "Jack" Lancaster
Cox, Minnie and Pleas Noland
Cox, Richard Smith and Mary Lewis Berkeley (18 Nov 1851)
Cox, Sherry Gene and Bernie Martin
Cox, Teresa Jane and Mike Floden
Cox, Xxxx and George W. Hollar
Cox, Xxxx and Mary Kiby Sipes
Coxwell, James Lamar and Esta Dean Noland
Craddock, Sharon and Robert Curtis Watts Jr.
Craig, Leonard and Susan Elizabeth Thomas
Craig, Ralph and Jean Shelton (1944)
Cranford, Margie Eudell and Ottice Woods (30 Dec 1948)
Craton, Eva Inet and Thomas Grant Nolen (13 Jul 1931)
Crawford, Homer and Lillie Noland
Crew, Ada and William Bell Nolen (09 Aug 1888)
Crews, John and Lucy Fannie Noland
Crisp, John and Isabella Morrow
Crissey, Ethel and Francis Lewis Berkeley (05 Apr 1905)
Crittenten, Elizabeth Ann and Stephen Banks Noland
Croan, Leonora and John Henry Noland (17 Jul 1886)
Cromer, Olive Joyce and Reginald Henry McLean (17 Jul 1923)
Cross, Edna Mae and Orville Clay Hiram Myers
Crotty, James Willard and Amanda Miller Noland
Crouch, Clark and Myrtle Alcorn
Crouch, Rosa Belle and John Wesley Noland (1885)
Crouch, Rosa Belle and Joseph Proctor Noland (03 Sep 1894)
Crowder, Bill and June Noland
Crowe, Ellouise and June Noland (14 Apr 1945)
Crucius, Ruth and Arthur Russell Smallwood (18 Jul 1931)
Crumpler, James Albert Jr (--?--) and Francis Jane Nesbit (1865)
Culp, Xxxx and Diana Noland
Cummings, Carol Marie and Carl John Jr. Pollack (1969)
Cummings, Lottie Iola and Hervey Marion Barker (09 Apr 1921)
Cunningham, Winnifred and Robert Lee Noland (27 Nov 1940)
Cureton, Ima Jean and Charles Augustus Woods (1962)
Curry, Donald and Mildred Irene Noland (31 May 1940)
Curry?, Xxxx and Nancy Noland
Curtis, Barbara Jean and Robert Dallas Lawrence (06 Jun 1964)
Curtis, James William and Sarah E. Nolan (22 Dec 1888)
Cxxx, Lucy and John Bunyan Nolen
Cxxx, Mahulda and John N. Brewer (21 Aug 1855)
Cxxx?, Mary and Thomas Hughes Noland
D'Vaux, Lea and Bernard Noland Saucier (03 Mar 1964)
Dabney, Virginius and Anna Noland
Dagley, Benjamin Jr. and Mary Ann "Polly" Nolen (13 Aug 1843)
Daigle, Gerald John and Wanda Lee Ware (21 Jul 1963)
Dalton, Barbara and Tad Mathew Peterson
Dalton, Martin Van Buren and Laura Jane Noland (07 Nov 1893)
Dalton, Olma and Thomas K. Noland
Daly, Xxxx and Matilda Turley
Danburg, Dwight S. and Kathy Elaine Wilson
Dancer, Xxxx and Donna Gaye Nolen
Danhauer, Mary Watson and Harry James Jr dr (--?--) Batts (19 Jun 1948)
Daniel, Edwin and Dovie C. Lunsford
Daniel, John Hasson Jr (--?--) and Gladys Inez Cook (09 Jan 1942)
Daniels, Lula and James Lester Noland (19 Dec 1900)
Darbonne, Johnna Paul and David Allen Goss (11 Jun 1988)
Darbonne, Leila Verne and John David Noland (26 Jan 1963)
Darbonne, Paul Martin and Betty Mae Noland (17 Dec 1960)
Darden, Emma and Benjamin F. Watkins (21 Nov 1869)
Darden, Sarah C. and Robert Witt Nolen (17 Dec 1851)
Dardenne, Joyce Marie and Gem Russell Jr (--?--) Davis (11 Nov 1946)
Darrell, Elizabeth and Pearce Noland
Dasher, Barbara Jean and Clarence Tracey Lee Harp (02 Nov 1991)
Davenport, Wilson and Elizabeth Nolen (11 Mar 1847)
Davidson, Elizabeth and Greenberry Turley
Davis, Allie Mae and William Douglas Fuentes (28 Oct 1962)
Davis, Amanda and Henry F. Barker
Davis, Augustus and Ann Rebecca Askins (01 Jan 1829)
Davis, Charlotte Pierpont and James W. Davis (20 Nov 1848)
Davis, Charlotte Pierpont and William Henry Mitchell
Davis, Clara Belle and William Edward Cook (21 Aug 1907)
Davis, Drusilla and Robert Callender Noland (1865)
Davis, Elizabeth "Betsy" and Jay Steven Noland (24 May 1991)
Davis, Emma and Jesse Sloat
Davis, Everett O'Neal and Alie Butler Nolen (13 Jan 1876)
Davis, Flora Mae and Frank Cargill LeNoir (10 Dec 1973)
Davis, Flora Mae and John Edward Wozniak (01 Dec 1948)
Davis, Gem Russell and Ruth Felker (circa 1921)
Davis, Gem Russell Jr (--?--) and Joyce Marie Dardenne (11 Nov 1946)
Davis, Gerald Edgar and Patricia Sue Ware (29 Jun 1968)
Davis, Glenn O'Neal "Neal" and Emily Margaret Mohlenhoff (12 Mar 1946)
Davis, Glenn Oscar O'Neal and May Leona Parr (19 Apr 1909)
Davis, Harrison and Jane Noland
Davis, Henry and Pauline Noland
Davis, Hill Olin and Mittie Vera Langston (12 Jan 1910)
Davis, Hugh Turner and Priscilla Rose Newman (17 Feb 1941)
Davis, James W. and Charlotte Pierpont Davis (20 Nov 1848)
Davis, Janice and John Noland Singletary
Davis, Joseph and Anna Turley (05 Sep 1821)
Davis, Kimmie Lou and James Augustus Pierce (1920)
Davis, Langston Hill and Abbie E. Hauck
Davis, Mollie and Manius "Manuel" Leroy Noland
Davis, Mrs. Douglas and Lee Noland
Davis, Nellie Octave and Curtis Hardwick Bryant
Davis, Philip Noland and Milley Hall
Davis, Ralph Ethan and June Latham (circa 1929)
Davis, Ralph Ethan and Margurite Bach (circa 1950)
Davis, Ralph Ethan and Ruth Xxxx (circa 1920)
Davis, Robert Maxell Jr (--?--) and Delores Frances Vaninger (02 Sep 1950)
Davis, Robert Maxwell and Cephise Pope (circa 1940)
Davis, Robert Maxwell and Louise Marshall (26 Nov 1925)
Davis, Robert Maxwell and Margaret Luenhug Murray (15 Mar 1946)
Davis, Theodosia and Edward Whitaker
Davis, Treva Lee and Royal S. Jr. Tidmore
Davis, W. P. and Martha Noland
Davis, Wanda Rose and James Clay Williams (11 Nov 1961)
Davis, William and Delilah Noland (07 Jul 1792)
Davis, William and Marjorie Mae Noland (08 Jun 1938)
Davis, Z. C. and Lora Leona Noland
Daviss, Edward Paxton and Elizabeth "Bessie" Galtney Noland (12 Dec 1889)
Daviss, Edward Prentiss and Bobbie Francis Cook
Daviss, Edward Prentiss and Ernestine Lester Miller
Daviss, Edward Prentiss and Evelyn Coleen Blackburn
Daviss, Ella Marie and L. L. Worsham
Daviss, Julie Mae and D. K. Sellers
Daviss, Prentiss and Leona Marie Reed (1921)
Dawson, Leonard M. and Linnet Lee Piburn (1943)
Day, Donald A. and Martha Armstrong (28 Nov 1970)
Dayries, Eugene Daniel and Maude Mae Wilson (15 Apr 1940)
Dayries, Eugene Daniel Jr. and Marilyn Ann Broussard (09 Jun 1960)
Dayries, Suzanne Mary and James Kenneth Gardner (10 Aug 1984)
Dean, Nora and Grover Preston Nolen (1907)
Dean, Xxxx and Edna Earl Lee
Deatherage, Nathan and Mary Ellen Noland
Decuir, Julia Beatrice and John Bennett Noland (01 Mar 1916)
Degraw, Jeanette and Walter Doyle Noland (circa 1987)
Dehart, Addie and Robert L. Noland
Dejohn, Kimberly Jean and Kyle Matthew Langlois (04 Nov 1989)
Delee, Minnie Belle and Edwin Ray Noland (23 Nov 1924)
Demars, Calvin Louis and Alice Pomona Willie (09 Dec 1897)
Demars, Francois Gabriel "Fonce" and Helen Rose Hagg (26 Dec 1926)
Demars, Lawrence A. and Burnette Mansfield (19 Sep 1943)
Demars, Louis Argusta "Guss" and Jeannette Black (27 Apr 1924)
Demars, Lydia Alice and Elton Mathias
Demars, Lydia Alice and Lloyd Rene Myers (12 Feb 1950)
Demars, Mckinley Calvin and Luda Hill (21 Feb 1926)
Dennis, A. B. and Nellie Louise Nolen
Dent, Emily and George Galtney Noland (18 May 1841)
Depey, Blanche and Jones Burnell Noland (02 Mar 1927)
DePriest, Palace and Lillie Lea Thomas (1906)
Derrick, Dianne and Vernon Noland
Derringer, Frances Lanore and Richard Paul Jacobs (22 Mar 1934)
Derringer, Leonidis and Martha Chambers (27 Feb 1875)
Derringer, Leroy and Melvina Ann Earp (11 Mar 1908)
Derringer, Victor Earp and Bernice Tedwick (Oct 1941)
Desmedt, Simone and Fred Edward Burnett (Jan 1946)
Dewey, Martin and Lydia Myrtle Noland
Dick, Jennifer Sharon and Robert Wyatt Woods (27 Jan 1967)
Dickinson, Leita Lucille and Edward Mitchell Noland (1922)
Dickson, Xxxx and Lydia Carpenter
Diehl, Anna and Harry E. Sipes
Dill, Dicie Arizona and Isaac Monroe Bible
Dill, James Wesley and Louisiana Brewer (18 Aug 1876)
Dillard, Thomas Joel and Sarah Ann Nolen (09 Dec 1855)
Dilts, Bethany and Stephen A. Noland (12 Oct 1854)
Dincan, Julia and Libron Harley Nolen (1919)
Dinger, Lamar and Nancy Eliza Nolen
Dipboye, Elizabeth E. and Brazelton Noland
Dipboye, Sarah Or Syrena Amanda and Daniel Noland (31 Aug 1845)
Dipboys, Elizabeth and Abraham Noland (27 Jan 1853)
Diphoye, Oliver N. and Blanche Noland (09 Nov 1902)
Dodge, Nancy Mills and James Bard (1864)
Dodge, Oray and Ellis Ulen Noland
Dodge, Pamela Nolen and James Alexander judge (--?--) Beattie (28 Nov 1854)
Dodge, William Clark and Mary Ann Nolen (14 Oct 1830)
Doles, Martha Ann and James Richard Cavett (01 Jan 1861)
Doles, Wilkinson Mercer and Lydia E. Noland (04 May 1837)
Dollar, Cecil B. and Gertie Ann Noland
Donaldson, Sarah and Lazarus Noland (20 Jan 1812)
Donn, L.B. and Alma Aldridge Noland
Donovan, Patrick S. and Xxxx Gore
Dorhauer, Ethel Imogene and Edwin Robert "E.R." Noland (31 Mar 1950)
Dorsey, Patience and Samuel Noland Luckett (circa 1815)
Doshier, George Washington and Mary Jane Brewer (04 Feb 1874)
Doty, Charles Kavanaugh and Susan Ann Turley
Dougherty, Malcolm Stewart and Juliet Dorsey Singletary
Douglas, William E. and Margaret "Maggie" Watkins (07 Nov 1865)
Douglass, Rose and George Frederick Moore
Douglass, William Bruce and Frances Ellingwood (10 Apr 1950)
Douglass, William Lindsey and Nola Noland (11 Mar 1922)
Downs, Hellen Ann and Jeremiah D. Noland (09 May 1837)
Doyal, Mattie and Vernon Dement Woods (11 Sep 1939)
Dozois, Diane L. and David Eugene Sr. Smith (31 Mar 1962)
Drake, Elmo and Edwina Land
Drake, Harry and Marie Frances Gardner
Drewett, Judith Louise and Edward Durham
Drewett, Louis L. and Lillian Louise Ware (1941)
Drueppel, Erwin A. and Genene Loree Asche
Drueppel, Joseph and Clara Belle Collins
Duckett, David and Laura Noland
Duhon, Emaline and William Ware Henderson
Duhon, Emma and William Parrish Ware
Duke, Owen James and Jennifer Lynn Bailey
Dumas, Clark Griffith and Ella Norwood Pipes (11 Oct 1931)
Dunaway, Ollie and William M. Noland
Duncan, Miriam and Samuel Smallwood (05 Mar 1871)
Duncan, Mollie and Henry Nolen
Duncan, Moses and Nancy Noland (06 Dec 1839)
Dunham, James Tad and Linda Lee
Dunn, Ann and Joseph Proctor jr (--?--) Noland (1854)
Dupaquier, Susan Adele and Jim Alan Wilson
Duplessie, Leonce Allen and Bruena Ode Watts
Duplessis, Amanda Sue and Carl Wayne Chemin
Duplessis, John Arthur and Emma Amanda Ware (06 Oct 1938)
Duplessis, John Russell and Pamela Leigh Jarvis
Duplessis, Sharon Irene and James D. King
Duplessis, Troy and Tata Ann Kane
Durbin, Boyd and Alverta Bybee
Durbin, Cassandra Ann and Shane Ray Baker
Durham, Edward and Judith Louise Drewett
Durrett, Ross and Cordelia Woods (10 Aug 1917)
Dutch, Xxxx and Thomas Edgar Noland
Duty, Emma and Frederick W. Rev (--?--) Noland (04 Dec 1873)
Dye, Paul R. and Audrey Noland (02 Sep 1914)
Dyer, William Warren and Nannie Noland (1916)
Eagan, Chuck and Christine Louise Pollack
Early, Marl and Guy Warner Noland (01 Apr 1939)
Earp, Melvina Ann and Leroy Derringer (11 Mar 1908)
Easley, Mary Ellen and Joseph Benjamin Kee
East, Charles and Laura Lee Smith
East, Daisy and Walter Browne
East, Mae and Phillip B. O'Neill
Eastman, Enoch and Sarah Melissa Noland
Eastman, Laura and Hayes Owings
Eatman, Oscar and Stella Noland
Eatman, Will and Lizza Noland
Ebbins, Nora and Lewis Whitfield Nolen (1888)
Eckerty, Rosemary and Robert Hershell Tamm
Edmiston, Mildred Louise and Dolson Nolen (24 Dec 1951)
Edmonds, Earl and Abbie Shirley Clegg (11 Oct 1941)
Edmonds, Louis Todd and Barbee Allen Singletary
Edmondson, Ann and Xxxx Welsh
Edmondson, May and Bert Sylvester Carr (15 Mar 1924)
Edmondson, Melton M. and Linda Alford
Edmondson, Robert Elkin and Mary Nancy Hadden (1864)
Edmundson, Cathrin and Robert Edward Lee (31 Dec 1965)
Edrington, T. David and Glayds May McLean (02 May 1945)
Edwards, Betsy Lynn and Robert Curtis Watts (15 Dec 1959)
Edwards, Ernest Malcolm and Bara Aleetha Nolen (23 Apr 1921)
Edwards, Fay Milburn and Velon Arthur Woods
Edwards, Ina Burgess and Clayton Casper Cowden (25 Apr 1937)
Edwards, Marvin E. and Margaret Noland
Eggli, Elizabeth Allene and William L. Owings (02 Feb 1940)
Eggli, Martha Carolyn and Cecil A. Smith (15 Sep 1943)
Eggli, Paul A. and Jenny Aline McLean (11 Nov 1917)
Eggli, Paul A. Jr (--?--) and Carolyn Jane Naylor
Elam, Bonnie and John Roy Noland (25 Nov 1967)
Elgin, Ida and James Piburn
Elkins, Josie Lee and Alan Jeffrey Brewer (11 Aug 1972)
Ellender?, Xxxx and Aubrey Richard Davis Noland
Ellinger, Douglas Wayne and Tina Marie McCall
Ellingwood, Frances and William Bruce Douglass (10 Apr 1950)
Elliott, John N. and Harriett L. Nolan (27 Sep 1883)
Elliott, Laura Pearl and Paul Eddy Nolan (23 Mar 1919)
Elliott, Margaret Ottinger and Stephen Murray Noland (17 Jun 1956)
Elliott, William and Nancy or Nannie Noland
Ellis, Humphrey and Nancy Ann Mallor Noland (01 Jan 1816)
Ellis, John Ronald and Glenda Dale Nichols (27 Nov 1968)
Ellison, R. L. and Eleanor Jane McGee
Emerson, Calvin Theodore and Billie Jean Barnett (01 Jul 1953)
Emerson, Karen Lois and Donald Bruce Wright (06 Aug 1977)
Emerson, Sherry Lynn and Gary Joel Baker (15 Jul 1977)
Emery, Lloyd Coleman and Cavita Aline Hughes (25 Jan 1923)
Endwright, Clayton and Ida Mae Gualthney
Endwright, Dennis and Frankie Pearl Bridwell (01 Apr 1903)
Engelmann, Richard and Melvina Rae Chamberlain
Engelmann, Richard and Pamela Jean Chamberlain (24 Jun 1983)
Engler, Mary and Philip Noland (1834)
Enterline, Floyd and Inez Noland (1929)
Ericksen, Camilla and William Johnson Noland (23 May 1880)
Eshenfelder, Judith and Robert Milton Witty (28 Jan 1961)
Esparza, Julia and Fred Raymond Balding
Estell, Faye and Guy Warner Noland (19 Oct 1910)
Esterley, Erwin and Laura Blundon
Evans, Adaline and Samuel J. Noland (1836)
Evans, Charlotte Annette and Mark Anthony Young
Evans, David Blueford and Martha Delilah Lula (--?--) Nolen (20 Jul 1902)
Evans, David Lynn and Imogene Mandy Lou Woods (09 Oct 1960)
Evans, Nancy and George W. Noland
Ewell, Joseph Scott Jr. and Nobie Rae Whitaker (08 May 1940)
Ezell, Linda and Xxxx Neilson
Ezell, Xxxx and Bertie Lee May
Fairchild, Anice and Jack Dr. (--?--) Hollingsworth
Fallon, Geraldine and William Arthur Nolen (1937)
False, Warren Edward and Shirley Ann Ware (09 Jan 1955)
Fanestalk, Xxxx and Dora O. Nolan
Farmer, Bina and William Anderson Williams
Farmer, Bobby Ray and Beverly Marlene Pflanzer (11 Mar 1959)
Farmer, Kelly Jane and Tony Heaton
Farris, Polly and Samuel Turley (20 Oct 1814)
Faulkes, Mable and Donald William Hammond (31 Jan 1929)
Featherston, Dora and Robert Boggs Turley
Fedele, Lena Marie and Willard Dewey Wilson (25 Jun 1961)
Federra, Henry Appleton and Mary Stafinak (18 Sep 1948)
Federra, Robert and Edna Batts (06 Aug 1912)
Fedrick, Mary and Albert Keith Langlois
Felder, Nollie Fletcher and Emma Elizabeth Ward
Felker, Ruth and Gem Russell Davis (circa 1921)
Fender, Stanley and Mary Kiby Sipes
Ferguson, Annie and Wade Noland
Ferguson, Ed and Clara Ellen Russell
Ferguson, Eleanor and Jesse Noland
Ferguson, Fern and Charles L. Harrison (30 Mar 1943)
Ferguson, Hazel M. and Bert Beeghly (24 Jun 1922)
Ferguson, Horace and Dollie Noland
Ferguson, Iva and Milas Noland
Ferguson, John Cornel and Viola Smallwood (06 May 1903)
Ferguson, Kittie and Taylor Noland
Ferguson, Lela and James Madison Noland
Ferguson, Lucille and David Reeves Noland
Ferguson, Lura and Charlie Noland
Ferguson, M. H. and Daisy Noland
Ferguson, Margaret and Peter Lafayette Noland (17 Mar 1870)
Ferguson, Mary and Lee Noland
Ferguson, Mary Katherine and Paul Mount Beattie (07 Nov 1925)
Ferguson, Mattie and Lee Noland
Ferguson, Philete and Fannie R. Noland
Ferguson, Riley M. and Mary E. Noland
Ferguson, Xxxx and Elizabeth Noland
Fernald, Bruce and Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Noland
Fesler, Jane Ellen and Tim Scott Noland (17 Aug 1958)
Ficquette, Anthony S. and Caroline "Wenny" Nolen (13 Jan 1833)
Ficquette, Charles McDaniel and Frances Margaret McKissick (28 Dec 1865)
Ficquette, Jonathan Marshall and Caroline Elizabeth Barron (23 Dec 1869)
Ficquette, Martha H. and F. H. Perkins (07 Dec 1873)
Ficquette, Stephen A. and Sarah Martin (21 Nov 1872)
Ficquette, William T. and Mary Garner (13 Jan 1857)
Ficquette, Wilson L. and Martha Isabell Locke (24 Dec 1857)
Fields, Mary and Pierce Noland (circa 1776)
Fields, Melissa Jane and John Isaac Carr (12 Jun 1898)
Fike, Amanda and Clarence D. Noland
Findlay, H. and Sarah Blundon
Fish, John and Harriet Noland
Fish, Mack and Ida E. Noland
Fisher, Lee and Mabel Kiva Sipes
Fisher, Mae and Tigrail Jones Henderson Jr.
Fisher, Susan Elizabeth and Rodney Allen Chamberlain (17 Aug 1973)
Flannery, Janice Elaine and Mike Xxxx (1995)
Flannery, Price "Chip" III and Christina Sue Taylor (27 Sep 1896)
Flannery, Price Jr. and Martha Jean Myers (19 Oct 1957)
Flannery, Tammy Lee and Mark Alan McMasters (06 May 1984)
Flannery, Terrye Lynne and Denver Lee Bailey (29 Jan 1977)
Fleming, Lura and William N. Nolen
Fletcher, Lessie Lee and Ralph Elvin Noland (20 Dec 1941)
Flier, Larry and Rosemary Myers
Floden, Mike and Teresa Jane Cox
Fluker, Cynthia Diane and Darrell Jimmie Noland (01 Feb 1986)
Folsom, Xxxx and Gloria Joy Noland
Folwer, Earl W. and Alpha Edvirda Glover (13 Aug 1960)
Fonia, Francis Roy and William H. Noland
Fontaine, Alfred Duane and Darlene Pearl Nolan (24 Jun 1995)
Ford, Hubert and Lorene Nolen
Foster, Delores Lucille and Stanley Riley Noland (Jul 1974)
Fountain, Stanley and Kristine Ware Oksenholt (14 Mar 1986)
Fowler, Glenn and Barbara Lee Asbury
Fowler, Maud and Henry "Hal" Peyton Noland
Fox, Leonard N. and Hattie Elvira Woods
Frame, Jane and Jessee Dr (--?--) Noland (after Feb 1813)
Francis, Leftwick and Nancy Barker (11 Apr 1852)
Franklin, Perna Catherine and Ray C. Noland (23 Apr 1938)
Frazier, W. L. and Amanda Caroline Tigner
Free, Calvin and Mary Melvina Noland (19 Dec 1865)
Free, Lee and Gracie Lee Sellers
Freeland, Xxxx and Pauline Meals
Freeman, Barry and Diana Hollis
Freeman, Julia and Obediah Noland (21 Sep 1850)
Freeman, Juliann Kerfoot and Obed Noland (11 Mar 1849)
Freeman, Rose and Enoch Smallwood
Freeman, Sanford and Sarah Noland (12 Aug 1860)
French, Eugene C. and Donna Marie Chamberlain (29 Jul 1961)
French, Sadie and Andrew Dean Mathis
Friloux, Annette Marie and Stephen Ray Wilson
Fritz, Amanda and Edgar Noland Smallwood
Fromhart, Larry and Ann Burke
Fry, George and Leola Nolen
Fry, Jean Or Jane and Horatio Rasha Noland (25 Nov 1811)
Frye, Louise and Gerald Hershel "Jeff" Noland
Fuderburg, William and Arena D.e.t. Nesbit
Fuentes, Barbara Elaine and Martin Pierce Patterson (Sep 1964)
Fuentes, Johnnie Clarence and Elaine Elizabeth Ware (14 May 1939)
Fuentes, Mary Katherine and Samuel Joseph Caruso (Nov 1966)
Fuentes, Michael Steven and Rozanna Koobs (16 Nov 1968)
Fuentes, Ronald Clarence and Glenda Marlane Sumrall (Jun 1966)
Fuentes, William Douglas and Allie Mae Davis (28 Oct 1962)
Fulghum, Elizabeth Eunice and Jefferson Jerome Noland
Fuller, Maude and Frank Herman Noland
Fuller, Ruth and Finley Elijah Tamm
Fullerton, Jennie and William Philip Noland
Fulton, Betty Mae and Jay D. Sanders (08 Jul 1950)
Fulton, Francis J. and Dorothy Lee Mcdonald (15 Jun 1929)
Gabbard, James and Bessie Noland
Gabbard, Mollie and Joe Noland
Gabbard, Rebecka Jane and Isaac Francis Thomas (21 Dec 1893)
Gable, Caroline and Samuel Noland
Gaillard, Josie and Fenton Noland
Gains, Xxxx and Mary Oslin
Gale, Chessie and Edwin Shelton (1923)
Gale, William E. and Ida J. Noland (31 Aug 1892)
Galtney, Elizabeth Jane and Pearce Noland (06 Feb 1816)
Galyon, Ronnie Joe and Catherine Louise Noland (19 Sep 1961)
Gantenhein, Janelle Lynn and Charles Ronald Kister (06 Jan 1973)
Gantenhein, Jay Wendell and Janet Arlene Buchanan (24 Nov 1979)
Gantenhein, John Bird and Ezelle Miller (10 Nov 1948)
Gantenhein, Twyla Shae and Vance Bradford Hinson (29 Mar 1985)
Garcia, Julia Ester and Derrick Lang Noland (18 Jul 1981)
Gardner, Edith and Donald Wyman
Gardner, Frank Elsworth and Charlotte Rebecca Mitchell
Gardner, James Kenneth and Suzanne Mary Dayries (10 Aug 1984)
Gardner, Jean and Stanley Burns
Gardner, Marie Frances and Harry Drake
Garner, Mary and William T. Ficquette (13 Jan 1857)
Garnet, James and Kate Huntington Noland
Garrett, Mabel Clare and James Stephen Noland
Garrett, Xxxx and Carolyn Nolen
Garten, William F. and Margaret M. Nelson (28 Jul 1940)
Gass, Xxxx and Charity Noland
Gaston, Mike and Mary Elizabeth Noland
Gaudin, Carol Anne and Charles Clifford Samson (24 Feb 1962)
Gentry, Gordan Hulan and Annette Afansco
Gentry, Howard Lee and Eva Mae Barnett (08 Feb 1953)
Gentry, Mark Stephen and Belynda Trahan (1979)
Gentry, Mark Stephen and Jeri Purkey (28 Aug 1982)
Gervis, Jerome Brod and Brenda Joyce Noland
Gianaces, John and Elgie Hammond (1921)
Gibson, Jimmy and Elmira Noland
Gibson, John and Agnes Sarah Noland (20 Mar 1828)
Gibson, Martha Ann and Jacob Bohart (18 Feb 1869)
Gibson, William and Martha Esther Nolen
Giddings, Ann and Alexander Noland (01 Dec 1827)
Giddings, Xxxx and Elizabeth Noland
Gilbert, J. P. and Mary Francis Noland (18 Sep 1912)
Gilbert, Rosanna and James Nolen
Gilbert, Rosanna and Jeremiah Nolen
Gilbert, Shirley Ann and Lawrence H. Nolan (14 Jan 1944)
Gilbert, Welmond Joseph and Maude Mae Wilson
Gillick, Margaret and Lloyd Noland
Gilliland, Alvin and Ophelia Nolen
Gilliland, Columbus and Henrietta Nolen (10 Oct 1872)
Gilliland, Lula and Ernest Clifton Nolen (05 May?)
Gills, Leah C. and Jesse R. Noland (04 Apr 1861)
Gilreath, Robert Edward Jr. and June Joy Noland
Ginter, John Morgan and Susanna Nolen
Gipson, Annie and Nathaniel "Nattie" Nolen (18 Jul 1824)
Girder, C.g. and Eliza Nolen
Girton, Mary Anna and Francis "Frank" Marion jr (--?--) Tucker (24 Jul 1918)
Gittoe, George R. B. and Mattie Noland (1878)
Glascock, Eli and Henrietta Noland (1825)
Glascock, Elizabeth and Ledstone Noland (circa 1770)
Glascock, Robert and Charity Noland (05 Feb 1801)
Glascock, Xxxx and Rachel Noland
Glass, James Howard and Norma Jean Brown (26 May 1956)
Glass, Thomas Veneble and Catherine L. Nolen (02 Oct 1852)
Glazier, Dovey Lavada and Elias Burton Noland (06 Dec 1896)
Gleason, Xxxx and Lucrecia Dale Nickless
Glover, Alpha Edvirda and Daniel W. Golden (20 Dec 1925)
Glover, Alpha Edvirda and Earl W. Folwer (13 Aug 1960)
Glover, Ella G. and Earl Martin Haddon
Glover, Fannie Ava and George G. Golden (1908)
Glover, George Washington and Eradyce "Dicie" Josephine Brewer (29 Sep 1884)
Glover, John Anderson and Euna Lee Burton (1928)
Glover, Mary Anna and William Lee Teague (1904)
Glover, Mattie Bell and Dellmous Mulliniks (28 Sep 1935)
Goddard, Thomas Calvin and Kathryn Elizabeth Noland
Goforth, Ray and Jennie Tuggle
Goggans, Mag and Roy Lemuel Nolen (05 Dec?)
Golden, B. F. and Almira Noland (20 Feb 1868)
Golden, Daniel W. and Alpha Edvirda Glover (20 Dec 1925)
Golden, George G. and Fannie Ava Glover (1908)
Golden, Henry Albert and Alice Rozella Walden
Golden, James and Elizabeth Noland (03 Jan 1828)
Golden, William and Stella Shaw
Gomez, Randal Anthony and Theresa Lynn Mckay (21 Jun 1980)
Gomez, Ronald Anthony and Gloria Joy Noland (07 Apr 1948)
Gomez, Shasta Joy and Julian Raintree (Jun 1979)
Gomez, Shasta Joy and Steven Mark Wichinsky (Apr 1986)
Good, Mary E. and Robert Isaac Nolen (23 Dec 1880)
Goode, Charles A. and Dorothy Lunsford
Goodman, Betty Carol and Alton O'Neal Kilpatrick
Goodman, Dwayne and Mary Frances Noland
Goodman, Lola Dell and Archie Stokes Kilpatrick
Goodman, Xxxx and Eva Stone
Goodrum, A. A. and Laura A. Watkins
Goodson, W. G. and Angeline Noland
Goolsby, Charles Edward and Janet Annetta Holstein
Goolsby, Jimmie Wilburn and Billie Ruth Morton (17 Jan 1949)
Goolsby, Sue Ellen and Wesley Dale Sterling
Gore, Elizabeth and Sampson Noland
Gore, Eva Mattie and William Parish Gore
Gore, John A. and Jonnie Armande Tannett (25 Dec 1894)
Gore, Joseph Pinckney and Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Noland
Gore, Thelma and Xxxx Perkins
Gore, William Parish and Eva Mattie Gore
Gore, Xxxx and Myles Manna
Gore, Xxxx and Patrick S. Donovan
Gorman, Sarah and Isaac Nolen (circa 1846)
Gorrilla, L. Vincent dr (--?--) and Anna Nichols Bard (10 Jul 1928)
Goss, David Allen and Johnna Paul Darbonne (11 Jun 1988)
Gould, Christopher David and Bonnie Gayle Wilson
Gowan, Julie Roxanne and David Michael Noland (22 Jan 1971)
Graham, Danny Warren and Nelda Faye Nolan (22 Nov 1975)
Graham, Elizabeth and Otho Holland William Luckett
Graham, W. A. and Annie Laura Noland
Granata, John Michael and Terri Elizabeth Noland (31 Mar 1984)
Grand, Toni and Wade Noland Thomas
Gray, Don and Christine Louise Pollack
Gray, Thomas and Hannah Noland (08 Jun 1807)
Grayson, Robert and Betty Claire Haley (1954)
Green, Cheryl and Lorenz Willig Oksenholt
Green, Gwendolyn Eloise and Charles Arthur Noland
Green, Malinda and Willis Noland (26 Dec 1831)
Green, Samuel and Sarah Noland
Green, Terresa E. and Edward Lesley Ware (17 Aug 1974)
Green, Wanda and William Ray Ware (Jan 1961)
Green?, Judy and Iveson Batchelor Noland III
Green?, Judy and Iveson Batchelor Noland III
Greene, Edsel and Mary Sue Noland
Greer, Willie Mae and William Parrish Ware
Gregory, Billy Joe and Delores Rosemary Brown (18 Dec 1948)
Greib, Agnes Anderson and Paul Eddy Nolan (04 Oct 1953)
Griffin, Charles and Edith Gay Noland
Griffin, Elizabeth and Franklin Piburn
Griffin, Marsha Ann and Edwin Robert Noland Jr. (16 Nov 1974)
Griffin, Robert and Julia Nolen (21 Feb 1976)
Griffis, Elsie Mae and Thomas Fred Noland
Griffis, M. T. Harrison and Carrie Ruth Noland
Griffith, Harry and Fannie A. Pitcher
Griggs, Nancy E. and Green Noland
Grimley, Henry and Emma Faustina Noland (08 Oct 1903)
Grimm, Xxxx and Linda Gayle Berney
Grinnell, Kathleen and Wayne Page Asbury
Grissom, Xxxx and Lorena Steverson
Grochowsky, Joanne and William Ronald Karr
Groome, J. P. and Annie Dora Nolen (01 Mar 1879)
Gross, Emily and Alan Jeffrey Brewer (08 Aug 1981)
Grothe, Oscar and Eulalia Jones
Grubb, Pamela Ann and Rodney Allen Parker
Gualthney, Ida Mae and Clayton Endwright
Gui, Elizabeth De and Glen Arden Prindle (12 Mar 1913)
Gunnings, Nancy H. and Isaac Nolen
Gunter, Mary Tamsel and Arther Earl Lee (24 Jul 1918)
Gustafson, James Scott and Lynda Raye Zinn (18 Apr 1959)
Gustafson, Jamie Lynn and Steve Joe Hillis
Gustin, Lemuel and Catherine Noland (04 Apr 1847)
Guy, Flora Elizabeth and Eddie Hill Noland
Guy, Julia Elizabeth and James Jefferson Noland
Guy, Rhonda and James Avery Noland (16 Dec 1994)
Guy, Xxxx and James Mccortrie jr (--?--) Nolen
Gxxxx, Catherine Ann and Gerald James Noland
Hadden, C. C. and Mary Ann Strange (01 May 1879)
Hadden, Mary Nancy and Robert Elkin Edmondson (1864)
Hadden, Nicholas and Nancy Noland (16 Jan 1823)
Hadden, Ruth and George Benjamin Noland
Haddon, Earl Martin and Ella G. Glover
Hagewood, Stella Elizabeth and Edward Lesley Ware (19 Dec 1901)
Hagg, Helen Rose and Francois Gabriel "Fonce" Demars (26 Dec 1926)
Hahn, Della and David Edwin Tucker (18 May 1895)
Hahn, Kathleen "Kathy" and David Wayne Barker (15 Oct 1983)
Hale, Ella and Edgar P. Nolen
Haley, Betty Claire and Jerome Joseph Silvio
Haley, Betty Claire and Robert Grayson (1954)
Haley, Bonnie Sue and Donald Ray Noland (20 Jul 1973)
Haley, Charles Preston and Helen Claire Henderson (1920)
Haley, David Lieux and Barbara Heenie (1957)
Haley, Edward Trohan and Loney Margaret Cline (1946)
Haley, Helen Barnes and Ocie Jenkins (1955)
Haley, Richard Reyes and Joann Burrough (1957)
Haley, Robert Avery and Betty Brown (1953)
Haley, Ruth Estelle and Gilbert Brown (02 Nov 1945)
Hall, Louis A. and Stella Margaret Ware
Hall, Milley and Philip Noland Davis
Hall, Ortha Olice and Ruth Smallwood (02 Jan 1919)
Hall, Xxxx and Pansy Noland
Hallar, A. Johnson and Alice Noland (25 Jul 1867)
Hallman, Robert Lee and Mary Sue Lancaster
Ham, Gladys L. and Hobart Noland
Hamblet, Dennis and Karen Darlene Noland
Hamblin, Katherine and Marvin Stokes Kilpatrick
Hamilton, Hood and Lily Ann Noland (21 Nov 1903)
Hamilton, Linda Carol and Robert Jr. Karr (14 May 1983)
Hamilton, Linda Carolyn and George Neil Noland (10 Dec 1955)
Hammond, Claude and Margaret Heldt (31 Mar 1901)
Hammond, Claude and May Marr
Hammond, Clyde M. and Melissa Winifred Perkins (24 Oct 1905)
Hammond, Daisy and John L. Wright (1894)
Hammond, Donald William and Evelyn Morrill (16 Dec 1949)
Hammond, Donald William and Mable Faulkes (31 Jan 1929)
Hammond, Elgie and John Gianaces (1921)
Hammond, Harold Russell and Alice D. Tjader (10 Oct 1936)
Hammond, Henry F. and Adaline Chambers (17 Mar 1874)
Hammond, Leslie Franklin and Anita Merkelein (24 Jan 1933)
Hammond, Margaret and Robert Edwin Thomas (27 Jun 1886)
Hammond, Melvin Lynn and Arlyne Merkelein (20 Jun 1936)
Hammond, Pearl and Edgar J. Knapp Dr (28 Aug 1902)
Hammond, Rosemary Jean and Kenneth Jensen (24 Feb 1947)
Hammond, Wanda Leota and John W. Valentine (17 Jul 1948)
Hammond, Warren Glen and Beatrice Kell (12 Dec 1936)
Hamner, John O. and Earline Carnathan
Handy, John H. and Angeline Noland (26 Oct 1859)
Hanks, Minerva and James Noland (01 Mar 1825)
Hannah, Evan and Sarah Elizabeth Noland (30 Apr 1829)
Hansborough, Sarah and William Thomas Brewer
Hanshaw, Henry and Minnie Marie Tucker (14 Dec 1920)
Harbin, Alfred and Sarah A. Xxxx
Harbin, Lucinda Julina and Sampson Holland (circa 1839)
Harbin, Martha and Robert H. Colvin
Harbin, Melvina and Xxxx Cowsert
Harbin, Nancy and Thomas J. Colvin
Harbin, Newton and Mary Noland (circa 1815)
Harcrow, Wilton Lee and Willie Dean Noland
Harding, Caroline Frances and Dade Noland (1816)
Harding, Nancy and George Cockrell Nolen (01 Sep 1806)
Harding, William Henry and Alma Maureen Wilson (18 Jan 1953)
Hardy, Annie and James E. Tuggle
Hardy, Xxxx and Geneva Noland
Hargis, Nancy and Robert Allen Carr (07 Dec 1983)
Harless, Bessie and Walter Hugh Maughan
Harliss, Agnes Clarissa and James Nolen (12 Mar 1840)
Harmon, U. G. and Rose Nelson
Harp, Alfred Samuel and Linda Gale Woods (May 1962)
Harp, Clarence Tracey Lee and Barbara Jean Dasher (02 Nov 1991)
Harrell, Bloyce and Sylvia Jean Noland
Harrell, Jake and Matilda Noland
Harrington, Eliza and Hiram Pitcher (08 Jan 1837)
Harrington, Thomas and Henrietta Pitcher (08 Jan 1826)
Harris, F. M. and Grace Noland (1912)
Harris, Kenneth and Rosemary Yetter
Harris, Nannie and James Noland
Harris, Shelby Main and Christine Percy Thompson (08 Jul 1972)
Harris, Xxxx and Eliza Ellen Tigner
Harrison, Carrie and Burr Powell Noland
Harrison, Charles L. and Fern Ferguson (30 Mar 1943)
Harrison, G. B. and Mary Ann Nesbit (1871)
Harrison, Susan and Sidney Noland (09 Sep 1843)
Harrison, Xxxx and Tanya Adreen Noland
Hart, Edna Hazel and Silas Culp Kee
Hart, Lavinia and Norborne Col (--?--) Berkeley (04 Dec 1849)
Hart, Vera and Verdis Oliver Woods (Dec 1941)
Hartley, Ruth and Eugene Russell Shaw
Hartung, Cynthia Marie and Roy Eugene Nolen (27 May 1975)
Harvey, John Russell and Myrtle Lucille Noland
Harvey, William Henry and Agnes Noland (1871)
Harvey, William Henry and Mary Maud "Nannie" Noland (16 Jan 1883)
Hasting, Carl and Bernice Allman
Hastings, Irene and John Simpson Sipes
Hatcher, William Earl and Edith Gay Noland (12 Jul 1957)
Hauck, Abbie E. and Langston Hill Davis
Hawes, Catherine and Andrew Jackson Nolen (21 Dec 1854)
Hawes, Dora and Isaac W. Jr. (--?--) Nolen
Hawes, Taylor and Catherine Victoria Nolen (circa 1880)
Hawk, Pauline and Arthur Wayne Noland (20 Sep 1946)
Haws, Xxxx and Beverly Noland
Haxall, Rosalie and George Cuthbert Powell Noland
Hay, G. B. and Julia Nolen
Hay, Lillian and Xxxx Rognley
Hayden, Clarence and Tressie Jackson
Hayes, Tom and Elizabeth M. J. Nolen
Haynes, Horace Gene and Mary Jean Noland
Haynie, John Lewis and Willie Clopton Nolen (13 Dec 1896)
Haynie, Mary Jane and Thomas Jefferson Nolen
Hays, Benjamin and Helen Sarah Nolen
Hays?, Xxxx and Mary E. Barker
Head, Allison and Steven Winslow Schovee
Head, Elizabeth Gardner and Milton E. Black
Head, Nelson and Jane W. Oswald
Head, Ralph "Bub" Earl and Delona Kaye Kilpatrick
Head, William Burris III and Janet Kay Heim
Hearson, William H. and Martha Noland
Heath, William Burke and Ann Eliza Smith (circa 1866)
Heather, James and Mary Ann Noland (1849)
Heather, Thomas Jefferson and Amanda Xxxx (circa 1870)
Heather, Thomas Jefferson and Betty M. Lackey (14 Oct 1875)
Heaton, Tony and Kelly Jane Farmer
Hebert, Adam Herbert and Frances Marion Noland (17 Sep 1966)
Hebert, Delmae M. and William P. Tucker
Heenie, Barbara and David Lieux Haley (1957)
Heffelman, Alonzo Dr (--?--) and Lillie Lea Thomas (after 1927)
Heibert, Abe and Elizabeth Isabelle Smallwood
Heim, Adriane Frances and Stanley Van Vliet Lyman
Heim, Everett Adams and Ethel Gardner Mapes (12 Jun 1925)
Heim, Janet Kay and William Burris III Head
Heirnbaugh, Mary and Wesley P. Nolan (26 Mar 1880)
Heldt, Margaret and Claude Hammond (31 Mar 1901)
Helfrich, Anna C. and John Byron Smallwood
Hendershot, Stewart and Mary Frances Beattie (Jun 1953)
Henderson, Carl John and Hulda Barber
Henderson, Helen Claire and Charles Preston Haley (1920)
Henderson, Jane and William jr (--?--) Noland (11 Jan 1817)
Henderson, Julian Eugene and Leila Mccartney
Henderson, Malinda and William III (--?--) Nolen (27 Sep 1845)
Henderson, Ruth Amanda and Morris M. Carrodine
Henderson, Sabra and William Noland (12 Nov 1798)
Henderson, Tigrail Jones and Lillian Eugenia Ware (04 Feb 1893)
Henderson, Tigrail Jones Jr. and Mae Fisher
Henderson, William Ware and Emaline Duhon
Henry, Elizabeth and Abraham Noland (1831)
Hensley, Sarah and Elias Barker (20 Sep 1851)
Henson, Harry and Lillie Viola Smallwood (1920)
Heritage, Annie Lou and Rayford Hill Noland
Hernandez, Donna Denell and Alan Jean Broussard
Hernandez, Donna Denell and Xxxx Jones
Hernandez, Gwendlyn Gay and Leonard Joseph Chauvin
Hernandez, Linden Paul and Eunice Louise Wilson (09 Jul 1938)
Hernandez, Lisa and Darrell Brent Beard
Hernandez, Lynn Wayne and Ora Janell Bourque (20 Jun 1959)
Herpsberger, Henry and Nancy Thompson Noland
Hickam, Delia Fredrick and Jefferson Reed Noland
Hickman, Faye and Paul E. Sellers
Hickman, Joseph and Elizabeth Turley (22 Jan 1822)
Hickman, Noda and Mark L. Noland
Hicks, Henry and Sarah Nolen (02 Mar 1839)
Hicks, William J. and Polly Nolen (02 Apr 1839)
Hildreth, Isabella Alice and Thomas Hughes Noland
Hill, Luda and Mckinley Calvin Demars (21 Feb 1926)
Hill, Mary Boyer and Thomas Noland
Hill, Ronny Dale and Julia Ann Whitaker (25 Mar 1981)
Hillis, Steve Joe and Jamie Lynn Gustafson
Hilton, Ramona and Bob Torres
Hilton, Ronald and Rosemary Nolen
Hilton, Shauna and Ken Lebano
Hinson, Vance Bradford and Twyla Shae Gantenhein (29 Mar 1985)
Hiser, Josephine and William A. Noland (01 Oct 1881)
Hitch, Sandy Marie and Robert Jr. Karr
Hitchcock, Louise Jewell and Ancel Leo Noland (08 Aug 1976)
Hobson, Woodrow and Lena Bell Maughan
Hodges, Maureen and Larry Joseph Ware (08 Oct 1960)
Hodges, Xxxx and Dora Nelle Nolen
Hodson, Xxxx and Mae Noland
Hoelzer, Betty Lou and Adrian James Noland (27 Jun 1961)
Hofer, Kevin Curtis and Donna Renee Woolbright
Hogan, Harty Ann and Isaac Reuben Nolen (25 Aug 1867)
Hogan, Pearl and John Alfred Kee
Hogg, Eda or Edy and Aubrey Noland
Hogg, Edy and William Noland
Holden, R. E. and Nancy Noland (after 1830)
Holderfield, Valentine and Henrietta "Henny" Noland (13 Apr 1789)
Holland, Sampson and Lucinda Julina Harbin (circa 1839)
Holland, Stacey and Clifford Barrow Singletary
Holland, Xxxx and Orah Knight
Hollandsworth, Daniel and Irena Chambers
Hollandsworth, Mary and Oscar C. Chambers (24 Nov 1887)
Hollandsworth, Zora Hazel and Earl Albert Naue (28 Jan 1913)
Hollar, George W. and Xxxx Cox
Hollar, Susan and Rees Alexander
Hollingsworth, David Lee and Sherrie Noland
Hollingsworth, Elbert and Melissa Ellen Noland
Hollingsworth, Elsie and Vernon Brandon
Hollingsworth, Everett and Dora Campbell
Hollingsworth, Jack Dr. (--?--) and Anice Fairchild
Hollis, Diana and Barry Freeman
Hollis, Linda and Xxxx Spencer
Hollis, Linda and Xxxx Walp
Hollis, Richard T. and Louise Nolan
Hollis, Richard T. and Paulene Estelle Nolan (1943)
Holloway, Robert Frank and Susan Nolen
Holloway, T. C. and Mary T. Noland
Holloway, Zenobia and John Richard dr (--?--) Nolen
Holmes, Margaret Elizabeth and Philip Haxall Noland
Holstein, Janet Annetta and Charles Edward Goolsby
Holt, Earnest Howard and Mary Mattie Lou Pate
Holt, Virginia and Kay J. Smallwood (23 Aug 1952)
Hood, Eula Mae and Sam Hill Noland
Hooper, Elizabeth and Isaac Daniel Nolen (13 Sep 1894)
Hoppenbrouwn, Edward Arnold and Evarine Silvia Lindsey
Hoppenbrouwn, Gertrude Catherine and Kenneth Howard Sr. McCall
Hoppenbrouwn, Harriette Ann and Robert Earl Chilson
Hoppenbrouwn, Harriette Ann and William Henry "Bill" Belter
Hoppenbrouwn, Hilda Patricia and Oval Robert Carder
Hoppenbrouwn, Josephine Maude and Ellis Herbert Humphry (05 Apr 1954)
Hoppenbrouwn, Mary Elizabeth and William Everett Sr. Welborn
Hoppenbrouwn, Petrus Jacobus "Pete" and Mable Pauline Myers
Hoppenbrouwn, Walter Dean and Elizabeth Jane "Beth" Lickey
Hoppenbrouwn, Walter Dean and Yeko "Amy Xxxx
Hopper, Betty and Dale Q. Lunsford
Hopper, Margaret and Joseph Barker (11 Mar 1830)
Hopper, Vernon L. and Velma Iola Woods (13 Dec 1925)
Hoppes, Chauncy Arl and Mary A. Arbogast (30 Jun 1927)
Hoppes, Fredonis G. and Ruth Xxxx
Hoppes, Randall Granville and Elvira Mae Tucker
Horne, Mary Louise and Wilbur Bernard jr (--?--) Nolen (11 Jun 1939)
Hornung, James Edward and Wilma Mae Smith
House, Nell B. and Julious Lofton Noland
Houston, Elizabeth and Percy m.d. (--?--) Nolen (06 Jan 1933)
Howard, Clara and William Brazelton Noland (15 Aug 1883)
Howard, Henry and Nancy Noland (16 May 1818)
Howard, Jack and Ruby Nell Noland
Howard, Jerry Thomas and Shirla Jean Rathjen
Howe, Chester Herman and Bonnie Belle Brown (29 Aug 1947)
Howe, Molly and Elijah Smallwood
Howell, Carl Lyle and Bessie Lee Williams (25 Jan 1938)
Howell, Josephine and Joseph N. Noland (18 Oct 1867)
Howell, Mildred and Robert Daniel Whitaker
Howell, Patsy and John Noland (1831)
Howell, Philison and Henrietta Noland (24 Oct 1813)
Howell, Sally Lucy and Daniel Noland (03 Nov 1828)
Howell, Shirley Rae and David Carter Milligan (01 Nov 1980)
Howell, Shirley Rae and Leo Roy Cox (26 Jan 1978)
Howell, Shirley Rae and Richard Allen Barker (19 Aug 1958)
Hubbard, Betty and Samuel Earl Bridges
Hubbard, Martha Jane and Thomas Jefferson Nolen (28 Jan 1851)
Hubbard, Nancy C. and Isaac Nolen (03 Jun 1852)
Hudgins, Martha Alice and George Columbus Johnson
Hudson, Bannus and Virginia Thompson
Huff, Daniel A. and Mary Ann Nolen
Huffer, Norman and Ella Florence Noland (31 Aug 1939)
Hughes, Bettie F. and Smallwood Pitcher (1867)
Hughes, Cavita Aline and Lloyd Coleman Emery (25 Jan 1923)
Hughes, Daniel Webster and Anna Aline Nolen (18 May 1881)
Hughes, Glenn Logan and Iris Conant
Hughes, James Leroy and Emma Lee Noland (06 Sep 1888)
Hughes, John Edward and Sallie Lee Piburn (30 Aug 1911)
Hughes, Nancy and Philip Noland (28 Sep 1794)
Hughett, Xxxx and Margie Sue Noland
Hughey, Clara Jane and Edward Griffin Nolen (08 Dec 1853)
Hulan, Charlotte and Henry "Trusty" Noland (06 Feb 1811)
Hulette, Linville and Lula Kate Noland (12 Sep 1919)
Hull, Castle and Leatha Jackson
Hull, Ethel M. and William Charles Noland (03 Sep 1919)
Humel, Joseph Marhoul and Eva Jeanester Noland (03 Aug 1947)
Humpert, Frederick Michael and Lula Jane "Lucy" Williams
Humpert, Myrtle Christina and Merrill Frank Pflanzer (28 Nov 1928)
Humpert, Sarah Neva and John Preston Smith (31 May 1930)
Humphrey, Mary Jo and James Harold Kirk
Humphry, Ellis Herbert and Josephine Maude Hoppenbrouwn (05 Apr 1954)
Hunnicutt, Brenda Kay and Marty Wayne Woods (14 Jun 1970)
Hunt, Esther and Nolen Jacobs Salyards
Hunt, Eva and Earl Smith (09 Feb 1915)
Hunter, Audrey Eilene and Robert Gerald Noland
Hunter, Haley Jane and Oscar Alonzo Nolen (30 Oct 1907)
Hurst, Lois and Karl Merz Shoemaker (01 Aug 1906)
Hustmyer, Walter and Elizabeth Kay Beard
Hutson, Chamerlain and Mary Polly Noland (22 Jun 1823)
Hutson, Eleanor and Xxxx Berry
Hutson, Jane and William P. Newman (25 Oct 1860)
Hutson, Jason and Eleanor Noland
Hutson, Jason and Lydia Carpenter (circa 1833)
Hutson, Malinda Harriet and Morris Pratt
Hutt, John William and Doris Nell Pate
Hymel, Gary Louis and Peggy Theresa Ware (06 Jul 1963)
Iattoni, JoAnn Dawn and William Richard M.D. (--?--) Clegg (04 Aug 1957)
Imel, Edgar B. and Daisy Lee Noland (16 Apr 1905)
Imel, Edith Marie and Howard Baum (10 Jun 1945)
Imel, Everett M. and Pauline Vanness (14 Aug 1935)
Imel, Lee Benton and Audra Spall (14 May 1933)
Imel, Ora Keith and Wanda Myer (22 Aug 1942)
Inman, B R and Adele Bryan
Irvin, Franklin and Susan Noland
Irvin, Jody and Virginia Rucker
Irvin, Jody and Virginia Rucker
Irvin, Steve and Martha Sue Noland
Jackson, Donald and Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Noland
Jackson, Edward and Florence Cook (07 Nov 1937)
Jackson, Joann and Owen Langon
Jackson, Josephine and William Bridges
Jackson, Leatha and Castle Hull
Jackson, Margaret and Howard Bussell
Jackson, Mildred and Roy Lemuel Nolen (06 Nov 1912)
Jackson, Morris Adrian and Karen Jean Noland (20 Aug 1973)
Jackson, Robert E. and Lillian Xxxx
Jackson, Russell and Elizabeth Fay Smallwood
Jackson, Tressie and Clarence Hayden
Jacobs, Luella Mabel and Frank L. Nolan (say 1902)
Jacobs, Richard Paul and Frances Lanore Derringer (22 Mar 1934)
Jaetzold, Johnny Frank and Beth Ann Watts (19 Dec 1970)
James, Brilla and James B. Barker (24 Feb 1859)
James, Mildred Lee and Clarence Austine Woods (01 Oct 1936)
Jarman, Bessie Lee and Thomas Hughey Nolen (12 Mar 1884)
Jarrell, Lola Pearl and Dale J. Noland (06 Jan 1909)
Jarvis, Pamela Leigh and John Russell Duplessis
Jeffcoats, Ben and Nancy Nolen (circa 1905)
Jenkins, Alice Ruth and William Dodge Bard (20 Nov 1889)
Jenkins, Ocie and Helen Barnes Haley (1955)
Jensen, Kenneth and Rosemary Jean Hammond (24 Feb 1947)
Jensen, Leatha and Robert B. dr (--?--) Smallwood (30 Jun 1928)
Jessup, Lerena and James Smallwood Nolan (Mar 1844)
Jessup, Xxxx and Elizabeth Noland
Jester, Addie and Charles Coffman Tucker (11 May 1896)
Jeter, Sterling L. and Martha N. Noland (16 Nov 1848)
Johnson, Billy L. and Leona May Chamberlain (27 Feb 1960)
Johnson, Claire Rachelle and Elton Ronald Noland (08 Nov 1986)
Johnson, Clarice and Dwight E. Lancaster
Johnson, Coleman T. and Paulina Noland (01 May 1862)
Johnson, Edith Casey and Fred Sweney Noland (30 May 1936)
Johnson, Flora Jessie Jane and Carson Lee
Johnson, Francis and Mary Polly Turley (20 Oct 1812)
Johnson, Fred A. and Ronda Lynn Chamberlain (21 Sep 1977)
Johnson, George Columbus and Martha Alice Hudgins
Johnson, Henry and Mary Louisa Tigner (07 Apr 1886)
Johnson, James "Jim" and Lou Bridges
Johnson, Kenneth and Mary Ruth Witty (25 Sep 1943)
Johnson, Louise and Daniel Edward Nolen
Johnson, Mary Alice and Louis Malcolm Comer
Johnson, Mattie and Robert Richard Nolen
Johnson, Maureen and Randall Cecil Brister
Johnson, Mirah Ruth and James Wilson Barker
Johnson, Mollie and Joseph Proctor Noland (15 Jun 1889)
Johnson, Mollie and Joseph Proctor Noland (15 Jun 1889)
Johnson, Nina Merle and John Ramsden Thomas
Johnson, Priscilla and Richard Llewellyn Pflanzer
Johnson, Samuel and Nancy Noland
Johnson, Spencer Vaiden and Velma Brown
Johnson, William Evalcus and Mary Elizabeth Spencer (20 Feb 1900)
Johnson, Willie Ruth and Woodrow Wilson Sanford
Johnson?, Andrew Jackson and Cora L. Clark (23 Dec 1875)
Johnston, James Alvin and Janie Elizabeth Noland
Johnston, Sara Frances and William Raymond Nolen (16 Mar 1941)
Jones, Alice Tallulah and Abner Jackson Nolen
Jones, Augusta Maxine and Glenn Marion Piburn (25 Dec 1929)
Jones, Barry Randolph and Karen Nielson Oksenholt (24 Aug 1990)
Jones, Bessie Mae and Richard Edmund Nolen
Jones, Brenda Kay and James Michael Noland (20 Jun 1981)
Jones, Brialda and Thomas Jefferson Noland (17 Aug 1860)
Jones, Charles Thomas and Nancy Victoria Nolen
Jones, Elizabeth and Stephen Turley (19 Oct 1809)
Jones, Emmett F. and Marion B. Tucker
Jones, Ethel and John Huey Wilson (1940)
Jones, Eulalia and Ed Legg
Jones, Eulalia and Oscar Grothe
Jones, Frank and Ida Smallwood
Jones, Jack C. and Dollie Louise Kilpatrick
Jones, John and Ellen Williams
Jones, Juanita and Herold Barton "Mutt" Noland
Jones, Lela and Harvey Stephen Nolen (circa 1914)
Jones, Lillie Annie and Arthur Dement Woods
Jones, Lucy Ann and Jackson Noland (27 Apr 1834)
Jones, Mary and Obed jr (--?--) Noland (23 Sep 1826)
Jones, Michelle Margaret and Woodrow Kurt Wilson Jr.
Jones, Mike and Myra Elizabeth Owens
Jones, Murray James and Mary Anna "Mamie" Lee (13 Jul 1928)
Jones, Paul L. and Loomis Decosta Nolen
Jones, Pink Pickney and Millie Noland
Jones, Ronald Kevin and Debra Noland (28 Dec 1984)
Jones, Samuel Ervin and Gertrude Xxxx
Jones, Sylvester and Mary Caroline Noland
Jones, Xxxx and Donna Denell Hernandez
Jones, Xxxx and Juanita Stembridge
Jongetjes, Allan John and Wanda Lee Noland (1979)
Jordan, Henrietta and James Richard Watkins (10 Jan 1889)
Jordan, Xxxx and Sue Laverne Noland
Jordon, Helen Evelyn and Lawrence Earl Noland (24 Nov 1931)
Joy, Sylvia and Terry D. Combs
Joyner, Bonnie Joe and John Thomas Noland
Juneau, Della Ann and Donald Glenn Noland (31 Jan 1955)
Junkin, John Thomas Jr. and Eleanor Marie Noland
Kaigler, Andrew and Mary Levisa Noland (14 Jan 1847)
Kaigler, George E. and Nettie E. Slater
Kaigler, Juliet Helen and W. H. Brent
Kaigler, Philip N. and Nancy B. Quinn
Kaley, Xxxx and Mae Stembridge
Kane, Tata Ann and Troy Duplessis
Kapka, Robert Darrell and Kathryn Blanche Whitaker (29 Dec 1979)
Karr, Danny and Patricia L. Nichols (Sep 1970)
Karr, Danny and Teresa L. Butler (11 Nov 1995)
Karr, Danny and Tressa M. Tomason (May 1979)
Karr, Robert and Louise Nolan (1943)
Karr, Robert and Paulene Estelle Nolan (10 May 1957)
Karr, Robert Jr. and Linda Carol Hamilton (14 May 1983)
Karr, Robert Jr. and Sandy Marie Hitch
Karr, William Ronald and Joanne Grochowsky
Karr, William Ronald and Sandra Baker
Karstens, Herman and Nellie Frances Van De Grift (14 Mar 1912)
Karstens, Katherine and Lee capt (--?--) Burris (09 Sep 1955)
Karstens, Nicholas Van De Grift and Helene Boulton (27 Nov 1937)
Kee, Almira "Allie" and S. C. Bloyd
Kee, Jefferson Davis and Lorenah Ann Noland (10 Jul 1879)
Kee, Jewell Richard and Viola Abbott
Kee, John Alfred and Pearl Hogan
Kee, Joseph Benjamin and Mary Ellen Easley
Kee, Laura Frank "Fannie" and G. W. Morris
Kee, Pollie Lee and Hiram Thomas Boen
Kee, Sarah Elizabeth and Emmitt Sinclair
Kee, Silas Culp and Edna Hazel Hart
Kee, Virginia Lee and D. D. Lindley
Keesling, Ambrose and Nancy Noland (25 Mar 1809)
Keesling, Maude and Elmer Cook
Keicher, Mary Eleanor and Alfred Noland (24 Aug 1890)
Kell, Beatrice and Warren Glen Hammond (12 Dec 1936)
Keller, Clyde C. and Nelly Lunsford
Keller, Coral N. and Lewis II Babb
Kelley, Nancy Lynn and Larry Lee Nolan (1969)
Kelley, Susan Kay and Jerry Wayne Nolan (14 Feb 1973)
Kelly, Betty and Robert Larry Whitaker (29 Jan 1956)
Kelly, Curtis and Kathryn Sellers
Kelly, Xxxx and Mary Ella Stone
Keltner, Roy and Margaret "Maggie" Tucker (21 Sep 1918)
Kempner, Doris and Eugene Wesley Chambers (22 Apr 1950)
Kennedy, Laura Ruth and Edward Hagewood Ware (23 May 1933)
Kerds, Agnes and Lewis Martin Shaw
Kersh, John Earl and Eula Pearl Noland (14 Sep 1957)
Kersh, Xxxx and Edna Earl Lee
Kidwell, David William Mansfield and Cynthia Marie Nolen
Kilgus, Jeanne and Herbert Clark Noland (1948)
Kilpatrick, Alton O'Neal and Betty Carol Goodman
Kilpatrick, Archie Stokes and Lola Dell Goodman
Kilpatrick, Betty Dean and Floyd M. Schiafone
Kilpatrick, David Stokes and Hortense Valentine Noland (18 Dec 1894)
Kilpatrick, Delona Kaye and Ralph "Bub" Earl Head
Kilpatrick, Dollie Louise and Jack C. Jones
Kilpatrick, Franklin O'Neal and Addie Belle
Kilpatrick, Linda Dell and James L. Pate
Kilpatrick, Marvin Stokes and Katherine Hamblin
Kilpatrick, Marvin Stokes and Marsha Cobb Sullivan
Kilpatrick, Mary Alice and Simpson Stewart (22 Mar 1914)
Kilpatrick, Melvin Dennis and Memosa Lynn Plowman
Kilpatrick, Willie Mae and Audie Parham
Kimball, Homer G. and Rebecca Noland (13 Apr 1952)
Kimberly, John and Stella Noland (1963)
Kindred, Mayme and Samuel Cayce Noland
King, Audrey and Arthur Russell Snell
King, Blanche and Carl Alfonzo Noland
King, Connie Harris and John Roy Noland
King, James D. and Sharon Irene Duplessis
King, John Franklin and Opal Ruth Thomas (08 Feb 1934)
King, Julia Dent and William Joseph Watson (01 Aug 1944)
King, Linda and Leo Francis Ware
King, Lucinda and Thomas Strange (20 Mar 1876)
Kinnaman, Florence A. and Clarence Herman Lemasters (25 Oct 1917)
Kinnaman, John H. and Lucinda Or Cynthia J. Smallwood (08 Aug 1880)
Kinnaman, John H. and Sarah E. Smallwood (14 Dec 1884)
Kinnaman, Ray and Xxxx Carr
Kinney, Harold Leon and Annie Iris Wilson (03 Dec 1954)
Kirk, Edward Gene and Gwen Estell Vaughn
Kirk, Henrietta Charlotte and William Samuel Noland (11 Jan 1893)
Kirk, James Harold and Glenda Gail Meadows
Kirk, James Harold and Mary Jo Humphrey
Kirk, Marion Clifford and Judith Burwell
Kirk, Mary Frances and John Robert Noland
Kirk, Rebels Garfield and Sallie Jane Noland
Kirkendall, Pearl M. and Sylvester A. Nolan
Kirkland, Aubry Loyd and Nancy Jane Spillman (08 Mar 1968)
Kirkland, Jack and Delores Jean Ware
Kirkland, Mary E. and Pierce A. Palmer (13 Aug 1846)
Kirkley, Ruth and George Washington Carr (after 1926)
Kirkpatrick, Marion and Pearl Noland
Kirst, Elizabeth and John J. Alcorn
Kirwan, Harold Edward and Pamela Jean Chamberlain (19 Dec 1964)
Kister, Charles Ronald and Janelle Lynn Gantenhein (06 Jan 1973)
Kitchen, Job and Rachel Noland (02 Jul 1810)
Knapp, Edgar J. Dr and Pearl Hammond (28 Aug 1902)
Knapp, Harry Wing and Georgianna White
Knight, Orah and Xxxx Holland
Knight, William J. and Anna Althea Thomas (06 Oct 1889)
Knippers, Ottis Jewell and Opal Inez Moody (28 Jan 1938)
Koenig, David and Garnet Elaine Pflanzer (28 May 1966)
Koeppen, Karen Kristine and Brett Michael Moore (27 Dec 1991)
Kohler, Harrison and Alvessa M. Nolan (02 Mar 1874)
Kondo, Kenneth and Rhonda Jean Carter
Koobs, Rozanna and Michael Steven Fuentes (16 Nov 1968)
Koulibaly, Xxxx and Beverly Lesta Van Dyke
Kovel, Xxxx and Mary Nolan
Kreigel, Louis and Eleanor Black Turley (25 Nov 1903)
Kruse, Mildred F. and Ralph W. Winstanley
Kutch, Lolla and Oen Edgar Noland (30 Apr 1902)
Kux, David Joe and Renee Parrish
Kux, Joe Bernard and Alma Maureen Wilson (10 Nov 1956)
Kwis, Judy and Thomas Turley Noland (19 Jul 1947)
Kyles, Bobby Louise and Gilbert B. Noland
Lacaze, Mrs. Ozie M. and Edward Lesley Ware (22 Nov 1934)
Lackey, Andrew and Ann Noland (1814)
Lackey, Betty M. and Thomas Jefferson Heather (14 Oct 1875)
Lackey, Xxxx and Stella Steverson
Lake, Florence Dudley and Richard Reese
Lake, Florence Dudley and Xxxx Meacham
Lake, William Cromwell and Alma Aldridge Noland
Lambert, Henry and Ziller Nolen
Lambert, Lula and Lyman Beecher Nolen
Lamoue, Charles John and Thelma Jean Spillman
Lancaster, Arthur B. "Jack" and Marie LaVaughn Cox
Lancaster, Arthur Barrett and Annie Eugenia Noland
Lancaster, Dwight E. and Clarice Johnson
Lancaster, Evalcus and Emma Mae Carnathan
Lancaster, Jennie Mae and Turley Noland (23 Jan 1918)
Lancaster, Martin Edgar and Melissa Ellen Noland (09 Feb 1909)
Lancaster, Mary Sue and Robert Lee Hallman
Land, E. S. and Bessie Noland (07 Jun 1919)
Land, Edwina and Elmo Drake
Lane, Lola Kathlyn and Clyde Archibald Clegg (18 Aug 1934)
Lang, Marjory Beryl and Howard Wisser Moody (13 Oct 1934)
Langlois, Albert Joseph and Betty Joyce Noland (05 Feb 1949)
Langlois, Albert Keith and Mary Fedrick
Langlois, Allyson Kim and Danny Brooks
Langlois, Kara Nanette and Freddie Sumerlin
Langlois, Kyle Matthew and Kimberly Jean Dejohn (04 Nov 1989)
Langon, Owen and Joann Jackson
Langston, Mittie Vera and Hill Olin Davis (12 Jan 1910)
Larison, Elizabeth and John W. Strange (circa 1869)
Latham, June and Ralph Ethan Davis (circa 1929)
Latham, Robert Barry and Sheela Townsend
Latham, Robert Oleria and Mary Frances Noland
Latil, Susan Diane and Woodrow Kurt Wilson
Laurie, Sue and Steven Michael Pollack (1974)
Lawrence, Robert Dallas and Barbara Jean Curtis (06 Jun 1964)
Lawrence, Romona Ann and James Kyle Parker (09 Jul 1988)
Lawrence, Tracey Kristen and Jeff Powell (29 Nov 1985)
Lawrence, Virginia Ruth and Thomas Edward Witty (24 Dec 1949)
Lawrence, William Scobee Sr. and Anna Lucille McDonald (29 Nov 1917)
Lawton, Montford Bert and Margaret Ellen Witty (24 Dec 1949)
Lebano, Ken and Shauna Hilton
Leblanc, Ethel Lee and John Ayme Ware (17 May 1946)
Leblanc, Juanie Sue and Ronald Gene Noland (12 Aug 1962)
Leblanc, Xxxx and Randi Marie Noland
Lee, Albert Hughie and Amanda Mae Cook (23 Mar 1924)
Lee, Albert Hughie and Lady Belle Smith (1943)
Lee, Arther Earl and Ira Walker
Lee, Arther Earl and Mary Tamsel Gunter (24 Jul 1918)
Lee, Carson and Flora Jessie Jane Johnson
Lee, Charles W. and Martha Ann Archibald (1865)
Lee, Dianne Amanda "Mandy" and Wylie Clifford Rankin (26 Dec 1975)
Lee, Earlene and John E. Armstrong (09 Apr 1945)
Lee, Edna Earl and Xxxx Dean
Lee, Edna Earl and Xxxx Kersh
Lee, George Alva and Susan Alice Clegg (25 Dec 1888)
Lee, George Leroy and Ola Mae Thompson (23 Mar 1924)
Lee, Henry Pitts and Cora Emily Nolen (1880)
Lee, Jessie Edward and Dollie Belle Corbin (15 Jan 1915)
Lee, Joe Noland and Gail Albright (12 Jan 1980)
Lee, Joe Noland and Mary Clark (1964)
Lee, Judy and Nango "Luis" Soriano
Lee, Linda and James Tad Dunham
Lee, Linden E. "Jack" and Annie Noland (06 May 1939)
Lee, Mary Anna "Mamie" and Murray James Jones (13 Jul 1928)
Lee, Mary Kathryn and Clarke Mcrae Williams (21 Jul 1946)
Lee, Max Layne and Bettie Joann Turner (29 Sep 1955)
Lee, Maxie Layne and Paul Scott Rebsamen (14 Jul 1979)
Lee, Maxie Wayne and Seth Thomas Arnold (12 Oct 1950)
Lee, Nettie Mae and Daniel Samuel Whitaker (30 Jan 1906)
Lee, Robert Edward and Cathrin Edmundson (31 Dec 1965)
Lee, Robert Edward and Gladys Blackman (1934)
Lee, Robert Edward and Mary Louella Noland (12 Feb 1887)
Lee, Robert Edward and Tommy Cooper (Apr 1936)
Leech, Ruth Ruppersberger and John Lockridge Watson (08 Feb 1952)
Legg, Ed and Eulalia Jones
Leigh, Ethel and William Herman Noland
Lemasters, Clarence Herman and Florence A. Kinnaman (25 Oct 1917)
Lemon, Elizabeth and Alexander T. Smallwood (30 Dec 1860)
LeNoir, Frank Cargill and Flora Mae Davis (10 Dec 1973)
Levins, Huston and Nona Lee Maughan
Lewellyn, Vera Gay and Rufus Nolen
Lewis, Jacob and Sarah Noland (01 Jan 1769)
Lewis, Xxxx and Della Stone
Lickey, Elizabeth Jane "Beth" and Walter Dean Hoppenbrouwn
Lincoln, Charles H. and Jennifer Marie Swafford (1983)
Lindley, D. D. and Virginia Lee Kee
Lindley, Sarah Ann and James Russell Noland (19 Mar 1837)
Lindsey, Evarine Silvia and Edward Arnold Hoppenbrouwn
Link, Rudolph and Anna Marie Tamm
Linthicum, Hazel Kirk and David Fulton Noland (04 Sep 1912)
Linthicum, Ruth and Gath Noland Shoemaker
Lippold, William and Lucille Ellen Clegg
Livermore, Estelle Genette and Archie Bert Noland (08 Mar 1975)
Livernoise, Gail Allison and Ralph Elvin Noland (20 Jun 1971)
Livingston, William Tom and Cherrie Spillman
Lloyd, Lydia Barlow and Obidiah Chambers (1855)
Lloyd, Russell and Barbara Rue Luttrell
Lobell, Alces and Emma Willie (21 Feb 1909)
Lock, Cornelia and John W. Noland
Lock, Elizabeth and J. R. Jr. (--?--) Cole
Lock, Elva and Lewis Cole
Lock, John S. and Teresa Xxxx
Lock, Mary and Macajah Winston
Lock, Nancy Dulcimer and Frances Marion Nolen (13 Mar 1849)
Lock, Thomas and Elizabeth Noland
Lock, Thomas Van Buren and Amanda or Arminda Sherndon
Locke, Martha Isabell and Wilson L. Ficquette (24 Dec 1857)
Lockhart, Buddie and William R. Spillman
Loeffel, Xxxx and Virginia Noland
Loflin, Margaret Ann and Daniel N. Willie
Loftis, Steve and Elizabeth Gaile Noland
Loken, Richard Keith and Linda Louise Nolan (02 Mar 1977)
Long, Annie King and Lewis Hamilton Brewer
Long, Clarence Denmon and Julian Eugene "Jean" Ware (13 Aug 1937)
Long, Homer Morgan and Bessie Earline Noland
Long, Owen G. and Nannie E. Pitcher
Long, Wayne Edward and Connie Xxxx
Lopez, Sara and William Marvin Nolen (12 Sep 1974)
Love, Charles and Jane Noland (23 Oct 1810)
Love, Homer Townsend and Hedwig Marschall Von Bebestein (1914)
Love, Mary Eileen and Ira Austin Smith (12 Jul 1922)
Love, Richard A. and Nancy Noland (circa 1884)
Lovell, John and Viola Woods (03 Nov 1935)
Low, Franky and Joshua Noland (13 Mar 1836)
Lowe, Alexander R. and Eva Lena Brewer (27 Dec 1903)
Lowe, Callie Maud and Rex Marion Whitton
Lowe, Melvinia and Jeremiah Nolen (06 Oct 1853)
Lowe, Rachel and William Thomas Alcorn (08 May 1907)
Lowery, Lovetta and Rodney Allen Chamberlain (23 Dec 1969)
Lowery, Mary Jane and Alexander F. Smallwood (14 Sep 1875)
Lowery, Willie Madera and George William Noland
Lowman, Ella J. and William Albert Noland (12 May 1884)
Lucas, Alice and Wilson Russell
Lucas, Frances and Harry Herndon Clegg (23 Aug 1943)
Luckett, John and Molly Ann Noland (1773)
Luckett, Mary Eleanor and Thomas Noland
Luckett, Otho Holland William and Elizabeth Graham
Luckett, Samuel Noland and Patience Dorsey (circa 1815)
Luckett, Thomas Hussey and Elizabeth Noland (1770)
Luckett, Thomas Noland and Mary Wade
Lukins, Elizabeth and John Nolen (1844)
Lundy, Patrick Henry and Martha A. E. Nolen (1869)
Lundy, Xxxx and Barbara Ann Cazee
Lunsford, Dale Q. and Betty Hopper
Lunsford, Dorothy and Charles A. Goode
Lunsford, Dovie C. and Edwin Daniel
Lunsford, Joicy N. and Charles Wheeler
Lunsford, Nelly and Clyde C. Keller
Lunsford, Robert B. and Jewel Mayes
Lunsford, Robert B. and Joicie Tuggle
Lunsford, Verna and Ben Alexander
Lusignan, Louisiane and John H. Mccollum (16 Jan 1862)
Lusk, Jane and Robert Wilburn Noland (22 Apr 1857)
Luten, Joseph Read dr (--?--) and Lillie Adene Nolen (07 Jun 1905)
Luthultz, Beulah Eletha and James O. Noland (15 Aug 1908)
Luttrell, Barbara Rue and Russell Lloyd
Luttrell, Diane Ware and Robert Berriman
Luttrell, William Leon and Lillian Louise Ware (07 Aug 1926)
Lybrand, William and Cynthia Nolen
Lyman, Gwen Gardner and Patrick Apfel
Lyman, Judith Mapes and James Taft Snow
Lyman, Stanley Van Vliet and Adriane Frances Heim
Lynch, Aileen and Mack Noland
Lynch, James Sidney and Mary Ann Noland (23 Apr 1861)
Lynch, Levi and Ida Tipton (27 Sep 1897)
Lynch, Mary A. and James Christopher
Lynch, Nannie Grant and Robert P. Tipton (29 Sep 1887)
Lynn, Nancy Jane and Enoch Russell Sipes (02 Feb 1875)
Macon, Jane Blanton and William Samuel Noland
Maddox, Addie and Wesley A. Nolen (08 Jun 1893)
Maddox, Martha Jane and Jonathan Nolen
Maffitt, Pamela Darlene and Robert Fred Moore (26 Aug 1972)
Magee, Dorothy and George Beverly Noland (16 Nov 1946)
Mahoney, Betty Jane and George Edgar Wilson
Mains, Laura Wade and Benjamin Robert Noland (14 Nov 1889)
Major, Earle Alexander and Laura Mae Noland
Makepeace, Elizabeth and Henry D. Noland (circa 1859)
Mallot, Mary and Stephen Noland (circa 1763)
Malone, Belva Jane and John Isaac Carr (17 Mar 1918)
Malott, Ann Eliza and John Logan Piburn (28 Apr 1870)
Malott, John South and Sarah B. McAlexander
Malott, William John and Christina Moore (28 Dec 1823)
Mann, Aleta Mae and Dwight Bohart Burnett (26 Jan 1921)
Mann, Mary Ann and Stephen Nolen (1838)
Mann, Rebecca and Nicholas Noland (1811)
Manna, Myles and Xxxx Gore
Manning, Lawrence E. and Nina Ruth Noland
Mansfield, Burnette and Lawrence A. Demars (19 Sep 1943)
Mapes, Charles Lewis and Anna Frances Mitchell (12 Jun 1889)
Mapes, Ethel Gardner and Everett Adams Heim (12 Jun 1925)
Mapes, Mabel Glenn and George Page Asbury (22 Nov 1916)
Marion, Henry and Bessie Meals
Marlow, Ellen and Phillip Noland (04 Apr 1915)
Marquis, L. M. and Sidney Piburn (12 Dec 1956)
Marr, May and Claude Hammond
Marshall, Louise and Robert Maxwell Davis (26 Nov 1925)
Marshall, Shelby and Mattie Noland (18 Sep 1912)
Martin, Bernie and Sherry Gene Cox
Martin, Clarence and Juanita Noland (23 Jul 1950)
Martin, Elizabeth and William Russell (17 Mar 1839)
Martin, Florence LeNora and Henry Peyton Noland (16 May 1923)
Martin, Henry Sanford and Mary Elizabeth Barker (circa 1869)
Martin, James Henry and Mary Eliza "Mamie" Noland (09 Jul 1922)
Martin, John and Alidia Or Lydia Noland (06 Nov 1814)
Martin, Kaye and Patrick O'Neal Bridges
Martin, Mary Lou and Albert L. Bryant
Martin, Mary Louise and Milton Eugene Jr. Noland
Martin, Nancy I. and William Woodward Nolen (27 Dec 1896)
Martin, Odess and Wallace Willie
Martin, Rachael and John Russell (14 Nov 1837)
Martin, Sarah and Stephen A. Ficquette (21 Nov 1872)
Martin, Susie and Louis Manuel Willie
Marty, Ivot and Elizabeth Tabb
Mason, Dallas Jerome and Noralee Noland (11 Jul 1948)
Mason, Loretta and David Reed Noland (1975)
Mathews, Lynda Sara and Paul Wilson Nolen
Mathias, Elton and Lydia Alice Demars
Mathis, Andrew Dean and Sadie French
Mathis, J. P. and Bettie Belle Nolen (25 Mar 1883)
Mathis, Roma Morris and Alice Mcdaniel
Matthews, Lucy and Charles Noland (31 Dec 1840)
Matthews, Stella C. and Hoyt Andrew Nolen
Maughan, Barney E. and Velma McGee
Maughan, Floyd A. and Lavada Pate
Maughan, James Newell and Ruby Woodall
Maughan, James Newell Jr. and Anne Carney
Maughan, Lena Bell and Woodrow Hobson
Maughan, Mary Irene and Thomas Jefferson Pate
Maughan, Matthew and Rosabelle Noland
Maughan, Naida Lee and Grady Bridges
Maughan, Nona Lee and Huston Levins
Maughan, Robert Wesley and Effie Lee Noland
Maughan, Roy Price and Nellie Pate
Maughan, Walter Hugh and Bessie Harless
Maughan, Xxxx and Mary Lucille Windle
Maulsby, W. L. and Leva Olive Smith (09 Aug 1911)
May, A. E. and Mollie Sue Ward
May, Bertie Lee and Xxxx Ezell
May, Laura Ann and Vernon Paul Noland (06 Jan 1969)
Mayer, Robert and Loleta Noland
Mayes, Jewel and Robert B. Lunsford
Mayes, Mary and Philip Noland (06 Apr 1809)
Mayhew, Mary and James Noland
Mayo, Elizabeth and Thomas Nelson Berkeley Noland (1883)
Mays, Archie and Nannie Noland
Mcafee, Henry and Molly Kelly Tamm
Mcafee, Jean Myers and Gus Coin
McAlexander, Sarah B. and John South Malott
Mccabe, Charles W. and Clara E. Noland (14 Jun 1899)
McCall, Kenneth Howard Sr. and Gertrude Catherine Hoppenbrouwn
McCall, Regina Gayle and Chris Dean Worley
McCall, Tina Marie and Douglas Wayne Ellinger
McCants, John W. and Frances C. Noland
Mccarley, Joseph M. and Mary Ann Nolen (19 Jan 1843)
Mccarley, Samuel and Sarah Nolen (18 Apr 1843)
Mccartney, Leila and Julian Eugene Henderson
Mcclain, Jonathan and Nancy Noland (1810)
McClanahan, Anna Dorothy and William Wilson Noland (06 Mar 1845)
Mcclellan, George B. and Mable Jessie Newman
Mcclung, Blanche and Nolen Jacobs Salyards
Mccolloch, Robert and Nancy Noland
Mccolloum, Eleanor and Richard W. Moore
Mccollum, James and Mary P. Palmer
Mccollum, John H. and Louisiane Lusignan (16 Jan 1862)
Mccollum, Mary M. and James S. Billiu (21 Dec 1887)
McCool, Myra and James Olin Jr. Noland
McCorkle, Drusilla and Hiram Morton Clegg (10 Jun 1891)
McCorkle, Terence and Dorothy Jean Noland
Mccormick, Alice Adelia and Prior Melvin Russell
Mccoy, Avis Louise and Robert Eugene "Gene" Owens (20 Jan 1967)
McCoy, Robert L. and Eva Mildred Noland
McCracken, Margaret and Philip Noland (circa 1835)
McCrary, DeWitt and Clementine Florence Nolen
Mccullars, Joseph J. and Sarah Isabella Nolen (15 Jan 1880)
Mccullars, Julia and Stephen Washington Nolen
Mccullough, Mildred Pauline and Pierce Andrew "Jack" Noland (30 Apr 1941)
Mccurley, Douglas Ann and David I. Roberts (19 Aug 1961)
Mccurley, Douglas Bennett and Ouida Elizabeth Smith (12 Jun 1932)
Mcdaniel, Alice and Roma Morris Mathis
Mcdaniel, Bertha H. Conner and Cary Lee Noland (27 Dec 1913)
Mcdaniel, Xxxx and Ruth Meals
McDonald, Anna Lucille and William Scobee Sr. Lawrence (29 Nov 1917)
Mcdonald, Dorothy Lee and Francis J. Fulton (15 Jun 1929)
Mcdonald, Jesse and Sadie Mae Smallwood (24 Aug 1909)
McDonald, John David and Alice Williams
McElroy, Jean Lucille and James Farrell Noland
McFaddin, William Perry Herring III and Shirla Jean Rathjen
McFerrin, Robert Gordon and Marilyn Joan Noland
McGarity, Juanita and Herbert Lee Noland
Mcgarrh, Jimmie and John Richard jr (--?--) Nolen
Mcgaughey, Bettie and Pearce Noland Jr. (20 May 1858)
McGavern, Hattie Pearl and William F. Noland
McGee, Eleanor Jane and R. L. Ellison
Mcgee, Grace and Walter Noland (25 Mar 1915)
Mcgee, James Rice and Nannie Kate Noland (24 Dec 1919)
McGee, Jo Ann and James Clifton Burkhalter
McGee, John Wesley and Marie Ann Noland (29 Jul 1929)
McGee, John Wiley and Emma Lou Barton
McGee, John Wiley and Hilda Mae Wood
McGee, Larry Glenn and Vicky Lane Moss
Mcgee, Millard and Bessie Noland (03 Jan 1912)
McGee, Shelby Jean and William Raiford Moss
McGee, Velma and Barney E. Maughan
McGill, George W. III (--?--) and Belinda Jo Bogard (18 Jan 1983)
Mcgill, John E. and Elizabeth Nolen
Mcgirr, Lauretta Frances and Harold Courtney Moody (28 Mar 1930)
McGovern, Edward and Bethel Mareda Snell
Mcgowan, James Burton and Hazel Carolyn Noland (15 May 1946)
Mcgregor, Billy Gene and Marjorie Noland (17 Jun 1950)
Mcguire, Archibald Jr (--?--) and Nancy Lethe Noland (23 Apr 1844)
Mcguire, Elizabeth and Obed Noland (22 Sep 1831)
Mcguire, Lucy and Joe Rucker
Mcguire, Oscar and Mattie Nolen
Mcguire, Susan Margaret and William Thomas (04 Aug 1865)
McHorney, Sally and Elijah Smallwood (28 Apr 1829)
Mcintyre, Hiram and Anne Eliza Pitcher (1887)
McJenkin, William Emmitt and Alice Maureen Pate
McJenkins, Gladys Rachel and Luther Milton Noland
Mckay, Theresa Lynn and Randal Anthony Gomez (21 Jun 1980)
Mckee, Sarah Or Sallie and Elijah Smallwood
McKenzie, Dr. John and Elizabeth Eleanor Noland
McKenzie, Eleanor and John Prosser Tabb
Mckenzie, Gayla Susann and Thomas Leroy Arnold (21 Jan 1977)
Mckey, Evelyn and Jones Burnell Noland (13 Nov 1930)
Mckinney, Sarah and Joshua Noland (1824)
McKissick, Frances Margaret and Charles McDaniel Ficquette (28 Dec 1865)
Mckissick, William and Jane Nolen
Mckowen, Della M. and Charles Alfred Noland (04 Jun 1913)
McLahan, Lucy and Elizah Alexander Smallwood
Mclain, Frances Anna and Pierce Avery Noland (01 Nov 1866)
McLand, Ann Elizabeth and Barnabus or Barnahan Noland (1832)
McLean, Edward James and Carrie Eddy Nolen
McLean, Glayds May and T. David Edrington (02 May 1945)
McLean, Jenny Aline and Paul A. Eggli (11 Nov 1917)
McLean, Lucille Miriam and J. Ewell Stembridge
McLean, Myrlie Lillian and Ernest F. Walker
McLean, Reginald Henry and Olive Joyce Cromer (17 Jul 1923)
Mclin, Mary Catherine and Woodrow Ellis Wilson (18 Sep 1949)
McMasters, Mark Alan and Tammy Lee Flannery (06 May 1984)
Mcmonegal, Aaron and Polly Noland (23 May 1816)
Mcmonegal, Nancy May and Smallwood Turner Noland (06 Sep 1806)
McMonigle, Susan and Francis Noland (02 Jan 1809)
Mcnabb, Henry Monroe and Martha Jane Willie
Mcnabb, Joseph Elijah and Lela Agnes Watts
McNitt, Ruby and John Smith Noland
Mcpike, John and Maudlene Smallwood
Mcqueen, Fannie and Leonard West Noland (31 Oct 1918)
Mcraney, Sue Terrell and Alvin West Noland (28 Nov 1918)
McReynolds, William Dean and Sarah Ellen Noland
McSwords, Lisa and Randolph Alan Carr (27 Jun 1987)
Mcwillie, Catherine "Kate" and Aubrey "Avery" Noland (18 Jan 1853)
Meacham, Xxxx and Florence Dudley Lake
Mead, Elisha and Polly Noland (06 Sep 1822)
Meadows, Glenda Gail and James Harold Kirk
Meadows, Xxxx and Esther Carr
Meals, Bessie and Henry Marion
Meals, Cora May and Xxxx Miller
Meals, Daniel J. and Elizabeth Permelia Nolen
Meals, Pauline and Xxxx Freeland
Meals, Ruth and Xxxx Mcdaniel
Mechem, Lela and Percy Paul Tucker (23 Feb 1929)
Medders, Lula Lavona and Richard J. jr (--?--) Nolen (27 Jul 1902)
Meek, Emma Cordelia and James Mccortrie Nolen (20 Jul 1886)
Meeks, Zetta and Samuel Asberry Nolen (circa 1887)
Menix, Polly and Isaac Nolen (15 Jun 1818)
Mercer, Lou and Ralph Andrew Smallwood
Merkelein, Anita and Leslie Franklin Hammond (24 Jan 1933)
Merkelein, Arlyne and Melvin Lynn Hammond (20 Jun 1936)
Merrill, Amelia and Barnett M. Noland (15 Feb 1834)
Messer, Franklin and Jennie Noland (13 Apr 1857)
Messer, Nina and James Noland
Meyer, Matilda and Edwin Reuben Clegg (28 May 1906)
Meyers, Georgiann and James Blackwell Smith
Middleton, Wanda and Harold Hugh Noland
Mikhail, Wagih and Janel Denise Clegg
Mikols, Sharon Lou and Gerald Hershel "Jerry" Noland (1968)
Miles, Emma and Richard J. Nolen (1867)
Miles, Ruth G. and William Frank Woods (24 Dec 1913)
Miller, Amanda and Stephen A. Rev (--?--) Noland (24 Sep 1839)
Miller, Elias Fields and Volina Jane "Lena" Noland (07 Mar 1921)
Miller, Ernestine Lester and Edward Prentiss Daviss
Miller, Ezelle and John Bird Gantenhein (10 Nov 1948)
Miller, Henry Kingkade and Penelope Burden Singletary
Miller, Mary Bleecker and William Churchill Noland
Miller, Mary George Anna and Hinchie Warren Noland (1870)
Miller, Michael Ledsinger and Helen Ethel Nolan (14 Jun 1969)
Miller, Ruth Evelyn and Lionel Dwight Pflanzer (12 Feb 1955)
Miller, Samuel Andrew and Diana Fae Noland (02 May 1985)
Miller, Xxxx and Cora May Meals
Milligan, David Carter and Shirley Rae Howell (01 Nov 1980)
Milner, Isabell and Henry Or Harry Noland (05 Mar 1782)
Milner, Wilma Doris and Ralph Byron Collier (24 Nov 1932)
Milstead, Peggy Cathrine and Gerald Hershel "Jerry" Noland (11 Jan 1985)
Minnick, Robert Eugene and Linda Gale Woods (31 Jul 1965)
Mirka, Miles Frank and Audrey Arlene Orcutt (25 Jun 1938)
Mitchell, Anna Frances and Charles Lewis Mapes (12 Jun 1889)
Mitchell, Bessie M. and Carl Cephas Thomas (12 Jul 1941)
Mitchell, Caroline and Oen Edgar Noland (Sep 1880)
Mitchell, Carrie K. and Samuel Harrison Noland (circa 1862)
Mitchell, Charles H. and Susan Anderson
Mitchell, Charlotte Rebecca and Frank Elsworth Gardner
Mitchell, Deloris and Arnold Cary Tucker
Mitchell, Floyd and Margaret H. Noland
Mitchell, William Henry and Charlotte Pierpont Davis
Modlin, Luther and Ruth Noland (17 Sep 1893)
Mohlenhoff, Emily Margaret and Glenn O'Neal "Neal" Davis (12 Mar 1946)
Molt, Dale and Donna Marie Chamberlain (17 Feb 1979)
Montgomery, William Jefferson and Rachael Leonora Ryan (01 Jul 1944)
Moody, Avaline and Velon Arthur Woods (26 Nov 1932)
Moody, Charles Rayslor and Mary Melvina Woods (21 Dec 1907)
Moody, Courtney Eschol and Lena Maude Winslow (12 Aug 1908)
Moody, Ethel Nelcine and Cornelius Cecil Clark (01 Jan 1933)
Moody, Harold Courtney and Lauretta Frances Mcgirr (28 Mar 1930)
Moody, Howard Wisser and Marjory Beryl Lang (13 Oct 1934)
Moody, Kathleen and Wilbur Bernard Nolen (31 May 1917)
Moody, Opal Inez and Ottis Jewell Knippers (28 Jan 1938)
Moore, Alexander B. and Lucy Beverly Berkeley (08 Feb 1884)
Moore, Alexander Berkeley and Carolyn Watson
Moore, Alice Frances and George R. Tolson (08 Aug 1929)
Moore, Billy Robert and Linda Gale Woods (18 Nov 1989)
Moore, Brett Michael and Karen Kristine Koeppen (27 Dec 1991)
Moore, Christina and William John Malott (28 Dec 1823)
Moore, Dalton Tazette and Windsor Pipes (19 Dec 1899)
Moore, DeLana Lynn and Steven David Smith (30 May 1996)
Moore, Don and Judith Jeannine Clegg
Moore, Elizabeth and Washington Smith
Moore, Emma J. and Wesley A. Nolen (22 Nov 1883)
Moore, Frederick G. and Eleanor "Nellie" G. Weathers
Moore, Gary Lynn and Cynthia Lynn Mounts (24 Nov 1967)
Moore, Gene Edward and Jean Louise Nash (05 Dec 1975)
Moore, George Frederick and Rose Douglass
Moore, James Allison and Norma Jean Brown (26 Mar 1971)
Moore, John and Elizabeth Noland (16 Feb 1807)
Moore, Joseph and Sarpta Nolen
Moore, Maggie Jean and Austin Lea Owens (13 Nov 1955)
Moore, Martha Virginia and William L. Padgett (20 Jul 1935)
Moore, Richard W. and Eleanor Mccolloum
Moore, Robert Fred and Pamela Darlene Maffitt (26 Aug 1972)
Moore, Robert Henry and Dorothy Jean Burnett (24 Nov 1943)
Moore, Virginia Sue and Charles Dayton Noland (1972)
Moore, William Argyle and Mary Lydia Tigner (30 Mar 1879)
Morancy, Anne Victoria and Joseph Noland (19 Jan 1849)
Morehead, Mollie and Benjamin Franklin Noland
Moreland, V. B. and Eva B. Christopher
Morgan, J. P. and Alice Bibb Nolen (24 Mar 1892)
Morgan, Lewis and Annie Rosella Smallwood (12 Nov 1912)
Morgan, Xxxx and Frances Maud Myrtle Smallwood (20 Nov 1913)
Morrill, Evelyn and Donald William Hammond (16 Dec 1949)
Morris, Elizabeth Hattie and Oscar Houston Nolen
Morris, G. W. and Laura Frank "Fannie" Kee
Morris, John and Grace E. Noland (02 Dec 1905)
Morris, Linda Lucille and James Avery Noland (20 Jun 1970)
Morrow, David A. and Margarett Noland (1842)
Morrow, Isabella and John Crisp
Morrow, Joel Toney and Sharon Lee Noland (Jul 1957)
Morrow, Mary and Sampson Noland
Morton, Billie Ruth and Jimmie Wilburn Goolsby (17 Jan 1949)
Morton, David and Rebecca Noland
Morton, Kenneth Kitchell and Dorothy Noland (05 May 1928)
Morton, Ronald Ervin and Marie Xxxx
Morton, William Charles and Ella May Noland (05 Aug 1924)
Morton, William Charles and Patricia Ann Collins (22 Jul 1967)
Moses, James William and Emma Roberta Pate
Moss, Vicky Lane and Larry Glenn McGee
Moss, William Raiford and Shelby Jean McGee
Mote, James Bovelle and Annie Bell Nolen (15 Jan 1888)
Motte, Cynthia Jane and Charles Leo Noland (21 Nov 1967)
Mouchette, George Brooks and Debra Kay Woolbright
Moulton, Francis and Gladys Robb
Mount, Alice and James William dr (--?--) Beattie (14 Jun 1894)
Mount, Emi Taira and Fred Raymond Balding
Mounts, Cynthia Lynn and Gary Lynn Moore (24 Nov 1967)
Muhleder, Emmie and Sterling Nielson Ware (06 May 1951)
Muir, Daniel and Tirris Noland (1851)
Muir, Sallie A. and Smallwood E. Noland (16 Feb 1858)
Muir, Sarah Jane and Amos Noland (1853)
Mullen, Stephen Levell and Rhonda Camille Wilson
Mulliniks, Dellmous and Mattie Bell Glover (28 Sep 1935)
Mullins, Grady Eugene and Peggy Ruth Noland
Mumphrey, Angelina and John Huey Wilson (16 Oct 1949)
Mumphrey, Camille Gloria and Walter Alvin Wilson (03 Feb 1949)
Murphey, Juanita and Gerald Lynn Ware (25 Mar 1961)
Murphy, Nancy and James Barker (18 Aug 1825)
Murray, Eloise and Leon Arcle jr (--?--) Nolen (14 Aug 1937)
Murray, Margaret Luenhug and Robert Maxwell Davis (15 Mar 1946)
Murray, Therasa and Stephen Croan Noland (13 Jun 1913)
Myer, Wanda and Ora Keith Imel (22 Aug 1942)
Myers, Barbara Ann and Jerry Wayne Ormes (11 Dec 1960)
Myers, Barbara Jean "Bobbie" and Paul Sr. Toti
Myers, Chester K and Elizabeth Lucille Williams (19 Mar 1932)
Myers, Lettie Edith and Wiley C. Noland (11 Jun 1920)
Myers, Lloyd Rene and Lydia Alice Demars (12 Feb 1950)
Myers, Mable Pauline and Petrus Jacobus "Pete" Hoppenbrouwn
Myers, Martha Jean and Price Jr. Flannery (19 Oct 1957)
Myers, Orville Clay Hiram and Edna Mae Cross
Myers, Ova Daniel and Maude Belle Williams
Myers, Rosemary and Larry Flier
Myers, Sheridan and Ella Viola Noland (22 Sep 1908)
Myers, Velma Ann and B. C. Rogers
Myers, Velma Ann and Wallace Clifton
Myers, Xxxx and June Noland
Nail, Evelyn A. and Henry Edward Carr (27 Oct 1906)
Nance, Nancy Greenville and James Alfred Noland (05 Jun 1904)
Nash, Jean Louise and Gene Edward Moore (05 Dec 1975)
Naue, Earl Albert and Zora Hazel Hollandsworth (28 Jan 1913)
Navey, Barbara and Robert Page Asbury (23 Jun 1956)
Naylor, Carolyn Jane and Paul A. Jr (--?--) Eggli
Neace, Dale Emery and Teresa Marie Cook (Sep 1978)
Neal, Bernice and David Blair Noland (02 Jun 1945)
Neal, Liza and Daniel Strange
Neal, Lyle and Christine Sellers
Neff, Gerald and Imogene Tucker
Neilson, Xxxx and Linda Ezell
Nelson, Andrew Jackson and Catherine Archibald (17 Aug 1867)
Nelson, Ben M. and Pansy G. Tucker (28 Feb 1916)
Nelson, Bridget and Philip Nowland (1685)
Nelson, Lejehn Antoinette and Arthur A. jr (--?--) Olson (02 Jan)
Nelson, Margaret M. and William F. Garten (28 Jul 1940)
Nelson, Mary and Philip Noland (circa 1764)
Nelson, Peggy Lou and Jerry B. Shores (06 Oct 1951)
Nelson, Roscoe and Ida M. Nolen
Nelson, Rose and U. G. Harmon
Nelson, Simeon and Elizabeth Noland
Nelson, Wilma and Fred Enoch Tamm
Nesbit, Arena D.e.t. and William Fuderburg
Nesbit, Francis Jane and James Albert Jr (--?--) Crumpler (1865)
Nesbit, Lucinda and W. J. Waits (1871)
Nesbit, Mary Ann and G. B. Harrison (1871)
Nesbit, Nancy H. and Xxxx Wilson
Nesbit, William Jacob and Nancy Nolen (1823)
Netterville, John Tom Jr. and Reba Mae Strickland (10 Oct 1959)
Netterville, Lisa Kaye and Rodney Callihan (1988)
Netterville, Spurgeon and Myrtle Spillman
Nettles, Mary Emily and John Elwood Noland (25 Jan 1920)
Nevill, Xxxx and Madeline Richardson Noland
Newbern, Elizabeth and John Philip Jr. Noland
Newcomer, Zella Carolyn and William Stanford Noland (27 Feb 1949)
Newman, Mable Jessie and George B. Mcclellan
Newman, Priscilla Rose and Hugh Turner Davis (17 Feb 1941)
Newman, William P. and Jane Hutson (25 Oct 1860)
Newton, Charles O. and Nancy Emily Nolen (09 Jan 1873)
Newton, Harriet and Francis Asbury Noland
Newton, Johnny and Emily Carol Youngblood
Newton, Verna and Herbert Ogden Asbury
Nibarger, Margaret and James O. Noland (13 Jun 1934)
Nicely, Glenn and Evelyn Todd
Nichols, Edward Frank and Ellen Burnice Noland (06 Sep 1945)
Nichols, Glenda Dale and John Ronald Ellis (27 Nov 1968)
Nichols, Helen and Walter Edwin Stevens (14 Apr 1913)
Nichols, John Merritt and Adeline Bard (circa 1889)
Nichols, Marsha Lynn and David Eugene Shanks (25 Nov 1966)
Nichols, Patricia L. and Danny Karr (Sep 1970)
Nichols, William and Rebecca Ann Smallwood
Nickels, Edward O. and Mary Sue Noland
Nickless, John and Abbie Shirley Clegg (01 Aug 1931)
Nickless, Lucrecia Dale and Xxxx Gleason
Nielson, Alvin John and Clara Josephine Van De Grift (10 Apr 1920)
Nielson, Jeanette and Donald Lewis capt (--?--) Worley (19 Jun 1943)
Nielson, Nancy Ann and George E. jr (--?--) Colbath (21 Aug 1951)
Nixon, Xxxx and Nancy Nolen (circa 1955)
Noble, Corine Addie and Nehemiah Walter Noland (30 May 1942)
Noel, Sally and Nathan Sipes
Nolan, Alvessa M. and Harrison Kohler (02 Mar 1874)
Nolan, Bobby Earl and Sharon Elaine Seguin (16 May 1969)
Nolan, Chris and Ed Rheaume
Nolan, Clara E. and Carl E. Coapstick (04 Jul 1903)
Nolan, Claudia and Jerry Ray Voyles (29 Jun 1968)
Nolan, Darlene Pearl and Alfred Duane Fontaine (24 Jun 1995)
Nolan, Darlene Pearl and Frank Raymond Cook (06 Jun 1957)
Nolan, Darlene Pearl and George Leonard Peterson (22 Sep 1973)
Nolan, Donald Wayne and Xxxx Page (05 Sep 1959)
Nolan, Dora O. and Xxxx Fanestalk
Nolan, Frank L. and Luella Mabel Jacobs (say 1902)
Nolan, Goldie R. and Xxxx Carson
Nolan, Harriett L. and John N. Elliott (27 Sep 1883)
Nolan, Helen Ethel and Michael Ledsinger Miller (14 Jun 1969)
Nolan, Irene Mae and Harold Leroy Chamberlain (03 Dec 1941)
Nolan, Irene Mae and Melvin Woodroe Chamberlain (12 Aug 1948)
Nolan, Ivan Leroy and Viola Ada Bannister (26 Mar 1948)
Nolan, James Elton and Mary Katherine Seguin (02 Oct 1970)
Nolan, James Richard and Rudy Collins
Nolan, James Richard and Wanda Xxxx
Nolan, James Smallwood and Anna Richmond (18 Jul 1847)
Nolan, James Smallwood and Lerena Jessup (Mar 1844)
Nolan, Jerry Wayne and Catherine Louann Xxxx (22 Aug 1987)
Nolan, Jerry Wayne and Susan Kay Kelley (14 Feb 1973)
Nolan, Kenneth Joe and Carolyn Ann Armstrong (14 Jun 1974)
Nolan, Larry Lee and Donna Xxxx (04 Jul 1988)
Nolan, Larry Lee and Nancy Lynn Kelley (1969)
Nolan, Lawrence H. and Ada Gladys Xxxx (14 Feb 1991)
Nolan, Lawrence H. and Shirley Ann Gilbert (14 Jan 1944)
Nolan, Lettie A. and Addison Snell
Nolan, Linda Louise and Benjiman Henry Jr. Bodine (02 Aug 1980)
Nolan, Linda Louise and Richard Keith Loken (02 Mar 1977)
Nolan, Louise and Richard T. Hollis
Nolan, Louise and Robert Karr (1943)
Nolan, Mary and Xxxx Kovel
Nolan, Mears Edward and Emma E. Bible (14 Aug 1879)
Nolan, Morton and Mary Catherine Skidmore (25 Oct 1881)
Nolan, Nelda Faye and Danny Warren Graham (22 Nov 1975)
Nolan, Paul Eddy and Agnes Anderson Greib (04 Oct 1953)
Nolan, Paul Eddy and Laura Pearl Elliott (23 Mar 1919)
Nolan, Paulene Estelle and Richard T. Hollis (1943)
Nolan, Paulene Estelle and Robert Karr (10 May 1957)
Nolan, Paulene Estelle and William Byrd
Nolan, Randy Philip and Pamela Hale Shaw (19 Apr 1986)
Nolan, Sarah E. and James William Curtis (22 Dec 1888)
Nolan, Sylvester A. and Pearl M. Kirkendall
Nolan, Wesley P. and Mary Heirnbaugh (26 Mar 1880)
Nolan, Zettie Eunice and Alonzo Wesley Snell (11 Dec 1902)
Noland, Aaron McMonegal and Thetis Clark Pitcher (16 Aug 1853)
Noland, Aaron McMonegal and Thetis Clark Pitcher (16 Aug 1853)
Noland, Abraham and Elizabeth Dipboys (27 Jan 1853)
Noland, Abraham and Elizabeth Henry (1831)
Noland, Ada and Claude Sanders
Noland, Ada and Tom Acker
Noland, Adaline S. and William Bowers (20 Sep 1899)
Noland, Addie Clothilde and Grady Murr Strickland (10 May?)
Noland, Adeline and Marion Coward
Noland, Adrian James and Betty Lou Hoelzer (27 Jun 1961)
Noland, Adrian James and Leona Sibley (30 May 1951)
Noland, Agnes and William Henry Harvey (1871)
Noland, Agnes Sarah and John Gibson (20 Mar 1828)
Noland, Albert Glenn and Allene Virginia Stephens
Noland, Albert Lundy and Estella Jane Padgett (03 Aug 1895)
Noland, Albert Samuel and Claudine Xxxx
Noland, Albert Sidney and Mayme Baxter
Noland, Alexander and Ann Giddings (01 Dec 1827)
Noland, Alfred and Mary Eleanor Keicher (24 Aug 1890)
Noland, Alice and A. Johnson Hallar (25 Jul 1867)
Noland, Alice and Xxxx Rinker
Noland, Alice Gertrude and Larkin Allman (1917)
Noland, Alidia and Benjamin Brewer (30 Jul 1801)
Noland, Alidia Or Lydia and John Martin (06 Nov 1814)
Noland, Allen and Caroline Rhea (22 Aug 1852)
Noland, Alma Aldridge and L.B. Donn
Noland, Alma Aldridge and William Cromwell Lake
Noland, Alma and Amadee Bourgeois
Noland, Almira and B. F. Golden (20 Feb 1868)
Noland, Almyra and George L. Sherman (circa 1850)
Noland, Alonzo and Edith White
Noland, Alonzo and Martha Prigg
Noland, Alta and Lewis Robbins
Noland, Alvin West and Sue Terrell Mcraney (28 Nov 1918)
Noland, Amadee Wade and Amanda Rosalie Richardson (02 Jun 1915)
Noland, Amadee Wade and Heide Richard
Noland, Amanda Jane "Mandy" and Julian Eugene Ware (14 Dec 1865)
Noland, Amanda Miller and B. Y. Willis
Noland, Amanda Miller and James Willard Crotty
Noland, Amelia and Nathan Young (1806)
Noland, Amos and Rachel Staton (13 Jun 1850)
Noland, Amos and Sarah Jane Muir (1853)
Noland, Ancel Leo and Agnes Grace Berthelot (19 Sep 1941)
Noland, Ancel Leo and Louise Jewell Hitchcock (08 Aug 1976)
Noland, Ancel Tannett and Ida Leona Pence (29 May 1921)
Noland, Ancil Daniel and Adelia Tuggle (08 Jul 1883)
Noland, Ancil Daniel and Adelia Tuggle (08 Jul 1883)
Noland, Ancil Daniel and Eda Xxxx
Noland, Andrew and Virginia Xxxx
Noland, Andrew Jackson and Sarah Pitcher (20 Jan 1834)
Noland, Andrew John and Mary Frances Bacot (11 Jun 1938)
Noland, Andrew William John and Sophie Emily Barrow (26 Nov 1890)
Noland, Angeline and James Morgan Pitcher (20 Jan 1834)
Noland, Angeline and James Morgan Pitcher (20 Jan 1834)
Noland, Angeline and John H. Handy (26 Oct 1859)
Noland, Angeline and W. G. Goodson
Noland, Ann and Andrew Lackey (1814)
Noland, Anna and Bernard Boyle
Noland, Anna and Virginius Dabney
Noland, Anna Elizabeth "Annelise" and Lucius Washington Saucier
Noland, Anna Elizabeth and Frank Wilson (01 Dec 1916)
Noland, Anna Laura and John Earl Wrightsman (22 Oct 1904)
Noland, Anna Louise "Lula" and Emmet Austin Owens (15 Jun 1933)
Noland, Anna Vollie and Franklin Lee Spillman (06 Aug 1912)
Noland, Anne and Seth Woodland
Noland, Annie and Linden E. "Jack" Lee (06 May 1939)
Noland, Annie Eleanor and Xxxx Smith
Noland, Annie Eugenia and Arthur Barrett Lancaster
Noland, Annie Laura and W. A. Graham
Noland, Ansel David or Daniel and Ada Belle Stacy
Noland, Archie Bert and Elizabeth Wintermeyer (06 Feb 1951)
Noland, Archie Bert and Estelle Genette Livermore (08 Mar 1975)
Noland, Arlean and Guy Strong
Noland, Arthur Proctor and Maude Clarkston Alcron (03 Oct 1932)
Noland, Arthur Ray rev (--?--) and Freda Irene Ballinger (27 Jun 1922)
Noland, Arthur Wayne and Pauline Hawk (20 Sep 1946)
Noland, Asenath Lena and Daniel Noland (17 Jul 1817)
Noland, Asenath Lena and Daniel Noland (17 Jul 1817)
Noland, Aubrey "Avery" and Catherine "Kate" Mcwillie (18 Jan 1853)
Noland, Aubrey and Eda or Edy Hogg
Noland, Aubrey Earl and Rene Jean Acker
Noland, Aubrey Richard Davis and Xxxx Ellender?
Noland, Audrey and Paul R. Dye (02 Sep 1914)
Noland, Barbara Ann and Glenn Allen Senters (21 Nov 1962)
Noland, Barbara Ann and Myles Arnold Watson
Noland, Barnabus or Barnahan and Ann Elizabeth McLand (1832)
Noland, Barnett and Lena Noland
Noland, Barnett and Sena Noland (1838)
Noland, Barnett M. and Amelia Merrill (15 Feb 1834)
Noland, Barton Haxall and Mildred Bates
Noland, Baxter and Susie Rector
Noland, Beatrice Irene and Royal Tidmore
Noland, Benjamin Franklin and Mollie Morehead
Noland, Benjamin Robert and Laura Wade Mains (14 Nov 1889)
Noland, Berry Franklin and Fannie Margaret Rice (28 Feb 1895)
Noland, Berry Franklin and Fannie Margaret Rice (28 Feb 1895)
Noland, Bertha Birdie and William Jefferson Price (1940)
Noland, Bertha May and Casper Boner (25 Feb 1903)
Noland, Bertha May and Roscoe Benefiel (05 Nov 1941)
Noland, Bessie and E. S. Land (07 Jun 1919)
Noland, Bessie and James Gabbard
Noland, Bessie and Millard Mcgee (03 Jan 1912)
Noland, Bessie Earline and Homer Morgan Long
Noland, Betsy and James Noland (1800)
Noland, Bettie and Jim Sparks
Noland, Betty Joyce and Albert Joseph Langlois (05 Feb 1949)
Noland, Betty Lou and Ken Tiller
Noland, Betty Mae and Paul Martin Darbonne (17 Dec 1960)
Noland, Beverly and Xxxx Haws
Noland, Beverly June and Oscar John Vest III (22 Nov 1974)
Noland, Billie Marie and Jack Hillary Brannen
Noland, Blanche and Oliver N. Diphoye (09 Nov 1902)
Noland, Bonnie Jane and Dave Duane Byland (28 Dec 1979)
Noland, Brazelton and Elizabeth E. Dipboye
Noland, Brazelton and Nancy Russel (27 Dec 1824)
Noland, Brenda Joyce and Jerome Brod Gervis
Noland, Burr Powell and Carrie Harrison
Noland, Buz and Tom Rogers
Noland, Callender St. George and Mary Edmonia Berkeley
Noland, Carl Alfonzo and Blanche King
Noland, Carl Dale and Rebecca Ann Tomlin (22 Apr 1953)
Noland, Carl Lee and Joy Joan Campton (06 Jan 1951)
Noland, Caroline "Callie" and James Boe Sylvester Alexander (Aug 1914)
Noland, Carrie Louise and Russell Brumfield (04 Oct 1924)
Noland, Carrie Ruth and M. T. Harrison Griffis
Noland, Cary Lee and Bertha H. Conner Mcdaniel (27 Dec 1913)
Noland, Catherine and Lemuel Gustin (04 Apr 1847)
Noland, Catherine Louise and Ronnie Joe Galyon (19 Sep 1961)
Noland, Celeste and George Palmer
Noland, Charity and Robert Glascock (05 Feb 1801)
Noland, Charity and Xxxx Bond
Noland, Charity and Xxxx Gass
Noland, Charles Alfred and Della M. Mckowen (04 Jun 1913)
Noland, Charles and Lucy Matthews (31 Dec 1840)
Noland, Charles and Sarah or Sally Peyton
Noland, Charles Arthur and Gwendolyn Eloise Green
Noland, Charles Dayton and Virginia Sue Moore (1972)
Noland, Charles Fenton Mercer and Lucretia Ringgold (12 Dec 1840)
Noland, Charles Franklin and Mabel Ella Ross
Noland, Charles Leo and Cynthia Jane Motte (21 Nov 1967)
Noland, Charles Leo and Debra Sue Starkey (26 Feb 1977)
Noland, Charles Louis and Patricia Straub (01 May 1981)
Noland, Charlie and Lura Ferguson
Noland, Charlotte and Randolph Noland
Noland, Charlotte Marie and Ralph L. Jr. Brooke
Noland, Christopher and Sara E. Xxxx (1866)
Noland, Clara and John Elbert Bridges
Noland, Clara E. and Charles W. Mccabe (14 Jun 1899)
Noland, Clara Jennett and Jacob Van De Grift (19 Sep 1878)
Noland, Clara Mae and James Roscoe Brittain
Noland, Clarence D. and Amanda Fike
Noland, Clarence D. II and Bobby Carol Witt
Noland, Claude Clarence and Mary Elizabeth Slayback (26 Aug 1923)
Noland, Curtis Henchie or Henley and Grace Bryan
Noland, Cynthia and Isaac Whitsett
Noland, Dade and Caroline Frances Harding (1816)
Noland, Daine and Xxxx Robles
Noland, Daisy and M. H. Ferguson
Noland, Daisy Lee and Edgar B. Imel (16 Apr 1905)
Noland, Dale Andrew and Caroline Valentine
Noland, Dale J. and Lola Pearl Jarrell (06 Jan 1909)
Noland, Daniel and Asenath Lena Noland (17 Jul 1817)
Noland, Daniel and Asenath Lena Noland (17 Jul 1817)
Noland, Daniel and Henrietta Smallwood (1738)
Noland, Daniel and Mary Wilson (22 Dec 1787)
Noland, Daniel and Sally Lucy Howell (03 Nov 1828)
Noland, Daniel and Sarah Or Syrena Amanda Dipboye (31 Aug 1845)
Noland, Daniel C. and Carrie Parks
Noland, Daniel Thomas and Henrietta Tuggle (25 May 1908)
Noland, Daniel Thomas and Henrietta Tuggle (25 May 1908)
Noland, Darby and Ann Browning
Noland, Darrell Jimmie and Cynthia Diane Fluker (01 Feb 1986)
Noland, Darryl Linn and Sherry Lynn Woodard (25 Mar 1983)
Noland, David and Nancy Xxxx
Noland, David Blair and Bernice Neal (02 Jun 1945)
Noland, David Fulton and Hazel Kirk Linthicum (04 Sep 1912)
Noland, David Michael and Deena Lynn Berry
Noland, David Michael and Julie Roxanne Gowan (22 Jan 1971)
Noland, David Reed and Loretta Mason (1975)
Noland, David Reeves and Lucille Ferguson
Noland, David Russell and Etta Angeline Reeves (11 Mar 1892)
Noland, Debra and Ronald Kevin Jones (28 Dec 1984)
Noland, Delilah and William Davis (07 Jul 1792)
Noland, Delilia and Xxxx Buckley
Noland, Dennis Reid and Dorothy Collins
Noland, Derrick Lang and Julia Ester Garcia (18 Jul 1981)
Noland, Diana and Xxxx Culp
Noland, Diana Fae and Clarence David Ashmore (29 Apr 1971)
Noland, Diana Fae and Samuel Andrew Miller (02 May 1985)
Noland, Dollie and Horace Ferguson
Noland, Donald Glenn and Della Ann Juneau (31 Jan 1955)
Noland, Donald Ray and Bonnie Sue Haley (20 Jul 1973)
Noland, Dorcas and Lewis Stuckey
Noland, Doris Maxine and Robert Lee, Jr. Parton (21 Dec 1967)
Noland, Doris May and Allen Edgar Thomas (10 Sep 1938)
Noland, Dorothy and Kenneth Kitchell Morton (05 May 1928)
Noland, Dorothy Jean and Terence McCorkle
Noland, Dorothy Lazelle and William Elton Woolbright
Noland, Eddie Hill and Flora Elizabeth Guy
Noland, Edgar A. and Gertrude Rickner (02 Jan 1917)
Noland, Edith Gay and Charles Griffin
Noland, Edith Gay and William Earl Hatcher (12 Jul 1957)
Noland, Edith Gay and Xxxx Bonneventure
Noland, Edith Pearl and Cecil Preston Stockman
Noland, Edward and Anice Brown
Noland, Edward and Monica Xxxx
Noland, Edward Arthur and Elene Ashcraft
Noland, Edward Mitchell and Leita Lucille Dickinson (1922)
Noland, Edward Turner and Thetis Clark (1827)
Noland, Edward Turner jr (--?--) and Bessie Vaughan (04 Oct 1872)
Noland, Edwin Ray and Minnie Belle Delee (23 Nov 1924)
Noland, Edwin Robert "E.R." and Ethel Imogene Dorhauer (31 Mar 1950)
Noland, Edwin Robert Jr. and Marsha Ann Griffin (16 Nov 1974)
Noland, Effie Lee and Robert Wesley Maughan
Noland, Elbert Luther and Virginia Acklin Barrett
Noland, Elbridge and Margaret Thorpe
Noland, Eleanor "Nellie" and William Smallwood (24 Nov 1810)
Noland, Eleanor and Jason Hutson
Noland, Eleanor and Joseph Carpenter (circa 1810)
Noland, Eleanor and William H. Palmer
Noland, Eleanor Marie and John Thomas Jr. Junkin
Noland, Elenora and Alex Proctor
Noland, Elenora and Billy Thies
Noland, Elenora and Frank Phillips
Noland, Elenora and Paul Rier
Noland, Elias Burton and Dovey Lavada Glazier (06 Dec 1896)
Noland, Elias Henry and Mary Ella Cook
Noland, Eliza and James W. Beam (30 Dec 1865)
Noland, Elizabeth "Bessie" Galtney and Edward Paxton Daviss (12 Dec 1889)
Noland, Elizabeth and Alfred T. Buckley (05 Mar 1834)
Noland, Elizabeth and Charles Russell (04 May 1791)
Noland, Elizabeth and J. S. Noland (11 Dec 1836)
Noland, Elizabeth and J. T. Norwood (30 Dec 1852)
Noland, Elizabeth and James Golden (03 Jan 1828)
Noland, Elizabeth and James Persons (15 Aug 1785)
Noland, Elizabeth and John Asbell (21 Aug 1851)
Noland, Elizabeth and John Moore (16 Feb 1807)
Noland, Elizabeth and John Tincher (29 Jul 1811)
Noland, Elizabeth and Simeon Nelson
Noland, Elizabeth and Thomas Hussey Luckett (1770)
Noland, Elizabeth and Thomas Lock
Noland, Elizabeth and Vincent Askins
Noland, Elizabeth and William Woods (10 Jan 1808)
Noland, Elizabeth and Xxxx Ferguson
Noland, Elizabeth and Xxxx Giddings
Noland, Elizabeth and Xxxx Jessup
Noland, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" and Bruce Fernald
Noland, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" and Donald Jackson
Noland, Elizabeth Ann and Joel Franklin Alcorn (07 Mar 1884)
Noland, Elizabeth Ann and Morton P. Dr (--?--) Scott (10 Apr 1901)
Noland, Elizabeth Anne and Jerry Wayne Patterson
Noland, Elizabeth Eleanor and Dr. John McKenzie
Noland, Elizabeth Eleanor and John Yorke Smith (01 Jan 1874)
Noland, Elizabeth Gaile and James Earl Phillips
Noland, Elizabeth Gaile and Steve Loftis
Noland, Elizabeth J. and Lloyd Levi Boyce (20 Jun 1940)
Noland, Elizabeth Jackson and John S. Sitgreaves (circa 1835)
Noland, Elizabeth Jackson and Micajah Suber (1832)
Noland, Elizabeth Ladoska and Robert Robinson (03 Nov 1884)
Noland, Elizabeth Ladoska and Rufus Birchfield (circa 1890)
Noland, Ella Florence and Norman Huffer (31 Aug 1939)
Noland, Ella May and William Charles Morton (05 Aug 1924)
Noland, Ella Viola and Sheridan Myers (22 Sep 1908)
Noland, Ellen Burnice and Edward Frank Nichols (06 Sep 1945)
Noland, Ellen D. and N. B. Batchelor (16 May 1837)
Noland, Ellis Ulen and Lillian Mae Bourgeois (03 Sep 1927)
Noland, Ellis Ulen and Oray Dodge
Noland, Elmira and Hyrum Schneider
Noland, Elmira and Jimmy Gibson
Noland, Elton Ronald and Claire Rachelle Johnson (08 Nov 1986)
Noland, Emma and Jesse B. Park
Noland, Emma F. and Joe Barker
Noland, Emma F. and Robert D. Rice (25 Jun 1891)
Noland, Emma Faustina and Henry Grimley (08 Oct 1903)
Noland, Emma Josephine and Charles Thomas Rice (11 Jun 1877)
Noland, Emma Lee and James Leroy Hughes (06 Sep 1888)
Noland, Ersa Rhea and Charles A. Smith (04 Sep 1959)
Noland, Esta Dean and James Lamar Coxwell
Noland, Eula Pearl and David Mims Williamson (27 Jul 1917)
Noland, Eula Pearl and John Earl Kersh (14 Sep 1957)
Noland, Eva Jeanester and Joseph Marhoul Humel (03 Aug 1947)
Noland, Eva Mildred and Robert L. McCoy
Noland, Evelyn Marie and Clifton L. Welch (29 May 1962)
Noland, Everett Pearl and Lillard Rayfield
Noland, Fannie Fenton and John Blundon
Noland, Fannie May and John Henry "Jim" White (14 Jul 1910)
Noland, Fannie R. and Philete Ferguson
Noland, Fannie V. and Lum Clark
Noland, Fenton and Josie Gaillard
Noland, Fenton and Lucy Landon Cooke
Noland, Flora Etta and Clyde Richardson
Noland, Florence and Joseph Rodeny Bagnall
Noland, Florence Virginia and Gerald Eugene Bollinger
Noland, Frances and Alecy Coghill (24 Aug 1837)
Noland, Frances Ann and Maurice Ringler
Noland, Frances C. and John W. McCants
Noland, Frances Callender and Lewis Col (--?--) Berkeley (27 Sep 1821)
Noland, Frances Jarrell and Glenn A. Web (26 Jul 1940)
Noland, Frances Marion and Adam Herbert Hebert (17 Sep 1966)
Noland, Frances Marion and Glynn James O'Banion (01 Aug 1964)
Noland, Francis and Rebecca Noland (26 Feb 1852)
Noland, Francis and Rebecca Noland (26 Feb 1852)
Noland, Francis and Susan McMonigle (02 Jan 1809)
Noland, Francis Asbury and Harriet Newton
Noland, Francis Callender and Frances Quarles
Noland, Frank Herman and Maude Fuller
Noland, Fred Sweney and Edith Casey Johnson (30 May 1936)
Noland, Frederick W. Rev (--?--) and Emma Duty (04 Dec 1873)
Noland, Geneva and Xxxx Hardy
Noland, George Ancel and Angelita Xxxx
Noland, George Ancel and Mercy Bxxxx (1985)
Noland, George Ancel and Rose Xxxx (1978)
Noland, George and Ailcy Peyton (circa 1781)
Noland, George and Jennie Rogers
Noland, George and Norma Danton Smith (1895)
Noland, George and Rachel Xxxx (1857)
Noland, George B. and Lavinia Xxxx
Noland, George Benjamin and Ruth Hadden
Noland, George Beverly and Dorothy Magee (16 Nov 1946)
Noland, George Craig and Malinda "Lindy" Smith (05 Mar 1885)
Noland, George Cuthbert Powell and Rosalie Haxall
Noland, George Cuthbert Powell Jr. (--?--) and Augusta Clark
Noland, George Fred and Hallie Peters
Noland, George Galtney and Emily Dent (18 May 1841)
Noland, George Nehemiah and Annie Ellen Tannett (14 Dec 1891)
Noland, George Nehemiah and Annie Ellen Tannett (14 Dec 1891)
Noland, George Neil and Linda Carolyn Hamilton (10 Dec 1955)
Noland, George Noel and Ceanie Mae Reynolds (30 Jan 1926)
Noland, George W. and Emily Xxxx
Noland, George W. and Nancy Evans
Noland, George William and Juliet Dorsey Norwood (18 Nov 1852)
Noland, George William and Marcella O'Neal (Nov 1916)
Noland, George William and Willie Madera Lowery
Noland, Gerald Hershel "Jeff" and Louise Frye
Noland, Gerald Hershel "Jerry" and Peggy Cathrine Milstead (11 Jan 1985)
Noland, Gerald Hershel "Jerry" and Sharon Lou Mikols (1968)
Noland, Gerald James and Catherine Ann Gxxxx
Noland, Gerald James and Mary Kathleen Spiers (04 Feb 1963)
Noland, Gerard Sherrill and Connie Ann Phelps
Noland, Gertie Ann and Cecil B. Dollar
Noland, Gilbert B. and Bobby Louise Kyles
Noland, Gilbert Chalmers and Virginia Acker
Noland, Gloria Joy and Ronald Anthony Gomez (07 Apr 1948)
Noland, Gloria Joy and Xxxx Folsom
Noland, Grace and F. M. Harris (1912)
Noland, Grace E. and John Morris (02 Dec 1905)
Noland, Green and Nancy E. Griggs
Noland, Greenberry and Athaliah Allen (1864)
Noland, Greenbury and Mary Ann Van Meter (1831)
Noland, Greenbury and Rebecca Pearson (1828)
Noland, Guy Warner and Faye Estell (19 Oct 1910)
Noland, Guy Warner and Marl Early (01 Apr 1939)
Noland, Hannah and Thomas Gray (08 Jun 1807)
Noland, Hannah E. and Calvin S. Smith (21 Jan 1852)
Noland, Harold Hugh and Wanda Middleton
Noland, Harold Ray and Arnola Jane Cox (22 Aug 1948)
Noland, Harold Woodward and Chris Cameron
Noland, Harold Woodward and Sharon Cawley
Noland, Harriet and John Fish
Noland, Harry and Provie Spivey (18 Feb 1915)
Noland, Harry Burnell and Joann Sloss (18 May 1956)
Noland, Harry O. and Mable C. Richhart (27 Oct 1906)
Noland, Hazard Perry and Mary Ann White Smith (21 Feb 1850)
Noland, Hazel Carolyn and James Burton Mcgowan (15 May 1946)
Noland, Helen Marie and Paul Allen (22 Jun 1941)
Noland, Helen Rhea and Edward J. Ronsheim (11 Jul 1916)
Noland, Henderson M. and Sarah Sagacy (24 Sep 1852)
Noland, Henrietta "Henny" and Valentine Holderfield (13 Apr 1789)
Noland, Henrietta and David Brown
Noland, Henrietta and Eli Glascock (1825)
Noland, Henrietta and Morgan Pitcher (22 Oct 1802)
Noland, Henrietta and Philison Howell (24 Oct 1813)
Noland, Henrietta Frances and William Locke Chew
Noland, Henry "Hal" Peyton and Maud Fowler
Noland, Henry "Trusty" and Charlotte Hulan (06 Feb 1811)
Noland, Henry "Trusty" and Elizabeth Pitcher (11 Jan 1826)
Noland, Henry "Trusty" and Elizabeth Pitcher (11 Jan 1826)
Noland, Henry and Lettice Xxxx
Noland, Henry and Nancy White (1771)
Noland, Henry and Novella Grace Ogle
Noland, Henry D. and Elizabeth Makepeace (circa 1859)
Noland, Henry D. and Lucy Sebrell (1869)
Noland, Henry Louis "Bud" and Sophronie Dorothy "Fronnie" Spillman (20 Oct 1903)
Noland, Henry Or Harry and Isabell Milner (05 Mar 1782)
Noland, Henry Peyton and Annie Robinson Aldridge
Noland, Henry Peyton and Florence LeNora Martin (16 May 1923)
Noland, Henry Russell and Phoebe Mae Addison
Noland, Herbert Clark and Jeanne Kilgus (1948)
Noland, Herbert Lee and Juanita McGarity
Noland, Herman Dalton and Marie Lilly Silvey (18 Jul 1951)
Noland, Herman Leigh "Sonny" and Ruthie Xxxx
Noland, Herold Barton "Mutt" and Juanita Jones
Noland, Hinchie Warren and Mary George Anna Miller (1870)
Noland, Hobart and Gladys L. Ham
Noland, Horatio Rasha and Jean Or Jane Fry (25 Nov 1811)
Noland, Hortense Valentine and David Stokes Kilpatrick (18 Dec 1894)
Noland, Huldah and Carson Clark (28 Aug 1854)
Noland, Humphrey and Mary Peters (06 Dec 1893)
Noland, Ida and Johnny Richardson (23 Dec 1909)
Noland, Ida E. and Mack Fish
Noland, Ida J. and William E. Gale (31 Aug 1892)
Noland, Ida Lois and Albert Cecil Barnett (01 Sep 1923)
Noland, Inez and Floyd Enterline (1929)
Noland, Irene and Dick Roberts
Noland, Irma Louise and Harold Barber (Aug 1949)
Noland, Isaac M. and Frances Xxxx
Noland, Isaac M. and Trannie "Mollie" Robinson (15 Nov 1884)
Noland, Iveson Batchelor and Camille Reynaud (07 Dec 1915)
Noland, Iveson Batchelor III and Judy Green?
Noland, Iveson Batchelor III and Judy Green?
Noland, Iveson Batchelor IV and Elizabeth Anne Patin (12 Nov 1982)
Noland, Iveson Batchelor Jr. and Nell Killgore Burden (03 Feb 1936)
Noland, J. S. and Elizabeth Noland (11 Dec 1836)
Noland, J. William and Celia Rogers
Noland, Jackson and Lucy Ann Jones (27 Apr 1834)
Noland, Jackson Russell and Harriet Thomas (21 Jul 1852)
Noland, James Alfred and Nancy Greenville Nance (05 Jun 1904)
Noland, James and Adrienne Porter (19 Apr 1941)
Noland, James and Barbara Saunders (26 Dec 1774)
Noland, James and Betsy Noland (1800)
Noland, James and Elizabeth Webber (1810)
Noland, James and Emma Cox (17 Dec 1873)
Noland, James and Mary Mayhew
Noland, James and Minerva Hanks (01 Mar 1825)
Noland, James and Nancy A. Xxxx
Noland, James and Nannie Harris
Noland, James and Nina Messer
Noland, James and Peggy Margaret Russel (27 Jul 1801)
Noland, James and Sarah Ann Carlyle (25 Jun 1888)
Noland, James Avery and Linda Lucille Morris (20 Jun 1970)
Noland, James Avery and Rhonda Guy (16 Dec 1994)
Noland, James Bennett and Alice Marie Rottman
Noland, James Charles and Willeta Bonner
Noland, James Chris and Mary K. Xxxx
Noland, James Curtis and Juanita Lee Strawn
Noland, James Doyle and Annie Rae Boyd
Noland, James Edward and Mary Ella Collier (10 Dec 1881)
Noland, James Farrell and Jean Lucille McElroy
Noland, James Farrell and Peggy Cook
Noland, James George Washington and Levissa Bowers (11 Apr 1869)
Noland, James George Washington and Mattie Amarillis Ramsey (12 Apr 1886)
Noland, James Gerald and Hattie Mae Thomas
Noland, James Hardy and Ruth Paris
Noland, James Hardy and Sarah Elizabeth Owen
Noland, James Hill and Sylvia Irene Cates
Noland, James Jackson and Orlena Barr (29 Aug 1852)
Noland, James Jackson and Susannah Cobb (05 Mar 1846)
Noland, James Jefferson and Julia Elizabeth Guy
Noland, James Lester and Lula Daniels (19 Dec 1900)
Noland, James Lester and Mildred Sherrill
Noland, James Madison and Lela Ferguson
Noland, James Michael and Brenda Kay Jones (20 Jun 1981)
Noland, James O. and Beulah Eletha Luthultz (15 Aug 1908)
Noland, James O. and Margaret Nibarger (13 Jun 1934)
Noland, James Olin and Agnes Pauline Stimac
Noland, James Olin Jr. and Myra McCool
Noland, James Philip and Manola Sterling
Noland, James Ripka and Velma Woodard (26 Jul 1946)
Noland, James Russell and Sarah Ann Lindley (19 Mar 1837)
Noland, James Samuel and Etta Reed Windle
Noland, James sr (--?--) and Mary Jane Cook (16 Oct 1870)
Noland, James Stephen and Mabel Clare Garrett
Noland, Jane and Charles Love (23 Oct 1810)
Noland, Jane and Harrison Davis
Noland, Jane and Joseph Bailey
Noland, Jane and Joseph Braden (14 Dec 1801)
Noland, Jane and Von Whaley
Noland, Janie Dell and William Woodall Spruiell
Noland, Janie Elizabeth and James Alvin Johnston
Noland, Jay Steven and Elizabeth "Betsy" Davis (24 May 1991)
Noland, Jay Steven and Sarah Benson
Noland, Jean and Gerald L. Stoner (25 Jan 1947)
Noland, Jean and William Patton (26 Sep 1942)
Noland, Jefferson Jerome and Elizabeth Eunice Fulghum
Noland, Jefferson Reed and Delia Fredrick Hickam
Noland, Jefferson Reed and Martha Polly Ownby (09 Mar 1901)
Noland, Jennie and Franklin Messer (13 Apr 1857)
Noland, Jeremiah and Jane Ogden (27 Jun 1811)
Noland, Jeremiah Broaddus and Anna Turley (05 Sep 1895)
Noland, Jeremiah Broaddus and Anna Turley (05 Sep 1895)
Noland, Jeremiah D. and Hellen Ann Downs (09 May 1837)
Noland, Jeremiah N. and Margaret Elizabeth Sullivan (19 Feb 1852)
Noland, Jeremiah Nehemiah and Fannie J. Norwood Smith (03 Nov 1910)
Noland, Jeremiah Nehemiah and Mary Angelia Stafford (04 Sep 1873)
Noland, Jerome Henry and Anna Belle Bailey
Noland, Jerre (--?--) and Anne Vinson (27 Jun 1950)
Noland, Jerrie Ann and Robley Glenn Rachal (28 Feb 1970)
Noland, Jerry Wayne and Rita Jean Sharpton (19 Feb 1968)
Noland, Jesse and Eleanor Ferguson
Noland, Jesse and Elizabeth Matt Townsend (1850)
Noland, Jesse and Nancy Ann Smallwood (09 Dec 1849)
Noland, Jesse and Sarah Barbara Turner (09 Feb 1785)
Noland, Jesse Jr (--?--) and Jane Clark (circa 1806)
Noland, Jesse R. and Leah C. Gills (04 Apr 1861)
Noland, Jesse T. and Maude Mina Barnes
Noland, Jessee Dr (--?--) and Abigail Whitaker (10 Nov 1795)
Noland, Jessee Dr (--?--) and Jane Frame (after Feb 1813)
Noland, Jessie Evelyn and Willie Sparks Cooper (1904)
Noland, Jessie Lee and Allynne Turner (01 Aug 1933)
Noland, Jimmy Wayne and Sue Benoit (24 Aug 1970)
Noland, Joan Elizabeth and Grady Owens Brown
Noland, Joe and Mollie Gabbard
Noland, John and Angeline Xxxx
Noland, John and Arbie Parkins
Noland, John and Ersa Watson
Noland, John and Lucinda Bronnenberg (01 Sep 1878)
Noland, John and Lucy Xxxx
Noland, John and Patsy Howell (1831)
Noland, John and Tabitha Noland (16 Dec 1822)
Noland, John Anderson and Mary Palmer Anderson (10 Nov 1890)
Noland, John Bennett and Julia Beatrice Decuir (01 Mar 1916)
Noland, John Bergin and Mary Thompson
Noland, John Burden and Virginia Palfrey Bailey (12 Aug 1967)
Noland, John Claude and Patricia Lee Cowser (24 May 1947)
Noland, John David and Leila Verne Darbonne (26 Jan 1963)
Noland, John Elwood and Grace Edith Carney (26 Jun 1929)
Noland, John Elwood and Mary Emily Nettles (25 Jan 1920)
Noland, John Henry and Leonora Croan (17 Jul 1886)
Noland, John Joseph and Mary Leota Taylor (11 Jan 1939)
Noland, John Or James Leo rev (--?--) and Ruth Richhart (05 Dec 1910)
Noland, John Philip and Eunice Armentrout (22 Feb 1921)
Noland, John Philip and Martha Patsy (circa 1823)
Noland, John Philip Jr. and Elizabeth Newbern
Noland, John Philip Jr. and Virginia Blankenship
Noland, John Richard and Martha Rainey (13 Nov 1883)
Noland, John Robert and Gurlie Mae Pate (18 Jul 1915)
Noland, John Robert and Mary Frances Kirk
Noland, John Roy and Bonnie Elam (25 Nov 1967)
Noland, John Roy and Connie Harris King
Noland, John Roy and Imo Wilson (24 Dec 1931)
Noland, John Smith and Ruby McNitt
Noland, John Thomas and Bonnie Joe Joyner
Noland, John Thomas and Rebecca Elizabeth Carver (03 Jan 1900)
Noland, John W. and Cornelia Lock
Noland, John W. and Vitalla Frances Collins (21 Nov 1894)
Noland, John Wesley and Rosa Belle Crouch (1885)
Noland, John White and Anne Black (1814)
Noland, John White and Jane Black (1834)
Noland, Joicy and Joseph Webb (03 Apr 1832)
Noland, Jones Burnell and Blanche Depey (02 Mar 1927)
Noland, Jones Burnell and Evelyn Mckey (13 Nov 1930)
Noland, Joseph Aaron and Iris Nola Courtney (20 Mar 1970)
Noland, Joseph and Anne Victoria Morancy (19 Jan 1849)
Noland, Joseph N. and Josephine Howell (18 Oct 1867)
Noland, Joseph Proctor and Frances Bowman (12 Dec 1827)
Noland, Joseph Proctor and Mollie Johnson (15 Jun 1889)
Noland, Joseph Proctor and Mollie Johnson (15 Jun 1889)
Noland, Joseph Proctor and Rosa Belle Crouch (03 Sep 1894)
Noland, Joseph Proctor jr (--?--) and Ann Dunn (1854)
Noland, Joseph Tilford and Margaret Ellen Truman (1870)
Noland, Josephine and John Williams
Noland, Josephine and Will Teague
Noland, Josephine Avaline and Xxxx Berney
Noland, Joshua and Franky Low (13 Mar 1836)
Noland, Joshua and Sarah Mckinney (1824)
Noland, Joshua and Sarah Williams (02 Feb 1779)
Noland, Juanita and Arthur Bryan (20 May 1933)
Noland, Juanita and Clarence Martin (23 Jul 1950)
Noland, Julia Tigner and William Mcwillie Noland
Noland, Julia Tigner and William Mcwillie Noland
Noland, Julian Pierce and Alma Webb (11 Jan 1926)
Noland, Juliet Dorsey and Thomas John Singletary (19 Jul 1916)
Noland, Julious Lofton and Nell B. House
Noland, June and Bill Crowder
Noland, June and Ellouise Crowe (14 Apr 1945)
Noland, June and Jack Eugene Ray (25 Mar 1951)
Noland, June and Xxxx Myers
Noland, June Joy and Robert Edward Jr. Gilreath
Noland, Karen Darlene and Dennis Hamblet
Noland, Karen Jean and Morris Adrian Jackson (20 Aug 1973)
Noland, Kate Huntington and James Garnet
Noland, Kathleen and Xxxx Wright
Noland, Kathryn Elizabeth and Hall W. Tidwell
Noland, Kathryn Elizabeth and Thomas Calvin Goddard
Noland, Kimberly Ann and Will Withers
Noland, Laura and David Duckett
Noland, Laura Jane and James Lawson Shultz
Noland, Laura Jane and Martin Van Buren Dalton (07 Nov 1893)
Noland, Laura Mae and Earle Alexander Major
Noland, Laura Mains and Daniel Wallace Woodring
Noland, Laura Mains and Oscar Menees Thompson (14 Aug 1947)
Noland, Lawrence Earl "Larry" jr (--?--) and Donna Roudebush
Noland, Lawrence Earl and Helen Evelyn Jordon (24 Nov 1931)
Noland, Lawrence rev (--?--) and Hester Cogdill
Noland, Lawrence Sardine "Red" and Nell Coffman
Noland, Lazarus and Sarah Donaldson (20 Jan 1812)
Noland, Ledstone and Elizabeth Glascock (circa 1770)
Noland, Ledstone and Mary Smallwood (1801)
Noland, Ledstone and Mary Smallwood (20 Feb 1801)
Noland, Ledstone Jr (--?--) and Mary Babb
Noland, Lee and Mary Ferguson
Noland, Lee and Mattie Ferguson
Noland, Lee and Mrs. Douglas Davis
Noland, Lena and Barnett Noland
Noland, Leon Avery and Alice Helen Anderson (09 May 1925)
Noland, Leon Avery and Essie Betty Woodard (17 Nov 1930)
Noland, Leonard West and Fannie Mcqueen (31 Oct 1918)
Noland, Levi and Julia Ann Williams (24 Dec 1857)
Noland, Lewis M. and Nancy S. Stevenson (18 Oct 1836)
Noland, Lillie and Homer Crawford
Noland, Lily Ann and Hood Hamilton (21 Nov 1903)
Noland, Lizza and Will Eatman
Noland, Lloyd and Elizabeth Winn Smith (22 Jan 1829)
Noland, Lloyd and Margaret Gillick
Noland, Lloyd and Mary Nancy Whiting Powell
Noland, Lois and John Forrest Condra
Noland, Loleta and Robert Mayer
Noland, Lora Leona and Z. C. Davis
Noland, Lorenah Ann and Jefferson Davis Kee (10 Jul 1879)
Noland, Loucinda and Joe Rogers
Noland, Louis Scott and Nina A. Bradley (01 Feb 1882)
Noland, Louisa and Richard French Simpson
Noland, Lucinda "Lucy" and Eli Townsend (21 Sep 1848)
Noland, Lucinda and Joseph Smith
Noland, Lucy Elizabeth and Xxxx Black
Noland, Lucy Fannie and John Crews
Noland, Lucy Landon and Julian Dr. (--?--) Ruffin
Noland, Lula and Willie Campbell
Noland, Lula Kate and Linville Hulette (12 Sep 1919)
Noland, Luther Milton and Gladys Rachel McJenkins
Noland, Luther Milton Jr and Carol Amber Plowman
Noland, Luther Price and Flossie Richardson (03 Mar 1922)
Noland, Luther Price and Myrtle Sparks
Noland, Luther Price and Nannie Alexander
Noland, Lydia E. and Wilkinson Mercer Doles (04 May 1837)
Noland, Lydia Ellen and William Tigner (06 Nov 1820)
Noland, Lydia Myrtle and Martin Dewey
Noland, M. C. and Georgia Rogers
Noland, Mabel Ophelia and Felix E. Woodward (16 Oct 1926)
Noland, Mabry and Mary Brandon
Noland, Mack and Aileen Lynch
Noland, Madeline Richardson and William Gene Reymond (16 Jun 1950)
Noland, Madeline Richardson and Xxxx Nevill
Noland, Mae and Xxxx Hodson
Noland, Maggie and Harry Wheat
Noland, Maggie and Wiley B. Noland
Noland, Maggie and Wiley B. Noland
Noland, Malissa and James Tucker
Noland, Manius "Manuel" Leroy and Mollie Davis
Noland, Margaret "Martha" E. and M. H. White (11 Jan 1872)
Noland, Margaret and Marvin E. Edwards
Noland, Margaret Ann and Harrison Cook (11 Sep 1861)
Noland, Margaret H. and Floyd Mitchell
Noland, Margaret Jureda and Wiley Carnathan (29 Dec 1897)
Noland, Margaret Lizette and George William Acker
Noland, Margaret Or Peggy and James Barker (22 Aug 1796)
Noland, Margarett and David A. Morrow (1842)
Noland, Margie Sue and Xxxx Hughett
Noland, Marie and Alvin Wallis
Noland, Marie Ann and John Wesley McGee (29 Jul 1929)
Noland, Marie Ann and Woodrow Wilson Boyd (09 Jan 1960)
Noland, Marilyn Gale and James Robert Bruce
Noland, Marilyn Joan and Robert Gordon McFerrin
Noland, Marion Jean and Robert Lee Vann
Noland, Marium and Sidney Barnes (1847)
Noland, Marjorie and Billy Gene Mcgregor (17 Jun 1950)
Noland, Marjorie Mae and William Davis (08 Jun 1938)
Noland, Mark L. and Noda Hickman
Noland, Martha "Mattie" F. and Victor Wells
Noland, Martha and John Luke Carrell
Noland, Martha and W. P. Davis
Noland, Martha and William H. Hearson
Noland, Martha and Xxxx Werman
Noland, Martha Carolyn and Jimmy Simpson
Noland, Martha Jane and Kenneth Talbert (31 Aug 1946)
Noland, Martha N. and Sterling L. Jeter (16 Nov 1848)
Noland, Martha S. and Andrew Phalander Packard (23 Feb 1841)
Noland, Martha Sue and Steve Irvin
Noland, Mary "Molly" Ann and Samuel A. Stanley (05 Dec 1878)
Noland, Mary Alice and Dewey Romero
Noland, Mary Alice and Paul Xxxx
Noland, Mary and James L. Queen
Noland, Mary and Jesse Adams (06 Aug 1804)
Noland, Mary and Joseph Skinner (22 Aug 1787)
Noland, Mary and Newton Harbin (circa 1815)
Noland, Mary and R. C. Covington
Noland, Mary Ann and James Heather (1849)
Noland, Mary Ann and James Sidney Lynch (23 Apr 1861)
Noland, Mary Ann and Thomas Robert Sellers
Noland, Mary Blanche and Merlan Virgil Strahan (06 Jan 1933)
Noland, Mary Caroline and Sylvester Jones
Noland, Mary Charlotte and James D. Armstrong (20 Jan 1946)
Noland, Mary E. and Riley M. Ferguson
Noland, Mary Eliza "Mamie" and James Henry Martin (09 Jul 1922)
Noland, Mary Elizabeth and Mike Gaston
Noland, Mary Elizabeth and Xxxx Whitsett
Noland, Mary Ella and Howard Emmet Windle
Noland, Mary Ellen and Nathan Deatherage
Noland, Mary Frances and Dwayne Goodman
Noland, Mary Frances and Robert Oleria Latham
Noland, Mary Francis and J. P. Gilbert (18 Sep 1912)
Noland, Mary Jane and Green Pearson (20 Sep 1853)
Noland, Mary Jean and Horace Gene Haynes
Noland, Mary Levisa and Andrew Kaigler (14 Jan 1847)
Noland, Mary Louella and Robert Edward Lee (12 Feb 1887)
Noland, Mary Lula and Billy Malone Carr
Noland, Mary Maud "Nannie" and William Henry Harvey (16 Jan 1883)
Noland, Mary Melvina and Calvin Free (19 Dec 1865)
Noland, Mary Polly and Chamerlain Hutson (22 Jun 1823)
Noland, Mary Polly and William Noland (05 Jan 1818)
Noland, Mary Sue and Edsel Greene
Noland, Mary Sue and Edward O. Nickels
Noland, Mary T. and T. C. Holloway
Noland, Mathilda and Nicholas Powers Rogers (03 Mar 1837)
Noland, Matilda and Jake Harrell
Noland, Mattie and Caney Plemmons
Noland, Mattie and George R. B. Gittoe (1878)
Noland, Mattie and Shelby Marshall (18 Sep 1912)
Noland, Melba Elizabeth and Fred Albert Rathjen (16 Aug 1930)
Noland, Melissa Ellen and Elbert Hollingsworth
Noland, Melissa Ellen and Martin Edgar Lancaster (09 Feb 1909)
Noland, Michael and Jane Willoughby (14 Jun 1963)
Noland, Michael Ray and Charleen Xxxx (14 Feb 1987)
Noland, Milas and Iva Ferguson
Noland, Mildred Irene and Donald Curry (31 May 1940)
Noland, Milie and James Silver
Noland, Millie and Pink Pickney Jones
Noland, Milton Eugene and Jennie Corder
Noland, Milton Eugene Jr. and Mary Louise Martin
Noland, Minerva Jane and John William Williams (05 Jan 1875)
Noland, Minnie E. and John Poor (26 Aug 1894)
Noland, Miriam Jane and Simon Claude Pridmore
Noland, Molly Ann and John Luckett (1773)
Noland, Mourning and Bedford Ruff
Noland, Myra Ruth and Frank Turner
Noland, Myra Ruth and Nat Plazza
Noland, Myrtle Lucille and John Russell Harvey
Noland, Nancy and Ambrose Keesling (25 Mar 1809)
Noland, Nancy and Henry Howard (16 May 1818)
Noland, Nancy and Jonathan Mcclain (1810)
Noland, Nancy and Joseph Carpenter
Noland, Nancy and Moses Duncan (06 Dec 1839)
Noland, Nancy and Nicholas Hadden (16 Jan 1823)
Noland, Nancy and R. E. Holden (after 1830)
Noland, Nancy and Richard A. Love (circa 1884)
Noland, Nancy and Robert Mccolloch
Noland, Nancy and Samuel Johnson
Noland, Nancy and Xxxx Curry?
Noland, Nancy Ann Mallor and Benjamin Turley (30 Apr 1784)
Noland, Nancy Ann Mallor and Humphrey Ellis (01 Jan 1816)
Noland, Nancy C. and Xxxx Shaw
Noland, Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" and John Tannett (30 Oct 1873)
Noland, Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" and Joseph Pinckney Gore
Noland, Nancy Elizabeth and W.n.h. Smith (30 Nov 1876)
Noland, Nancy Ellen and John L. Steverson
Noland, Nancy Jane and John Williams
Noland, Nancy Jane and Sylvester Shoemaker (03 Aug 1881)
Noland, Nancy Jane and Thomas C. Bickel
Noland, Nancy Lethe and Archibald Jr (--?--) Mcguire (23 Apr 1844)
Noland, Nancy or Nannie
Noland, Nancy or Nannie and William Elliott
Noland, Nancy Thompson and Henry Herpsberger
Noland, Nannie and Archie Mays
Noland, Nannie and William Warren Dyer (1916)
Noland, Nannie Edna and Moody Eugene Young
Noland, Nannie Kate and James Rice Mcgee (24 Dec 1919)
Noland, Nathaniel and Mary Margaret Broddus (May 1847)
Noland, Nehemiah Walter and Corine Addie Noble (30 May 1942)
Noland, Nehemiah Walter and Mary Elizabeth Story (27 Feb 1921)
Noland, Nelle and Herbert L. Watson (02 Dec 1914)
Noland, Nettie Lee and Ira Britton Watts (22 Dec 1928)
Noland, Nicholas and Rebecca Mann (1811)
Noland, Nida and Milton T. Covington
Noland, Nina Ruth and Lawrence E. Manning
Noland, Nola and William Lindsey Douglass (11 Mar 1922)
Noland, Noralee and Dallas Jerome Mason (11 Jul 1948)
Noland, Obed and Elizabeth Mcguire (22 Sep 1831)
Noland, Obed and Juliann Kerfoot Freeman (11 Mar 1849)
Noland, Obed and Priscilla Bailey (02 Sep 1798)
Noland, Obed jr (--?--) and Malinda Beech (31 Jul 1827)
Noland, Obed jr (--?--) and Mary Jones (23 Sep 1826)
Noland, Obed Kerfoot and Ellen Patrick (22 May 1884)
Noland, Obediah and Julia Freeman (21 Sep 1850)
Noland, Oen Edgar and Caroline Mitchell (Sep 1880)
Noland, Oen Edgar and Lolla Kutch (30 Apr 1902)
Noland, Ollie and Edd Breeding (circa 1933)
Noland, Ora or Ara and Xxxx Riley
Noland, Ova Sue and James Richmond (1932)
Noland, Pansy and Xxxx Hall
Noland, Patsy Martha and Schulyer Blackwell (25 Feb 1865)
Noland, Paul and Geneva Vernon (1937)
Noland, Paul Dwayne and Teresa Rogers (09 Aug 1972)
Noland, Paul Wayne and Betty Ann Branch (26 Nov 1953)
Noland, Paulina and Coleman T. Johnson (01 May 1862)
Noland, Pauline and Henry Davis
Noland, Pearce and Elizabeth Darrell
Noland, Pearce and Elizabeth Jane Galtney (06 Feb 1816)
Noland, Pearce Fields and Dora Walker
Noland, Pearce Jr. and Bettie Mcgaughey (20 May 1858)
Noland, Pearl and Marion Kirkpatrick
Noland, Peggy Ruth and Grady Eugene Mullins
Noland, Peter and Ann Wilcoxen (1754)
Noland, Peter and Elizabeth Or Francis Bryant
Noland, Peter Lafayette and Margaret Ferguson (17 Mar 1870)
Noland, Philip and Elizabeth Ann Xxxx
Noland, Philip and Elizabeth Awbrey (1740)
Noland, Philip and Margaret McCracken (circa 1835)
Noland, Philip and Mary Engler (1834)
Noland, Philip and Mary Mayes (06 Apr 1809)
Noland, Philip and Mary Nelson (circa 1764)
Noland, Philip and Nancy Hughes (28 Sep 1794)
Noland, Philip Aubrey and Annie Stapp (25 Jul 1866)
Noland, Philip Carver and Mary Dell Rosencutter
Noland, Philip Edgar and Eurline Brazeal
Noland, Philip Haxall and Margaret Elizabeth Holmes
Noland, Phillip and Bridgett Carroll
Noland, Phillip and Catherine Xxxx
Noland, Phillip and Ellen Marlow (04 Apr 1915)
Noland, Pierce A. and Nancy Palmer (06 Apr 1809)
Noland, Pierce and Katherine Xxxx (circa 1680)
Noland, Pierce and Mary Fields (circa 1776)
Noland, Pierce and Mary Powell
Noland, Pierce and Sarah Awbrey
Noland, Pierce Andrew "Jack" and Mildred Pauline Mccullough (30 Apr 1941)
Noland, Pierce Andrew and Alice Louvenia Spillman (01 Oct 1902)
Noland, Pierce Avery and Frances Anna Mclain (01 Nov 1866)
Noland, Pleas and Minnie Cox
Noland, Pleasant and Rebecca Campbell (19 Mar 1818)
Noland, Pleasant Calvin and Lena Stewart
Noland, Polly and Aaron Mcmonegal (23 May 1816)
Noland, Polly and Elisha Mead (06 Sep 1822)
Noland, Polly and Larkins Webb
Noland, Priscilla and John Wolff (01 Feb 1820)
Noland, Rachel and Job Kitchen (02 Jul 1810)
Noland, Rachel and Xxxx Glascock
Noland, Ralph Elvin and Gail Allison Livernoise (20 Jun 1971)
Noland, Ralph Elvin and Lessie Lee Fletcher (20 Dec 1941)
Noland, Ralph Elvin and Reiko Yamaguchi (11 Apr 1958)
Noland, Ralph Elvin and Virginia Ann Robinson (23 Aug 1950)
Noland, Randall Wiley and Susan Sohnly (13 Oct 1984)
Noland, Randi Marie and Xxxx Leblanc
Noland, Randolph and Charlotte Noland
Noland, Ray C. and Perna Catherine Franklin (23 Apr 1938)
Noland, Ray Craig and Mary Jane Brown (09 Jun 1979)
Noland, Rayford Hill and Annie Lou Heritage
Noland, Raymond D. and Alice R. Barnhill (03 Aug 1910)
Noland, Rebecca and David Morton
Noland, Rebecca and Francis Noland (26 Feb 1852)
Noland, Rebecca and Francis Noland (26 Feb 1852)
Noland, Rebecca and Homer G. Kimball (13 Apr 1952)
Noland, Rebecca and Michael Collins (09 Dec 1812)
Noland, Rebecca and Samuel Turner (after 1830)
Noland, Rebecca and William Young
Noland, Rebecca Bethany and Oswald Ryan (01 Jul 1918)
Noland, Richard Davis and Margaret Xxxx
Noland, Richard Sardine and Adella Underwood (09 Nov 1913)
Noland, Riley and Narcissus Caroline Rogers (25 Sep 1869)
Noland, Robert and Fannie Poyas
Noland, Robert Burton and Maggie M. Rogers (05 Nov 1851)
Noland, Robert Callender and Drusilla Davis (1865)
Noland, Robert Callender and Sarah Barbour Yantis (1868)
Noland, Robert Gerald and Audrey Eilene Hunter
Noland, Robert Gillis and Virginia Orthellia Tucker
Noland, Robert Jefferson and Sarah Frances Sellers
Noland, Robert Jefferson and Sarah Frances Sellers
Noland, Robert L. and Addie Dehart
Noland, Robert Lee and Winnifred Cunningham (27 Nov 1940)
Noland, Robert Randolph and Debbie Xxxx
Noland, Robert Squair Dr (--?--) and Mary Bryan
Noland, Robert W. and Maude Blaylock
Noland, Robert Wickley and Willie Roe (01 Oct 1932)
Noland, Robert Wilburn and Jane Lusk (22 Apr 1857)
Noland, Roberta V. and Myron Bond (Sep 1934)
Noland, Ronald Gene and Juanie Sue Leblanc (12 Aug 1962)
Noland, Rosabelle and Matthew Maughan
Noland, Rosalie Haxall and James Ball
Noland, Rosalind Dale and Gary Nolen
Noland, Ruby and Xxxx Windle
Noland, Ruby Nell and Jack Howard
Noland, Rufus Hale and Leslie Pearl Cook
Noland, Ruth and Luther Modlin (17 Sep 1893)
Noland, Ruth Catherine and Wright D. Taylor (1891)
Noland, Ruth Elizabeth and Atkins Yarborough
Noland, Ruth Louise and Xxxx Saucier
Noland, Ruth Truman and Robert V. Ragland (1898)
Noland, Sabra Or Sibby and William Willoughby (08 May 1851)
Noland, Sallie Hackett and Samuel A. Stanley (02 Jun 1885)
Noland, Sallie Jane and Gilbert Louis Patterson
Noland, Sallie Jane and Rebels Garfield Kirk
Noland, Sally and Henry Barker (01 Jun 1823)
Noland, Sally and William Ross (02 Jul 1802)
Noland, Sam Hill and Eula Mae Hood
Noland, Sampson and Elizabeth Gore
Noland, Sampson and Mary Morrow
Noland, Samuel and Caroline Gable
Noland, Samuel and Emily Peyton
Noland, Samuel and Nancy Warren (circa 1830)
Noland, Samuel Cayce and Mayme Kindred
Noland, Samuel Clay and Mary Proctor
Noland, Samuel Harrison and Carrie K. Mitchell (circa 1862)
Noland, Samuel Harrison and Eliza Catherine Oldham
Noland, Samuel J. and Adaline Evans (1836)
Noland, Sanford T. and Mary B. Self (26 Sep 1882)
Noland, Sarah and Andrew Chambers (26 Jul 1819)
Noland, Sarah and David Archibald (26 Feb 1832)
Noland, Sarah and David Terrell Tucker (20 Sep 1846)
Noland, Sarah and Edward W. Strange (1846)
Noland, Sarah and Jacob Lewis (01 Jan 1769)
Noland, Sarah and James Carrell (23 Jan 1793)
Noland, Sarah and Samuel Green
Noland, Sarah and Sanford Freeman (12 Aug 1860)
Noland, Sarah and William Putnam
Noland, Sarah Ann and Adam Dr. (--?--) Palmer (03 Aug 1809)
Noland, Sarah Ann and Samuel Phares (05 Feb 1840)
Noland, Sarah Elizabeth and Evan Hannah (30 Apr 1829)
Noland, Sarah Ellen and William Dean McReynolds
Noland, Sarah Melissa and Enoch Eastman
Noland, Sarah Melissa and Walter Scott (03 Aug 1859)
Noland, Sarah Or Sally and James Cox (11 Jul 1827)
Noland, Sarah Sally Margaret and Henry William Barker (29 May 1823)
Noland, Scottie Derelle and Kathy Ann Courtney (06 Nov 1982)
Noland, Sena and Barnett Noland (1838)
Noland, Shadrach "Shad" and Ann Stacy
Noland, Sharon Lee and Joel Toney Morrow (Jul 1957)
Noland, Sherrie and David Lee Hollingsworth
Noland, Sidney and James Stewart Whitsett (1814)
Noland, Sidney and Susan Harrison (09 Sep 1843)
Noland, Smallwood E. and Sallie A. Muir (16 Feb 1858)
Noland, Smallwood Turner and Nancy May Mcmonegal (06 Sep 1806)
Noland, Smallwood Valentine and Sally Profitt (03 Jul 1823)
Noland, Stanley Riley and Delores Lucille Foster (Jul 1974)
Noland, Stella and John Kimberly (1963)
Noland, Stella and Oscar Eatman
Noland, Stephen A. and Bethany Dilts (12 Oct 1854)
Noland, Stephen A. and Mabel Marie Vanderbogart Polk (15 Aug 1900)
Noland, Stephen A. Rev (--?--) and Amanda Miller (24 Sep 1839)
Noland, Stephen A. Rev (--?--) and Mary Virginia Barr Brown (08 Aug 1872)
Noland, Stephen and Lyda Or Alidia Russel (18 Mar 1803)
Noland, Stephen and Mary Connell (1704)
Noland, Stephen and Mary Mallot (circa 1763)
Noland, Stephen and Mary S. Xxxx
Noland, Stephen and Nancy Ellen Adams (12 Sep 1820)
Noland, Stephen and Sarah Banks
Noland, Stephen Banks and Elizabeth Ann Crittenten
Noland, Stephen Croan and Therasa Murray (13 Jun 1913)
Noland, Stephen Duty and Elizabeth Squair
Noland, Stephen II (--?--) and Susanah Smallwood (1745)
Noland, Stephen M. and Catherine Coleman (07 Jan 1830)
Noland, Stephen Murray and Margaret Ottinger Elliott (17 Jun 1956)
Noland, Sue Laverne and Xxxx Jordan
Noland, Susan and Franklin Irvin
Noland, Susan Catherine and John T. Rucker
Noland, Susannah and Aquilla White (26 Jan 1765)
Noland, Susannah and James Tinchor (10 Nov 1812)
Noland, Sylvia Jean and Bloyce Harrell
Noland, Tabitha and John Noland (16 Dec 1822)
Noland, Tabitha and Tilman Buckner (21 May 1821)
Noland, Tanya Adreen and Xxxx Harrison
Noland, Taylor and Kittie Ferguson
Noland, Temperance and James Baker
Noland, Terri Elizabeth and John Michael Granata (31 Mar 1984)
Noland, Theodore or Theophilus and Isabelle Wiseman
Noland, Theopolis and Margaret Xxxx
Noland, Thomas and Maria Peerce (1867)
Noland, Thomas and Mary Ann Proctor (02 Feb 1795)
Noland, Thomas and Mary Bayne (13 Jun 1796)
Noland, Thomas and Mary Boyer Hill
Noland, Thomas and Mary Chapman (10 May 1791)
Noland, Thomas and Mary Eleanor Luckett
Noland, Thomas and Mary Parrish
Noland, Thomas Edgar and Lilua Jones Smith
Noland, Thomas Edgar and Xxxx Dutch
Noland, Thomas Elwood and Nellie Condon (04 Nov 1886)
Noland, Thomas Fred and Elsie Mae Griffis
Noland, Thomas Fred Jr. and Dana Robinson
Noland, Thomas Hughes and Isabella Alice Hildreth
Noland, Thomas Hughes and Mary Cxxx?
Noland, Thomas Jefferson and Brialda Jones (17 Aug 1860)
Noland, Thomas Johnson and Sarah Chinn (1826)
Noland, Thomas Jones and Francis Lenora Benton (19 Jan 1905)
Noland, Thomas K. and Olma Dalton
Noland, Thomas Lee and Linda Ann Wilson
Noland, Thomas Mack and Sarah Ann Burton (25 Mar 1858)
Noland, Thomas McCracken and Ida Francis Cox (19 Jul 1896)
Noland, Thomas Nelson Berkeley and Elizabeth Mayo (1883)
Noland, Thomas Raiford and Mary Clements
Noland, Thomas Raiford Jr. and Patricia Jean Barksdale
Noland, Thomas Turley and Judy Kwis (19 Jul 1947)
Noland, Thomas Vaughan and Lydia Julia Tigner (12 Jan 1859)
Noland, Thomas Vaughan and Lydia Julia Tigner (12 Jan 1859)
Noland, Thomas Vaughan and Mary Dudley Aldridge (1895)
Noland, Thomas William and Emma Webb (12 Aug 1885)
Noland, Thomas Woodie and Lula Mae Windle (06 Oct 1909)
Noland, Thurl B. and Elaine Yunker (30 Nov 1950)
Noland, Tim Scott and Jane Ellen Fesler (17 Aug 1958)
Noland, Tirris and Daniel Muir (1851)
Noland, Turley and Jennie Mae Lancaster (23 Jan 1918)
Noland, Van Avery and Sophronie "Donnie" Spillman (28 Feb 1904)
Noland, Vera Ophelia and Frank Puhl
Noland, Vernon and Dianne Derrick
Noland, Vernon and Marion Genevieve Brullow (10 Feb 1942)
Noland, Vernon Paul and Helen Francis Barbo (02 Jan 1965)
Noland, Vernon Paul and Laura Ann May (06 Jan 1969)
Noland, Vernon Paul and Wanda Sutherlin (11 Apr 1981)
Noland, Victor Earl and Barbara Tracy (11 Jun 1949)
Noland, Victoria and S.L. Thomas
Noland, Vira Irene and Xxxx Spangler
Noland, Virgil Andrew and Lucille Walker (07 Jun 1948)
Noland, Virginia and Xxxx Loeffel
Noland, Virginia Ann and Charles E. Snyder (12 Apr 1941)
Noland, Virginia Gwendolyn and Larry Daniel Skelton
Noland, Vivian Inez and Xxxx Berry
Noland, Vivian Inez and Xxxx Plowman
Noland, Volina Jane "Lena" and Elias Fields Miller (07 Mar 1921)
Noland, Wade and Annie Ferguson
Noland, Walter and Grace Mcgee (25 Mar 1915)
Noland, Walter Doyle and Jeanette Degraw (circa 1987)
Noland, Walter Doyle and Peggy Joyce Courtney (05 Mar 1954)
Noland, Wanda Lee and Allan John Jongetjes (1979)
Noland, Wanda Lee and Lloyd Lester Catron (19 May 1964)
Noland, Wanda Lee and Richard Thomas Spring (25 Aug 1962)
Noland, Warren and Rena Perelle
Noland, Wayne and Beatrice Whaley
Noland, Wesley and Martha Ann Campbell
Noland, Wesley Tilford and Sally Or Sarah Ann Scrivener (14 Nov 1843)
Noland, Wiley B. and Cora A. Rogers
Noland, Wiley B. and Maggie Noland
Noland, Wiley B. and Maggie Noland
Noland, Wiley C. and Lettie Edith Myers (11 Jun 1920)
Noland, Willaim Albert and Estelle Coates
Noland, William A. and Josephine Hiser (01 Oct 1881)
Noland, William A. and Susan E. Pitcher (22 Dec 1867)
Noland, William Albert and Ella J. Lowman (12 May 1884)
Noland, William and Edy Hogg
Noland, William and Frances Or Sarah Elizabeth Russell (1828)
Noland, William and Mary Ann Cockrell (circa 1778)
Noland, William and Mary Polly Noland (05 Jan 1818)
Noland, William and Prudence Carolyn Polk (09 Oct 1859)
Noland, William and Sabra Henderson (12 Nov 1798)
Noland, William and Sarah Perry (25 Apr 1834)
Noland, William Arthur and Dena Rudis
Noland, William Aubrey and Mary Elizabeth Archibald
Noland, William Avery and Ann Phares (01 Jan 1838)
Noland, William Benjamin and Roena P. Buntin (02 May 1867)
Noland, William Berkeley and Lucy Chinn
Noland, William Brazelton and Clara Howard (15 Aug 1883)
Noland, William Charles and Ethel M. Hull (03 Sep 1919)
Noland, William Churchill and Mary Bleecker Miller
Noland, William Clay
Noland, William Clay and Lillie Pearl Baber
Noland, William Cullen Fred and Violet Clark
Noland, William Cullen Fred Jr. and Valeria Delphine Brignac
Noland, William E. and Ocea M. Tucker (01 Feb 1913)
Noland, William F. and Hattie Pearl McGavern
Noland, William H. and Francis Roy Fonia
Noland, William Henry and Harriet Armistead
Noland, William Henry and Susan Sparks (16 Sep 1875)
Noland, William Herman and Ethel Leigh
Noland, William Herman and Gracie Dell Tidmore (18 Aug 1932)
Noland, William Johnson and Camilla Ericksen (23 May 1880)
Noland, William jr (--?--) and Jane Henderson (11 Jan 1817)
Noland, William Jr (--?--) and Pheobe Xxxx
Noland, William M. and Ollie Dunaway
Noland, William Maj (--?--) and Catherine Callender (12 Apr 1796)
Noland, William Max and Bessie Eugenia Slay
Noland, William Mcwillie and Julia Tigner Noland
Noland, William Mcwillie and Julia Tigner Noland
Noland, William Philip and Jennie Fullerton
Noland, William Proctor dr (--?--) and Elizabeth Treadway (1829)
Noland, William Samuel and Henrietta Charlotte Kirk (11 Jan 1893)
Noland, William Samuel and Jane Blanton Macon
Noland, William Samuel and Patty Patton (1915)
Noland, William Sr (--?--) and Joanna Xxxx (1740)
Noland, William Stanford and Zella Carolyn Newcomer (27 Feb 1949)
Noland, William Thomas and Rowena Roslie Twyman (07 Jan 1877)
Noland, William Whitaker Dr (--?--) and Mary Elizabeth Braden (1833)
Noland, William Wilson and Anna Dorothy McClanahan (06 Mar 1845)
Noland, Willie Albert Chester and Eula Virginia Shivers (11 Oct 1897)
Noland, Willie Dean and Wilton Lee Harcrow
Noland, Willie Jerry and James Alphus Carter (06 Apr 1946)
Noland, Willis and Malinda Green (26 Dec 1831)
Noland, Xxxx and Diana Lee Van Dyke
Noland, Xxxx and Frank Samford
Noland, Xxxx and Xxxx Chapman
Noland, Xxxx and Xxxx Spectser
Nolen, Abner Jackson and Alice Tallulah Jones
Nolen, Agnes Grace and Seaborn Moore Camp (1832)
Nolen, Alan Jackson and Ida Xxxx
Nolen, Albert Abner and Vashti Sellers (01 Dec 1829)
Nolen, Albert Hardy and Edna Ryals
Nolen, Alice Bibb and J. P. Morgan (24 Mar 1892)
Nolen, Alie Butler and Everett O'Neal Davis (13 Jan 1876)
Nolen, Alta and Roy Connell
Nolen, Ameritta Victoria and John M. Clarke "Jackie" Smith (07 Dec 1889)
Nolen, Andrea and Phil Caffrey
Nolen, Andrew Jackson and Catherine Hawes (21 Dec 1854)
Nolen, Andrew M. and Anna Rachel Baxter (17 Jun 1918)
Nolen, Andrew Webster and Ellen Adams (22 Nov 1885)
Nolen, Anna Aline and Daniel Webster Hughes (18 May 1881)
Nolen, Annie Bell and James Bovelle Mote (15 Jan 1888)
Nolen, Annie Dora and J. P. Groome (01 Mar 1879)
Nolen, Bara Aleetha and Ernest Malcolm Edwards (23 Apr 1921)
Nolen, Basil D. and Sarah F. Rose (08 Mar 1875)
Nolen, Benjamin Lee and Elva Ellen Baxter
Nolen, Bettie and C. E. Rice
Nolen, Bettie Belle and J. P. Mathis (25 Mar 1883)
Nolen, Caroline "Wenny" and Anthony S. Ficquette (13 Jan 1833)
Nolen, Carolyn and Xxxx Garrett
Nolen, Carrie Eddy and Edward James McLean
Nolen, Catherine L. and Thomas Veneble Glass (02 Oct 1852)
Nolen, Catherine L. and William Robert Brown (02 Sep 1865)
Nolen, Catherine Victoria and Taylor Hawes (circa 1880)
Nolen, Charles Douglas and Oselene Andrew Sims (30 Jan 1955)
Nolen, Christopher and Elizabeth Copeland (1833)
Nolen, Clementine Florence and DeWitt McCrary
Nolen, Colleen and Frank Nunn
Nolen, Cora Emily and Henry Pitts Lee (1880)
Nolen, Cynthia and William Lybrand
Nolen, Cynthia Marie and David William Mansfield Kidwell
Nolen, Daniel Edward and Louise Johnson
Nolen, Deforest Moody and Julia Ryan
Nolen, Dolson and Mildred Louise Edmiston (24 Dec 1951)
Nolen, Donna Gaye and Xxxx Dancer
Nolen, Dora Nelle and Xxxx Hodges
Nolen, Edgar P. and Ella Hale
Nolen, Edward Griffin and Clara Jane Hughey (08 Dec 1853)
Nolen, Edward Griffin and Drucilla Cook (19 Oct 1882)
Nolen, Edward Griffin and Rebecca Carpenter (18 Apr 1891)
Nolen, Elaine and Xxxx Campbell
Nolen, Elbert Alexander and Laura Francis Nolen (1879)
Nolen, Elbert Alexander and Laura Francis Nolen (1879)
Nolen, Eliza and C.g. Girder
Nolen, Eliza Taxana and Seaborn Wesley Owens
Nolen, Elizabeth and John E. Mcgill
Nolen, Elizabeth and Wilson Davenport (11 Mar 1847)
Nolen, Elizabeth and Xxxx Smith
Nolen, Elizabeth M. J. and Tom Hayes
Nolen, Elizabeth Permelia and Daniel J. Meals
Nolen, Ella S. and John Camp (23 Jan 1916)
Nolen, Ernest Clifton and Lula Gilliland (05 May?)
Nolen, Ernest Lee and Margaret Ellen "Maggie" Smith
Nolen, Essie and Floyd Stone (circa 1920)
Nolen, Eulalia and Thomas M. Burke (circa 1910)
Nolen, Eva and Houston Stiff
Nolen, Frances and Hiram B. Standford, Sr. (30 Mar 1845)
Nolen, Frances Marion and Nancy Dulcimer Lock (13 Mar 1849)
Nolen, Frank Johnston and Andrea Rodriguez (23 Sep 1967)
Nolen, Gary and Rosalind Dale Noland
Nolen, George and Elizabeth Addison (circa 1807)
Nolen, George Christopher and Sarah Xxxx (1865)
Nolen, George Cockrell and Nancy Harding (01 Sep 1806)
Nolen, George William Isham and Maggie Turk
Nolen, Grover Preston and Nora Dean (1907)
Nolen, Harriett and Martin Brown Stanley (23 Aug 1848)
Nolen, Harvey Stephen and Lela Jones (circa 1914)
Nolen, Hattie and Boyd Bennett
Nolen, Helen Sarah and Benjamin Hays
Nolen, Helen Sarah and Joseph S. Bell
Nolen, Helen Sarah and W. D. Berry
Nolen, Henrietta and Columbus Gilliland (10 Oct 1872)
Nolen, Henry and Elizabeth Wilds Walbut (16 Sep 1853)
Nolen, Henry and Mollie Duncan
Nolen, Henry B. and Emma Bloomfield (24 Jan 1877)
Nolen, Hiram Stephen and Marisa Jane Scott (08 Dec 1836)
Nolen, Hooper and Opal Watson (20 May 1945)
Nolen, Hoyt Andrew and Stella C. Matthews
Nolen, Hurtice and Carol Xxxx
Nolen, Hurtice and Margaret Whitt
Nolen, Icie L. and Rastus Shaw
Nolen, Ida M. and Roscoe Nelson
Nolen, Ila O. and W. E. Smith
Nolen, Isaac and Elizabeth Camp
Nolen, Isaac and Elizabeth Coleman
Nolen, Isaac and Mary Ann Wilson (20 Jun 1850)
Nolen, Isaac and Mary Camp (29 Sep 1835)
Nolen, Isaac and Nancy C. Hubbard (03 Jun 1852)
Nolen, Isaac and Nancy H. Gunnings
Nolen, Isaac and Polly Menix (15 Jun 1818)
Nolen, Isaac and Sarah Elizabeth Clinkscales (1860)
Nolen, Isaac and Sarah Gorman (circa 1846)
Nolen, Isaac and Sarah Xxxx (circa 1845)
Nolen, Isaac Daniel and Elizabeth Hooper (13 Sep 1894)
Nolen, Isaac Marion and Dorcas Lee Beadle
Nolen, Isaac Marion and Susan Xxxx (1867)
Nolen, Isaac Reuben and Harty Ann Hogan (25 Aug 1867)
Nolen, Isaac Russell and Grace Register
Nolen, Isaac W. and Nancy Caroline Williams (01 Oct 1854)
Nolen, Isaac W. Jr. (--?--) and Dora Hawes
Nolen, Isabella Victoria "Queenie" and James Ernest Nolen
Nolen, Isabella Victoria "Queenie" and James Ernest Nolen
Nolen, Isabelle and John G. Coleman (24 Nov 1846)
Nolen, Iva Jane and Tillman Watwood
Nolen, Jack and Levis Carlisle (02 May 1931)
Nolen, Jackson Wilson and Inez Reaves
Nolen, James and Agnes Clarissa Harliss (12 Mar 1840)
Nolen, James and Barbara Addison (1800)
Nolen, James and Isabella Xxxx (1835)
Nolen, James and Rosanna Gilbert
Nolen, James Ernest and Isabella Victoria "Queenie" Nolen
Nolen, James Ernest and Isabella Victoria "Queenie" Nolen
Nolen, James Marion and Cynthia Catherine Robinson (03 Jan 1865)
Nolen, James Mccortrie and Emma Cordelia Meek (20 Jul 1886)
Nolen, James Mccortrie and Maggie Lee Brashier (1905)
Nolen, James Mccortrie jr (--?--) and Xxxx Guy
Nolen, James Monroe and Lillian Whaley
Nolen, James Thomas and Effie Lucile Woodruff (18 Feb 1906)
Nolen, James Thomas and Ella Brantly
Nolen, James Thomas and Lela Bell Waites
Nolen, Jane and William Mckissick
Nolen, Jane Elizabeth and William S. Oslin (24 Sep 1835)
Nolen, Jean and Bonnie Adams
Nolen, Jefferson Vermont and Amanda Smith (19 Sep 1882)
Nolen, Jefferson Wilson and Maggie Townsend (24 Dec 1894)
Nolen, Jeremiah and Melvinia Lowe (06 Oct 1853)
Nolen, Jeremiah and Rosanna Gilbert
Nolen, Jeremiah M. and Julia Parsons
Nolen, Jimmie Kate and Clarence Bunyard
Nolen, Joan Victoria and James Bennett Cockell (24 Dec 1882)
Nolen, John and Elizabeth Lukins (1844)
Nolen, John Bunyan and Lucy Cxxx
Nolen, John Heflin and Harriet Tutwiler
Nolen, John Murfee and Lula Cornelia Chapman (19 Sep 1897)
Nolen, John Richard dr (--?--) and Zenobia Holloway
Nolen, John Richard jr (--?--) and Jimmie Mcgarrh
Nolen, John Wesley and Emily Caroline Stephens (13 Oct 1865)
Nolen, Jonathan and Martha Jane Maddox
Nolen, Judy and David Sorensen
Nolen, Julia and G. B. Hay
Nolen, Julia and Robert Griffin (21 Feb 1976)
Nolen, Katie Senus and Elton Robertson
Nolen, Laura Francis and Elbert Alexander Nolen (1879)
Nolen, Laura Francis and Elbert Alexander Nolen (1879)
Nolen, Lawrence Gay and Mary E. Peek
Nolen, Lenora and R. D. Waits (24 Dec 1896)
Nolen, Leola and George Fry
Nolen, Leon Arcle and Cliffard Thomas (20 Jun 1912)
Nolen, Leon Arcle jr (--?--) and Eloise Murray (14 Aug 1937)
Nolen, Lessie Valeria and Charles C. Adams (15 Nov 1911)
Nolen, Lewis Whitfield and Nora Ebbins (1888)
Nolen, Libron Harley and Julia Dincan (1919)
Nolen, Lillie Adene and Charles R. Adams (17 Nov 1874)
Nolen, Lillie Adene and Joseph Read dr (--?--) Luten (07 Jun 1905)
Nolen, Lizzie E. and M. D. Carter (16 Dec 1888)
Nolen, Loomis Decosta and Leona Wilson (28 Aug 1904)
Nolen, Loomis Decosta and Paul L. Jones
Nolen, Lorene and Hubert Ford
Nolen, Lyman Beecher and Lula Lambert
Nolen, Mabel C. and Ralph E. Brown
Nolen, Malcolm Elverious and Clara Pearson (22 Jan 1900)
Nolen, Margaret Elizabeth and Robert Stewart
Nolen, Marion Hollis and Lizzie Robinson (circa 1917)
Nolen, Martha A. E. and Patrick Henry Lundy (1869)
Nolen, Martha Ann and Alexander Bloomfield (25 Jan 1866)
Nolen, Martha Delilah Lula (--?--) and Charles Willingham (08 Mar 1949)
Nolen, Martha Delilah Lula (--?--) and David Blueford Evans (20 Jul 1902)
Nolen, Martha Esther and William Gibson
Nolen, Martha Jane "Mattie" and Charles Andrew Rice (1895)
Nolen, Martha Luvona and John D. Sanders (14 Dec 1884)
Nolen, Mary A. Samantha and George W. Price
Nolen, Mary and Alexander E. Clark (20 Nov 1853)
Nolen, Mary and Xxxx Brown
Nolen, Mary Ann "Mollie" and William R. Conkle
Nolen, Mary Ann "Polly" and Benjamin Jr. Dagley (13 Aug 1843)
Nolen, Mary Ann and Charles Cooley (21 Mar 1853)
Nolen, Mary Ann and Daniel A. Huff
Nolen, Mary Ann and Jesse M. Weaver (02 Oct 1832)
Nolen, Mary Ann and Joseph M. Mccarley (19 Jan 1843)
Nolen, Mary Ann and William Clark Dodge (14 Oct 1830)
Nolen, Mary C and Joshua Teakle
Nolen, Mary C. Eliza and Isaac Richard Castleberry Stephens (25 Jul 1867)
Nolen, Mary H. and Roland Swim
Nolen, Mary Jane and James A. Ballentine (14 Dec 1875)
Nolen, Mary Josephine and Charles H. Phillips (30 Oct 1860)
Nolen, Mary Louise Parks and Joseph T. dr. (--?--) Potts (Apr 1913)
Nolen, Mary Susan and Charles Austin
Nolen, Mattie and Oscar Mcguire
Nolen, Mattie and Samuel Or James Broadus Brashier
Nolen, Michael Douglas and Laura S. Stratton (31 May 1980)
Nolen, Nancy and Ben Jeffcoats (circa 1905)
Nolen, Nancy and John W. Wilkinson
Nolen, Nancy and William Jacob Nesbit (1823)
Nolen, Nancy and Xxxx Brown
Nolen, Nancy and Xxxx Nixon (circa 1955)
Nolen, Nancy Ann and Thomas Jefferson Towles (14 Feb 1864)
Nolen, Nancy Eliza and Lamar Dinger
Nolen, Nancy Emily and Charles O. Newton (09 Jan 1873)
Nolen, Nancy Emily and William C. Whidby (26 Jul 1877)
Nolen, Nancy Victoria and Charles Thomas Jones
Nolen, Nathaniel "Nattie" and Annie Gipson (18 Jul 1824)
Nolen, Nellie Louise and A. B. Dennis
Nolen, Nicole Marie and Joshua Scott Studer (15 Sep 1996)
Nolen, Odessa and Joe C. Carter
Nolen, Ophelia and Alvin Gilliland
Nolen, Oscar Alonzo and Haley Jane Hunter (30 Oct 1907)
Nolen, Oscar Houston and Elizabeth Hattie Morris
Nolen, Pacey and Richard Wilson (22 Mar 1840)
Nolen, Paul Wilson and Lynda Sara Mathews
Nolen, Percy m.d. (--?--) and Elizabeth Houston (06 Jan 1933)
Nolen, Polly and William J. Hicks (02 Apr 1839)
Nolen, Reuben and Eliza Bently
Nolen, Richard and Adaline Xxxx
Nolen, Richard and Nancy Ann Coleman (22 Jan 1822)
Nolen, Richard Edmund and Bessie Mae Jones
Nolen, Richard J. and Ellen M. Ogletree
Nolen, Richard J. and Emma Miles (1867)
Nolen, Richard J. jr (--?--) and Lula Lavona Medders (27 Jul 1902)
Nolen, Richard Smith and Mary Eliza Spears (07 Nov 1857)
Nolen, Richard Spears and Josie Adella Williams (22 Oct 1893)
Nolen, Robert Isaac and Mary E. Good (23 Dec 1880)
Nolen, Robert Richard and Mattie Johnson
Nolen, Robert Witt and Sarah C. Darden (17 Dec 1851)
Nolen, Roberta and Paul Sorensen
Nolen, Rosemary and Ronald Hilton
Nolen, Roy Eugene and Cynthia Marie Hartung (27 May 1975)
Nolen, Roy Lemuel and Mag Goggans (05 Dec?)
Nolen, Roy Lemuel and Mildred Jackson (06 Nov 1912)
Nolen, Rufus and Vera Gay Lewellyn
Nolen, Rufus Felton and Eva Watts (1937)
Nolen, Samuel Asberry and Zetta Meeks (circa 1887)
Nolen, Sarah and Henry Hicks (02 Mar 1839)
Nolen, Sarah and Samuel Mccarley (18 Apr 1843)
Nolen, Sarah Ann and Elbert Smith Thornell (26 Dec 1887)
Nolen, Sarah Ann and Thomas Joel Dillard (09 Dec 1855)
Nolen, Sarah Belle and John A. Virgin (15 Mar 1877)
Nolen, Sarah Caroline "Sally" and George W. Shaddix (Feb 1900)
Nolen, Sarah Frances and Benjamin Taylor
Nolen, Sarah Isabella and Joseph J. Mccullars (15 Jan 1880)
Nolen, Sarah Ragsdale and Albert Augustus Watkins (04 Nov 1841)
Nolen, Sarpta and Joseph Moore
Nolen, Stephen and Elizabeth Williams (10 Jan 1850)
Nolen, Stephen and Elizabeth Williamson (1849)
Nolen, Stephen and Martha Ann Sheals (24 Mar 1835)
Nolen, Stephen and Mary Addison (1808)
Nolen, Stephen and Mary Ann Mann (1838)
Nolen, Stephen and Nancy Reynolds (22 Jul 1820)
Nolen, Stephen Halloway and Loveday Ann Thornell (29 Dec 1878)
Nolen, Stephen III (--?--) and Mary Smith (circa 1775)
Nolen, Stephen Stonewall Jackson and Lillian Parks (Aug 1931)
Nolen, Stephen Stonewall Jackson and Mary Elizabeth Tomme (15 Nov 1882)
Nolen, Stephen Washington and Julia Mccullars
Nolen, Susan and Robert Frank Holloway
Nolen, Susanna and John Morgan Ginter
Nolen, Theodore and Pearl Back
Nolen, Thomas Grant and Eva Inet Craton (13 Jul 1931)
Nolen, Thomas Hughey and Bessie Lee Jarman (12 Mar 1884)
Nolen, Thomas Jefferson and Emaline F. Beadle (1855)
Nolen, Thomas Jefferson and Martha Jane Hubbard (28 Jan 1851)
Nolen, Thomas Jefferson and Mary Jane Haynie
Nolen, Thomas Jefferson jr (--?--) and Lilla Richards (21 Sep 1898)
Nolen, Thurston Hawes and Estelle Cantrell Townsend
Nolen, Thurston Hawes and Olive Wright
Nolen, Troy and Sam Paine
Nolen, Uriah and Elizabeth Bloomfield (27 Mar 1880)
Nolen, Velma and William Pierce (21 Oct 1904)
Nolen, Wesley A. and Addie Maddox (08 Jun 1893)
Nolen, Wesley A. and Emma J. Moore (22 Nov 1883)
Nolen, Wilbur Bernard and Kathleen Moody (31 May 1917)
Nolen, Wilbur Bernard jr (--?--) and Mary Louise Horne (11 Jun 1939)
Nolen, William and Martha Stone (circa 1830)
Nolen, William and Mary "Katie" Waldrep (1825)
Nolen, William Arthur and Geraldine Fallon (1937)
Nolen, William Augustus and Huldah Angeline Becker (15 Aug 1836)
Nolen, William Augustus and Huldah Angeline Becker (15 Aug 1836)
Nolen, William Bell and Ada Crew (09 Aug 1888)
Nolen, William D. and Nina Lavina Bailey
Nolen, William Herschell and Kathryn Allison
Nolen, William I. and Eliza J. Tomme
Nolen, William III (--?--) and Malinda Henderson (27 Sep 1845)
Nolen, William III (--?--) and Nancy Jane Clark (30 Aug 1865)
Nolen, William Jackson and Mary Ann Alcorne (circa 1805)
Nolen, William Jefferson and Lydia Jane Smith (18 Dec 1850)
Nolen, William Jefferson and Mary Frances Redford (Sep 1874)
Nolen, William Marvin and Sara Lopez (12 Sep 1974)
Nolen, William N. and Lura Fleming
Nolen, William Phillip jr (--?--) and Leona Otrich (10 Sep 1895)
Nolen, William Phillip judge (--?--) and Julia E. Cooke (Oct 1865)
Nolen, William Raymond and Sara Frances Johnston (16 Mar 1941)
Nolen, William S. and Effie Mae Xxxx
Nolen, William Woodward and Nancy I. Martin (27 Dec 1896)
Nolen, Willie Clopton and John Lewis Haynie (13 Dec 1896)
Nolen, Wilora and Roy Carlos Casady (11 Mar 1939)
Nolen, Xxxx and Mary Xxxx (circa 1855)
Nolen, Ziller and Henry Lambert
Norris, Mary Caroline and John Ledstone Barker (14 Sep 1871)
Norton, Katie V. and William Edward Salyards (1891)
Norwood, J. T. and Elizabeth Noland (30 Dec 1852)
Norwood, Juliet Dorsey and George William Noland (18 Nov 1852)
Nowland, Philip and Bridget Nelson (1685)
Nunn, Frank and Colleen Nolen
O'Banion, Glynn James and Frances Marion Noland (01 Aug 1964)
O'Byrne, Mary Luella and Charles Wesley Rev (--?--) Smith (13 Sep 1883)
O'Neal, Maggie and Homer S. Carr (27 May 1902)
O'Neal, Marcella and George William Noland (Nov 1916)
O'Neill, Phillip B. and Mae East
O'Neill, Phyllis and Paul E. Schrenker (1952)
Odle, Susan and Charles Elliot Smith Jr. (27 Jun 1966)
Ogden, Jane and Jeremiah Noland (27 Jun 1811)
Ogden, Robert T. and Amanda Caroline Tigner (14 Mar 1839)
Ogg, Daniel Arthur and Annette Williams (25 Jan 1974)
Ogle, Novella Grace and Henry Noland
Ogletree, Ellen M. and Richard J. Nolen
Ohime, Edith and Willard Dean Wakeman (10 Apr 1948)
Oksenholt, Dagmar Virginia and Don Owens
Oksenholt, Jens Nielson and Josie Amanda Ware (07 May 1919)
Oksenholt, Jens Nielson Jr. and Mary Grace Willig (19 Jul 1952)
Oksenholt, Karen Nielson and Barry Randolph Jones (24 Aug 1990)
Oksenholt, Karen Nielson and Brian Jay Bream (10 Sep 1997)
Oksenholt, Karl Edward and Myrtle Xxxx
Oksenholt, Kristine Ware and Stanley Fountain (14 Mar 1986)
Oksenholt, Lorenz Willig and Cheryl Green
Oksenholt, Stella Jensine and Robert Bridges (say 1970)
Oksenholt, Stella Jensine and William T. Baker (circa 1946)
Oldham, Eliza Catherine and Samuel Harrison Noland
Oliver, Milley Jane and Michael Steven Collins
Olson, Arthur A. jr (--?--) and Lejehn Antoinette Nelson (02 Jan)
Olson, Eva Kathleen and Walter Clement Piburn (14 Sep 1923)
Orcutt, Aldean Sheldon and Velma Rose Reuille (07 Sep 1935)
Orcutt, Audrey Arlene and Miles Frank Mirka (25 Jun 1938)
Orcutt, Theo and Lora Ethel Cowden (03 Aug 1915)
Ormes, Jerry Wayne and Barbara Ann Myers (11 Dec 1960)
Oslin, Amanda Melvina and William J. Woods (24 Dec 1879)
Oslin, D. A. and Tommy Thompson
Oslin, Mary and Xxxx Gains
Oslin, William S. and Jane Elizabeth Nolen (24 Sep 1835)
Oswald, Jane W. and Nelson Head
Otrich, Leona and William Phillip jr (--?--) Nolen (10 Sep 1895)
Oubre, Douglas Paul and Jeanne Lyn Wilson
Owen, Sarah Elizabeth and James Hardy Noland
Owens, Austin Lea and Maggie Jean Moore (13 Nov 1955)
Owens, Bertha Mae and Carl Allen Woods (27 Jul 1945)
Owens, Don and Dagmar Virginia Oksenholt
Owens, Emmet Austin and Anna Louise "Lula" Noland (15 Jun 1933)
Owens, Myra Elizabeth and Mike Jones
Owens, Robert Eugene "Gene" and Avis Louise Mccoy (20 Jan 1967)
Owens, Sandra Fay and Charles Archie Poindexter (15 Jun 1964)
Owens, Seaborn Wesley and Eliza Taxana Nolen
Owings, Hayes and Laura Eastman
Owings, William L. and Elizabeth Allene Eggli (02 Feb 1940)
Ownby, Martha Polly and Jefferson Reed Noland (09 Mar 1901)
Packard, Andrew Phalander and Martha S. Noland (23 Feb 1841)
Padgett, Estella Jane and Albert Lundy Noland (03 Aug 1895)
Padgett, William L. and Martha Virginia Moore (20 Jul 1935)
Pafe, Eugenia and Noland Haynes Ryan (22 Jun 1946)
Page, Xxxx and Donald Wayne Nolan (05 Sep 1959)
Paine, Sam and Troy Nolen
Painter, Edythe Grace and James Francis Ware (29 Sep 1945)
Palmer, Adam Dr. (--?--) and Sarah Ann Noland (03 Aug 1809)
Palmer, George and Celeste Noland
Palmer, Jeremiah N. and Martha Ann Ambrose (08 Jan 1835)
Palmer, Jeremiah N. and Minerva Blount (24 Dec 1841)
Palmer, Mary Eliza and William Noland Tigner (22 May 1856)
Palmer, Mary P. and James Mccollum
Palmer, Nancy and Pierce A. Noland (06 Apr 1809)
Palmer, Pierce A. and Mary E. Kirkland (13 Aug 1846)
Palmer, Sarah Almedia and Balsade Willie
Palmer, William H. and Eleanor Noland
Parham, Audie and Willie Mae Kilpatrick
Parham, James Arthur and Ruby Lee Pate
Paris, Ruth and James Hardy Noland
Park, Jesse B. and Emma Noland
Parker, Clay and Gladys Ann Clegg (11 May 1932)
Parker, James Kyle and Romona Ann Lawrence (09 Jul 1988)
Parker, James Lesley and Judith Virginia Riggs (08 Jul 1961)
Parker, Joseph Vernon and Stella Mae Ware (20 Jan 1938)
Parker, Laura Elizabeth and Charles Starr (13 Jun 1986)
Parker, Mabel and Samuel Cazee (1917)
Parker, Ramonia and Thomas Earle Bollinger
Parker, Richard and Mary L. Combs
Parker, Rodney Allen and Anna Moe Rutherford
Parker, Rodney Allen and Brenda Christine Stickells (06 Jan 1968)
Parker, Rodney Allen and Gloria Burley
Parker, Rodney Allen and Pamela Ann Grubb
Parker, William N. and Etta Caldonia Woods (06 Jan 1901)
Parker, Xxxx and K. Louise Carr
Parkins, Arbie and John Noland
Parkins, Xxxx and Vina Smallwood
Parks, Carrie and Daniel C. Noland
Parks, Lillian and Stephen Stonewall Jackson Nolen (Aug 1931)
Parr, May Leona and Glenn Oscar O'Neal Davis (19 Apr 1909)
Parrish, Mary and Thomas Noland
Parrish, Nancy and Thomas Pitcher (03 Jan 1828)
Parrish, Renee and David Joe Kux
Parson, Lee M. and Celia Careline Wakeman (02 May?)
Parsons, Julia and Jeremiah M. Nolen
Parton, Robert Lee, Jr. and Doris Maxine Noland (21 Dec 1967)
Pate, Alice Maureen and William Emmitt McJenkin
Pate, Annie Lois and Homer William Banks
Pate, Doris Nell and John William Hutt
Pate, Emma Roberta and James William Moses
Pate, Gurlie Mae and John Robert Noland (18 Jul 1915)
Pate, James L. and Linda Dell Kilpatrick
Pate, Lavada and Floyd A. Maughan
Pate, Mary Mattie Lou and Earnest Howard Holt
Pate, Nellie and Roy Price Maughan
Pate, Ruby Lee and James Arthur Parham
Pate, Sarah Ruth and Thurston Byron Smith
Pate, Thomas Clifford and Juanita Causey
Pate, Thomas Jefferson and Mary Irene Maughan
Patin, Elizabeth Anne and Iveson Batchelor Noland IV (12 Nov 1982)
Patrick, Ellen and Obed Kerfoot Noland (22 May 1884)
Patsy, Martha and John Philip Noland (circa 1823)
Patterson, Gilbert Louis and Sallie Jane Noland
Patterson, Jerry Wayne and Elizabeth Anne Noland
Patterson, Lydia Catherine and Arnold Cary Tucker
Patterson, Martin Pierce and Barbara Elaine Fuentes (Sep 1964)
Patton, Danny Dale and Bonnie Blakeman (04 May 1973)
Patton, Danny Dale and Donna Jean Wells (26 Aug 1978)
Patton, James Raymond and Edith Clay Williams (30 Mar 1946)
Patton, Lynda Sue and Gerald Wayne Wireman (08 Aug 1977)
Patton, Lynda Sue and Monte Dale Baker (20 Jan 1971)
Patton, Patty and William Samuel Noland (1915)
Patton, William and Jean Noland (26 Sep 1942)
Pauley, Richard Buenter Larry and Celeste Joleen Chilson (09 May 1987)
Payne, Bessie and Noble J. Smallwood
Payne, Henry and Pearl Taylor
Payne, Louis Douglas and Hallie Turley (1900)
Pearson, Clara and Malcolm Elverious Nolen (22 Jan 1900)
Pearson, Clifford Alwin and Dorothy Grace Witty
Pearson, Green and Mary Jane Noland (20 Sep 1853)
Pearson, Martha M. and Dick M. Piburn (09 Aug 1932)
Pearson, Rebecca and Greenbury Noland (1828)
Pearson, Richard and Mae Elizabeth Barker
Peek, Leonard Malcolm and Dorsey Ellen Singletary
Peek, Mary E. and Lawrence Gay Nolen
Peerce, Maria and Thomas Noland (1867)
Pence, Ida Leona and Ancel Tannett Noland (29 May 1921)
Pendleton, Logan and Allie Chambers (05 Jul 1890)
Penney, William Eric and Shirla Jean Rathjen
Pereda, Cecilia Josefa and Walter Alvin Wilson Jr.
Perelle, Rena and Warren Noland
Perkins, F. H. and Martha H. Ficquette (07 Dec 1873)
Perkins, Melissa Winifred and Clyde M. Hammond (24 Oct 1905)
Perkins, Xxxx and Thelma Gore
Perry, Andrew and Liza Ann Sipes
Perry, Harvey Parnell and Carolyn Williams (09 Sep 1978)
Perry, Sarah and William Noland (25 Apr 1834)
Persons, James and Elizabeth Noland (15 Aug 1785)
Peters, Betty and Ralph Howard Sears
Peters, Hallie and George Fred Noland
Peters, Mary and Humphrey Noland (06 Dec 1893)
Peterson, Addie and Clifton L. Spillman (22 Jan 1937)
Peterson, George Leonard and Darlene Pearl Nolan (22 Sep 1973)
Peterson, Tad Mathew and Barbara Dalton
Peyton, Ailcy and George Noland (circa 1781)
Peyton, Emily and Samuel Noland
Peyton, Sarah or Sally and Charles Noland
Pflanzer, Beverly Marlene and Bobby Ray Farmer (11 Mar 1959)
Pflanzer, Beverly Marlene and Kenneth Eugene Wheatley
Pflanzer, Garnet Elaine and David Koenig (28 May 1966)
Pflanzer, Lionel Dwight and Ruth Evelyn Miller (12 Feb 1955)
Pflanzer, Merrill Frank and Myrtle Christina Humpert (28 Nov 1928)
Pflanzer, Rebecca Lynn and Robert Armstrong (24 Sep 1983)
Pflanzer, Richard Llewellyn and Mary Lou Carr (12 Apr 1982)
Pflanzer, Richard Llewellyn and Priscilla Johnson
Pflanzer, Vivian Diane and Tim Brown (26 May 1979)
Phares, Ann and William Avery Noland (01 Jan 1838)
Phares, Samuel and Sarah Ann Noland (05 Feb 1840)
Phelps, Connie Ann and Gerard Sherrill Noland
Phillips, Charles H. and Mary Josephine Nolen (30 Oct 1860)
Phillips, Edna Mary and Oscar Augustus Thomas (20 Jan 1924)
Phillips, Frank and Elenora Noland
Phillips, James Earl and Elizabeth Gaile Noland
Phillips, Jesse M and Mary Jane Archibald (08 May 1861)
Phillips, John David Jr. and Jennifer Marie Swafford (04 Jun 1965)
Piburn, Dick M. and Martha M. Pearson (09 Aug 1932)
Piburn, Dorothy May and Joseph A. Zacher (06 Jun 1953)
Piburn, Franklin and Elizabeth Griffin
Piburn, George Marion and Mae D. Rogers (24 Jun 1901)
Piburn, Glenn Marion and Augusta Maxine Jones (25 Dec 1929)
Piburn, Grant L. and Edith R. Chamberlain (Mar 1920)
Piburn, Helen Genell and Jack Everet Boyce (12 Jun 1920)
Piburn, Helen Genell and Robert Barnes
Piburn, Isaac E. and Ada M. Blackmore (30 Aug 1911)
Piburn, James and Bessie Corbin
Piburn, James and Ida Elgin
Piburn, John Logan and Ann Eliza Malott (28 Apr 1870)
Piburn, Linnet Lee and Leonard M. Dawson (1943)
Piburn, Louise Katherine and John Reuben Sharp (16 May 1928)
Piburn, Margaret Louise and George W. Berry (09 May 1951)
Piburn, Mildred Elgin and Fredrick Chester Pridgen (15 Aug 1931)
Piburn, Russell Logan and Nellie Bryan (22 Aug 1935)
Piburn, Sallie Lee and John Edward Hughes (30 Aug 1911)
Piburn, Sidney and L. M. Marquis (12 Dec 1956)
Piburn, Sidney and Virginia Robinson
Piburn, Simon Clement Neely and Dora Russell (27 Nov 1895)
Piburn, Thelma Mae and Lawrence Edgar Smith (17 Mar 1917)
Piburn, Walter Clement and Eva Kathleen Olson (14 Sep 1923)
Pierce, James Augustus and Kimmie Lou Davis (1920)
Pierce, William and Velma Nolen (21 Oct 1904)
Pike, Xxxx and Lola Adna Barker
Pipes, Ella Norwood and Clark Griffith Dumas (11 Oct 1931)
Pipes, Windsor and Dalton Tazette Moore (19 Dec 1899)
Pippenger, Clarence Jr. and Wilma Ann Brown (01 Dec 1972)
Pitcher, Andrew Morgan and Sellia M. Simes (1885)
Pitcher, Anne Eliza and Hiram Mcintyre (1887)
Pitcher, Elizabeth and Henry "Trusty" Noland (11 Jan 1826)
Pitcher, Elizabeth and Henry "Trusty" Noland (11 Jan 1826)
Pitcher, Fannie A. and Harry Griffith
Pitcher, Henrietta and Thomas Harrington (08 Jan 1826)
Pitcher, Hiram and Eliza Harrington (08 Jan 1837)
Pitcher, James Morgan and Angeline Noland (20 Jan 1834)
Pitcher, James Morgan and Angeline Noland (20 Jan 1834)
Pitcher, Mary Jane and William Redmon (1854)
Pitcher, Morgan and Henrietta Noland (22 Oct 1802)
Pitcher, Nannie E. and Owen G. Long
Pitcher, Sarah and Andrew Jackson Noland (20 Jan 1834)
Pitcher, Smallwood and Bettie F. Hughes (1867)
Pitcher, Susan E. and William A. Noland (22 Dec 1867)
Pitcher, Thetis Clark and Aaron McMonegal Noland (16 Aug 1853)
Pitcher, Thetis Clark and Aaron McMonegal Noland (16 Aug 1853)
Pitcher, Thomas and Nancy Parrish (03 Jan 1828)
Plazza, Nat and Myra Ruth Noland
Plazza, Nathaniel Noland and Shirley White
Plemmons, Caney and Mattie Noland
Plough, Charlcie and Charlie Gordon Barker
Plowman, Carol Amber and Luther Milton Jr Noland
Plowman, Memosa Lynn and Melvin Dennis Kilpatrick
Plowman, Xxxx and Vivian Inez Noland
Poche, Dr. James Alexander Jr. and Glynes Kay "Missy" Westh (05 Sep 1964)
Poehlar, Edward and Alice Edith Sipes
Pogue, Ena and Jessie Simpson Sipes
Poindexter, Charles Archie and Sandra Fay Owens (15 Jun 1964)
Poindexter, Stacey Denise and James Deon Sims
Polk, Mabel Marie Vanderbogart and Stephen A. Noland (15 Aug 1900)
Polk, Prudence Carolyn and William Noland (09 Oct 1859)
Pollack, Carl John and Anna Kathleen Carr (28 Feb 1945)
Pollack, Carl John Jr. and Billie Senker (12 Apr 1975)
Pollack, Carl John Jr. and Carol Marie Cummings (1969)
Pollack, Christine Louise and Chuck Eagan
Pollack, Christine Louise and Don Gray
Pollack, Steven Michael and Sue Laurie (1974)
Poor, John and Minnie E. Noland (26 Aug 1894)
Pope, Cephise and Robert Maxwell Davis (circa 1940)
Porter, Adrienne and James Noland (19 Apr 1941)
Potter, George and Lucinda Clementine Russell
Potts, Frances Viola and William Dodge jr (--?--) Bard (18 Apr 1925)
Potts, Joseph T. dr. (--?--) and Mary Louise Parks Nolen (Apr 1913)
Powell, Caroline and Andrew Jackson Chambers
Powell, Jeff and Tracey Kristen Lawrence (29 Nov 1985)
Powell, Mary and Pierce Noland
Powell, Mary Nancy Whiting and Lloyd Noland
Poyas, Fannie and Robert Noland
Pratt, Morris and Malinda Harriet Hutson
Price, George W. and Mary A. Samantha Nolen
Price, William Jefferson and Bertha Birdie Noland (1940)
Pridgen, Fredrick Chester and Mildred Elgin Piburn (15 Aug 1931)
Pridmore, Miriam Noland and Clint Youngblood
Pridmore, Simon Claude and Miriam Jane Noland
Prigg, Martha and Alonzo Noland
Prindle, Glen Arden and Elizabeth De Gui (12 Mar 1913)
Prindle, Harrison and Della Chambers (17 Nov 1886)
Proctor, Alex and Elenora Noland
Proctor, Mary and Samuel Clay Noland
Proctor, Mary Ann and Thomas Noland (02 Feb 1795)
Profitt, Sally and Smallwood Valentine Noland (03 Jul 1823)
Pugh, Edward Liberty and Marjorie Lucille Williamson (02 May 1943)
Puhl, Frank and Vera Ophelia Noland
Puhl, Frank Henry Jr. and Audrey Ann Wilson
Puhl, Raymond Noland and Barbara Anne Bletcher
Purkey, Jeri and Mark Stephen Gentry (28 Aug 1982)
Putnam, William and Sarah Noland
Quarles, Frances and Francis Callender Noland
Queen, James L. and Mary Noland
Quinn, Nancy B. and Philip N. Kaigler
Rachal, Robley Glenn and Jerrie Ann Noland (28 Feb 1970)
Ragland, Robert V. and Ruth Truman Noland (1898)
Ragusa, Samuel Joseph and Sandra Nell Brister
Rainey, Martha and John Richard Noland (13 Nov 1883)
Raintree, Julian and Shasta Joy Gomez (Jun 1979)
Rairden, Xxxx and Effie Carr
Ramsey, Judith and Edmund Berkeley
Ramsey, Mattie Amarillis and James George Washington Noland (12 Apr 1886)
Randall, William and Charlotte Louise Chambers (19 Feb 1947)
Rankin, Wylie Clifford and Dianne Amanda "Mandy" Lee (26 Dec 1975)
Rathjen, Fred Albert and Melba Elizabeth Noland (16 Aug 1930)
Rathjen, Shirla Jean and Jerry Thomas Howard
Rathjen, Shirla Jean and William Eric Penney
Rathjen, Shirla Jean and William Perry Herring III McFaddin
Rauscher, Sara and Walter Edwin jr (--?--) Stevens (24 Jun 1936)
Ray, Jack Eugene and June Noland (25 Mar 1951)
Rayfield, Lillard and Everett Pearl Noland
Reagan, Jim and Sherolyn Kay Carter
Reaves, Inez and Jackson Wilson Nolen
Rebsamen, Paul Scott and Maxie Layne Lee (14 Jul 1979)
Rector, Susie and Baxter Noland
Redford, Mary Frances and William Jefferson Nolen (Sep 1874)
Redmon, William and Mary Jane Pitcher (1854)
Redmond, Esther M. and Jacob Russel Burnett (02 Feb 1921)
Reed, Eva Cordelia and Alden Shipp dr (--?--) Bordwell (10 Jun 1931)
Reed, Leona Marie and Prentiss Daviss (1921)
Reed, Margaret Long and Oscar Menees Thompson (30 May 1970)
Reed, Wallace Keith and Deborah Kay Stokley (10 Jan 1981)
Reese, James McDonald and Sarah Barker (31 Jul 1856)
Reese, Richard and Florence Dudley Lake
Reeves, Etta Angeline and David Russell Noland (11 Mar 1892)
Register, Grace and Isaac Russell Nolen
Reuille, Velma Rose and Aldean Sheldon Orcutt (07 Sep 1935)
Revette, Debra Jane and Robert Herbert Carter Jr.
Reymond, William Gene and Madeline Richardson Noland (16 Jun 1950)
Reynaud, Camille and Iveson Batchelor Noland (07 Dec 1915)
Reynolds, Ceanie Mae and George Noel Noland (30 Jan 1926)
Reynolds, Lucy L. and Bedford Tuggle
Reynolds, Nancy and Stephen Nolen (22 Jul 1820)
Rhea, Caroline and Allen Noland (22 Aug 1852)
Rheaume, Ed and Chris Nolan
Rhodes, Edith and Virgil Bybee
Rice, Anna Alden and Joseph Shipp Bordwell (20 Sep 1903)
Rice, C. E. and Bettie Nolen
Rice, Charles Andrew and Martha Jane "Mattie" Nolen (1895)
Rice, Charles Thomas and Emma Josephine Noland (11 Jun 1877)
Rice, Fannie Margaret and Berry Franklin Noland (28 Feb 1895)
Rice, Fannie Margaret and Berry Franklin Noland (28 Feb 1895)
Rice, Lou E. and Albert B. Tuggle
Rice, Marietta and Bedford Tuggle
Rice, Neva and Herbert Leroy Chambers (24 Apr 1943)
Rice, Robert D. and Emma F. Noland (25 Jun 1891)
Rice, W. L. and Elizabeth Webb
Richard, Heide and Amadee Wade Noland
Richard, Xxxx and Jessie Russell Smallwood
Richards, Harvey and Teresa Marie Cook (Jul 1984)
Richards, Lilla and Thomas Jefferson jr (--?--) Nolen (21 Sep 1898)
Richardson, Amanda Rosalie and Amadee Wade Noland (02 Jun 1915)
Richardson, Clyde and Flora Etta Noland
Richardson, Flossie and Luther Price Noland (03 Mar 1922)
Richardson, Johnny and Ida Noland (23 Dec 1909)
Richhart, Mable C. and Harry O. Noland (27 Oct 1906)
Richhart, Ruth and John Or James Leo rev (--?--) Noland (05 Dec 1910)
Richmond, Anna and James Smallwood Nolan (18 Jul 1847)
Richmond, James and Ova Sue Noland (1932)
Rickner, Gertrude and Edgar A. Noland (02 Jan 1917)
Riddle, Julia and Jesse B. Turley (1822)
Ridgeway, Ethel and Hoyt Bridges (1930)
Riegle, Mary Ida and Richard Archibald Clegg (07 May 1898)
Rier, Paul and Elenora Noland
Riggs, Judith Virginia and James Lesley Parker (08 Jul 1961)
Riley, Dave and Peggy Jean Berry
Riley, Elizabeth Nell and Pershing Lawrence Balding
Riley, Xxxx and Ora or Ara Noland
Ringgold, Lucretia and Charles Fenton Mercer Noland (12 Dec 1840)
Ringler, Maurice and Frances Ann Noland
Rinker, Xxxx and Alice Noland
Robb, Benjamin and Stella Shaw
Robb, Gladys and Francis Moulton
Robbins, Lewis and Alta Noland
Roberts, Chloe and Willie Cornish Smith (01 Mar 1957)
Roberts, David I. and Douglas Ann Mccurley (19 Aug 1961)
Roberts, Dick and Irene Noland
Robertson, Claude and Elizabeth Bridges
Robertson, Crystal Helen and Ralph Eugene Carr (29 Aug 1947)
Robertson, Elton and Katie Senus Nolen
Robinette, Samuel and Margaret Barker (08 Jun 1843)
Robinson, Beulah and Horace Reader Thomas
Robinson, Cynthia Catherine and James Marion Nolen (03 Jan 1865)
Robinson, Dana and Thomas Fred Jr. Noland
Robinson, Lahue and Peral Edith Salyards
Robinson, Lizzie and Marion Hollis Nolen (circa 1917)
Robinson, Robert and Elizabeth Ladoska Noland (03 Nov 1884)
Robinson, Trannie "Mollie" and Isaac M. Noland (15 Nov 1884)
Robinson, Virginia and Sidney Piburn
Robinson, Virginia Ann and Ralph Elvin Noland (23 Aug 1950)
Robles, Xxxx and Daine Noland
Rodriguez, Andrea and Frank Johnston Nolen (23 Sep 1967)
Roe, Willie and Robert Wickley Noland (01 Oct 1932)
Rogers, B. C. and Velma Ann Myers
Rogers, Celia and J. William Noland
Rogers, Cora A. and Wiley B. Noland
Rogers, Georgia and M. C. Noland
Rogers, Jennie and George Noland
Rogers, Joe and Loucinda Noland
Rogers, Mae D. and George Marion Piburn (24 Jun 1901)
Rogers, Maggie M. and Robert Burton Noland (05 Nov 1851)
Rogers, Narcissus Caroline and Riley Noland (25 Sep 1869)
Rogers, Nicholas Powers and Mathilda Noland (03 Mar 1837)
Rogers, Teresa and Paul Dwayne Noland (09 Aug 1972)
Rogers, Tom and Buz Noland
Rognley, Xxxx and Lillian Hay
Romero, Dewey and Mary Alice Noland
Ronsheim, Edward J. and Helen Rhea Noland (11 Jul 1916)
Ronsheim, Edward J. jr (--?--) and Gay Badgley (10 Apr 1937)
Ronsheim, Edward J. jr (--?--) and Marge Stamper (25 Jul 1947)
Ronsheim, Rosemary and John William Scales (23 Apr 1949)
Rose, Don and Miriam Wharton
Rose, Sarah F. and Basil D. Nolen (08 Mar 1875)
Rose, Tory Wilous and Betty Arlene Stokley (25 Sep 1964)
Rosencutter, Mary Dell and Philip Carver Noland
Ross, Mabel Ella and Charles Franklin Noland
Ross, William and Sally Noland (02 Jul 1802)
Rottman, Alice Marie and James Bennett Noland
Roudebush, Donna and Lawrence Earl "Larry" jr (--?--) Noland
Rucker, Joe and Lucy Mcguire
Rucker, John T. and Susan Catherine Noland
Rucker, Susan Catherine and Shell Whitton (04 Feb 1897)
Rucker, Virginia and Jody Irvin
Rucker, Virginia and Jody Irvin
Rudis, Dena and William Arthur Noland
Ruff, Bedford and Mourning Noland
Ruffin, Julian Dr. (--?--) and Lucy Landon Noland
Ruiz, Edward Mitchel and Mildred Estelle Smith (1923)
Rummel, May and Lloyd Francis Thomas (1931)
Russel, Lyda Or Alidia and Stephen Noland (18 Mar 1803)
Russel, Nancy and Brazelton Noland (27 Dec 1824)
Russel, Peggy Margaret and James Noland (27 Jul 1801)
Russell, Charles and Elizabeth Noland (04 May 1791)
Russell, Clara Ellen and Ed Ferguson
Russell, Connie Louise and Charles Lowell Brown (23 Oct 1948)
Russell, Dora and Simon Clement Neely Piburn (27 Nov 1895)
Russell, Frances Or Sarah Elizabeth and William Noland (1828)
Russell, Jennie M. and Caleb Noland Smallwood (03 Dec 1882)
Russell, John and Rachael Martin (14 Nov 1837)
Russell, Lucinda Clementine and George Potter
Russell, Mary E. and rev (--?--) Talbot
Russell, Prior Melvin and Alice Adelia Mccormick
Russell, Prior Melvin and Lucy Webster
Russell, Rebecca and William Shaw (circa 1860)
Russell, William and Elizabeth Martin (17 Mar 1839)
Russell, Wilson and Alice Lucas
Russell, Xxxx and Anna Scott
Rutherford, Anna Moe and Rodney Allen Parker
Ryals, Edna and Albert Hardy Nolen
Ryan, Julia and Deforest Moody Nolen
Ryan, Noland Haynes and Eugenia Pafe (22 Jun 1946)
Ryan, Oswald and Rebecca Bethany Noland (01 Jul 1918)
Ryan, Rachael Leonora and William Jefferson Montgomery (01 Jul 1944)
Safford, Mary and Stephen Noland Tucker (06 Jan 1870)
Sagacy, Sarah and Henderson M. Noland (24 Sep 1852)
Saks, Sharon Beth and Roger Allen Barker (19 Mar 1989)
Salyards, Edward M. and Eleanor Nolan Anderson (28 Nov 1867)
Salyards, Nolen Jacobs and Blanche Mcclung
Salyards, Nolen Jacobs and Esther Hunt
Salyards, Peral Edith and Lahue Robinson
Salyards, Roy Guy and Lora Tomas (09 Nov 1910)
Salyards, William Edward and Katie V. Norton (1891)
Samford, Frank and Xxxx Noland
Samson, Charles Clifford and Carol Anne Gaudin (24 Feb 1962)
Samson, Clifford Joseph and Dorothy Louise Smith (17 Dec 1932)
Samson, Patricia Anne and James Robert Tucker (13 Feb 1954)
Sanders, Barbara Estelle and Julian Eugene Ware Jr. (15 Feb 1919)
Sanders, Claude and Ada Noland
Sanders, Jay D. and Betty Mae Fulton (08 Jul 1950)
Sanders, John D. and Martha Luvona Nolen (14 Dec 1884)
Sanders, Laura and John William Thomas
Sanders, Sallie E. and William Parrish Ware (24 Aug 1896)
Sanders, Vicki Lynn and Clarke Mcrae Williams Jr. (21 Jul 1979)
Sanford, Woodrow Wilson and Willie Ruth Johnson
Saucier, Bernard Noland and Lea D'Vaux (03 Mar 1964)
Saucier, Earl Noland and Jennie Blanche Connelly (28 Aug 1933)
Saucier, Lucius Washington and Anna Elizabeth "Annelise" Noland
Saucier, Xxxx and Ruth Louise Noland
Sauder, Catherine and Robert Noland Shoemaker
Saunders, Barbara and James Noland (26 Dec 1774)
Scales, John William and Rosemary Ronsheim (23 Apr 1949)
Schexnaydre, Barry Joseph and Amy Catherine Wilson
Schiafone, Floyd M. and Betty Dean Kilpatrick
Schlosser, Marjorie and Lloyd Allen Wakeman (20 Dec 1952)
Schneider, Hyrum and Elmira Noland
Schoonover, Carolyn Gay and Wayne Randal Clegg (24 Jun 1984)
Schovee, Steven Winslow and Allison Head
Schrenker, Paul E. and Phyllis O'Neill (1952)
Schroeder, Carrie and Martin Russell Shaw
Scott, Anna and Xxxx Russell
Scott, Annie Gertrude Bradley and Lonnie Jefferson Woods (09 Sep 1950)
Scott, Joan and R. Gene Brumfield (12 Sep 1948)
Scott, Marisa Jane and Hiram Stephen Nolen (08 Dec 1836)
Scott, Morton P. Dr (--?--) and Elizabeth Ann Noland (10 Apr 1901)
Scott, Walter and Sarah Melissa Noland (03 Aug 1859)
Scrivener, Sally Or Sarah Ann and Wesley Tilford Noland (14 Nov 1843)
Sears, Ralph and Elizabeth Irene Tamm
Sears, Ralph Howard and Betty Peters
Sebrell, Lucy and Henry D. Noland (1869)
Seguin, Mary Katherine and James Elton Nolan (02 Oct 1970)
Seguin, Sharon Elaine and Bobby Earl Nolan (16 May 1969)
Seibold, Xxxx and Clara Barton Whitaker
Self, Mary B. and Sanford T. Noland (26 Sep 1882)
Sellers, Cecil and Doris Brown
Sellers, Christine and E. G. Windham
Sellers, Christine and Lyle Neal
Sellers, D. K. and Julie Mae Daviss
Sellers, Gracie Lee and Lee Free
Sellers, Kathryn and Curtis Kelly
Sellers, Mary Ellen and Jack Smith
Sellers, Paul E. and Faye Hickman
Sellers, Sarah Frances and Robert Jefferson Noland
Sellers, Sarah Frances and Robert Jefferson Noland
Sellers, Thomas Robert and Mary Ann Noland
Sellers, Vashti and Albert Abner Nolen (01 Dec 1829)
Sells, Anna Lois and Mark Charles Shoptaugh
Sells, James Barron and Myrtle Lois Wilson (06 Jun 1956)
Senker, Billie and Carl John Jr. Pollack (12 Apr 1975)
Senters, Glenn Allen and Barbara Ann Noland (21 Nov 1962)
Sexton, Xxxx and Ida Smallwood
Shaddix, George W. and Sarah Caroline "Sally" Nolen (Feb 1900)
Shane, James "Jim" Elmer Jr. and Georgene Brewer (16 Dec 1967)
Shanks, David Eugene and Marsha Lynn Nichols (25 Nov 1966)
Sharp, John Reuben and Louise Katherine Piburn (16 May 1928)
Sharp, Minnie Harriet and Barney Richard Barker (17 Mar 1895)
Sharpton, Rita Jean and Jerry Wayne Noland (19 Feb 1968)
Shaw, Agnes and Clarence Tresslar Worsley (05 Sep 1922)
Shaw, Elmer Lee and Effie Branch
Shaw, Eugene Russell and Ruth Hartley
Shaw, Lewis Martin and Agnes Kerds
Shaw, Martin Russell and Carrie Schroeder
Shaw, Pamela Hale and Randy Philip Nolan (19 Apr 1986)
Shaw, Rastus and Icie L. Nolen
Shaw, Stella and Benjamin Robb
Shaw, Stella and William Golden
Shaw, William and Rebecca Russell (circa 1860)
Shaw, Xxxx and Nancy C. Noland
Sheals, Martha Ann and Stephen Nolen (24 Mar 1835)
Shelton, Edwin and Chessie Gale (1923)
Shelton, Jean and Ralph Craig (1944)
Sherman, George L. and Almyra Noland (circa 1850)
Sherndon, Amanda or Arminda and Thomas Van Buren Lock
Sherrill, Mildred and James Lester Noland
Shivers, Eula Virginia and Willie Albert Chester Noland (11 Oct 1897)
Shoemaker, Gath Noland and Naomi Xxxx
Shoemaker, Gath Noland and Ruth Linthicum
Shoemaker, Holden and Joyce Stewart
Shoemaker, Holden and Mary Wakefield
Shoemaker, Hurst and Cecilia Vaughan
Shoemaker, Karl Merz and Dorothy Gossett Bruce
Shoemaker, Karl Merz and Lois Hurst (01 Aug 1906)
Shoemaker, Robert Noland and Catherine Sauder
Shoemaker, Stephen Bruce and Francis Xxxx
Shoemaker, Stephen Bruce and Margie Bridges
Shoemaker, Sylvester and Nancy Jane Noland (03 Aug 1881)
Shoptaugh, Mark Charles and Anna Lois Sells
Shores, Jerry B. and Peggy Lou Nelson (06 Oct 1951)
Shultz, James Lawson and Laura Jane Noland
Shupack, Susan Elaine and Rodney Allen Chamberlain (25 Sep 1982)
Sibley, Leona and Adrian James Noland (30 May 1951)
Silver, James and Milie Noland
Silvey, Marie Lilly and Herman Dalton Noland (18 Jul 1951)
Silvio, Jerome Joseph and Betty Claire Haley
Simes, Sellia M. and Andrew Morgan Pitcher (1885)
Simmans, David J. and Amanda Boggs Turley
Simpson, Jimmy and Martha Carolyn Noland
Simpson, Richard French and Louisa Noland
Sims, James Deon and Stacey Denise Poindexter
Sims, Martha and Elijah Franklin Smallwood
Sims, Oselene Andrew and Charles Douglas Nolen (30 Jan 1955)
Sinclair, Emmitt and Sarah Elizabeth Kee
Singletary, Barbee Allen and Louis Todd Edmonds
Singletary, Clifford Barrow and Stacey Holland
Singletary, Dorsey Ellen and Leonard Malcolm Peek
Singletary, John Noland and Janice Davis
Singletary, Juliet Dorsey and Malcolm Stewart Dougherty
Singletary, Penelope Burden and Henry Kingkade Miller
Singletary, Thomas John and Juliet Dorsey Noland (19 Jul 1916)
Singletary, Thomas Puller and Barbara Thomas
Singletary, Thomas Puller and Clara "Mitzi" Burden
Sipes, Alice Edith and B.h. Barnhart
Sipes, Alice Edith and Edward Poehlar
Sipes, Alice Edith and Logan Smith
Sipes, Becky Jane and Nelson Campbell
Sipes, Enoch Russell and Nancy Jane Lynn (02 Feb 1875)
Sipes, Harry E. and Anna Diehl
Sipes, Jessie Simpson and Ena Pogue
Sipes, John Simpson and Irene Hastings
Sipes, Liza Ann and Andrew Perry
Sipes, Mabel Kiva and Harry Allen
Sipes, Mabel Kiva and Lee Fisher
Sipes, Mary Kiby and Stanley Fender
Sipes, Mary Kiby and Xxxx Cox
Sipes, Nathan and Sally Noel
Sipes, William and Lydia Smallwood (02 Oct 1843)
Sipes, William and Lydia Smallwood (02 Oct 1843)
Sipes, William and Rebecca Smallwood (18 Aug 1858)
Sipes, William and Rebecca Smallwood (18 Aug 1858)
Sitgreaves, John S. and Elizabeth Jackson Noland (circa 1835)
Skelton, Larry Daniel and Virginia Gwendolyn Noland
Skidmore, Mary Catherine and Morton Nolan (25 Oct 1881)
Skimmerhorn, Mary Jane and Oliver Mclahan Smallwood
Skinner, Joseph and Mary Noland (22 Aug 1787)
Skinner, Martin Ray and Domita Rose Smith (09 Jun 1967)
Slater, Nettie E. and George E. Kaigler
Slay, Bessie Eugenia and William Max Noland
Slayback, Mary Elizabeth and Claude Clarence Noland (26 Aug 1923)
Sliger, Richard and Gladys Ann Clegg (16 Jun 1939)
Slinkard, Ida Conner and William Russell Smallwood
Sloat, Jesse and Emma Davis
Sloss, Joann and Harry Burnell Noland (18 May 1956)
Smallwood, Alexander and Cascinda Zike (23 Oct 1850)
Smallwood, Alexander F. and Mary A. Bruner (31 Jul 1864)
Smallwood, Alexander F. and Mary Jane Lowery (14 Sep 1875)
Smallwood, Alexander T. and Elizabeth Lemon (30 Dec 1860)
Smallwood, Annie Rosella and Lewis Morgan (12 Nov 1912)
Smallwood, Arthur Russell and Ruth Crucius (18 Jul 1931)
Smallwood, Caleb and Elizabeth Jane Wright Baugh (12 Dec 1868)
Smallwood, Caleb and Matilda Zike (26 Feb 1844)
Smallwood, Caleb Noland and Jennie M. Russell (03 Dec 1882)
Smallwood, Casinda Zike and Xxxx Sweeden
Smallwood, Claude C. and Mary Bennett (24 Dec 1904)
Smallwood, Edgar Noland and Amanda Fritz
Smallwood, Edgar Noland and Lena Xxxxx
Smallwood, Edgar Noland and Minnie Bennett
Smallwood, Elijah and Molly Howe
Smallwood, Elijah and Nancy Tucker (circa 1846)
Smallwood, Elijah and Sally McHorney (28 Apr 1829)
Smallwood, Elijah and Sarah Or Sallie Mckee
Smallwood, Elijah Franklin and Martha Sims
Smallwood, Eliza and George W. Anderson (25 Dec 1849)
Smallwood, Elizabeth and William Carr (27 Sep 1874)
Smallwood, Elizabeth Fay and Russell Jackson
Smallwood, Elizabeth Isabelle and Abe Heibert
Smallwood, Elizabeth Isabelle and Claude Smith
Smallwood, Elizah Alexander and Lucy McLahan
Smallwood, Enoch A. and Margaret Ellen Woodcock (1876)
Smallwood, Enoch and Mary Xxxx (after 1855)
Smallwood, Enoch and Rose Freeman
Smallwood, Enoch and Sarah Butcher (27 Nov 1837)
Smallwood, Enoch and Sarah Clark Bruner (20 Dec 1866)
Smallwood, Ethel Gordon and Daniel Mathias Burke (1926)
Smallwood, Eugene and Louise Xxxx
Smallwood, Frances Maud Myrtle and Xxxx Morgan (20 Nov 1913)
Smallwood, Frank and Dollie White
Smallwood, Gladys and Warren Bevington
Smallwood, Hazel Tucker and Sarah Alice Taylor
Smallwood, Henrietta and Daniel Noland (1738)
Smallwood, Ida and Frank Jones
Smallwood, Ida and William Bruce
Smallwood, Ida and Xxxx Sexton
Smallwood, Iva Pearl and Xxxx Abel
Smallwood, Jacob and Cynthia Stewart (28 Oct 1869)
Smallwood, James Earl and Leora Barton
Smallwood, Jessie Russell and Xxxx Richard
Smallwood, John Byron and Anna C. Helfrich
Smallwood, John Byron and Bertha Smith (circa 1894)
Smallwood, Kathryn Pearl and Willis Wodsworth Stogsdill
Smallwood, Kay J. and Virginia Holt (23 Aug 1952)
Smallwood, Levi Arthur and Mary Batman (19 Apr 1899)
Smallwood, Levi Russell and Clarinda Victoria Bell (07 Jun 1893)
Smallwood, Lillie Viola and Harry Henson (1920)
Smallwood, Lucinda Or Cynthia J. and John H. Kinnaman (08 Aug 1880)
Smallwood, Lydia and William Sipes (02 Oct 1843)
Smallwood, Lydia and William Sipes (02 Oct 1843)
Smallwood, Margaret Jane and William Henry Taylor (05 Aug 1869)
Smallwood, Mary and Ledstone Noland (1801)
Smallwood, Mary and Ledstone Noland (20 Feb 1801)
Smallwood, Mary Ellen and William Henry Stewart
Smallwood, Mary Madella and Isaac Bridwell (29 Aug 1883)
Smallwood, Mary Pearl "Dot" and Henry Cazee
Smallwood, Maudlene and John Mcpike
Smallwood, Nancy Ann and Jesse Noland (09 Dec 1849)
Smallwood, Nathaniel and Lucy Tucker
Smallwood, Noble J. and Bessie Payne
Smallwood, Oliver Mclahan and Mary Jane Skimmerhorn
Smallwood, Ora Pearl and Grant Wineinger
Smallwood, Ralph Andrew and Lou Mercer
Smallwood, Rebecca and William Sipes (18 Aug 1858)
Smallwood, Rebecca and William Sipes (18 Aug 1858)
Smallwood, Rebecca Ann and Franklin E. Winslow (20 Jun 1885)
Smallwood, Rebecca Ann and William Brewster
Smallwood, Rebecca Ann and William Nichols
Smallwood, Robert B. dr (--?--) and Leatha Jensen (30 Jun 1928)
Smallwood, Ruth and Ortha Olice Hall (02 Jan 1919)
Smallwood, Sadie Mae and Jesse Mcdonald (24 Aug 1909)
Smallwood, Samuel and Miriam Duncan (05 Mar 1871)
Smallwood, Sarah E. and John H. Kinnaman (14 Dec 1884)
Smallwood, Sarah Eliza and William Tamm
Smallwood, Susanah and Stephen II (--?--) Noland (1745)
Smallwood, Vina and Xxxx Parkins
Smallwood, Viola and John Cornel Ferguson (06 May 1903)
Smallwood, Viola and Marvin Chamberlain (24 Nov 1923)
Smallwood, William and Eleanor "Nellie" Noland (24 Nov 1810)
Smallwood, William M. and Elizabeth Woodward
Smallwood, William Russell and Ida Conner Slinkard
Smith, A. Clement and Myrtle T. Xxxx
Smith, Amanda and Jefferson Vermont Nolen (19 Sep 1882)
Smith, Ann Eliza and William Burke Heath (circa 1866)
Smith, Bertha and John Byron Smallwood (circa 1894)
Smith, Calvin S. and Hannah E. Noland (21 Jan 1852)
Smith, Cecil A. and Martha Carolyn Eggli (15 Sep 1943)
Smith, Charles A. and Ersa Rhea Noland (04 Sep 1959)
Smith, Charles Elliot and Doris Annette Brown (28 Feb 1937)
Smith, Charles Elliot Jr. and Susan Odle (27 Jun 1966)
Smith, Charles Wesley Rev (--?--) and Mary Luella O'Byrne (13 Sep 1883)
Smith, Claude and Elizabeth Isabelle Smallwood
Smith, Cynthia White and William Noland Berkeley (18 Dec 1851)
Smith, David and Ella Alafare Bloomfield (07 Apr 1889)
Smith, David Eugene Sr. and Diane L. Dozois (31 Mar 1962)
Smith, Domita Rose and Martin Ray Skinner (09 Jun 1967)
Smith, Dorothy Allen and Edmund Berkeley (18 Apr 1936)
Smith, Dorothy Louise and Clifford Joseph Samson (17 Dec 1932)
Smith, Earl and Eva Hunt (09 Feb 1915)
Smith, Elizabeth Winn and Lloyd Noland (22 Jan 1829)
Smith, Emory H. and Alta Maud Tucker (02 Apr 1898)
Smith, Fannie J. Norwood and Jeremiah Nehemiah Noland (03 Nov 1910)
Smith, Gary Lyn and Pamela Jane Wilson
Smith, George April and Laura Belle Thomas (24 Apr 1884)
Smith, George Washington and Julia Carter
Smith, Ira Austin and Mary Eileen Love (12 Jul 1922)
Smith, Jack and Mary Ellen Sellers
Smith, Jacob and Savilda C. Bloomfield (08 Jan 1887)
Smith, James Blackwell and Anna Surritte
Smith, James Blackwell and Georgiann Meyers
Smith, John M. Clarke "Jackie" and Ameritta Victoria Nolen (07 Dec 1889)
Smith, John Preston and Sarah Neva Humpert (31 May 1930)
Smith, John Yorke and Elizabeth Eleanor Noland (01 Jan 1874)
Smith, Joseph and Armelda C. Bloomfield (18 Oct 1893)
Smith, Joseph and Lucinda Noland
Smith, Lady Belle and Albert Hughie Lee (1943)
Smith, Laura Lee and Charles East
Smith, Laura Lee and Xxxx Bradstreet
Smith, Lawrence Edgar and Thelma Mae Piburn (17 Mar 1917)
Smith, Leona and John Oscar Alef Wisdom (23 Jun 1930)
Smith, Leona and William Thomas (03 Dec 1910)
Smith, Lester and Edna Stockman
Smith, Leva Olive and W. L. Maulsby (09 Aug 1911)
Smith, Lilua Jones and Thomas Edgar Noland
Smith, Logan and Alice Edith Sipes
Smith, Lorenzo Bolis Vernoit and Anna Althea Thomas
Smith, Lorenzo Bolis Vernoit and Emma May Thomas (07 Feb 1889)
Smith, Lydia Jane and William Jefferson Nolen (18 Dec 1850)
Smith, Mabel Laura and Willie Robert Balding (14 Dec 1907)
Smith, Maggie and Charlie T. Wise (26 Dec 1910)
Smith, Malinda "Lindy" and George Craig Noland (05 Mar 1885)
Smith, Margaret Ellen "Maggie" and Ernest Lee Nolen
Smith, Martha Jane and Stephen Kenneth Tucker (07 Sep 1914)
Smith, Mary and Stephen III (--?--) Nolen (circa 1775)
Smith, Mary Ann White and Hazard Perry Noland (21 Feb 1850)
Smith, Mildred Estelle and Edward Mitchel Ruiz (1923)
Smith, Mildred Estelle and Rupert Emil Bueto (circa 1932)
Smith, Norma Danton and George Noland (1895)
Smith, Ouida Elizabeth and Douglas Bennett Mccurley (12 Jun 1932)
Smith, Patricia Jane and Don Cox
Smith, Sarah Fern and Ward Bridges
Smith, Steven David and DeLana Lynn Moore (30 May 1996)
Smith, Thurston Byron and Sarah Ruth Pate
Smith, Velma Ethel and Vernon Dee Blank (05 Oct 1915)
Smith, W. E. and Ila O. Nolen
Smith, W.n.h. and Nancy Elizabeth Noland (30 Nov 1876)
Smith, Washington and Elizabeth Moore
Smith, Wilhelmina "Willie" and Valdemar Westh (09 May 1931)
Smith, William Henry and Sophia Bueneunan (circa 1866)
Smith, William Orestile and Stella Margaret Ware (13 Oct 1903)
Smith, Willie Cornish and Chloe Roberts (01 Mar 1957)
Smith, Wilma Mae and James Edward Hornung
Smith, Wilma Mae and Lloyd Callahan
Smith, Xxxx and Annie Eleanor Noland
Smith, Xxxx and Elizabeth Nolen
Smith, Xxxx and Eunice Louise Wilson
Snell, Addison and Lettie A. Nolan
Snell, Alonzo Wesley and Zettie Eunice Nolan (11 Dec 1902)
Snell, Arthur Russell and Audrey King
Snell, Bethel Mareda and Edward McGovern
Snell, Flossie Florence and Kelly Arnold
Snell, Norman and Cloah Stowers (12 Jan 1922)
Snell, Ralvue G. and Olive Bannon
Snell, Stella Marie and Losa Cleo Brown (04 Oct 1924)
Snider, Annie Mae and Clarence R. Carnathan
Snow, James Taft and Judith Mapes Lyman
Snyder, Charles E. and Virginia Ann Noland (12 Apr 1941)
Sohnly, Susan and Randall Wiley Noland (13 Oct 1984)
Sorensen, David and Judy Nolen
Sorensen, Paul and Roberta Nolen
Sorensen, Sally and Terry Weston
Soriano, Nango "Luis" and Judy Lee
South, Lillie Mae and Lonnie Jefferson Woods (25 Jan 1917)
Spall, Audra and Lee Benton Imel (14 May 1933)
Spangler, Xxxx and Vira Irene Noland
Sparks, Absolem and Susan Ann Turley
Sparks, Cora and Zander Sylvester Bloomfield
Sparks, Jim and Bettie Noland
Sparks, Myrtle and Luther Price Noland
Sparks, Susan and William Henry Noland (16 Sep 1875)
Spazzarotella, Carmen and Myrna Ann Spillman
Spears, Mary Eliza and Richard Smith Nolen (07 Nov 1857)
Spectser, Xxxx and Xxxx Noland
Spencer, Mary Elizabeth and William Evalcus Johnson (20 Feb 1900)
Spencer, Xxxx and Linda Hollis
Spiers, Mary Kathleen and Gerald James Noland (04 Feb 1963)
Spillman, Alice Louvenia and Pierce Andrew Noland (01 Oct 1902)
Spillman, Carl E. and Mary Whittington
Spillman, Cherrie and Darryl Windham
Spillman, Cherrie and William Tom Livingston
Spillman, Clifton L. and Addie Peterson (22 Jan 1937)
Spillman, Franklin Lee and Anna Vollie Noland (06 Aug 1912)
Spillman, Kay and Derrick Bigner
Spillman, Myrna Ann and Carmen Spazzarotella
Spillman, Myrtle and Spurgeon Netterville
Spillman, Nancy Jane and Aubry Loyd Kirkland (08 Mar 1968)
Spillman, Pearl and Robert E. Wall (13 Aug 1931)
Spillman, Sophronie "Donnie" and Van Avery Noland (28 Feb 1904)
Spillman, Sophronie Dorothy "Fronnie" and Henry Louis "Bud" Noland (20 Oct 1903)
Spillman, Thelma Jean and Charles John Lamoue
Spillman, William R. and Buddie Lockhart
Spivey, Provie and Harry Noland (18 Feb 1915)
Spring, Richard Thomas and Wanda Lee Noland (25 Aug 1962)
Spruiell, William Woodall and Janie Dell Noland
Squair, Elizabeth and Stephen Duty Noland
Sr., Hiram B. Standford, and Frances Nolen (30 Mar 1845)
Stacy, Ada Belle and Ansel David or Daniel Noland
Stacy, Ann and Shadrach "Shad" Noland
Stafford, Mary Angelia and Jeremiah Nehemiah Noland (04 Sep 1873)
Stafinak, Mary and Henry Appleton Federra (18 Sep 1948)
Stamper, Marge and Edward J. jr (--?--) Ronsheim (25 Jul 1947)
Stamps, James Edward and Evelyn Louise Bridges
Stanley, Martin Brown and Harriett Nolen (23 Aug 1848)
Stanley, Samuel A. and Mary "Molly" Ann Noland (05 Dec 1878)
Stanley, Samuel A. and Sallie Hackett Noland (02 Jun 1885)
Stapp, Annie and Philip Aubrey Noland (25 Jul 1866)
Starkey, Debra Sue and Charles Leo Noland (26 Feb 1977)
Starr, Charles and Laura Elizabeth Parker (13 Jun 1986)
Staton, Rachel and Amos Noland (13 Jun 1850)
Staton, Travers and Eva Lucille Towles
Stembridge, J. Ewell and Lucille Miriam McLean
Stembridge, Juanita and Xxxx Jones
Stembridge, Mae and Xxxx Kaley
Stephans, James P. and Nancy Caroline Brewer (30 Jul 1876)
Stephens, Allene Virginia and Albert Glenn Noland
Stephens, Emily Caroline and John Wesley Nolen (13 Oct 1865)
Stephens, Isaac Richard Castleberry and Mary C. Eliza Nolen (25 Jul 1867)
Stephenson, Rebecca and James Mason Collins
Sterling, Manola and James Philip Noland
Sterling, Wesley Dale and Sue Ellen Goolsby
Stevens, Adelaid Nichols and Henry Melton rev (--?--) Ware (24 Nov 1938)
Stevens, Walter Edwin and Helen Nichols (14 Apr 1913)
Stevens, Walter Edwin jr (--?--) and Sara Rauscher (24 Jun 1936)
Stevenson, Nancy S. and Lewis M. Noland (18 Oct 1836)
Steverson, John L. and Nancy Ellen Noland
Steverson, Lorena and Xxxx Grissom
Steverson, Stella and Xxxx Lackey
Stewart, Cynthia and Jacob Smallwood (28 Oct 1869)
Stewart, Joyce and Holden Shoemaker
Stewart, Lena and Pleasant Calvin Noland
Stewart, Robert and Margaret Elizabeth Nolen
Stewart, Simpson and Mary Alice Kilpatrick (22 Mar 1914)
Stewart, William Henry and Mary Ellen Smallwood
Stickells, Brenda Christine and Rodney Allen Parker (06 Jan 1968)
Stiff, Houston and Eva Nolen
Stimac, Agnes Pauline and James Olin Noland
Stites, Henry Johnson col (--?--) and Alice Catherine Beattie (16 Nov 1932)
Stockman, Cecil Preston and Edith Pearl Noland
Stockman, Edna and Lester Smith
Stogsdill, Willis Wodsworth and Kathryn Pearl Smallwood
Stokley, Betty Arlene and Tory Wilous Rose (25 Sep 1964)
Stokley, Deborah Kay and Wallace Keith Reed (10 Jan 1981)
Stokley, Everett and Hadie Williams (06 Aug 1941)
Stone, Della and Xxxx Lewis
Stone, Eva and Xxxx Goodman
Stone, Floyd and Essie Nolen (circa 1920)
Stone, Martha and William Nolen (circa 1830)
Stone, Mary Ella and Xxxx Kelly
Stoner, Gerald L. and Jean Noland (25 Jan 1947)
Story, Mary Elizabeth and Nehemiah Walter Noland (27 Feb 1921)
Stout, Chester and Shirley Mae Carrodine
Stowers, Cloah and Norman Snell (12 Jan 1922)
Stowers, Thomas Edward and Norma Jean Brown (11 Jun 1982)
Strahan, Judith Ann and Jerry Leon Bragg (21 Oct 1964)
Strahan, Lynda Joyce and Tommie Ray Thompson (01 Jun 1963)
Strahan, Merlan Virgil and Mary Blanche Noland (06 Jan 1933)
Strange, Amanda and Henry Charles (18 Jan 1872)
Strange, Amanda and William Townsend (06 May 1889)
Strange, Daniel and Liza Neal
Strange, Daniel and Mary Lena Colter
Strange, Daniel and Sallie Jane Charles
Strange, Edward W. and Sarah Noland (1846)
Strange, James S. and Elizabeth Townsend (12 Jan 1876)
Strange, John W. and Elizabeth Larison (circa 1869)
Strange, Margaret and James Townsend (27 Nov 1872)
Strange, Mary Ann and C. C. Hadden (01 May 1879)
Strange, Mary Ann and Jake Bush (24 Aug 1881)
Strange, Thomas and Elizabeth "Sis" Charles (03 Mar 1894)
Strange, Thomas and Lucinda King (20 Mar 1876)
Stratton, Laura S. and Michael Douglas Nolen (31 May 1980)
Straub, Patricia and Charles Louis Noland (01 May 1981)
Strawn, Juanita Lee and James Curtis Noland
Strickland, Grady Murr and Addie Clothilde Noland (10 May?)
Strickland, Mrytle Teal and Herbert N. Bridges Jr. (14 Nov 1953)
Strickland, Reba Mae and John Tom Netterville Jr. (10 Oct 1959)
Strong, Guy and Arlean Noland
Stuckey, Lewis and Dorcas Noland
Studer, Joshua Scott and Nicole Marie Nolen (15 Sep 1996)
Studle, Hoy Adair and Delores Rosemary Brown (30 Jun 1956)
Suber, Micajah and Elizabeth Jackson Noland (1832)
Sullivan, Billy and Marilyn Page Asbury
Sullivan, Margaret Elizabeth and Jeremiah N. Noland (19 Feb 1852)
Sullivan, Marsha Cobb and Marvin Stokes Kilpatrick
Sullivan, Mattie and John William Thomas (03 Mar 1901)
Sumerlin, Freddie and Kara Nanette Langlois
Summans, Benjamin and Louise Turley
Sumrall, Glenda Marlane and Ronald Clarence Fuentes (Jun 1966)
Surritte, Anna and James Blackwell Smith
Sutherland, Helen Wayland and Francis Lewis Berkeley (12 Jun 1937)
Sutherlin, Wanda and Vernon Paul Noland (11 Apr 1981)
Swafford, Angela Elizabeth and Charles Ray Yerby (16 Aug 1969)
Swafford, Eddie B. and Irene Woods Ware (23 Dec 1933)
Swafford, Jennifer Marie and Charles H. Lincoln (1983)
Swafford, Jennifer Marie and John David Phillips Jr. (04 Jun 1965)
Swafford, Marianne and Robert E. Cantu (05 Jan 1973)
Swartz, Miriam and Bobby Sanders Ware (22 Aug 1957)
Sweeden, Xxxx and Casinda Zike Smallwood
Swim, Roland and Mary H. Nolen
Swindal, Royston White and Mary Elizabeth Berry
Sykes, Clinton Everett and Wilma Ann Brown (17 Feb 1954)
Tabb, Elizabeth and Ivot Marty
Tabb, John McKenzie and Nina Carter
Tabb, John Prosser and Eleanor McKenzie
Tabb, Nellie and Harry Mc Bangs
Talbert, Kenneth and Martha Jane Noland (31 Aug 1946)
Talbot, rev (--?--) and Mary E. Russell
Tamm, Anna Marie and Rudolph Link
Tamm, Elizabeth Irene and Ralph Sears
Tamm, Finley Elijah and Ruth Fuller
Tamm, Fred Enoch and Wilma Nelson
Tamm, Molly Kelly and Henry Mcafee
Tamm, Robert Hershell and Rosemary Eckerty
Tamm, William and Sarah Eliza Smallwood
Tannett, Annie Ellen and George Nehemiah Noland (14 Dec 1891)
Tannett, Annie Ellen and George Nehemiah Noland (14 Dec 1891)
Tannett, John and Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Noland (30 Oct 1873)
Tannett, Jonnie Armande and John A. Gore (25 Dec 1894)
Tate, Bob G. and Bettie Gene Bollinger
Taylor, Benjamin and Sarah Frances Nolen
Taylor, Christina Sue and Price "Chip" III Flannery (27 Sep 1896)
Taylor, Mary Leota and John Joseph Noland (11 Jan 1939)
Taylor, Pearl and Henry Payne
Taylor, Robert and Carol Beth Balding
Taylor, Sarah Alice and Hazel Tucker Smallwood
Taylor, William Henry and Margaret Jane Smallwood (05 Aug 1869)
Taylor, Wright D. and Ruth Catherine Noland (1891)
Taylor, Zetta and Dillard Brown Williams
Teague, Will and Josephine Noland
Teague, William Lee and Mary Anna Glover (1904)
Teakle, Joshua and Mary C Nolen
Tedwick, Bernice and Victor Earp Derringer (Oct 1941)
Thies, Billy and Elenora Noland
Thomas, Allen Edgar and Doris May Noland (10 Sep 1938)
Thomas, Anna Althea and Lorenzo Bolis Vernoit Smith
Thomas, Anna Althea and William J. Knight (06 Oct 1889)
Thomas, Barbara and Thomas Puller Singletary
Thomas, Carl Cephas and Bessie M. Mitchell (12 Jul 1941)
Thomas, Carl Cephas and Lela Elizabeth Choate (1934)
Thomas, Cliffard and Leon Arcle Nolen (20 Jun 1912)
Thomas, Elihu "Hugh" Allen and Nora Alice Casey (1934)
Thomas, Elihu "Hugh" Allen and Ruby Xxxx
Thomas, Emma May and Lorenzo Bolis Vernoit Smith (07 Feb 1889)
Thomas, Harriet and Jackson Russell Noland (21 Jul 1852)
Thomas, Hattie Mae and James Gerald Noland
Thomas, Horace Reader and Beulah Robinson
Thomas, Isaac Francis and Rebecka Jane Gabbard (21 Dec 1893)
Thomas, John Ramsden and Nina Merle Johnson
Thomas, John William and Laura Sanders
Thomas, John William and Mattie Sullivan (03 Mar 1901)
Thomas, John William and Vina Boyd
Thomas, Laura Belle and George April Smith (24 Apr 1884)
Thomas, Lillie Lea and Alonzo Dr (--?--) Heffelman (after 1927)
Thomas, Lillie Lea and Palace DePriest (1906)
Thomas, Lloyd Francis and May Rummel (1931)
Thomas, Mary Ellen and Curt Edward Witty (30 Jul 1921)
Thomas, Opal Ruth and John Franklin King (08 Feb 1934)
Thomas, Oscar Augustus and Edna Mary Phillips (20 Jan 1924)
Thomas, Paul P.B. and Nancy Louise Williams (03 Jul 1942)
Thomas, Robert Edwin and Margaret Hammond (27 Jun 1886)
Thomas, S.L. and Victoria Noland
Thomas, Susan Elizabeth and Leonard Craig
Thomas, Wade Noland and Toni Grand
Thomas, William and Leona Smith (03 Dec 1910)
Thomas, William and Susan Margaret Mcguire (04 Aug 1865)
Thompson, Christine Percy and Shelby Main Harris (08 Jul 1972)
Thompson, Ima Jean and Jay Gibson Burnett (Nov 1927)
Thompson, Mary and John Bergin Noland
Thompson, Ola Mae and George Leroy Lee (23 Mar 1924)
Thompson, Oscar Menees and Laura Mains Noland (14 Aug 1947)
Thompson, Oscar Menees and Margaret Long Reed (30 May 1970)
Thompson, Tommie Ray and Lynda Joyce Strahan (01 Jun 1963)
Thompson, Tommy and D. A. Oslin
Thompson, Virginia and Bannus Hudson
Thornell, Elbert Smith and Sarah Ann Nolen (26 Dec 1887)
Thornell, Loveday Ann and Stephen Halloway Nolen (29 Dec 1878)
Thorpe, Margaret and Elbridge Noland
Tidmore, Beverly Anne and Rozelle T. Wilson
Tidmore, Gracie Dell and William Herman Noland (18 Aug 1932)
Tidmore, Royal and Beatrice Irene Noland
Tidmore, Royal S. Jr. and Treva Lee Davis
Tidwell, Hall W. and Kathryn Elizabeth Noland
Tigner, Amanda Caroline and Robert T. Ogden (14 Mar 1839)
Tigner, Amanda Caroline and W. L. Frazier
Tigner, Clark H. and Martha Louisa Xxxx
Tigner, Eliza Ellen and Lewis H. Bryan (25 Mar 1851)
Tigner, Eliza Ellen and Xxxx Harris
Tigner, Lydia Julia and Thomas Vaughan Noland (12 Jan 1859)
Tigner, Lydia Julia and Thomas Vaughan Noland (12 Jan 1859)
Tigner, Mary Louisa and Henry Johnson (07 Apr 1886)
Tigner, Mary Lydia and William Argyle Moore (30 Mar 1879)
Tigner, Sarah Jane and Joseph D. Womack (08 Jun 1851)
Tigner, William and Lydia Ellen Noland (06 Nov 1820)
Tigner, William Noland and Mary Eliza Palmer (22 May 1856)
Tiller, Ken and Betty Lou Noland
Timmons, Alla and Sherman DeHart Clegg (25 Dec 1895)
Tincher, John and Elizabeth Noland (29 Jul 1811)
Tinchor, James and Susannah Noland (10 Nov 1812)
Tipton, Ida and Levi Lynch (27 Sep 1897)
Tipton, Louisa and William H. Alcorn
Tipton, Robert P. and Nannie Grant Lynch (29 Sep 1887)
Tjader, Alice D. and Harold Russell Hammond (10 Oct 1936)
Todd, Evelyn and Glenn Nicely
Todd, William and Eva Lucille Towles (1898)
Tolson, George R. and Alice Frances Moore (08 Aug 1929)
Tomas, Lora and Roy Guy Salyards (09 Nov 1910)
Tomason, Tressa M. and Danny Karr (May 1979)
Tomlin, Rebecca Ann and Carl Dale Noland (22 Apr 1953)
Tomme, Eliza J. and William I. Nolen
Tomme, Mary Elizabeth and Stephen Stonewall Jackson Nolen (15 Nov 1882)
Torres, Bob and Ramona Hilton
Toti, Pamila and Daniella Xxxx
Toti, Paul Sr. and Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Myers
Towles, Eva Lucille and Ray Barnes
Towles, Eva Lucille and Travers Staton
Towles, Eva Lucille and William Todd (1898)
Towles, Thomas Jefferson and Nancy Ann Nolen (14 Feb 1864)
Townsend, Eli and Lucinda "Lucy" Noland (21 Sep 1848)
Townsend, Elizabeth and James S. Strange (12 Jan 1876)
Townsend, Elizabeth Matt and Jesse Noland (1850)
Townsend, Estelle Cantrell and Thurston Hawes Nolen
Townsend, James and Margaret Strange (27 Nov 1872)
Townsend, Maggie and Jefferson Wilson Nolen (24 Dec 1894)
Townsend, Sheela and Robert Barry Latham
Townsend, William and Amanda Strange (06 May 1889)
Townsend, William H. and Margaret Briscoe (14 Jan 1875)
Tracy, Barbara and Victor Earl Noland (11 Jun 1949)
Trahan, Belynda and Mark Stephen Gentry (1979)
Treadway, Elizabeth and William Proctor dr (--?--) Noland (1829)
Truman, Margaret Ellen and Joseph Tilford Noland (1870)
Tucker, Alta Maud and Emory H. Smith (02 Apr 1898)
Tucker, Arnold Cary and Deloris Mitchell
Tucker, Arnold Cary and Lydia Catherine Patterson
Tucker, Charles Coffman and Addie Jester (11 May 1896)
Tucker, Charles Fenton and Meda Campbell (23 Aug 1915)
Tucker, David Edwin and Della Hahn (18 May 1895)
Tucker, David Terrell and Sarah Noland (20 Sep 1846)
Tucker, Elvira Mae and Randall Granville Hoppes
Tucker, Francis "Frank" Marion and Savanah Agnes "Kate" Wampler (30 Jan 1891)
Tucker, Francis "Frank" Marion jr (--?--) and Mary Anna Girton (24 Jul 1918)
Tucker, Francis Burns and Mildred Carter (20 Nov 1935)
Tucker, Imogene and Gerald Neff
Tucker, James and Malissa Noland
Tucker, James Robert and Patricia Anne Samson (13 Feb 1954)
Tucker, Lucius A. and Gladys E. Billiu (03 Apr 1918)
Tucker, Lucy and Nathaniel Smallwood
Tucker, Margaret "Maggie" and Roy Keltner (21 Sep 1918)
Tucker, Marion B. and Emmett F. Jones
Tucker, Minnie Marie and Henry Hanshaw (14 Dec 1920)
Tucker, Nancy and Elijah Smallwood (circa 1846)
Tucker, Nell E. and Peter J. Boersma (28 Jun 1941)
Tucker, Ocea M. and William E. Noland (01 Feb 1913)
Tucker, Pansy G. and Ben M. Nelson (28 Feb 1916)
Tucker, Paul R. and Cecile Collier
Tucker, Percy Paul and Lela Mechem (23 Feb 1929)
Tucker, Stephen Kenneth and Martha Jane Smith (07 Sep 1914)
Tucker, Stephen Noland and Mary Safford (06 Jan 1870)
Tucker, Virginia Orthellia and Robert Gillis Noland
Tucker, William P. and Delmae M. Hebert
Tuggle, Addie and Edward H. Bybee
Tuggle, Adelia and Ancil Daniel Noland (08 Jul 1883)
Tuggle, Adelia and Ancil Daniel Noland (08 Jul 1883)
Tuggle, Albert B. and Lou E. Rice
Tuggle, Arthur and Provie E. Wilson
Tuggle, Bedford and Lucy L. Reynolds
Tuggle, Bedford and Marietta Rice
Tuggle, Geneva and Clarence E. Combs
Tuggle, Henrietta and Daniel Thomas Noland (25 May 1908)
Tuggle, Henrietta and Daniel Thomas Noland (25 May 1908)
Tuggle, Henry and Margaret Alcorn
Tuggle, James E. and Annie Hardy
Tuggle, Jennie and Hampton Brandenburg
Tuggle, Jennie and Ray Goforth
Tuggle, Jesse H. and Nancy G. Webb
Tuggle, Joicie and Robert B. Lunsford
Tuggle, Mollie and Kayton Bybee
Tuggle, Ruford and Lillie Winkler
Tuggle, Willie E. and Myrtle White
Tully, Beulah and Forrest Yetter
Tully, Charles and Susie Cook
Tully, Mary Emaline and William Henderson Brewer (1854)
Turk, Maggie and George William Isham Nolen
Turley, Amanda Boggs and David J. Simmans
Turley, Anna and Jeremiah Broaddus Noland (05 Sep 1895)
Turley, Anna and Jeremiah Broaddus Noland (05 Sep 1895)
Turley, Anna and Joseph Davis (05 Sep 1821)
Turley, Benjamin and Nancy Ann Mallor Noland (30 Apr 1784)
Turley, Bess Jean and Frank Christian
Turley, Eleanor Black and Louis Kreigel (25 Nov 1903)
Turley, Elizabeth and Joseph Hickman (22 Jan 1822)
Turley, Greenberry and Elizabeth Davidson
Turley, Greenberry and Nannie Adams
Turley, Hallie and Louis Douglas Payne (1900)
Turley, James Noland and Hannah L. Boggs (22 Jan 1834)
Turley, James Noland and Rose Ballard
Turley, Jesse B. and Julia Riddle (1822)
Turley, Louise and Benjamin Summans
Turley, Margaret Jane and Robert C. Boggs
Turley, Mary Elizabeth and Joseph F. Boggs
Turley, Mary Polly and Francis Johnson (20 Oct 1812)
Turley, Matilda and Xxxx Daly
Turley, Robert Boggs and Dora Featherston
Turley, Robert Boggs and Jane Black (07 Dec 1865)
Turley, Samuel and Polly Farris (20 Oct 1814)
Turley, Stephen and Elizabeth Jones (19 Oct 1809)
Turley, Susan Ann and Absolem Sparks
Turley, Susan Ann and Charles Kavanaugh Doty
Turley, Thomas J. and Anna Woods
Turner, Allynne and Jessie Lee Noland (01 Aug 1933)
Turner, Bettie Joann and Max Layne Lee (29 Sep 1955)
Turner, Frank and Myra Ruth Noland
Turner, Samuel and Rebecca Noland (after 1830)
Turner, Sarah Barbara and Jesse Noland (09 Feb 1785)
Tutwiler, Harriet and John Heflin Nolen
Twyman, Rowena Roslie and William Thomas Noland (07 Jan 1877)
Underwood, Adella and Richard Sardine Noland (09 Nov 1913)
Valentine, Caroline and Dale Andrew Noland
Valentine, John W. and Wanda Leota Hammond (17 Jul 1948)
Vallery, Elnora and Russell Duhon Ware (10 Oct 1936)
Van De Grift, Clara Josephine and Alvin John Nielson (10 Apr 1920)
Van De Grift, Jacob and Clara Jennett Noland (19 Sep 1878)
Van De Grift, Nellie Frances and Herman Karstens (14 Mar 1912)
Van Dyke, Beverly Lesta and Xxxx Koulibaly
Van Dyke, Carol Elaine and Xxxx Williams
Van Dyke, David Arthur and Glynis Xxxx
Van Dyke, Diana Lee and Xxxx Noland
Van Dyke, Xxxx and Betty Josephine Berney
Van Meter, Mary Ann and Greenbury Noland (1831)
Van Meter, Roy and Susan Alice Clegg
Van Noland, Robert and Debra Joyce Carter (14 Jun 1974)
Vaninger, Delores Frances and Robert Maxell Jr (--?--) Davis (02 Sep 1950)
Vann, Marion Lee and Kent Howard Bogguss
Vann, Robert Lee and Marion Jean Noland
Vanness, Pauline and Everett M. Imel (14 Aug 1935)
Vaughan, Bessie and Edward Turner jr (--?--) Noland (04 Oct 1872)
Vaughan, Cecilia and Hurst Shoemaker
Vaughn, Gwen Estell and Edward Gene Kirk
Veach, Ann Eliza and James Jasper Barker
Vernon, Geneva and Paul Noland (1937)
Vest, Oscar John III and Beverly June Noland (22 Nov 1974)
Vilmur, Elizabeth Mary and William Mason Collins
Vinson, Anne and Jerre (--?--) Noland (27 Jun 1950)
Virgin, John A. and Sarah Belle Nolen (15 Mar 1877)
Voyles, Jerry Ray and Claudia Nolan (29 Jun 1968)
Vrbancic, Xxxx and Betty Sue Woods
Wade, Mary and Thomas Noland Luckett
Waites, Lela Bell and James Thomas Nolen
Waits, R. D. and Lenora Nolen (24 Dec 1896)
Waits, W. J. and Lucinda Nesbit (1871)
Wakefield, Mary and Holden Shoemaker
Wakeman, Celia Careline and Lee M. Parson (02 May?)
Wakeman, George and Fredda O'Dell Chambers (20 Oct 1914)
Wakeman, Lloyd Allen and Marjorie Schlosser (20 Dec 1952)
Wakeman, Mabel and Lowell Chambers (27 Nov 1917)
Wakeman, Willard Dean and Edith Ohime (10 Apr 1948)
Walburn, Elizabeth and Anderson Lloyd Chambers (07 Dec 1882)
Walbut, Elizabeth Wilds and Henry Nolen (16 Sep 1853)
Walden, Alice Rozella and Henry Albert Golden
Waldrep, Mary "Katie" and William Nolen (1825)
Walker, Dora and Pearce Fields Noland
Walker, Ernest F. and Myrlie Lillian McLean
Walker, Ira and Arther Earl Lee
Walker, Lucille and Virgil Andrew Noland (07 Jun 1948)
Wall, Robert E. and Pearl Spillman (13 Aug 1931)
Walles, Mark and Charlotte Ann Watts
Wallis, Alvin and Marie Noland
Walp, Xxxx and Linda Hollis
Walrath, Alvin and Pauline Barker (19 Sep 1875)
Wampler, Savanah Agnes "Kate" and Francis "Frank" Marion Tucker (30 Jan 1891)
Ward, Emma Elizabeth and Nollie Fletcher Felder
Ward, Henry and Clara Xxxx
Ward, Josephine Anna and Marion Barker
Ward, Mollie Sue and A. E. May
Ward, Sam P. and Martha E. Barker
Ware, Bobby Sanders and Miriam Swartz (22 Aug 1957)
Ware, Delores Jean and Jack Kirkland
Ware, Edward Hagewood and Laura Ruth Kennedy (23 May 1933)
Ware, Edward Lesley and Mrs. Ozie M. Lacaze (22 Nov 1934)
Ware, Edward Lesley and Stella Elizabeth Hagewood (19 Dec 1901)
Ware, Edward Lesley and Terresa E. Green (17 Aug 1974)
Ware, Edward Newton and Sandra L. Bryan (10 Nov 1967)
Ware, Elaine Elizabeth and Johnnie Clarence Fuentes (14 May 1939)
Ware, Emma Amanda and John Arthur Duplessis (06 Oct 1938)
Ware, Gerald Lynn and Juanita Murphey (25 Mar 1961)
Ware, Henry Melton rev (--?--) and Adelaid Nichols Stevens (24 Nov 1938)
Ware, Irene Woods and Eddie B. Swafford (23 Dec 1933)
Ware, James Francis and Edythe Grace Painter (29 Sep 1945)
Ware, John Ayme and Ethel Lee Leblanc (17 May 1946)
Ware, Josie Amanda and Jens Nielson Oksenholt (07 May 1919)
Ware, Julian Eugene "Jean" and Clarence Denmon Long (13 Aug 1937)
Ware, Julian Eugene and Amanda Jane "Mandy" Noland (14 Dec 1865)
Ware, Julian Eugene Jr. and Barbara Estelle Sanders (15 Feb 1919)
Ware, Larry Joseph and Maureen Hodges (08 Oct 1960)
Ware, Leo Francis and Linda King
Ware, Lillian Eugenia and George Beysselance
Ware, Lillian Eugenia and Tigrail Jones Henderson (04 Feb 1893)
Ware, Lillian Louise and Louis L. Drewett (1941)
Ware, Lillian Louise and William Leon Luttrell (07 Aug 1926)
Ware, Melba Ann and Darrell Anderson
Ware, Patricia Sue and Gerald Edgar Davis (29 Jun 1968)
Ware, Peggy Theresa and Gary Louis Hymel (06 Jul 1963)
Ware, Russell Duhon and Elnora Vallery (10 Oct 1936)
Ware, Shirley Ann and Warren Edward False (09 Jan 1955)
Ware, Stella Mae and Joseph Vernon Parker (20 Jan 1938)
Ware, Stella Margaret and Louis A. Hall
Ware, Stella Margaret and William Orestile Smith (13 Oct 1903)
Ware, Stella Ray and Levern Wyatt Woods (13 Oct 1942)
Ware, Sterling Nielson and Emmie Muhleder (06 May 1951)
Ware, Wanda Lee and Gerald John Daigle (21 Jul 1963)
Ware, William Parrish and Alma Earl Austin (04 Dec 1907)
Ware, William Parrish and Emma Duhon
Ware, William Parrish and Sallie E. Sanders (24 Aug 1896)
Ware, William Parrish and Willie Mae Greer
Ware, William Ray and Wanda Green (Jan 1961)
Warren, Nancy and Samuel Noland (circa 1830)
Wasson, Bertram and Orpha Jane Clegg (04 Mar 1891)
Waterson, Xxxx and Emily Willis
Watkins, Albert Augustus and Sarah Ragsdale Nolen (04 Nov 1841)
Watkins, Benjamin F. and Emma Darden (21 Nov 1869)
Watkins, James Richard and Henrietta Jordan (10 Jan 1889)
Watkins, Laura A. and A. A. Goodrum
Watkins, Margaret "Maggie" and William E. Douglas (07 Nov 1865)
Watson, Carolyn and Alexander Berkeley Moore
Watson, Ersa and John Noland
Watson, Herbert L. and Nelle Noland (02 Dec 1914)
Watson, John Lockridge and Ruth Ruppersberger Leech (08 Feb 1952)
Watson, Myles Arnold and Barbara Ann Noland
Watson, Opal and Hooper Nolen (20 May 1945)
Watson, William Joseph and Julia Dent King (01 Aug 1944)
Watts, Beth Ann and Johnny Frank Jaetzold (19 Dec 1970)
Watts, Betty Joe and Robert Herbert Carter (Jul 1947)
Watts, Boliver Edward and Francis Sarah Willie
Watts, Bruena Ode and Leonce Allen Duplessie
Watts, Charlotte Ann and Mark Walles
Watts, Elmyra Luticia and Leonard Theophilus Willie
Watts, Eva and Rufus Felton Nolen (1937)
Watts, Ira Britton and Nettie Lee Noland (22 Dec 1928)
Watts, Lela Agnes and Joseph Elijah Mcnabb
Watts, Luther Earling and Eva Jane Averett
Watts, Robert Curtis and Betsy Lynn Edwards (15 Dec 1959)
Watts, Robert Curtis Jr. and Sharon Craddock
Watts, Zelma Eugenia and Adam William Averett
Watwood, Tillman and Iva Jane Nolen
Weast, Rachel and Preston Morgan Chambers (23 Oct 1848)
Weathers, Daisy M. and Ralph S. Winstanley
Weathers, Eleanor "Nellie" G. and Frederick G. Moore
Weathers, John Richard and Zebiah "Zibbie" Sims Anderson (25 Dec 1870)
Weaver, Jesse M. and Mary Ann Nolen (02 Oct 1832)
Web, Glenn A. and Frances Jarrell Noland (26 Jul 1940)
Webb, Alma and Julian Pierce Noland (11 Jan 1926)
Webb, Elisha and Margaret Xxxx
Webb, Elizabeth and W. L. Rice
Webb, Emma and Thomas William Noland (12 Aug 1885)
Webb, Joseph and Joicy Noland (03 Apr 1832)
Webb, Larkins and Polly Noland
Webb, Nancy G. and Jesse H. Tuggle
Webb, Usibbia and John J. Alcorn
Webber, Elizabeth and James Noland (1810)
Webster, Lucy and Prior Melvin Russell
Weekley, Angie and Alton Hill Bridges
Welborn, William Everett Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Hoppenbrouwn
Welch, Clifton L. and Evelyn Marie Noland (29 May 1962)
Wells, Donna Jean and Danny Dale Patton (26 Aug 1978)
Wells, Thomas J. and Minervia E. Willie
Wells, Victor and Martha "Mattie" F. Noland
Welsh, Xxxx and Ann Edmondson
Werman, Xxxx and Martha Noland
Wessell, Betty Jean and Robert Denver Brown (29 Jan 1949)
West, Amberlia Shanea and Gregory Shane Woods (14 Jun 1998)
Westbrook, Linda Gale and John Laurence Balding
Westh, Glynes Kay "Missy" and Dr. James Alexander Poche Jr. (05 Sep 1964)
Westh, Magda Mae and Dr. Edwin Aiden Bowman Jr. (31 Jul 1954)
Westh, Valdemar and Wilhelmina "Willie" Smith (09 May 1931)
Weston, Terry and Sally Sorensen
Whaley, Beatrice and Wayne Noland
Whaley, Lillian and James Monroe Nolen
Whaley, Von and Jane Noland
Wharton, Leo and Viola Cazee (1905)
Wharton, Miriam and Don Rose
Wharton, Wallace and Frances Williams
Wheat, Harry and Maggie Noland
Wheatley, Kenneth Eugene and Beverly Marlene Pflanzer
Wheeler, Charles and Joicy N. Lunsford
Whidby, William C. and Nancy Emily Nolen (26 Jul 1877)
Whitaker, Abigail and Jessee Dr (--?--) Noland (10 Nov 1795)
Whitaker, Clara Barton and Xxxx Seibold
Whitaker, Daniel Samuel and Nettie Mae Lee (30 Jan 1906)
Whitaker, Edward and Theodosia Davis
Whitaker, Julia Ann and Ronny Dale Hill (25 Mar 1981)
Whitaker, Kathryn Blanche and Robert Darrell Kapka (29 Dec 1979)
Whitaker, Nobie Rae and Joseph Scott Ewell Jr. (08 May 1940)
Whitaker, Robert Daniel and Mildred Howell
Whitaker, Robert Larry and Betty Kelly (29 Jan 1956)
White, Aquilla and Susannah Noland (26 Jan 1765)
White, Dollie and Frank Smallwood
White, Edith and Alonzo Noland
White, Georgianna and Harry Wing Knapp
White, Imogene and Donald Fay Snell Brown (05 Sep 1941)
White, John Henry "Jim" and Fannie May Noland (14 Jul 1910)
White, M. H. and Margaret "Martha" E. Noland (11 Jan 1872)
White, Myrtle and Willie E. Tuggle
White, Nancy and Henry Noland (1771)
White, Robert D. and Anna Bybee
White, Shirley and Nathaniel Noland Plazza
Whitsett, Isaac and Cynthia Noland
Whitsett, James Stewart and Sidney Noland (1814)
Whitsett, Phadelia A. and Berry Barton (28 Feb 1858)
Whitsett, Xxxx and Mary Elizabeth Noland
Whitt, Margaret and Hurtice Nolen
Whittington, Mary and Carl E. Spillman
Whitton, Rex Marion and Callie Maud Lowe
Whitton, Rex Marion Jr. and Doris Jeanne Butler
Whitton, Shell and Susan Catherine Rucker (04 Feb 1897)
Wichinsky, Steven Mark and Shasta Joy Gomez (Apr 1986)
Wiggs, James Audrey and Luvola Barker
Wilcoxen, Ann and Peter Noland (1754)
Wilkinson, John W. and Nancy Nolen
Williams, Alice and John David McDonald
Williams, Annette and Daniel Arthur Ogg (25 Jan 1974)
Williams, Annette and Donald Keith Carroll (16 Dec 1983)
Williams, Bessie Lee and Carl Lyle Howell (25 Jan 1938)
Williams, Beulah Mae and George Washington Brewer (10 May 1944)
Williams, Carolyn and Harvey Parnell Perry (09 Sep 1978)
Williams, Clarke Mcrae and Mary Kathryn Lee (21 Jul 1946)
Williams, Clarke Mcrae Jr. and Marilyn Carso (08 Apr 1972)
Williams, Clarke Mcrae Jr. and Vicki Lynn Sanders (21 Jul 1979)
Williams, Dillard Brown and Zetta Taylor
Williams, Edith Clay and James Raymond Patton (30 Mar 1946)
Williams, Elizabeth and Stephen Nolen (10 Jan 1850)
Williams, Elizabeth Lucille and Chester K Myers (19 Mar 1932)
Williams, Ellen and John Jones
Williams, Frances and Wallace Wharton
Williams, Hadie and Everett Stokley (06 Aug 1941)
Williams, Henry Horton and Frances Callender Berkeley (28 Aug 1909)
Williams, James Clay and Wanda Rose Davis (11 Nov 1961)
Williams, James Preston and Myrtle Mae "Mirtie" Clemons (22 Dec 1909)
Williams, John and Josephine Noland
Williams, John and Nancy Jane Noland
Williams, John Christopher and Lillie Christine Collins (31 Aug 1936)
Williams, John William and Minerva Jane Noland (05 Jan 1875)
Williams, Josie Adella and Richard Spears Nolen (22 Oct 1893)
Williams, Julia Ann and Levi Noland (24 Dec 1857)
Williams, Lula Jane "Lucy" and Frederick Michael Humpert
Williams, Mary Lawson and Edmund Berkeley
Williams, Maude Belle and Joseph Andrew Worley
Williams, Maude Belle and Ova Daniel Myers
Williams, Nancy Caroline and Isaac W. Nolen (01 Oct 1854)
Williams, Nancy Louise and Paul P.B. Thomas (03 Jul 1942)
Williams, Sarah and Joshua Noland (02 Feb 1779)
Williams, T. Walley Jr (--?--) and Cynthia Berkeley (15 Jun 1935)
Williams, William Anderson and Bina Farmer
Williams, Xxxx and Carol Elaine Van Dyke
Williamson, David Mims and Eula Pearl Noland (27 Jul 1917)
Williamson, Elizabeth and Stephen Nolen (1849)
Williamson, Marjorie Lucille and Edward Liberty Pugh (02 May 1943)
Willie, Alice Pomona and Calvin Louis Demars (09 Dec 1897)
Willie, Balsade and Sarah Almedia Palmer
Willie, Daniel N. and Margaret Ann Loflin
Willie, Emma and Alces Lobell (21 Feb 1909)
Willie, Francis Sarah and Boliver Edward Watts
Willie, Leonard Theophilus and Elmyra Luticia Watts
Willie, Louis Manuel and Susie Martin
Willie, Martha Jane and Henry Monroe Mcnabb
Willie, Minervia E. and Thomas J. Wells
Willie, Wallace and Odess Martin
Willie, William H. and Margaret Ann Averett (07 Nov 1900)
Willig, Mary Grace and Jens Nielson Jr. Oksenholt (19 Jul 1952)
Willingham, Charles and Martha Delilah Lula (--?--) Nolen (08 Mar 1949)
Willis, B. Y. and Amanda Miller Noland
Willis, Elizabeth and Lewis Hamilton Brewer (1852)
Willis, Emily and Xxxx Waterson
Willis, Orlena and Daniel Brewer (1850)
Willis, Sarah and John James Brewer (27 Dec 1877)
Willoughby, Jane and Michael Noland (14 Jun 1963)
Willoughby, William and Sabra Or Sibby Noland (08 May 1851)
Wilson, Alma Maureen and Joe Bernard Kux (10 Nov 1956)
Wilson, Alma Maureen and William Henry Harding (18 Jan 1953)
Wilson, Amy Catherine and Barry Joseph Schexnaydre
Wilson, Annie Iris and Harold Leon Kinney (03 Dec 1954)
Wilson, Annie Iris and Raymond Bennett Zinn (10 Aug 1938)
Wilson, Audrey Ann and Frank Henry Jr. Puhl
Wilson, Bonnie Gayle and Christopher David Gould
Wilson, Dianne and Don Boyer
Wilson, Edna Lucille and Daniel Joseph Bevan (16 Oct 1946)
Wilson, Eunice Louise and Edward Martin Beard (05 Aug 1945)
Wilson, Eunice Louise and Linden Paul Hernandez (09 Jul 1938)
Wilson, Eunice Louise and Xxxx Smith
Wilson, Frank and Anna Elizabeth Noland (01 Dec 1916)
Wilson, Frank Elton and Doris Winkle (06 Nov 1950)
Wilson, George Edgar and Betty Jane Mahoney
Wilson, George Edgar and Debra Ann Alleman
Wilson, Imo and John Roy Noland (24 Dec 1931)
Wilson, James David and Jane Brewer (circa 1838)
Wilson, Jeanne Lyn and Douglas Paul Oubre
Wilson, Jim Alan and Susan Adele Dupaquier
Wilson, John Anderson and Louisiana Brewer
Wilson, John Huey and Angelina Mumphrey (16 Oct 1949)
Wilson, John Huey and Ethel Jones (1940)
Wilson, Kathy Elaine and Dwight S. Danburg
Wilson, Leona and Loomis Decosta Nolen (28 Aug 1904)
Wilson, Linda Ann and Thomas Lee Noland
Wilson, Marion F. and Ora Mae Bohart
Wilson, Mark Arlo and Doraine Louise Bonnecage
Wilson, Mary and Daniel Noland (22 Dec 1787)
Wilson, Mary Ann and Isaac Nolen (20 Jun 1850)
Wilson, Maude Mae and Eugene Daniel Dayries (15 Apr 1940)
Wilson, Maude Mae and Welmond Joseph Gilbert
Wilson, Max Maurice and Mary Collier (28 Mar 1933)
Wilson, Myrtle Lois and James Barron Sells (06 Jun 1956)
Wilson, Ora Nell and Cecil Rufus Brister (07 Oct 1950)
Wilson, Pamela Jane and Gary Lyn Smith
Wilson, Provie E. and Arthur Tuggle
Wilson, Rhonda Camille and Stephen Levell Mullen
Wilson, Richard and Pacey Nolen (22 Mar 1840)
Wilson, Rodney Clay and Glenda Vern Allison
Wilson, Roy and Xxxx Carr
Wilson, Rozelle T. and Beverly Anne Tidmore
Wilson, Stephen Ray and Annette Marie Friloux
Wilson, Walter Alvin and Camille Gloria Mumphrey (03 Feb 1949)
Wilson, Walter Alvin Jr. and Cecilia Josefa Pereda
Wilson, Willard Dewey and Lena Marie Fedele (25 Jun 1961)
Wilson, Woodrow Ellis and Mary Catherine Mclin (18 Sep 1949)
Wilson, Woodrow Kurt and Susan Diane Latil
Wilson, Woodrow Kurt Jr. and Michelle Margaret Jones
Wilson, Xxxx and Nancy H. Nesbit
Windham, Darryl and Cherrie Spillman
Windham, E. G. and Christine Sellers
Windle, Etta Reed and James Samuel Noland
Windle, Howard Emmet and Mary Ella Noland
Windle, Lula Mae and Thomas Woodie Noland (06 Oct 1909)
Windle, Mary Lucille and Xxxx Maughan
Windle, Xxxx and Ruby Noland
Wineinger, Grant and Ora Pearl Smallwood
Winkle, Doris and Frank Elton Wilson (06 Nov 1950)
Winkler, Lillie and Ruford Tuggle
Winkler, M. and Beverly Bybee
Winslow, Franklin E. and Rebecca Ann Smallwood (20 Jun 1885)
Winslow, Lena Maude and Courtney Eschol Moody (12 Aug 1908)
Winstanley, Ralph S. and Daisy M. Weathers
Winstanley, Ralph W. and Mildred F. Kruse
Winston, Macajah and Mary Lock
Wintermeyer, Elizabeth and Archie Bert Noland (06 Feb 1951)
Wireman, Gerald Wayne and Lynda Sue Patton (08 Aug 1977)
Wisdom, John Oscar Alef and Leona Smith (23 Jun 1930)
Wise, Charlie T. and Maggie Smith (26 Dec 1910)
Wiseman, Isabelle and Theodore or Theophilus Noland
Wiseman, Lindsey and Carrie Alcorn
Withers, Will and Kimberly Ann Noland
Witt, Bobby Carol and Clarence D. II Noland
Witty, Curt Edward and Mary Ellen Thomas (30 Jul 1921)
Witty, Dorothy Grace and Clifford Alwin Pearson
Witty, Margaret Ellen and Montford Bert Lawton (24 Dec 1949)
Witty, Mary Ruth and Kenneth Johnson (25 Sep 1943)
Witty, Robert Milton and Judith Eshenfelder (28 Jan 1961)
Witty, Thomas Edward and Virginia Ruth Lawrence (24 Dec 1949)
Wolff, John and Priscilla Noland (01 Feb 1820)
Womack, Joseph D. and Sarah Jane Tigner (08 Jun 1851)
Wood, Hilda Mae and John Wiley McGee
Woodall, Ruby and James Newell Maughan
Woodard, Essie Betty and Leon Avery Noland (17 Nov 1930)
Woodard, Sherry Lynn and Darryl Linn Noland (25 Mar 1983)
Woodard, Velma and James Ripka Noland (26 Jul 1946)
Woodcock, Margaret Ellen and Enoch A. Smallwood (1876)
Woodland, Seth and Anne Noland
Woodring, Daniel Wallace and Laura Mains Noland
Woodruff, Effie Lucile and James Thomas Nolen (18 Feb 1906)
Woods, Anna and Thomas J. Turley
Woods, Arthur Dement and Lillie Annie Jones
Woods, Betty Sue and Ed Zeone
Woods, Betty Sue and Xxxx Vrbancic
Woods, Carl Allen and Bertha Mae Owens (27 Jul 1945)
Woods, Charles Augustus and Ima Jean Cureton (1962)
Woods, Clarence Austine and Mildred Lee James (01 Oct 1936)
Woods, Cordelia and F. Rance Abercrombie (25 Jan 1911)
Woods, Cordelia and Ross Durrett (10 Aug 1917)
Woods, Dora Beatrice and James R. Bridges (21 Jan 1906)
Woods, Edgar Oslin and Margie Irveline Barrick (21 Jul 1943)
Woods, Ella Mae and Robert Coleman (25 Aug 1912)
Woods, Etta Caldonia and William N. Parker (06 Jan 1901)
Woods, Gregory Shane and Amberlia Shanea West (14 Jun 1998)
Woods, Hattie Elvira and Leonard N. Fox
Woods, Imogene Mandy Lou and David Lynn Evans (09 Oct 1960)
Woods, Levern Wyatt and Stella Ray Ware (13 Oct 1942)
Woods, Linda Gale and Alfred Samuel Harp (May 1962)
Woods, Linda Gale and Billy Robert Moore (18 Nov 1989)
Woods, Linda Gale and Robert Eugene Minnick (31 Jul 1965)
Woods, Lonnie Jefferson and Annie Gertrude Bradley Scott (09 Sep 1950)
Woods, Lonnie Jefferson and Lillie Mae South (25 Jan 1917)
Woods, Margaret Joyce and Eddie Brown (24 Apr 1970)
Woods, Marty Wayne and Brenda Kay Hunnicutt (14 Jun 1970)
Woods, Mary Melvina and Charles Rayslor Moody (21 Dec 1907)
Woods, Ottice and Margie Eudell Cranford (30 Dec 1948)
Woods, Robert Wyatt and Jennifer Sharon Dick (27 Jan 1967)
Woods, Stephen Jesse and Mary Lillie Canant (20 Jan 1907)
Woods, Velma Iola and Vernon L. Hopper (13 Dec 1925)
Woods, Velon Arthur and Avaline Moody (26 Nov 1932)
Woods, Velon Arthur and Fay Milburn Edwards
Woods, Verdis Oliver and Vera Hart (Dec 1941)
Woods, Vernon Dement and Mattie Doyal (11 Sep 1939)
Woods, Viola and John Lovell (03 Nov 1935)
Woods, William and Elizabeth Noland (10 Jan 1808)
Woods, William Frank and Ruth G. Miles (24 Dec 1913)
Woods, William J. and Amanda Melvina Oslin (24 Dec 1879)
Woodward, Elizabeth and William M. Smallwood
Woodward, Felix E. and Mabel Ophelia Noland (16 Oct 1926)
Woolbright, Debra Kay and George Brooks Mouchette
Woolbright, Donna Renee and Kevin Curtis Hofer
Woolbright, William Elton and Dorothy Lazelle Noland
Worley, Chris Dean and Regina Gayle McCall
Worley, Donald Lewis capt (--?--) and Jeanette Nielson (19 Jun 1943)
Worley, Joseph Andrew and Maude Belle Williams
Worsham, L. L. and Ella Marie Daviss
Worsley, Betty June and Joseph Kirk Bobst (23 Feb 1946)
Worsley, Clarence Tresslar and Agnes Shaw (05 Sep 1922)
Wozniak, John Edward and Flora Mae Davis (01 Dec 1948)
Wright, Donald Bruce and Karen Lois Emerson (06 Aug 1977)
Wright, John L. and Daisy Hammond (1894)
Wright, Olive and Thurston Hawes Nolen
Wright, Xxxx and Kathleen Noland
Wrightsman, John Earl and Anna Laura Noland (22 Oct 1904)
Wyman, Donald and Edith Gardner
Xxxx, Ada Gladys and Lawrence H. Nolan (14 Feb 1991)
Xxxx, Adaline and Richard Nolen
Xxxx, Alice and William T. Bloomfield
Xxxx, Amanda and Thomas Jefferson Heather (circa 1870)
Xxxx, Angeline and John Noland
Xxxx, Angelita and George Ancel Noland
Xxxx, Carol and Hurtice Nolen
Xxxx, Catherine and Phillip Noland
Xxxx, Catherine Louann and Jerry Wayne Nolan (22 Aug 1987)
Xxxx, Chari and Thomas Michael Carr (01 Sep 1973)
Xxxx, Charleen and Michael Ray Noland (14 Feb 1987)
Xxxx, Clara and Henry Ward
Xxxx, Claudine and Albert Samuel Noland
Xxxx, Connie and Wayne Edward Long
Xxxx, Daniella and Pamila Toti
Xxxx, Debbie and Robert Randolph Noland
Xxxx, Donna and Larry Lee Nolan (04 Jul 1988)
Xxxx, Eda and Ancil Daniel Noland
Xxxx, Effie Mae and William S. Nolen
Xxxx, Elizabeth Ann and Philip Noland
Xxxx, Emily and George W. Noland
Xxxx, Frances and Isaac M. Noland
Xxxx, Francis and Stephen Bruce Shoemaker
Xxxx, Gertrude and Samuel Ervin Jones
Xxxx, Glynis and David Arthur Van Dyke
Xxxx, Ida and Alan Jackson Nolen
Xxxx, Isabella and James Nolen (1835)
Xxxx, Jackie and William Carrodine
Xxxx, Joanna and William Sr (--?--) Noland (1740)
Xxxx, Katherine and Pierce Noland (circa 1680)
Xxxx, Lavinia and George B. Noland
Xxxx, Lettice and Henry Noland
Xxxx, Lillian and Robert E. Jackson
Xxxx, Louise and Eugene Smallwood
Xxxx, Lucy and John Noland
Xxxx, Margaret and Elisha Webb
Xxxx, Margaret and Richard Davis Noland
Xxxx, Margaret and Theopolis Noland
Xxxx, Marie and Ronald Ervin Morton
Xxxx, Martha Louisa and Clark H. Tigner
Xxxx, Mary and Enoch Smallwood (after 1855)
Xxxx, Mary and Xxxx Nolen (circa 1855)
Xxxx, Mary K. and James Chris Noland
Xxxx, Mary S. and Stephen Noland
Xxxx, Mike and Janice Elaine Flannery (1995)
Xxxx, Monica and Edward Noland
Xxxx, Myrtle and Karl Edward Oksenholt
Xxxx, Myrtle T. and A. Clement Smith
Xxxx, Nancy A. and James Noland
Xxxx, Nancy and David Noland
Xxxx, Naomi and Gath Noland Shoemaker
Xxxx, Paul and Mary Alice Noland
Xxxx, Pheobe and William Jr (--?--) Noland
Xxxx, Rachel and George Noland (1857)
Xxxx, Rose and George Ancel Noland (1978)
Xxxx, Rose and Robert Allen Carr (1961)
Xxxx, Ruby and Elihu "Hugh" Allen Thomas
Xxxx, Ruth and Fredonis G. Hoppes
Xxxx, Ruth and Ralph Ethan Davis (circa 1920)
Xxxx, Ruthie and Herman Leigh "Sonny" Noland
Xxxx, Sara E. and Christopher Noland (1866)
Xxxx, Sarah A. and Alfred Harbin
Xxxx, Sarah and George Christopher Nolen (1865)
Xxxx, Sarah and Isaac Nolen (circa 1845)
Xxxx, Susan and David Michael Cook (Jun 1979)
Xxxx, Susan and Isaac Marion Nolen (1867)
Xxxx, Teresa and John S. Lock
Xxxx, Toni and Chadwick Martin Beard
Xxxx, Virginia and Andrew Noland
Xxxx, Wanda and James Richard Nolan
Xxxx, Yeko "Amy and Walter Dean Hoppenbrouwn
Xxxxx, Lena and Edgar Noland Smallwood
Yamaguchi, Reiko and Ralph Elvin Noland (11 Apr 1958)
Yantis, Sarah Barbour and Robert Callender Noland (1868)
Yarborough, Atkins and Ruth Elizabeth Noland
Yerby, Charles Ray and Angela Elizabeth Swafford (16 Aug 1969)
Yetter, Forrest and Beulah Tully
Yetter, Rosemary and Kenneth Harris
Young, Mark Anthony and Charlotte Annette Evans
Young, Moody Eugene and Nannie Edna Noland
Young, Nathan and Amelia Noland (1806)
Young, William and Rebecca Noland
Youngblood, Clint and Miriam Noland Pridmore
Youngblood, Emily Carol and Johnny Newton
Youngblood, Sarah Jane and Robert Baxter
Yunker, Elaine and Thurl B. Noland (30 Nov 1950)
Zacher, Joseph A. and Dorothy May Piburn (06 Jun 1953)
Zeone, Ed and Betty Sue Woods
Zike, Cascinda and Alexander Smallwood (23 Oct 1850)
Zike, Matilda and Caleb Smallwood (26 Feb 1844)
Zinn, Lynda Raye and James Scott Gustafson (18 Apr 1959)
Zinn, Raymond Bennett and Annie Iris Wilson (10 Aug 1938)

Index of People

F. Rance
F. Rance
George William
Rene Jean
Rene Jean
(--?--) (William Augustus Nolen jr) ( , d. 06 Feb 1939)
Charles C.
Charles R.
Charles R.
Jesse Jr
Nancy Ellen (b. 17 Nov 1801, d. 20 Jul 1877)
Nancy Ellen (b. 17 Nov 1801, d. 20 Jul 1877)
William Augustus Nolen (b. 12 May 0187, d. 04 Feb 1931)
William Augustus Nolen (b. 12 May 0187, d. 04 Feb 1931)
Barbara (b. 1780)
Barbara (b. 1780)
Elizabeth (b. , d. 1850)
Elizabeth (b. , d. 1850)
Gladys Orilla
Mary (b. 14 Sep 1790, d. 17 Jun 1859)
Mary (b. 14 Sep 1790, d. 17 Jun 1859)
Phoebe Mae (b. 28 Aug 1904, d. Jan 1990)
Annette (b. 31 Dec 1953)
Annette (b. 31 Dec 1953)
Gail (b. 14 Sep 1955)
Gail (b. 14 Sep 1955)
Mary Ann (b. 12 Jan 1785, d. 31 Oct 1853)
Mary Ann (b. 12 Jan 1785, d. 31 Oct 1853)
Carrie (b. 1905)
Clay Thomas
Everett (b. 1890, d. 1951)
Jennings B.
Joel Franklin ( , d. 1890)
Joel Franklin ( , d. 1890)
John J. (b. 1837)
John J. (b. 1837)
John J. (b. 1862, d. 1942)
John J. (b. 1862, d. 1942)
Margaret (b. 1864, d. 1955)
Mary J. (b. 1860)
Myrtle (b. 08 Mar 1893, d. 15 Feb 1925)
Myrtle (b. 08 Mar 1893, d. 15 Feb 1925)
T. B.
William Everett
William H. (b. 1867, d. 1941)
William H. (b. 1867, d. 1941)
William Thomas (b. 1885)
William Thomas (b. 1885)
Maude Clarkston (b. 22 Dec 1902, d. 08 Mar 1976)
Maude Clarkston (b. 22 Dec 1902, d. 08 Mar 1976)
Annie Robinson
Annie Robinson
Mary Dudley (b. 1865, d. 1921)
Mary Dudley (b. 1865, d. 1921)
James Boe Sylvester
Linda (b. 1869, d. 1919)
Linda (b. 1869, d. 1919)
R. C.
Debra Ann
Debra Ann
Athaliah (b. 1844, d. 01 Dec 1904)
Athaliah (b. 1844, d. 01 Dec 1904)
Brittany Noel (b. 14 Dec 1984)
Nettie Jane
Paul (b. 24 Nov 1917)
Glenda Vern
Glenda Vern
Bobbie Lee
Martha Ann
Martha Ann
Alice Helen (b. 07 Nov 1905)
Alice Helen (b. 07 Nov 1905)
Eleanor Nolan (b. 27 Sep 1850, d. 27 Jul 1915)
Eleanor Nolan (b. 27 Sep 1850, d. 27 Jul 1915)
George W. (b. 13 Mar 1828, d. 18 Jul 1906)
George W. (b. 13 Mar 1828, d. 18 Jul 1906)
Mary Palmer
Zebiah "Zibbie" Sims (b. 21 Oct 1852, d. 30 Dec 1937)
Zebiah "Zibbie" Sims (b. 21 Oct 1852, d. 30 Dec 1937)
Alexandre Lyman
Eric Hartman
Mary A. (b. 14 Jun 1903)
Mary A. (b. 14 Jun 1903)
Catherine (b. 25 Sep 1844, d. 21 Nov 1919)
Catherine (b. 25 Sep 1844, d. 21 Nov 1919)
Martha Ann (b. 05 Mar 1835, d. 19 Mar 1905)
Martha Ann (b. 05 Mar 1835, d. 19 Mar 1905)
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Jane (b. 1838)
Carolyn Ann (b. 07 Aug 1956)
Carolyn Ann (b. 07 Aug 1956)
Edward (b. 30 Apr 1950)
Harvey Lee
James D.
John E.
John E.
Martha (b. 13 Aug 1946)
Scott Patrick
Amy Elizabeth (b. 02 Jan 1981)
Clara Mae
Lynda Sue (b. 18 Sep 1956)
Lynda Sue (b. 18 Sep 1956)
Seth Thomas (b. 26 Nov 1929)
Seth Thomas (b. 26 Nov 1929)
Seth Wayne (b. 21 Feb 1984)
Thomas Leroy (b. 14 May 1960)
Thomas Leroy (b. 14 May 1960)
Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee
George Page
George Page (b. , d. 23 Feb 1961)
George Page (b. , d. 23 Feb 1961)
Herbert Ogden (b. 14 Feb 1924)
Herbert Ogden (b. 14 Feb 1924)
James Page
Jean Frances (b. 13 Sep 1917)
Jean Frances (b. 13 Sep 1917)
Marilyn Page
Marilyn Page
Mark Gordon
Melinda Glenn
Robert Page (b. 22 Sep 1919)
Robert Page (b. 22 Sep 1919)
Robert Scott
Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence
Wayne Page
Wayne Page
Genene Loree
Clarence David
Clarence David
Eric Monroe (b. 13 Aug 1975)
Ann Rebecca (b. circa 1800)
Ann Rebecca (b. circa 1800)
Vincent (b. circa 1778)
Vincent (b. circa 1778)
Vinnie R.
Vinnie R.
Alma Earl ( , d. 23 Jun 1911)
Alma Earl ( , d. 23 Jun 1911)
Adam William
Adam William
Edward Lewellyn
Eva Jane
Eva Jane
John Rentz
Joseph Balsade
Margaret Ann (b. 27 Aug 1880, d. 08 Feb 1958)
Vera Nell
John K. (b. 1964)
Lewis A. (b. 1953)
Lewis II (b. 1931)
Lewis II (b. 1931)
Tony G. (b. 1954)
Lillie Pearl (b. 1902)
Lillie Pearl (b. 1902)
Pearl (b. 12 Jun 1906)
Pearl (b. 12 Jun 1906)
Frank Marion
Mary Frances (b. 01 Nov 1919)
Mary Frances (b. 01 Nov 1919)
Gay (b. 04 Dec 1917)
Gay (b. 04 Dec 1917)
Joseph Albert (b. 15 Jan 1930)
Joseph Rodeny (b. 23 Oct 1900)
Joseph Rodeny (b. 23 Oct 1900)
Marion Rose (b. 01 Jan 1932)
Anna Belle
Anna Belle
Anna Belle
April Jeanette
Denver Lee
Denver Lee
Jennifer Lynn
Krystal Diane
Nina Lavina (b. 30 Mar 1889, d. 13 May 1964)
Nina Lavina (b. 30 Mar 1889, d. 13 May 1964)
Virginia Palfrey
Barbara (b. 1946)
Cathleen (b. 1946)
Christopher Thomas (b. 08 Sep 1975)
Christy Lynn (b. 25 Feb 1985)
Cole Thomas (b. 29 Sep 1983)
Daniel Joel (b. 14 Apr 1981)
Danielle Nicole
Gary Joel (b. 29 Jan 1957)
Gary Joel (b. 29 Jan 1957)
George Leonard
Karla (b. circa 1964)
Kristen Neshay
Lee Thomas (b. 16 Mar 1979)
Louis Thomas (b. 01 Jan 1954)
Louis Thomas (b. 01 Jan 1954)
Monte Dale (b. Jul 1947, d. 25 Jul 1972)
Monte Dale (b. Jul 1947, d. 25 Jul 1972)
Shane Ray
Shane Ray
Steven (b. circa 1957)
Tina (b. circa 1960)
Virginia "Ginny" (b. circa 1950)
William T.
William T.
Carol Beth
Fred Raymond
John Laurence
Pershing Lawrence
Pershing Lawrence
Willie Robert
Willie Robert
James A.
Freda Irene (b. 18 May 1903)
Freda Irene (b. 18 May 1903)
Harry Mc
Harry Mc
Homer William
Viola Ada
Viola Ada
Karen Marchelle (b. 22 Feb 1954)
Marcia Kay (b. 10 Nov 1952)
Vickie (b. 26 Dec 1950)
Helen Francis
Helen Francis
(--?--) (William Dodge jr) (b. 21 Jun 1902)
(--?--) (William Dodge jr) (b. 21 Jun 1902)
Adeline (b. 21 Sep 1865, d. 06 Jan 1905)
Adeline (b. 21 Sep 1865, d. 06 Jan 1905)
Alice Alixa (b. 19 Jan 1895, d. 31 Jul 1901)
Ann Ward (b. 03 May 1878, d. 13 Aug 1879)
Anna Nichols (b. 16 Dec 1907)
James (b. 05 Apr 1841, d. 20 Nov 1909)
James (b. 05 Apr 1841, d. 20 Nov 1909)
John Graham (b. 12 Nov 1881, d. 15 May 1882)
Mary Frances (b. 16 Feb 1907)
Mildred Elizabeth (b. 07 Aug 1945)
Nancy Nolen (b. 05 Oct 1872, d. 13 Aug 1879)
Ruth Dodge (b. 19 Jan 1895, d. Feb 1895)
William Dodge (b. 02 Dec 1866, d. 11 Jul 1915)
William Dodge (b. 02 Dec 1866, d. 11 Jul 1915)
Bruno (b. 01 Oct 1904, d. 30 Jan 1953)
Ann (b. 1829)
Annie (b. 20 Dec 1888)
Annie (b. Jun 1878)
Barbara Jeanne
Barney Richard (b. 11 Mar 1874, d. 12 Mar 1945)
Barney Richard (b. 11 Mar 1874, d. 12 Mar 1945)
Bess Ann (b. Jan 1898)
Birdie M.
Charlie Gordon (b. 16 May 1903)
Clyde A.
David Wayne
David Wayne
Edwin C.
Elias (b. 08 Aug 1829, d. 02 Jan 1907)
Elizabeth (b. 1831)
Ella (b. May 1883)
Ethel Lee (b. 01 Jun 1894, d. 1900)
Frank (b. 31 Mar 1879, d. 12 Jan 1932)
Fred W.
Green (b. Aug 1885)
Green (b. circa 1841)
Henry F. (b. 12 Dec 1845, d. 17 Dec 1884)
Henry William (b. 1800, d. 1852)
Henry William (b. 1800, d. 1852)
Hervey Marion (b. 16 May 1896, d. 06 Jul 1960)
James (b. 16 Jan 1806, d. 02 Feb 1859)
James (b. 16 Jan 1806, d. 02 Feb 1859)
James (b. 1777, d. Nov 1854)
James (b. 1777, d. Nov 1854)
James (b. 19 Aug 1877, d. 30 Nov 1940)
James B. (b. 26 Jan 1826, d. 21 Nov 1892)
James Jasper (b. 07 Dec 1834, d. 17 Dec 1893)
James Jasper (b. 07 Dec 1834, d. 17 Dec 1893)
James Wilson (b. 29 Dec 1909)
Janaye Melissa
Jesse M.
Jesse Noland (b. 1826)
John (b. 08 Feb 1828)
John (b. circa 1837)
John Ledstone (b. 04 Apr 1844, d. 10 Mar 1930)
John Ledstone (b. 04 Apr 1844, d. 10 Mar 1930)
John Ledstone Jr.
Jordan Ryan
Joseph (b. 1807)
Joseph (b. 1807)
Joseph Jasper (b. 01 May 1869)
Joshua (b. 06 Sep 1830, d. 22 Aug 1921)
Joshua (b. circa 1838)
Letty (b. Feb 1897)
Lola Adna (b. 24 Jun 1898, d. 28 Dec 1937)
Lucinda (b. 14 Dec 1832, d. 25 Nov 1919)
Ludie (b. May 1896)
Luvola (b. 15 Oct 1900, d. 22 Nov 1984)
Mae Elizabeth (b. 19 Dec 1891, d. 12 Jan 1950)
Margaret (b. 1824)
Margaret (b. 1824)
Margaret (b. 1840)
Marion (b. 28 Jan 1867, d. 15 Apr 1909)
Marion (b. 28 Jan 1867, d. 15 Apr 1909)
Marshall (b. circa 1840)
Martha E. (b. 27 Feb 1861, d. 21 Dec 1935)
Martha E. (b. 27 Feb 1861, d. 21 Dec 1935)
Mary E. (b. 05 Feb 1858, d. 15 Jan 1920)
Mary Elizabeth (b. 05 Nov 1844, d. 17 Dec 1906)
Mary Elizabeth (b. 19 Jan 1805, d. 06 Sep 1890)
Mary Elizabeth (b. 19 Jan 1805, d. 06 Sep 1890)
Mattie Lee (b. 17 Oct 1898, d. 16 Nov 1988)
Nancy (b. circa 1832)
Nancy A. (b. 20 Aug 1864)
Nancy Leathea (b. 22 Jan 1848, d. 1915)
Nicholas Wayne
Pauline (b. 31 Jan 1835, d. 01 Sep 1894)
Pearl (b. Dec 1887)
Perlina (b. 1823)
Richard Allen
Richard Allen
Robert Lee (b. 04 Jun 1871, d. 29 Jan 1930)
Robert Lee (b. 04 Jun 1871, d. 29 Jan 1930)
Roger Allen
Roger Allen
Rose Mary
Samuel M. (b. 23 Apr 1881, d. 22 Aug 1882)
Sarah (b. 1833)
Sarah (b. circa 1838)
Sarah J. (b. circa 1843)
Stephen A.
Thomas (b. Jun 1846, d. )
Thomas (b. Jun 1846, d. )
Thomas Glen
Verner N.
William (b. 1839, d. )
William (b. 1840)
William (b. 19 Jan 1805)
William (b. circa 1835)
William B.
William B.
William J. (b. 11 Feb 1860)
Xxxx (b. circa 1842)
Xxxx (b. circa 1846)
Patricia Jean
Ellen Martha
Maude Mina
Maude Mina
Maude Mina
Albert Cecil (b. 27 Apr 1900, d. 06 Aug 1977)
Albert Cecil (b. 27 Apr 1900, d. 06 Aug 1977)
Billie Jean (b. 30 Oct 1926)
Billie Jean (b. 30 Oct 1926)
Eva Mae (b. 15 Jun 1924)
Eva Mae (b. 15 Jun 1924)
Alice R. (b. 03 Jun 1883, d. 13 Oct 1949)
Alice R. (b. 03 Jun 1883, d. 13 Oct 1949)
Virginia Acklin
Virginia Acklin
Margie Irveline (b. 24 Sep 1924)
Margie Irveline (b. 24 Sep 1924)
Caroline Elizabeth
Sophie Emily (b. 25 Jul 1869, d. 15 Apr 1961)
Sophie Emily (b. 25 Jul 1869, d. 15 Apr 1961)
Orlena (b. 15 Apr 1826, d. 02 Sep 1892)
Orlena (b. 15 Apr 1826, d. 02 Sep 1892)
Emma Lou
Freda May
Freda May
N. B.
Mary (b. 29 Oct 1871)
Mary (b. 29 Oct 1871)
(--?--) (Harry James iii) (b. 22 Sep 1949)
(--?--) (Harry James Jr dr) (b. 28 Nov 1923)
(--?--) (Harry James Jr dr) (b. 28 Nov 1923)
Daniel Dodge (b. 02 Mar 1952)
Edna (b. 31 Dec 1888)
Edna (b. 31 Dec 1888)
Harry James (b. 20 Mar 1890, d. 02 Feb 1951)
Harry James (b. 20 Mar 1890, d. 02 Feb 1951)
Henry Clay (b. 02 May 1852, d. 10 Jan 1915)
Henry Clay (b. 02 May 1852, d. 10 Jan 1915)
Elizabeth Jane Wright (b. 29 Mar 1839, d. 14 Sep 1902)
Elizabeth Jane Wright (b. 29 Mar 1839, d. 14 Sep 1902)
Dale Edwin (b. 18 Feb 1952)
Howard (b. 14 Dec 1905)
Howard (b. 14 Dec 1905)
Karl Frederick (b. 28 Apr 1949)
Rebecca Marie (b. 20 May 1947)
Anna Rachel (b. 22 Aug 1900, d. 17 Apr 1979)
Anna Rachel (b. 22 Aug 1900, d. 17 Apr 1979)
Elva Ellen (b. 09 Dec 1899, d. 01 Dec 1993)
Elva Ellen (b. 09 Dec 1899, d. 01 Dec 1993)
John Carroll (b. 23 Aug 1873, d. 12 Feb 1943)
Dorcas Lee (b. 12 Aug 1850, d. 1935)
Dorcas Lee (b. 12 Aug 1850, d. 1935)
Emaline F.
James W.
Chadwick Martin (b. 13 Apr 1962)
Chase Barrett (b. 15 Apr 1987)
Dari Anne (b. 31 Oct 1967)
Darrell Brent (b. 16 Aug 1949)
Darrell Brent (b. 16 Aug 1949)
Edward Martin (b. 06 May 1913)
Edward Martin (b. 06 May 1913)
Elizabeth Kay (b. 25 Jan 1952)
Elizabeth Kay (b. 25 Jan 1952)
Kendall Brook (b. 18 Oct 1984)
Sidney P.
Bertha Rose Ellen (b. 1887, d. 24 Sep 1926)
Bertha Rose Ellen (b. 1887, d. 24 Sep 1926)
(--?--) (James Alexander dr) (b. 24 Jun 1895)
(--?--) (James Alexander dr) (b. 24 Jun 1895)
(--?--) (James Alexander judge) (b. 30 Jun 1832, d. 22 Dec 1893)
(--?--) (James Alexander judge) (b. 30 Jun 1832, d. 22 Dec 1893)
(--?--) (James William dr) (b. 07 May 1859, d. 03 Oct 1947)
(--?--) (James William dr) (b. 07 May 1859, d. 03 Oct 1947)
(--?--) (Thomas Tyler capt) (b. 16 Mar 1899)
(--?--) (Thomas Tyler capt) (b. 16 Mar 1899)
(--?--) (Thomas Tyler jr) (b. 03 May 1927)
Alice Catherine (b. 19 Mar 1907)
Alice Catherine (b. 19 Mar 1907)
Alice Mount (b. 28 Feb 1929, d. 02 Mar 1929)
Ann Marril (b. 21 Dec 1925)
Barbara Mount (b. 22 Jun 1926)
Doris Pamella (b. 03 Sep 1921)
Elizabeth Appleton (b. 07 Feb 1866, d. 22 Oct 1922)
Elizabeth Appleton (b. 07 Feb 1866, d. 22 Oct 1922)
Henry Paul (b. 29 Nov 1862, d. 11 Oct 1876)
James William (b. 08 Jun 1931)
Janet Mount (b. 27 Nov 1930)
Mary Frances (b. 18 Jan 1927)
Paul Mount (b. 13 May 1901)
Paul Mount (b. 13 May 1901)
Thomas (b. 06 Nov 1857, d. 14 Jan 1941)
Barbara Ann (b. 08 Nov 1949)
Hedwig Marschall Von
Hedwig Marschall Von
Huldah Angeline (b. 13 Sep 1818, d. 02 Nov 1901)
Huldah Angeline (b. 13 Sep 1818, d. 02 Nov 1901)
Huldah Angeline (b. 13 Sep 1818, d. 02 Nov 1901)
William (b. 31 Jan 1929, d. 12 Apr 1992)
William (b. 31 Jan 1929, d. 12 Apr 1992)
Albert E. (b. 26 Sep 1924)
Clarinda Victoria (b. 10 Jul 1862, d. 16 Jan 1938)
Clarinda Victoria (b. 10 Jul 1862, d. 16 Jan 1938)
Joseph S.
William Henry "Bill"
William Henry "Bill"
Roscoe (b. 30 Dec 1880)
Mary (b. 1888)
Mary (b. 1888)
Sue (b. 22 Mar 1939)
Sue (b. 22 Mar 1939)
Francis Lenora (b. 21 Apr 1883, d. 11 Oct 1971)
Francis Lenora (b. 21 Apr 1883, d. 11 Oct 1971)
(--?--) (Lewis Col) (b. 27 Feb 1789, d. 13 Apr 1853)
(--?--) (Lewis Col) (b. 27 Feb 1789, d. 13 Apr 1853)
(--?--) (Norborne Col) (b. 31 Mar 1828)
Carter Burwell (b. 17 Aug 1832, d. 11 Dec 1832)
Catharine "Kitty" Callender (b. 08 Aug 1822, d. 02 Jun 1823)
Charles Fenton (b. 13 Nov 1833, d. 22 Oct 1871)
Cynthia (b. 08 Oct 1906)
Cynthia White (b. 17 Aug 1858, d. 14 Apr 1916)
Edmund (b. 10 Aug 1912, d. 01 Oct 1993)
Edmund (b. 1846)
Edmund (b. 29 Feb 1824, d. 1915)
Edmund (b. 29 Feb 1824, d. 1915)
Elizabeth Burwell (b. 19 Aug 1836)
Frances Callender (b. 12 Dec 1863, d. 30 Apr 1934)
Frances Callender (b. 1834, d. 1835)
Francis Lewis (b. 09 Apr 1911)
Francis Lewis (b. 21 Apr 1859, d. 07 May 1942)
Francis Lewis (b. 21 Apr 1859, d. 07 May 1942)
Helen (b. 09 May 1908)
Hugh Douglas
Lewis (b. circa 05 Oct 1839)
Lucy Beverly (b. 29 Mar 1855, d. 12 Jan 1916)
Lucy Beverly (b. 29 Mar 1855, d. 12 Jan 1916)
Mary Edmonia (b. 10 Jul 1861, d. 07 Aug 1916)
Mary Edmonia (b. 1823)
Mary Edmonia (b. 1823)
Mary Lewis (b. 26 Jun 1830)
Mary Lewis (b. 26 Jun 1830)
Thomas Lanier
William Noland (b. 28 Feb 1826, d. 25 Apr 1907)
William Noland (b. 28 Feb 1826, d. 25 Apr 1907)
Arthur Gordon (b. 07 Oct 1927, d. 08 Jun 1946)
Betty Josephine (b. 23 Jan 1925)
Betty Josephine (b. 23 Jan 1925)
Elaine Violet (b. 17 Jan 1922, d. 10 Aug 1933)
Linda Gayle (b. 28 Jun 1941)
Linda Gayle (b. 28 Jun 1941)
Deena Lynn (b. 29 Oct 1951)
Deena Lynn (b. 29 Oct 1951)
Ethel Frances
Etta Marguerite
George Franklin
George W.
Jackson Laverne
Mary Elizabeth
Peggy Jean
Sara Joy
W. D.
William Ormond
Agnes Grace (b. 27 Apr 1922)
Agnes Grace (b. 27 Apr 1922)
Joseph Diogenes
Daniel Joseph (b. 14 Nov 1948)
Daniel Joseph (b. 26 Feb 1909)
Daniel Joseph (b. 26 Feb 1909)
George Luke
George Paul (b. 11 Sep 1947)
Emma E.
Emma E.
Isaac Monroe (b. 19 Mar 1876, d. 21 Mar 1945)
Thomas C. (b. 1854, d. 13 Jan 1912)
Hannah (b. 1836, d. 1893)
Gladys E. (b. 31 Jan 1895, d. 07 Oct 1983)
Gladys E. (b. 31 Jan 1895, d. 07 Oct 1983)
James S. (b. 20 Oct 1861, d. 20 Oct 1909)
James S. (b. 20 Oct 1861, d. 20 Oct 1909)
Evelyn Coleen
Gladys (b. 10 Oct 1917)
Gladys (b. 10 Oct 1917)
Ada M.
Ada M.
Schulyer ( , d. 1877)
Anne (b. 1795)
Anne (b. 1795)
Jane (b. 1843, d. 1927)
Jane (b. 1843, d. 1927)
Jane (b. 1843, d. 1927)
Jeannette ( , d. 1973)
Jeannette ( , d. 1973)
Milton E.
Milton E.
Milton E. Jr.
Nelson E.
Thomas Jefferson
Vernon Dee
Penita Adeline (b. 12 Jul 1858, d. 24 Jan 1899)
Penita Adeline (b. 12 Jul 1858, d. 24 Jan 1899)
Barbara Anne
Richard Wayne (b. 10 Jul 1932)
Robert Devere (b. 16 Apr 1930)
Thomas Edward (b. 12 Feb 1929, d. 08 Feb 1952)
Victor (b. 05 Jun 1898)
Victor (b. 05 Jun 1898)
William Warren (b. 18 Apr 1934)
Alexander (b. 17 Mar 1846)
Alexander (b. 17 Mar 1846)
Armelda C. (b. 24 Mar 1878)
Elizabeth (b. 1882)
Ella Alafare (b. Oct 1873, d. circa 1946)
James (b. 1880)
Leander (b. 1867, d. )
Martha A. (b. circa 1888)
Mary B. (b. Jan 1889)
Savilda C. (b. Dec 1869)
William T. (b. 1874)
Zander Sylvester (b. 26 Jul 1883, d. 08 Jul 1959)
Mary Elizabeth
S. C.
Mary Noland
Robert Brooke
George Ester
Caroline Anne (b. 22 Feb 1953)
Joseph Kirk
Joseph Kirk
Benjiman Henry Jr.
Hiram Thomas
Peter J. (b. 09 Oct 1923)
Belinda Jo
Benita Jean
Brenda Jan
James Russell
James Russell
Hannah L. (b. 1809, d. 1871)
Hannah L. (b. 1809, d. 1871)
Joseph F.
Robert C.
Kent Howard
Anna Elizabeth (b. 29 Mar 1870, d. 06 Mar 1932)
Anna Elizabeth (b. 29 Mar 1870, d. 06 Mar 1932)
Jacob (b. 25 Jul 1845, d. 09 Apr 1919)
Jacob (b. 25 Jul 1845, d. 09 Apr 1919)
Ora Mae (b. Dec 1886, d. 1953)
Dewitt Clinton
James Alexander
Mary O.
Bettie Gene
Gerald Eugene
Gerald Eugene
Thomas Earle
William Donald (b. 30 Oct 1934, d. 24 Apr 1961)
Myron (b. Nov 1915)
Casper (b. 06 Oct 1875, d. 05 Apr 1939)
Doraine Louise
Doraine Louise
Alphonso Daniel
(--?--) (Alden Shipp dr) (b. 13 Jun 1905)
(--?--) (Alden Shipp dr) (b. 13 Jun 1905)
Donna Lee (b. 04 Mar 1936)
Joseph Alden (b. 15 Oct 1937)
Joseph Shipp (b. 20 Aug 1878)
Joseph Shipp (b. 20 Aug 1878)
Merle Reed (b. 11 Jan 1945)
Winston Burnell
Adam Joseph
Bynla J. (b. 23 Feb 1890, d. 04 Aug 1890)
Lillian Mae (b. 01 May 1912)
Lillian Mae (b. 01 May 1912)
Lillian Mae (b. 01 May 1912)
Mary Edith
Noland A.
Ora Janell (b. 08 Oct 1940)
Ora Janell (b. 08 Oct 1940)
Aaron Thomas
Sarah Ann
Dr. Edwin Aiden Jr. (b. 16 Mar 1930)
Dr. Edwin Aiden Jr. (b. 16 Mar 1930)
Edwin Aiken "Ned" III (b. 13 Jun 1955)
Frances (b. 1812)
Frances (b. 1812)
John Westh "Wes" (b. 31 Jul 1956)
Stephanie Leigh (b. 05 May 1958)
Jack Everet
Lloyd Levi
Annie Rae
Vina (b. 1877)
Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson
Bernard ( , d. 1927)
James Or Joseph
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth
Nina A.
Jerry Leon (b. 22 Jul 1944)
Jerry Leon (b. 22 Jul 1944)
Melynda Deeann (b. 22 Nov 1968)
Melynda Deeann (b. 22 Nov 1968)
Betty Ann
Betty Ann
Jefferson Ray
Jack Hillary
Maggie Lee (b. 18 Mar 1889)
Maggie Lee (b. 18 Mar 1889)
Samuel Or James Broadus
Laura (b. 21 Dec 1890)
Laura (b. 21 Dec 1890)
Brian Jay (b. 18 Mar 1963)
Brian Jay (b. 18 Mar 1963)
Christopher Michael (b. 06 Jan 1989)
Edd (b. 1900)
Edd (b. 1900)
Sue Catherine
William Paul
W. H. (b. 09 Mar 1857, d. 06 Feb 1918)
Ada Belle (b. 10 Feb 1883, d. 14 Sep 1950)
Alan Jeffrey
Alan Jeffrey
Archibald (b. 1839)
Archibald Willis (b. 30 Aug 1868, d. 04 Mar 1945)
Archibald Willis (b. 30 Aug 1868, d. 04 Mar 1945)
Benjamin (b. 1775, d. 13 Jul 1847)
Benjamin (b. 1775, d. 13 Jul 1847)
Benjamin Harmon (b. 1827, d. 1860)
Bruton Lee (b. 22 Aug 1916, d. 25 Jul 1974)
Daniel (b. 1830, d. 1913)
Daniel Thomas (b. 1814, d. 1843)
David Thomas (b. 11 Jun 1856, d. 05 Jul 1923)
David Thomas (b. 1914, d. 1961)
Eradyce "Dicie" Josephine (b. 02 Mar 1866, d. 15 Jan 1943)
Eradyce "Dicie" Josephine (b. 02 Mar 1866, d. 15 Jan 1943)
Eva Lena (b. 06 Dec 1880, d. 11 Sep 1956)
George Washington
George Washington
Gretchen Hope
Haley (b. circa 1802, d. say 1847)
Jane (b. 1822)
John James (b. 13 Dec 1858, d. 11 Feb 1942)
John James (b. 13 Dec 1858, d. 11 Feb 1942)
John N. (b. 1834)
Karl Murphy (b. 10 Feb 1918, d. 01 Mar 1920)
Lewis Hamilton (b. 22 Oct 1832, d. 18 Sep 1886)
Lewis Hamilton (b. 22 Oct 1832, d. 18 Sep 1886)
Lillie Mae (b. 12 Nov 1904, d. 20 Nov 1970)
Lois Carol (b. 18 Dec 1945, d. 18 Dec 1945)
Louisiana (b. 09 Oct 1854, d. 12 Oct 1920)
Louisiana (b. 09 Oct 1854, d. 12 Oct 1920)
Martha Ida (b. 19 Jan 1879)
Mary Jane (b. 10 Apr 1857, d. 13 Nov 1906)
Nancy (b. 1809, d. 18 Jan 1858)
Nancy Caroline (b. 26 Nov 1861, d. 05 Nov 1906)
Oscar Eugene (b. 12 Nov 1908, d. 31 Mar 1912)
Samuel M. (b. 1811)
Sarah Elizabeth (b. 31 Mar 1869, d. after 1910)
William Henderson (b. Oct 1834, d. 1902)
William Thomas (b. 1807, d. 1886)
William Thomas (b. 1807, d. 1886)
Willis Olen (b. 02 Oct 1910, d. 14 Nov 1973)
Alton Hill
Bessie Gay
Cathy Annette (b. 03 Nov 1959)
Cathy Annette (b. 03 Nov 1959)
Charles Glenn
Eva (b. 15 Aug 1909)
Evelyn Louise
Herbert N. Jr. (b. 21 Jun 1928)
Herbert N. Jr. (b. 21 Jun 1928)
Hoyt (b. 10 Aug 1907)
James R. (b. 17 Sep 1882, d. 17 Sep 1951)
James R. (b. 17 Sep 1882, d. 17 Sep 1951)
John Elbert
John Elbert
Johnnie Clayre
Patrick O'Neal
Ricky (b. 1971)
Ruby Mae
Samuel Earl
Frankie Pearl (b. 13 May 1885)
Frankie Pearl (b. 13 May 1885)
Isaac (b. 08 Jan 1846, d. 08 Nov 1888)
Isaac (b. 08 Jan 1846, d. 08 Nov 1888)
Valeria Delphine
Andrew Randall (b. 07 Sep 1986)
Cecil Rufus (b. 23 Mar 1930)
Cecil Rufus (b. 23 Mar 1930)
Randall Cecil (b. 13 Mar 1954)
Randall Cecil (b. 13 Mar 1954)
Sandra Nell (b. 10 Feb 1962)
Sandra Nell (b. 10 Feb 1962)
Vince Edmond
James Roscoe
James Roscoe
James Roscoe Jr.
John Lafayette
Pelham Eugene
Mary Margaret (b. 1830, d. 1919)
Mary Margaret (b. 1830, d. 1919)
Mary Margaret (b. 1830, d. 1919)
Lucinda (b. 04 Sep 1861, d. 13 Nov 1947)
Lucinda (b. 04 Sep 1861, d. 13 Nov 1947)
Guy William
Ralph L. Jr.
Esta Virginia
Alan Jean
Alan Jean
Ashly Nicole (b. 26 Jul 1983)
Earl Paul
Marilyn Ann (b. 02 Aug 1940)
Marilyn Ann (b. 02 Aug 1940)
Walter East
Bonnie Belle (b. 07 Sep 1925)
Catherine (b. 10 Jul 1905)
Catherine (b. 10 Jul 1905)
Catherine Frances (b. 19 Jul 1952)
Charles Gilbert (b. 17 Apr 1948)
Charles Lowell (b. 29 Dec 1929)
Christopher Matthew
Deborah Ruth (b. 09 Dec 1954)
Delores Rosemary (b. 30 Jan 1932)
Donald Fay Snell (b. 09 Sep 1923)
Doris Annette (b. 26 Mar 1918)
Doris Annette (b. 26 Mar 1918)
Eddie (b. 25 Sep 1946)
Eddie (b. 25 Sep 1946)
Frank Christopher (b. 08 Sep 1958)
George Ashby (b. 05 Jul 1898)
Gilbert (b. 20 Sep 1920)
Gilbert (b. 20 Sep 1920)
Grady Owens
Grady Owens
Helen Claire (b. 21 Aug 1960)
Lindsey Owens
Losa Cleo
Losa Cleo
Marilyn Georgia
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Jane
Mary Virginia Barr (b. 07 Nov 1838, d. after 17 Jan 1917)
Mary Virginia Barr (b. 07 Nov 1838, d. after 17 Jan 1917)
Mary Virginia Barr (b. 07 Nov 1838, d. after 17 Jan 1917)
Norma Jean (b. 27 Oct 1936)
Ralph E.
Robert Denver (b. 13 Sep 1928)
Stephanie Michelle
Timothy Manuel (b. 25 Nov 1970)
William Robert
William Robert
Wilma Ann (b. 14 Feb 1934)
Dorothy Gossett
James Robert
Marion Genevieve (b. 28 May 1920, d. 30 Aug 1983)
Marion Genevieve (b. 28 May 1920, d. 30 Aug 1983)
Garry Gene (b. 07 Jun 1950)
R. Gene (b. 17 Sep 1928)
R. Gene (b. 17 Sep 1928)
Robert Dale (b. 10 Nov 1934)
Russell (b. 20 Aug 1903)
Russell (b. 20 Aug 1903)
William Jay (b. 02 Apr 1949)
Cerith Renee
Daniel Wayne
Daniel Wayne
Darrin Paul
Darrin Paul
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn
Jasper Beau
Joshua Paul
Kathryn Anne
Kayla Chae
Kelsey Marianne
Kenneth Dale
Kenneth Dale
Kerry Dean
Kerry Dean
Kori Dale
Lauren Ashley
Mary Charlene
Patrick Wayne
Rachel Marie
Mary A.
Mary A.
Sarah Clark (b. 1852, d. 1927)
Sarah Clark (b. 1852, d. 1927)
Albert L. (b. 21 Mar 1932)
Curtis Hardwick
Elizabeth Or Francis (b. 1787, d. )
Elizabeth Or Francis (b. 1787, d. )
Robert Eugene (b. 26 Jul 1934)
Lewis H.
Lewis H.
Sandra L.
Sandra L.
Janet Arlene
Janet Arlene
Alfred T.
Barbara Ethel (b. 14 Sep 1933)
Geraldine Amanda (b. 13 Nov 1940)
Jacqueline Gail (b. 21 May 1944)
Ouida Margaret (b. 25 Jun 1936)
Rupert Emil (b. 11 Dec 1905)
Rupert Emil (b. 11 Dec 1905)
Rupert Emil Jr. (b. 05 Dec 1934)
Theresa Ann (b. 08 Aug 1939)
William Westh (b. 13 Aug 1937)
Doris Alorr (b. 21 Oct 1896)
Doris Alorr (b. 21 Oct 1896)
Roena P.
Clara "Mitzi" ( , d. 1996)
Clara "Mitzi" ( , d. 1996)
Nell Killgore (b. 15 Mar 1919)
Nell Killgore (b. 15 Mar 1919)
(--?--) (Daniel Mathias jr)
Daniel Mathias
Daniel Mathias
Julian Eliza
Thomas M.
James Clifton
Dorothy Jean (b. 05 Jun 1926)
Dorothy Jean (b. 05 Jun 1926)
Dwight Bohart (b. 09 Jul 1900, d. 11 Jun 1990)
Dwight Bohart (b. 09 Jul 1900, d. 11 Jun 1990)
Fred Edward (b. 21 Feb 1923)
Fred Ellsworth (b. 30 May 1866, d. 06 Jan 1918)
Fred Ellsworth (b. 30 May 1866, d. 06 Jan 1918)
Jacob Russel (b. 12 Sep 1896, d. 02 Sep 1969)
Jay Gibson (b. 17 Aug 1906)
(--?--) (Lee capt)
Euna Lee (b. 25 Aug 1904, d. 30 Jun 1991)
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann
Jake (b. 03 May 1857, d. 28 Jan 1932)
Sarah (b. 19 Jul 1816, d. 15 Apr 1855)
Sarah (b. 19 Jul 1816, d. 15 Apr 1855)
Doris Jeanne
James Jeffrey
Teresa L.
Alverta (b. 1907, d. 1989)
Anna (b. 1904, d. 1993)
Beverly (b. 1913, d. 1966)
Edward H. (b. 1872, d. 1951)
Edward H. (b. 1872, d. 1951)
Kayton (b. 1876, d. 1937)
Virgil (b. 1910, d. 1986)
Wilburn (b. 1902, d. 1985)
Dave Duane
Dave Duane
Laurie Michelle (b. 06 Oct 1986)
Travis Benjamin (b. 14 Dec 1984)
Theodocia Elizabeth
Melvira Millie (b. 04 Sep 1880, d. 1965)
Melvira Millie (b. 04 Sep 1880, d. 1965)
Christian Blake
Eric Flynn
Michelle Lynn (b. 01 Nov 1962, d. 01 Nov 1962)
Patrick Keith
Payton Kim
Catherine (b. 1775, d. 26 Apr 1849)
Catherine (b. 1775, d. 26 Apr 1849)
Martha Ann
Meda (b. 24 Oct 1893)
Saundra Marie (b. 02 Jul 1939)
Saundra Marie (b. 02 Jul 1939)
Joy Joan (b. 21 Dec 1932)
Joy Joan (b. 21 Dec 1932)
Elizabeth (b. 1840)
Elizabeth (b. 1840)
Mary (b. 1818, d. 1863)
Mary (b. 1818, d. 1863)
Seaborn Moore (b. 1810, d. 1888)
Mary Lillie (b. 03 Dec 1889, d. 28 Apr 1972)
Mary Lillie (b. 03 Dec 1889, d. 28 Apr 1972)
Clara (b. 11 May 1867, d. 18 Aug 1935)
Clara (b. 11 May 1867, d. 18 Aug 1935)
Diane Elizabeth (b. 22 Mar 1984)
Robert E.
Robert E.
Robert Edward (b. 18 Nov 1979)
Glenn Douglas
James Curtis
Oval Robert
Oval Robert
Rick Edward
Robert Dean
Robin Sue
Steven Allen
Thomas Joseph
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann
Marijean Alice
Clarence R.
Emma Mae
Randolph (b. 29 Aug 1906, d. 05 Sep 1916)
Ben Carroll
Grace Edith (b. 12 Jul 1907, d. 04 Jul 1993)
Grace Edith (b. 12 Jul 1907, d. 04 Jul 1993)
Grace Edith (b. 12 Jul 1907, d. 04 Jul 1993)
Lydia (b. 1811)
Lydia (b. 1811)
Malinda (b. 31 Mar 1833, d. 30 May 1915)
John Luke
Morris M.
Morris M.
Shirley Mae
Shirley Mae
Vickie Lynn
Donald Keith (b. Mar 1938)
Donald Keith (b. Mar 1938)
Anna Kathleen (b. 05 Jan 1925)
Anna Kathleen (b. 05 Jan 1925)
Anne Michele (b. 01 Jan 1979)
Bert Sylvester (b. 01 Mar 1903, d. 29 Jul 1976)
Bert Sylvester (b. 01 Mar 1903, d. 29 Jul 1976)
Billy Malone
Caleb Russell (b. 16 Mar 1884, d. 12 Aug 1958)
Caleb Russell (b. 16 Mar 1884, d. 12 Aug 1958)
Candi Lynn (b. 1962)
Christina May (b. 22 Oct 1982)
Effie (b. 1893)
Esther ( , d. after 1954)
George Washington (b. 23 Jan 1882, d. 23 Jan 1944)
George Washington (b. 23 Jan 1882, d. 23 Jan 1944)
Gerold H.
Gerold H.
Gerold H. Jr.
Henry Edward (b. 22 Jan 1886, d. 15 Jan 1954)
Henry Edward (b. 22 Jan 1886, d. 15 Jan 1954)
Homer S. (b. Mar 1880, d. 20 Feb 1937)
Homer S. (b. Mar 1880, d. 20 Feb 1937)
Infant (b. 12 Mar 1900, d. 12 Mar 1900)
Infant (b. 13 Jan 1899, d. 13 Jan 1899)
Iva May (b. 05 May 1916)
John (b. 09 Mar 1965)
John E. (b. 17 Feb 1912)
John H. (b. 14 Nov 1908, d. 13 Nov 1929)
John Harold (b. 07 Feb 1934)
John Harold (b. 07 Feb 1934)
John Isaac (b. 22 Dec 1876, d. 05 Dec 1937)
John Isaac (b. 22 Dec 1876, d. 05 Dec 1937)
K. Louise (b. 11 Nov 1920, d. 1954)
K. Louise (b. 11 Nov 1920, d. 1954)
Karen Lynn (b. 21 Aug 1970)
Marjorie Ruth
Mary Lou
Mary Lou
Nellie (b. 1895)
Nicole Fay (b. 22 Oct 1983)
Ralph Eugene (b. 13 Dec 1928, d. 26 Jan 1982)
Ralph Eugene (b. 13 Dec 1928, d. 26 Jan 1982)
Randolph Alan (b. 04 Oct 1954)
Robert Allen (b. 03 Dec 1941)
Robert Allen (b. 03 Dec 1941)
Shelby (b. 31 Aug 1979)
Stephen Thomas (b. 25 Aug 1983)
Thomas Michael (b. 20 Nov 1958)
Thomas Michael (b. 20 Nov 1958)
William (b. 27 Sep 1855, d. 07 Dec 1938)
William (b. 27 Sep 1855, d. 07 Dec 1938)
William E. ( , d. after 1954)
William E. ( , d. after 1954)
William E. Jr.
Xxxx (b. 16 Sep 1901)
Marilyn (b. 1951)
Marilyn (b. 1951)
Anna Elizabeth (b. 17 Feb 1892)
Anna Elizabeth (b. 17 Feb 1892)
Debra Joyce
Debra Joyce
Hannah (b. 25 Dec 1764, d. 1826)
Hannah (b. 25 Dec 1764, d. 1826)
James Alphus (b. 10 Nov 1926)
James Alphus (b. 10 Nov 1926)
James Wilder
Joe C. (b. 19 Feb 1887, d. 24 Sep 1954)
M. D.
Martha E.
Martha E.
Mildred (b. 31 Aug 1916)
Mildred (b. 31 Aug 1916)
Rhonda Jean (b. 09 Dec 1956)
Rhonda Jean (b. 09 Dec 1956)
Robert Herbert (b. 20 Sep 1928)
Robert Herbert (b. 20 Sep 1928)
Robert Herbert Jr. (b. 05 Aug 1953)
Sherolyn Kay (b. 15 Nov 1955)
Anthony Todd (b. 22 Jan 1968)
Samuel Joseph
Samuel Joseph
(--?--) (James Monroe Rev)
Rebecca Elizabeth (b. 06 Nov 1878, d. 19 Oct 1945)
Rebecca Elizabeth (b. 06 Nov 1878, d. 19 Oct 1945)
(--?--) (Roy Carlos Jr) (b. 16 Dec 1939)
Helen Juanita (b. 13 Sep 1942)
Jean Ann (b. 17 Feb 1961)
John Carroll (b. 01 Jan 1946)
John Thomas
Lee Ann (b. 03 Jan 1959)
Roy Carlos (b. 20 Feb 1909, d. 22 Dec 1976)
Roy Carlos (b. 20 Feb 1909, d. 22 Dec 1976)
Shirley Jean (b. 14 Mar 1949)
Nora Alice (b. 04 Mar 1913, d. Aug 1967)
Sylvia Irene
Lloyd Lester (b. 30 Aug 1939)
Lloyd Lester (b. 30 Aug 1939)
Sherrie Lynne (b. 03 Aug 1964)
Tammie Rene (b. 10 Mar 1969)
Todd Anthony (b. 12 Nov 1965)
James Richard (b. 02 Nov 1835, d. 24 Mar 1904)
(--?--) (Sam jr)
Alma (b. 31 Jan 1887, d. 18 Jan 1907)
Barbara Ann
Robert Parker
Samuel (b. 19 Apr 1892)
Samuel (b. 19 Apr 1892)
Viola (b. 30 Jan 1890)
Viola (b. 30 Jan 1890)
Barbara Louise (b. 25 Mar 1954)
Donna Marie (b. 25 Nov 1943)
Edith R.
Edith R.
Harold Leroy
Harold Leroy
Leona May (b. 01 Aug 1942)
Marvin (b. 09 Jul 1885)
Marvin (b. 09 Jul 1885)
Melvin Woodroe
Melvin Woodroe
Melvina Rae (b. 13 Apr 1952)
Pamela Jean (b. 28 Oct 1947)
Rodney Allen (b. 28 Mar 1950)
Ronda Lynn (b. 26 May 1956)
Adaline (b. 20 Jan 1857, d. 13 Jul 1934)
Adaline (b. 20 Jan 1857, d. 13 Jul 1934)
Allie (b. 06 Sep 1860, d. 29 Dec 1939)
Anderson Lloyd (b. 20 May 1855, d. 07 May 1944)
Anderson Lloyd (b. 20 May 1855, d. 07 May 1944)
Andrew Jackson (b. 04 Feb 1827, d. 20 May 1873)
Armilda (b. 30 Mar 1863, d. 19 Apr 1882)
Carol (b. 19 Dec 1943)
Charlotte Louise (b. 25 Jan 1926)
Della (b. 11 Jun 1866)
Della (b. 11 Jun 1866)
Donna (b. 09 Mar 1945)
Eldora (b. 20 Feb 1872, d. 05 Jan 1948)
Eldora (b. 20 Feb 1872, d. 05 Jan 1948)
Eugene Wesley (b. 27 Jan 1922)
Eugene Wesley (b. 27 Jan 1922)
Fredda O'Dell (b. 04 Sep 1893)
Fredda O'Dell (b. 04 Sep 1893)
George W. (b. 06 Aug 1866, d. 29 Jul 1946)
George W. (b. 06 Aug 1866, d. 29 Jul 1946)
Harriett Louise (b. 15 Aug 1906)
Herbert Leroy (b. 03 Mar 1920)
Herbert Leroy (b. 03 Mar 1920)
Irena (b. 28 Feb 1861, d. 31 May 1923)
Irena (b. 28 Feb 1861, d. 31 May 1923)
Janice Marie (b. 27 Jul 1951)
Leona Belle (b. 18 Mar 1896)
Leona Belle (b. 18 Mar 1896)
Letta May (b. 01 Sep 1894)
Lowell (b. 12 Apr 1891)
Lowell (b. 12 Apr 1891)
Lydia May (b. 16 May 1886)
Malinda (b. 1821, d. 25 Jan 1846)
Martha (b. 09 Oct 1851, d. 20 Nov 1923)
Martha (b. 09 Oct 1851, d. 20 Nov 1923)
Obidiah (b. 11 Sep 1825, d. 29 Aug 1909)
Obidiah (b. 11 Sep 1825, d. 29 Aug 1909)
Oscar C. (b. 18 Sep 1868, d. 29 Apr 1937)
Oscar C. (b. 18 Sep 1868, d. 29 Apr 1937)
Preston Morgan (b. 27 Mar 1824, d. 09 Jun 1907)
Preston Morgan (b. 27 Mar 1824, d. 09 Jun 1907)
Debra Ann
Emily Elizabeth
Lula Cornelia
Lula Cornelia
Elizabeth "Sis"
Sallie Jane
Celest Rene (b. 26 May 1987)
Leonard Joseph
Leonard Joseph
Leonard Joseph (b. 24 Aug 1985)
Carl Wayne
Carl Wayne
Terra Lynn (b. 08 Oct 1962)
William Locke
Celeste Joleen
Celeste Joleen
Cheryl Coleen
Robert Earl
Robert Earl
Lela Elizabeth (b. 1909)
Jessie (b. 02 Feb 1890, d. 22 Mar 1975)
Jessie (b. 02 Feb 1890, d. 22 Mar 1975)
Eva B. (b. 1905)
Emily Blair
John Ryan
William Andrew
Alexander E.
Alexander E.
Cora L. (b. circa 1857)
Cornelius Cecil (b. 14 Mar 1908)
Cornelius Cecil (b. 14 Mar 1908)
Demetrius A. (b. circa 1855)
Donald Moody (b. 30 Sep 1934)
Howard Cecil (b. 17 Feb 1945)
Mary (b. 20 Jun 1948)
Mary (b. 20 Jun 1948)
Nancy Jane (b. 26 Jun 1829, d. 05 Feb 1910)
Nancy Jane (b. 26 Jun 1829, d. 05 Feb 1910)
Donald Drew
Donald Drew
Donald Drew III (b. 21 Nov 1983)
(--?--) (William Richard M.D.) (b. 12 Feb 1936)
(--?--) (William Richard M.D.) (b. 12 Feb 1936)
Abbie Shirley (b. 20 Apr 1909)
Abbie Shirley (b. 20 Apr 1909)
Carol Ann
Clyde Archibald (b. 27 Jan 1906, d. Oct 1997)
Clyde Archibald (b. 27 Jan 1906, d. Oct 1997)
Edwin Reuben (b. 07 Sep 1878, d. 15 May 1961)
Edwin Reuben (b. 07 Sep 1878, d. 15 May 1961)
Gladys Ann (b. 06 Jan 1914, d. 19 Jun 1985)
Gladys Ann (b. 06 Jan 1914, d. 19 Jun 1985)
Harry Herndon (b. 18 May 1911)
Harry Herndon (b. 18 May 1911)
Hiram Morton (b. 05 Dec 1869, d. 1926)
Hiram Morton (b. 05 Dec 1869, d. 1926)
Janel Denise (b. 21 Jul 1962)
Janel Denise (b. 21 Jul 1962)
Jennifer Dawn (b. 26 Mar 1993)
Judith Jeannine (b. 25 Mar 1937)
Judith Jeannine (b. 25 Mar 1937)
Laura Anne (b. 30 Oct 1989)
Leo Riegle (b. 20 Aug 1902, d. 24 Sep 1968)
Leo Riegle (b. 20 Aug 1902, d. 24 Sep 1968)
Lucille Ellen (b. 20 Aug 1876, d. )
Lucille Ellen (b. 20 Aug 1876, d. )
Orpha Jane (b. 11 Dec 1866, d. 01 Feb 1958)
Richard Archibald (b. 14 Jul 1874)
Richard Archibald (b. 14 Jul 1874)
Sherman DeHart (b. 02 Apr 1868, d. 1948)
Sherman DeHart (b. 02 Apr 1868, d. 1948)
Sherman Kramer
Susan Alice (b. 09 Sep 1871, d. 27 Dec 1951)
Susan Alice (b. 09 Sep 1871, d. 27 Dec 1951)
Wayne Randal (b. 21 Feb 1961)
Wayne Randal (b. 21 Feb 1961)
Thomas Troy (b. 27 Jan 1968)
Myrtle Mae "Mirtie" (b. 30 Mar 1884, d. 13 Oct 1973)
Myrtle Mae "Mirtie" (b. 30 Mar 1884, d. 13 Oct 1973)
Clyde Porter
Mark A.
Loney Margaret
Loney Margaret
Sarah Elizabeth (b. 23 Jul 1843, d. 29 Dec 1876)
Sarah Elizabeth (b. 23 Jul 1843, d. 29 Dec 1876)
Arnold Robert (b. 30 Nov 1920, d. Jun 1980)
Carl E.
Carl E.
Goldie M. (b. 29 Nov 1908, d. 1926)
Homer W. (b. 10 Dec 1912)
James M. (b. 17 May 1904, d. Jun 1966)
John E. (b. 28 Mar 1911, d. Aug 1976)
Marlin M. (b. 28 Sep 1907)
Mary H. (b. 21 Sep 1916)
Roy (b. 23 Jan 1906, d. Dec 1960)
Estelle (b. 11 Jun 1887)
Estelle (b. 11 Jun 1887)
Susannah ( , d. 1848)
Susannah ( , d. 1848)
James Bennett (b. 12 Mar 1856, d. 13 Oct 1904)
Mary Ann (b. 1759)
Mary Ann (b. 1759)
Alecy (b. circa 1819)
Alecy (b. circa 1819)
Gregory (b. 31 Mar 1947)
(--?--) (George E. jr) (b. 10 Sep 1926)
(--?--) (George E. jr) (b. 10 Sep 1926)
George Kenton (b. Sep 1953)
Katherine Anne (b. 21 Jul 1955)
Kirk Nielsen (b. 26 Jun 1957)
Adelia (b. 1848, d. 1863)
Catherine ( , d. say Jan 1834)
Catherine ( , d. say Jan 1834)
Elizabeth (b. 1807, d. 1886)
Elizabeth (b. 1807, d. 1886)
John G. ( , d. circa 1855)
John G. ( , d. circa 1855)
Nancy Ann (b. 06 Dec 1801, d. 06 Jul 1847)
Nancy Ann (b. 06 Dec 1801, d. 06 Jul 1847)
Robert (b. 15 Nov 1888, d. 25 Sep 1971)
Willie (b. circa 1850)
(--?--) (J. R. Jr.)
Bruce (b. 1941)
Cecile (b. 1898)
Charles (b. 1941)
Donald (b. 1944)
Ellen (b. 1938)
Gary (b. 1949)
Harrison (b. 1905)
Harrison (b. 1905)
Hazel Benton
James R. (b. 1908)
James R. (b. 1908)
Janet (b. 1946)
John (b. 1939)
Mary (b. 1911)
Mary (b. 1911)
Mary Ella (b. 1864, d. 1946)
Mary Ella (b. 1864, d. 1946)
Max (b. 1917)
Max (b. 1917)
Phyllis (b. 1945)
Ralph Byron (b. 15 Apr 1914)
Ralph Byron (b. 15 Apr 1914)
Robert (b. 06 Nov 1866)
Robert (b. 06 Nov 1866)
Robert (b. 1933)
Ruth (b. 1903, d. 1906)
Theron (b. 1937)
William (b. 1937)
Clara Belle
Clara Belle
James Mason
James Mason
Lillie Christine
Lillie Christine
Michael Steven
Michael Steven
Patricia Ann (b. 02 Sep 1941)
Patricia Ann (b. 02 Sep 1941)
Vitalla Frances (b. 1874, d. 1951)
William Mason
William Mason
Mary Lena
Robert H.
Thomas J.
Arthur E.
Clarence E.
Clarence E.
Mary L.
Terry D.
Louis Malcolm
Nellie ( , d. Sep 1907)
Nellie ( , d. Sep 1907)
John Forrest ( , d. 12 Oct 1959)
John Forrest ( , d. 12 Oct 1959)
Thomas Noland
William R. (b. 03 Oct 1862, d. 19 Oct 1938)
Jennie Blanche (b. 17 Aug 1899)
Jennie Blanche (b. 17 Aug 1899)
Mary (b. 1685, d. 1747)
Mary (b. 1685, d. 1747)
Joseph Patrick (b. 02 Feb 1968)
Julia E.
Julia E.
Lucy Landon
Lucy Landon
Amanda Mae (b. 05 Dec 1906, d. 09 Apr 1934)
Amanda Mae (b. 05 Dec 1906, d. 09 Apr 1934)
Bobbie Francis
David Michael (b. 15 Jun 1960, d. 08 Feb 1989)
Elmer (b. 1867)
Elmer (b. 1867)
Florence (b. 1865, d. 07 Nov 1937)
Florence (b. 1865, d. 07 Nov 1937)
Frank Raymond
Frank Raymond
Gladys Inez (b. 31 Dec 1912, d. 24 Jan 1998)
Gladys Inez (b. 31 Dec 1912, d. 24 Jan 1998)
Harrison (b. 09 Dec 1843, d. 27 Sep 1931)
Harrison (b. 09 Dec 1843, d. 27 Sep 1931)
Leslie Pearl
Leslie Pearl
Margaret (b. 06 Jul 1878)
Margaret (b. 06 Jul 1878)
Mary Ella
Mary Ella
Mary Jane (b. 12 Nov 1851, d. 25 Jul 1936)
Mary Jane (b. 12 Nov 1851, d. 25 Jul 1936)
Susie (b. 1870, d. 17 Mar 1950)
Susie (b. 1870, d. 17 Mar 1950)
Teresa Marie (b. 26 Dec 1958)
William Edward
William Edward
Charles (b. circa 1833)
Charles (b. circa 1833)
Charles W. (b. circa 1853)
Eliza or Louisa J. (b. 16 Mar 1856)
Nancy (b. 29 Jun 1854)
Richard (b. circa 1858)
E. F.
Tommy (b. circa 1920)
Tommy (b. circa 1920)
Willie Sparks
Elizabeth (b. 1815)
Elizabeth (b. 1815)
Ann Louise
Dollie Belle
Dollie Belle
Justin Wayne (b. 03 Mar 1983)
Kenneth Waldon II (b. 13 Jan 1957)
Kenneth Waldon II (b. 13 Jan 1957)
Iris Nola (b. 19 Dec 1952)
Iris Nola (b. 19 Dec 1952)
Kathy Ann (b. 31 Jul 1964)
Offie Charles
Peggy Joyce
Peggy Joyce
William James
Leona Helen
Milton T.
Milton T.
R. C.
Clayton Casper (b. 05 Aug 1896)
Lora Ethel (b. 06 Dec 1893)
Lora Ethel (b. 06 Dec 1893)
Robert Paul (b. 16 Oct 1870, d. 30 Apr 1948)
Robert Paul (b. 16 Oct 1870, d. 30 Apr 1948)
Patricia Lee (b. 25 Dec 1926)
Patricia Lee (b. 25 Dec 1926)
James Lamar
Arnola Jane (b. 27 Apr 1930)
Arnola Jane (b. 27 Apr 1930)
Emma (b. 08 May 1857, d. 14 Sep 1884)
Emma (b. 08 May 1857, d. 14 Sep 1884)
Ida Francis
Leo Roy
Leo Roy
Marie LaVaughn
Micky Ross (b. 17 Aug 1962, d. 1962)
Richard Smith
Richard Smith
Sherry Gene
Sherry Gene
Teresa Jane
Teresa Jane
Cathy Ann (b. 1949)
Dale Alben (b. 1946)
Leonard (b. 1880)
Ralph (b. 1922)
Ralph (b. 1922)
Margie Eudell (b. 22 Mar 1931)
Margie Eudell (b. 22 Mar 1931)
Eva Inet (b. 04 Feb 1910, d. 28 Jan 1986)
Eva Inet (b. 04 Feb 1910, d. 28 Jan 1986)
John ( , d. 1915)
Ada (b. 30 Aug 1871, d. 19 Feb 1935)
Elizabeth Ann
Leonora (b. 01 Oct 1864, d. 04 Jul 1924)
Leonora (b. 01 Oct 1864, d. 04 Jul 1924)
Olive Joyce
Edna Mae
Edna Mae
James Willard
Anna Evelyn
Rosa Belle (b. 10 May 1869, d. 09 Mar 1948)
Rosa Belle (b. 10 May 1869, d. 09 Mar 1948)
Rosa Belle (b. 10 May 1869, d. 09 Mar 1948)
Rosa Belle (b. 10 May 1869, d. 09 Mar 1948)
Rosa Belle (b. 10 May 1869, d. 09 Mar 1948)
Ruth (b. 01 Mar 1902)
Ruth (b. 01 Mar 1902)
(--?--) (James Albert Jr) (b. 05 Jan 1832, d. 21 Mar 1906)
(--?--) (James Albert Jr) (b. 05 Jan 1832, d. 21 Mar 1906)
Callie Louise (b. 24 Jul 1871)
James Franklin (b. 1876)
Joel Albert (b. 06 Mar 1868)
John Albert Walker (b. 06 Jan 1870)
Nancy Ariann (b. 18 Sep 1866)
William Henry (b. 09 Nov 1873)
Carol Marie
Carol Marie
Lottie Iola
Winnifred (b. 05 Mar 1920)
Winnifred (b. 05 Mar 1920)
Ima Jean (b. 05 Feb 1943)
Ima Jean (b. 05 Feb 1943)
Barbara Jean
Barbara Jean
James William
Lucy (b. 18 Aug 1909)
Lucy (b. 18 Aug 1909)
Benjamin Jr.
Gerald John
Gerald John
Lisa Lynne (b. 27 Jun 1964)
Tammy Ann (b. 23 Aug 1965)
Mrs. J.
Martin Van Buren
Dwight S.
Dwight S.
Dwight S. (b. 13 Apr 1983)
Jay Wilson (b. 10 Dec 1984)
Anastasia Elizabeth
Cassandra Christine
Mary Watson (b. 07 Mar 1925)
Mary Watson (b. 07 Mar 1925)
(--?--) (John Hasson Jr)
(--?--) (John Hasson Jr)
Johnna Paul (b. 28 May 1967)
Johnna Paul (b. 28 May 1967)
Leila Verne (b. 02 Sep 1947)
Leila Verne (b. 02 Sep 1947)
Mary Lynn (b. 04 Sep 1971)
Paul Martin (b. 07 Nov 1936)
Paul Martin (b. 07 Nov 1936)
Joyce Marie
Sarah C. (b. 15 Dec 1835, d. 07 Aug 1886)
Sarah C. (b. 15 Dec 1835, d. 07 Aug 1886)
Barbara Jean (b. 11 May 1969)
Barbara Jean (b. 11 May 1969)
Bessie Louise (b. 10 Oct 1890, d. 25 Apr 1920)
Edward Paxton
Edward Paxton (b. 12 Dec 1860, d. 23 May 1941)
Edward Paxton (b. 12 Dec 1860, d. 23 May 1941)
Edward Paxton (b. 12 Dec 1860, d. 23 May 1941)
Edward Prentiss (b. 10 Nov 1928)
Ella Marie (b. 15 Jun 1922, d. 10 Mar 1975)
Horatio Paxton
Julie Mae (b. 1903)
Julie Mae (b. 1903)
Prentiss (b. 14 Dec 1896, d. )
Prentiss (b. 14 Dec 1896, d. )
(--?--) (Gem Russell Jr) (b. 30 Jan 1923, d. 13 Apr 1992)
(--?--) (Robert Maxell Jr) (b. 03 Oct 1929)
Allie Mae
Allie Mae
Charles Everett (b. 07 Feb 1928)
Charlotte Pierpont (b. circa 1830)
Charlotte Pierpont (b. circa 1830)
Clara Belle (b. 19 Sep 1877, d. 17 Mar 1954)
Clara Belle (b. 19 Sep 1877, d. 17 Mar 1954)
Diane Lynn (b. 12 Jun 1946)
Douglas Kent (b. 27 Oct 1942)
Elizabeth "Betsy"
Elizabeth "Betsy"
Everett O'Neal
Everett O'Neal
Flora Mae (b. 02 Sep 1927)
Gem Russell (b. 05 Mar 1897, d. 28 Jul 1963)
Gem Russell (b. 05 Mar 1897, d. 28 Jul 1963)
Gerald Edgar
Glenn O'Neal "Neal" (b. 26 Feb 1912, d. 02 Jun 1968)
Glenn Oscar O'Neal (b. 09 Sep 1879, d. 26 Jun 1961)
Glenn Oscar O'Neal (b. 09 Sep 1879, d. 26 Jun 1961)
Hill Olin (b. 17 May 1886, d. 08 Mar 1939)
Hill Olin (b. 17 May 1886, d. 08 Mar 1939)
Hugh Turner (b. 18 Apr 1918, d. 26 Mar 1976)
James W.
James W.
Jefferson Hughey (b. 20 Jan 1888, d. 09 Jul 1963)
Kimmie Lou (b. 28 Jun 1882, d. Jul 1970)
Langston Hill (b. 08 Feb 1911, d. Dec 1991)
Malcolm Drew (b. 11 Oct 1948)
Mrs. Douglas
Nellie Octave (b. 16 Mar 1890, d. 26 Apr 1955)
Norma Ida (b. 09 Sep 1884, d. 28 Nov 1951)
Philip Noland
Ralph Ethan (b. 18 Jan 1894, d. 14 Jul 1971)
Robert Maxwell (b. 24 Nov 1900, d. 02 Dec 1964)
Robert Maxwell (b. 24 Nov 1900, d. 02 Dec 1964)
Rodney Noland (b. 05 May 1939)
Sarah E. (b. 12 Jun 1910, d. Mar 1986)
Treva Lee
Troy Clinton (b. 16 Apr 1892, d. 08 Oct 1894)
W. P.
Wanda Rose
Wanda Rose
William Randolph (b. 15 Feb 1940)
Z. C.
Anna Mae
Leonard M.
David Daniel (b. 07 Oct 1967)
Eugene Daniel
Eugene Daniel
Eugene Daniel Jr. (b. 30 May 1941)
Eugene Daniel Jr. (b. 30 May 1941)
Suzanne Mary (b. 13 Jul 1961)
Donald A.
Julia Beatrice (b. , d. 18 Oct 1918)
Julia Beatrice (b. , d. 18 Oct 1918)
Kimberly Jean
Joel Spencer
Minnie Belle (b. 25 Jul 1905, d. 13 Feb 1993)
Minnie Belle (b. 25 Jul 1905, d. 13 Feb 1993)
Minnie Belle (b. 25 Jul 1905, d. 13 Feb 1993)
Betty Lou (b. 10 May 1931)
Calvin Louis (b. 1878, d. )
Calvin Louis (b. 1878, d. )
Donald Dewitt (b. 21 Aug 1927)
Floyd A. (b. 01 May 1927)
Francois Gabriel "Fonce" (b. 08 May 1903)
Francois Gabriel "Fonce" (b. 08 May 1903)
Geraldine (b. 06 Jul 1929)
Lawrence A. (b. 29 Dec 1911, d. 1944)
Louis Argusta
Louis Argusta "Guss" (b. 01 Jul 1900, d. 1950)
Louis Argusta "Guss" (b. 01 Jul 1900, d. 1950)
Louis Argusta Jr. (b. 19 Oct 1927)
Lydia Alice (b. 02 May 1932)
Lydia Alice (b. 02 May 1932)
Marguerite Louise (b. 15 Feb 1925)
Mckinley Calvin (b. 08 Feb 1905)
Mckinley Calvin (b. 08 Feb 1905)
Milton (b. 11 Jul 1951)
Patricia (b. 22 Dec 1931)
Richard Calvin (b. 08 Jun 1930)
Robert Eugene (b. 17 Jun 1933)
A. B.
Margaret "Maggie"
Palace (b. 1880, d. 1927)
Palace (b. 1880, d. 1927)
Frances Lanore (b. 19 May 1914)
Frances Lanore (b. 19 May 1914)
Jasper (b. 28 Mar 1876, d. 13 Jan 1946)
John Lee (b. 30 Aug 1945)
Leonidis ( , d. 1934)
Leonidis ( , d. 1934)
Leroy (b. 06 Dec 1878, d. 23 Jun 1939)
Leroy (b. 06 Dec 1878, d. 23 Jun 1939)
Victor Earp (b. 23 Mar 1912)
Victor Earp (b. 23 Mar 1912)
Simone (b. 15 Feb 1922)
Leita Lucille
Leita Lucille
Jennifer Sharon
Thomas Joel
Charles Arthur (b. 02 Jul 1882, d. 08 Jan 1965)
Dicie Arizona (b. 14 Apr 1878, d. 1953)
Eva Lena (b. 22 Jan 1888, d. 26 Oct 1957)
James Wesley (b. 28 Mar 1846, d. 26 Jul 1897)
James Wesley (b. 28 Mar 1846, d. 26 Jul 1897)
Jesse Benjamin (b. 25 Aug 1890, d. 1965)
Linet M. (b. 29 Feb 1880, d. 15 Sep 1881)
William Thomas (b. 07 Jul 1885, d. circa 1967)
Bethany (b. 19 Mar 1832, d. 23 Dec 1907)
Bethany (b. 19 Mar 1832, d. 23 Dec 1907)
Elizabeth E.
Sarah Or Syrena Amanda (b. 25 Feb 1828, d. 08 Aug 1911)
Sarah Or Syrena Amanda (b. 25 Feb 1828, d. 08 Aug 1911)
Elizabeth (b. 1837)
Elizabeth (b. 1837)
Oliver N.
(--?--) (Daniel ii) (b. 20 Apr 1837)
Daniel (b. 29 Jan 1836)
Israel (b. 14 Jul 1832)
James Nolan (b. 14 Jul 1831)
Jared Hubbs (b. 08 Sep 1849)
Mary Ann (b. 21 Apr 1844)
Nancy Mills (b. 12 Apr 1845, d. 21 Mar 1921)
Nancy Mills (b. 12 Apr 1845, d. 21 Mar 1921)
Pamela Nolen (b. 29 Jun 1834, d. 10 Feb 1926)
Pamela Nolen (b. 29 Jun 1834, d. 10 Feb 1926)
William (b. 13 Oct 1847)
William Clark (b. 13 May 1808, d. 13 May 1886)
William Clark (b. 13 May 1808, d. 13 May 1886)
Martha Ann (b. 22 Feb 1840, d. 06 May 1922)
Wilkinson Mercer (b. 04 Aug 1805, d. 08 Sep 1865)
Wilkinson Mercer (b. 04 Aug 1805, d. 08 Sep 1865)
Cecil B.
Patrick S.
Ethel Imogene (b. 22 Apr 1928)
Ethel Imogene (b. 22 Apr 1928)
Frank Charles
George Washington
Charles Kavanaugh
Charles Kavanaugh
Juliet Noland
Malcolm Stewart
Malcolm Stewart
Malcolm Stewart
Mary Stewart
Craig Bruce (b. 03 Jul 1956)
William Bruce (b. 25 Jul 1925)
William Bruce (b. 25 Jul 1925)
William Lindsey (b. Mar 1891)
William Lindsey (b. Mar 1891)
William E.
Hellen Ann (b. circa 1792, d. )
Hellen Ann (b. circa 1792, d. )
Diane L.
Diane L.
John Ellis
Judith Louise (b. 29 Oct 1943)
Judith Louise (b. 29 Oct 1943)
Louis L.
Louis L.
Erwin A.
Emma (b. 1889, d. 08 Feb 1967)
Emma (b. 1889, d. 08 Feb 1967)
Owen James
Clark Griffith (b. 27 Apr 1897)
Margaret Lavern
Ollie ( , d. 1969)
Ollie ( , d. 1969)
Miriam (b. 21 Aug 1841, d. 31 Dec 1928)
Miriam (b. 21 Aug 1841, d. 31 Dec 1928)
Mollie (b. 06 Jan 1871, d. 1949)
Mollie (b. 06 Jan 1871, d. 1949)
James Tad
James Tad
Jimmy (b. 16 Apr 1965)
Mark (b. 06 Nov 1968)
Susan Adele
Susan Adele
Beverly Jean
Dorothy Lucille
Leonce Allen
Leonce Allen
Amanda Sue (b. 10 Oct 1942)
Amanda Sue (b. 10 Oct 1942)
Arthur Leo (b. 28 Jul 1958)
Janet Lynn (b. 15 Jul 1952)
John Arthur
John Arthur
John Russell (b. 16 Aug 1946)
Melinda Ann (b. 08 Mar 1951)
Sharon Irene (b. 24 Sep 1944)
Troy (b. 26 Jun 1948)
Boyd (b. 1907, d. 1970)
Cassandra Ann
Cassandra Ann
Georgia Alene
Hollis Eldon
Horace Vernon
Martha Lovisa
Wilbur Warren
William Warren (b. 24 Dec 1893, d. 1970)
William Warren (b. 24 Dec 1893, d. 1970)
Paul R.
Marl (b. 1904)
Marl (b. 1904)
Melvina Ann (b. 12 Sep 1881)
Melvina Ann (b. 12 Sep 1881)
Mary Ellen
Laura (b. 06 Nov 1870, d. 25 Jan 1952)
Laura (b. 06 Nov 1870, d. 25 Jan 1952)
Carrol ( , d. 12 Jul 1955)
Charles (b. 1865)
Charles (b. 1865)
Nora ( , d. 1899)
Nora ( , d. 1899)
Mildred Louise (b. 12 Dec 1932)
Mildred Louise (b. 12 Dec 1932)
May (b. 28 May 1905, d. 14 Nov 1980)
May (b. 28 May 1905, d. 14 Nov 1980)
Melton M. (b. 1870)
Melton M. (b. 1870)
Robert Elkin (b. 1843, d. 1912)
Robert Elkin (b. 1843, d. 1912)
Kelly Barrow
Louis Todd
Louis Todd
Sarah Elizabeth
William Burden
Cathrin (b. 27 Oct 1929)
Cathrin (b. 27 Oct 1929)
T. David
Betsy Lynn (b. 29 Jul 1933)
Betsy Lynn (b. 29 Jul 1933)
Ernest Malcolm (b. 16 Jul 1890, d. 28 Jan 1971)
Fay Milburn
Ina Burgess (b. 21 Oct 1903)
Marvin E.
(--?--) (Paul A. Jr) (b. 09 Jan 1922)
Elizabeth Allene (b. 16 Nov 1919)
Martha Carolyn (b. 23 Mar 1920)
Paul A.
Paul A.
Josie Lee
Josie Lee
Douglas Wayne
Frances (b. 19 May 1927)
Frances (b. 19 May 1927)
John N.
Laura Pearl
Laura Pearl
Margaret Ottinger
Margaret Ottinger
R. L.
Jennifer Elaine (b. 11 Aug 1971)
John Elmo
John Ronald (b. 10 Aug 1946)
John Ronald (b. 10 Aug 1946)
Katie Ellen (b. 22 Aug 1975)
Calvin Theodore (b. 17 Dec 1927)
Calvin Theodore (b. 17 Dec 1927)
Karen Lois (b. 06 Aug 1957)
Karen Lois (b. 06 Aug 1957)
Rebecca Jo
Sherry Lynn (b. 03 Oct 1954)
Sherry Lynn (b. 03 Oct 1954)
(--?--) (Lloyd Coleman jr) (b. 19 Nov 1923)
Lloyd Coleman
Lloyd Coleman
Clayton (b. 18 Mar 1909)
Dennis (b. 17 Jan 1879, d. 10 Dec 1924)
Dennis (b. 17 Jan 1879, d. 10 Dec 1924)
Maurice (b. 01 Jul 1914)
Ruby Emerson (b. 06 Jan 1907)
Camilla (b. 12 May 1858, d. 19 Sep 1934)
Camilla (b. 12 May 1858, d. 19 Sep 1934)
Faye ( , d. 1936)
Faye ( , d. 1936)
Adaline (b. 01 Aug 1813, d. 08 Aug 1896)
Adaline (b. 01 Aug 1813, d. 08 Aug 1896)
Artie Ada (b. 30 Dec 1918)
Charlotte Annette
David Blueford ( , d. 1946)
David Blueford ( , d. 1946)
David Lynn (b. 14 Apr 1937, d. 05 May 1995)
David Lynn (b. 14 Apr 1937, d. 05 May 1995)
Donna Lynn
Fannie Mae (b. 09 Nov 1905, d. 26 Mar 1994)
James Marion (b. 28 Jun 1903, d. Apr 1971)
Jesse Sherman (b. 13 Feb 1910, d. 27 May 1974)
Michael David (b. 05 Jun 1963)
Zella Faye (b. 09 Aug 1915, d. 20 Oct 1997)
Joseph Scott Jr. ( , d. 17 May 1972)
Danna Ann (b. 13 Aug 1962)
Debra Lynn (b. 27 Mar 1956)
Warren Edward
Warren Edward
Warren Edward (b. 08 Jan 1959)
Bina (b. 1895, d. 1969)
Bina (b. 1895, d. 1969)
Bobby Ray
Bobby Ray
Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Terry James
Mable (b. 25 Mar 1909)
Mable (b. 25 Mar 1909)
Lena Marie (b. 17 Jul 1934)
Lena Marie (b. 17 Jul 1934)
Henry Appleton (b. 19 May 1913)
Henry Appleton (b. 19 May 1913)
Mary Pamela (b. 25 Dec 1951)
Robert (b. 16 Dec 1886, d. 23 Apr 1953)
Robert (b. 16 Dec 1886, d. 23 Apr 1953)
Nollie Fletcher
Fern (b. 04 Mar 1907)
Hazel M. (b. 08 Apr 1904)
Hazel M. (b. 08 Apr 1904)
John Cornel
John Cornel
Lela (b. 14 Sep 1876, d. 22 Jan 1971)
M. H.
Margaret (b. 27 Feb 1855, d. 02 May 1932)
Margaret (b. 27 Feb 1855, d. 02 May 1932)
Mary Katherine (b. 15 Sep 1902)
Mary Katherine (b. 15 Sep 1902)
Riley M.
Stephen Bruce (b. 14 Oct 1942)
Jane Ellen
Jane Ellen
Norah M.
Anthony S. (b. 12 Sep 1812, d. 12 Jul 1859)
Anthony S. (b. 12 Sep 1812, d. 12 Jul 1859)
Charles McDaniel (b. 04 Jan 1842, d. 19 Sep 1905)
George (b. 1838)
Henry J.
Jonathan Marshall (b. 1848, d. circa 1900)
Martha H. (b. 27 Aug 1854, d. 05 Dec 1881)
Stephen A. (b. 1851)
William T. (b. 1834, d. 1871)
William T. (b. 1834, d. 1871)
Wilson L. (b. 1837, d. 12 Nov 1862)
Mary (b. circa 1760, d. 01 Oct 1846)
Mary (b. circa 1760, d. 01 Oct 1846)
Melissa Jane (b. 26 Aug 1880, d. 29 Aug 1956)
Melissa Jane (b. 26 Aug 1880, d. 29 Aug 1956)
Susan Elizabeth
Janice Elaine
Janice Elaine
Nicholas Price
Price "Chip" III
Price "Chip" III
Price Jr. (b. 14 Jul 1932, d. 08 Jan 1978)
Price Jr. (b. 14 Jul 1932, d. 08 Jan 1978)
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee
Terrye Lynne
Terrye Lynne
Louvenia Jane
Louvenia Jane
Louvenia Jane
Lura (b. 13 Nov 1909)
Lura (b. 13 Nov 1909)
Lessie Lee (b. 10 Feb 1923)
Lessie Lee (b. 10 Feb 1923)
Cynthia Diane (b. 18 Apr 1962)
Cynthia Diane (b. 18 Apr 1962)
Earl W. (b. 13 Aug 1901, d. 17 Jan 1968)
Earl W. (b. 13 Aug 1901, d. 17 Jan 1968)
Francis Roy ( , d. 05 Mar 1881)
Francis Roy ( , d. 05 Mar 1881)
Alfred Duane
Alfred Duane
Delores Lucille
Marielle Grace (b. 20 Jan 1987)
Michelle Kristan (b. 27 Jan 1986)
Stanley (b. circa 1958)
Stanley (b. circa 1958)
Leonard N. (b. 01 Jul 1894, d. 19 Jun 1971)
Leonard N. (b. 01 Jul 1894, d. 19 Jun 1971)
Isaac Perman
Perna Catherine (b. 12 Jan 1918)
Perna Catherine (b. 12 Jan 1918)
W. L.
Rachel Marie
Juliann Kerfoot (b. 1826)
Juliann Kerfoot (b. 1826)
Doris Nell
Eugene C.
Annette Marie
Annette Marie
Louise (b. 06 Jun 1923)
Louise (b. 06 Jun 1923)
Jean Or Jane (b. circa 1791, d. 1865)
Jean Or Jane (b. circa 1791, d. 1865)
Barbara Elaine (b. 15 Oct 1940)
Barbara Elaine (b. 15 Oct 1940)
Carolyn Dianne (b. 06 Jan 1954)
Darryle Keith
Johnnie Clarence
Johnnie Clarence
Mary Katherine (b. 22 May 1947)
Mary Katherine (b. 22 May 1947)
Michael Steven (b. 22 May 1949)
Richard Guy
Ronald Clarence (b. 17 Jan 1945)
Ronald Clarence (b. 17 Jan 1945)
Ronald Hershel (b. 12 Jan 1969)
Russell Gregory (b. 02 Jan 1952)
William Douglas (b. 16 Mar 1943)
William Douglas (b. 16 Mar 1943)
William Douglas Jr.
Elizabeth Eunice
Elizabeth Eunice
William Ramsey
Betty Mae (b. 27 Jan 1930)
Donna Kay (b. 20 Jul 1944)
Francis J. (b. 26 Dec 1906)
Francis J. (b. 26 Dec 1906)
Jo Ann (b. 21 Oct 1936)
Mollie (b. 1887, d. 1967)
Mollie (b. 1887, d. 1967)
Peter B.
Rebecka Jane (b. 11 Jul 1876, d. 06 Apr 1971)
Rebecka Jane (b. 11 Jul 1876, d. 06 Apr 1971)
Chessie (b. 1894)
Chessie (b. 1894)
William E. (b. 1863, d. circa 1952)
William E. (b. 1863, d. circa 1952)
Elizabeth Jane
Elizabeth Jane
Elizabeth Jane
Ronnie Joe
Ronnie Joe
Ronnie Joe, Ii
Stacey Louise
Troy Charisse
Janelle Lynn (b. 24 Jun 1950)
Janelle Lynn (b. 24 Jun 1950)
Jay Wendell (b. 04 Apr 1955)
Jay Wendell (b. 04 Apr 1955)
Jessica Rae (b. 24 Jan 1986)
John Bird (b. 23 Oct 1913)
John Bird (b. 23 Oct 1913)
Jordan David (b. 29 Jul 1982)
Twyla Shae (b. 19 May 1952)
Julia Ester
Julia Ester
Frank Elsworth
Frank Elsworth
James Kenneth (b. 18 Mar 1959)
Jimmie Wactor
Marie Frances
Marie Frances
Elizabeth (b. circa 1690)
Elizabeth (b. circa 1690)
Mabel Clare
Mabel Clare
Jane Page (b. 19 Sep 1942)
William F. (b. 21 Mar 1918)
William F. (b. 21 Mar 1918)
Carol Anne (b. 21 Jun 1936)
Carol Anne (b. 21 Jun 1936)
Candice (b. 08 Jan 1981)
Gordan Hulan (b. 31 Dec 1953)
Gordan Hulan (b. 31 Dec 1953)
Howard Lee ( , d. 27 Feb 1982)
Howard Lee ( , d. 27 Feb 1982)
Lauren (b. 29 Oct 1984)
Mark Stephen (b. 02 Dec 1959)
Mark Stephen (b. 02 Dec 1959)
Michaelle (b. 05 Jun 1979)
Jerome Brod
John (b. 1881)
Agnes (b. circa 1829, d. 04 Dec 1905)
Edwin (b. circa 1853)
Elizabeth (b. circa 1840)
James (b. circa 1833)
John (b. 10 Aug 1804)
John (b. 10 Aug 1804)
John (b. circa 1836)
Margaret (b. circa 1834)
Martha Ann (b. 20 Apr 1849, d. 26 Apr 1919)
Martha Ann (b. 20 Apr 1849, d. 26 Apr 1919)
Rachael (b. circa 1830)
Robert (b. circa 1838)
Theodore (b. circa 1842)
Westly (b. circa 1851)
J. P. (b. 1887)
Shirley Ann
Shirley Ann
Welmond Joseph
Welmond Joseph
Leah C.
Robert Edward Jr.
John Morgan
Mary Anna (b. 20 Feb 1901)
Mary Anna (b. 20 Feb 1901)
George R. B.
Eli (b. 1797, d. 30 Nov 1867)
Eli (b. 1797, d. 30 Nov 1867)
Elizabeth (b. 1756)
Elizabeth (b. 1756)
Elizabeth (b. 1756)
Elizabeth (b. 1756)
James Howard
James Latham (b. 1863)
Kate Becker (b. 14 Nov 1858)
Thomas Veneble
Thomas Veneble
William Nolen (b. 15 Sep 1853)
Dovey Lavada
Dovey Lavada
Mary Ann
Mary Ann
Alpha Edvirda (b. 10 Dec 1910, d. 30 Jun 1995)
Alpha Edvirda (b. 10 Dec 1910, d. 30 Jun 1995)
Beulah (b. 1885, d. 1890)
Charles Wesley (b. 12 Dec 1886, d. 28 Oct 1930)
Ella G. (b. Mar 1893, d. 10 Jul 1932)
Ella G. (b. Mar 1893, d. 10 Jul 1932)
Fannie Ava (b. 01 Jul 1889, d. 13 Jul 1955)
Fannie Ava (b. 01 Jul 1889, d. 13 Jul 1955)
George Washington (b. 28 Apr 1861, d. 19 Dec 1919)
George Washington (b. 28 Apr 1861, d. 19 Dec 1919)
James Blaine (b. 26 Sep 1890, d. 13 Oct 1962)
John Anderson (b. 20 Sep 1896, d. 28 Sep 1952)
Mary Anna (b. 31 Aug 1888, d. 05 Sep 1943)
Mattie Bell (b. 29 Oct 1907, d. 29 Aug 1988)
Maude Inez (b. 22 Feb 1905, d. 03 Jun 1965)
Ora Edna (b. 26 Nov 1901, d. 06 Apr 1933)
Rosie Jane (b. 09 Nov 1899, d. 30 May 1916)
Roy Newton (b. 11 Dec 1902, d. 30 Apr 1916)
William (b. 1899, d. 1899)
Thomas Calvin
B. F.
Bonita "Bonnie
Daniel W. (b. 12 Aug 1901, d. 03 Oct 1950)
Daniel W. (b. 12 Aug 1901, d. 03 Oct 1950)
George G. (b. 06 Jan 1887, d. Oct 1984)
George G. (b. 06 Jan 1887, d. Oct 1984)
Henry Albert (b. 12 Sep 1909, d. 29 Mar 1982)
Virginia (b. 1912)
Gloria Lyn (b. 12 Jul 1959)
Grace Aldriche (b. 16 Oct 1986)
Gwyn Rita (b. 08 Jul 1961)
Lydia Theresa (b. 18 Apr 1985)
Noland Anthony (b. 07 Aug 1982)
Randal Anthony (b. 15 Aug 1954)
Randal Anthony (b. 15 Aug 1954)
Ronald Anthony (b. 13 Jul 1919, d. 30 Aug 1985)
Ronald Anthony (b. 13 Jul 1919, d. 30 Aug 1985)
Shasta Joy (b. 07 May 1951)
Sidney Joseph
Todd Andrew (b. 13 Dec 1956)
Charles A.
Betty Carol
Lola Dell
Lola Dell
A. A.
W. G.
Mary E.
Mary E.
Charles Edward (b. 02 Jun 1956)
Charles Edward (b. 02 Jun 1956)
James Erin (b. 30 Aug 1984)
Jennifer Alicia (b. 11 Mar 1976)
Jennifer Ann (b. 15 Dec 1949)
Jimmie Wilburn
Jimmie Wilburn
Sue Ellen (b. 01 Mar 1958)
Sue Ellen (b. 01 Mar 1958)
Edward D.
Eva Mattie
Eva Mattie
Frank H.
John A.
Joseph Bernard
Joseph Pinckney
Joseph Pinckney
William Parish (b. circa 1883, d. Aug 1961)
William Parish (b. circa 1883, d. Aug 1961)
Willie E.
Sarah (b. 19 Jan 1824, d. 05 Jul 1911)
Sarah (b. 19 Jan 1824, d. 05 Jul 1911)
(--?--) (L. Vincent dr) (b. 1901)
David Allen
David Allen
Devin Michelle Darbonne (b. 17 Apr 1987)
George A.
Christopher David (b. 02 Mar 1956)
Christopher David (b. 02 Mar 1956)
Francis Irene (b. 07 Jul 1977)
Kimberly Suzanne (b. 07 Nov 1985)
Julie Roxanne (b. 29 Oct 1951)
Julie Roxanne (b. 29 Oct 1951)
Danny Warren (b. 22 Nov 1954)
Danny Warren (b. 22 Nov 1954)
Danny Warren Jr. (b. 09 Sep 1986)
Heidi Shane (b. 08 Mar 1977)
W. A.
John Michael
John Michael
Shane Michael (b. 02 Aug 1988)
Bobbie Claire (b. 1955)
Robert Barry (b. 1957, d. 1957)
Cheryl (b. circa 1958)
Cheryl (b. circa 1958)
Gwendolyn Eloise
Kathryn "Casey" (b. 09 Aug 1992)
Terresa E.
Terresa E.
Willie Mae (b. circa 1911, d. circa 1968)
Willie Mae (b. circa 1911, d. circa 1968)
Billy Joe
Agnes Anderson
Agnes Anderson
Charles David
Marsha Ann (b. 09 Sep 1955)
Marsha Ann (b. 09 Sep 1955)
Maryann Jane
Robert (b. 01 Feb 1951)
Elsie Mae
Elsie Mae
Jacqueline Leone (b. 1927)
M. T. Harrison
M. T. Harrison
Nancy E. (b. 13 Jun 1874, d. 07 Sep 1959)
Henry (b. 21 Jan 1877)
Andrew Arthur (b. 31 Mar 1979)
Christy Jo (b. 04 Apr 1969)
Frederick James (b. 20 Sep 1972)
Laurie Anne (b. 01 Nov 1961)
Alice Rebecca
Billy Hugh
Elma Lee
Nelda Ellen
Nila Rene
Palma Rae
Thomas Ray
Wiley Gene
Coot ( , d. 27 Nov 1890)
J. P. ( , d. 16 Jan 1892)
J. P. ( , d. 16 Jan 1892)
John Wilson (b. 01 Jun 1885)
Pamela Ann
Pamela Ann
Ida Mae
Elizabeth De (b. 02 Apr 1887)
Nancy H. (b. 1828, d. 1873)
Nancy H. (b. 1828, d. 1873)
Mary Tamsel (b. 13 Apr 1899, d. 12 Apr 1974)
Mary Tamsel (b. 13 Apr 1899, d. 12 Apr 1974)
Clarence Earnest
James Scott (b. 03 Apr 1937)
James Scott (b. 03 Apr 1937)
Jamie Lynn (b. 21 Jul 1960)
Jamie Lynn (b. 21 Jul 1960)
Jill Deann (b. 21 May 1965)
Lemuel (b. 1822)
Margaret "Peggy"
Flora Elizabeth
Flora Elizabeth
Julia Elizabeth
Julia Elizabeth
Catherine Ann (b. 04 Nov 1944)
Catherine Ann (b. 04 Nov 1944)
Anthony Glenn
Anthony Glenn
Anthony Glenn Jr.
C. C.
Mary Nancy (b. 1845, d. 1905)
Mary Nancy (b. 1845, d. 1905)
Nicholas (b. 1799)
Nicholas (b. 1799)
Earl Martin (b. 11 Nov 1882, d. 08 Oct 1966)
Earl Martin (b. 11 Nov 1882, d. 08 Oct 1966)
James Duncan
Stella Elizabeth (b. 10 Dec 1888, d. 29 Oct 1921)
Stella Elizabeth (b. 10 Dec 1888, d. 29 Oct 1921)
Helen Rose
Helen Rose
Della (b. 12 Nov 1879, d. 12 Dec 1941)
Della (b. 12 Nov 1879, d. 12 Dec 1941)
Kathleen "Kathy"
Kathleen "Kathy"
Betty Claire (b. 1932)
Betty Claire (b. 1932)
Bonnie Sue (b. 12 Mar 1956)
Bonnie Sue (b. 12 Mar 1956)
Catherine Lillian (b. 29 Jun 1921)
Charles Preston
Charles Preston
Charles Preston (b. 1958)
Charles Preston Jr. (b. 17 Feb 1923, d. 08 Oct 1944)
David Lieux
David Lieux
Edward Trohan (b. 10 Nov 1923)
Edward Trohan (b. 10 Nov 1923)
Edward Trohan (b. 1952)
Ella Elaine (b. 1961)
Gayle (b. 1950)
Helen Barnes (b. 1936)
Helen Barnes (b. 1936)
Holly Kin (b. 1958)
Laura Jean (b. 1960)
Michael Ladd (b. 03 Sep 1947)
Richard Reyes
Richard Reyes
Richard Reyes Jr. (b. 1960)
Robert Avery
Robert Lynn (b. 03 Sep 1947)
Ruth Estelle (b. 18 Apr 1926)
Ruth Estelle (b. 18 Apr 1926)
Tammy Ray (b. 1959)
Vickie Lynn (b. 1960)
Ella (b. 1856)
Ella (b. 1856)
A. Johnson
Robert Lee
John David (b. 26 Jan 1920, d. 04 Oct 1934)
Louis A.
Louis A.
Mary Jane
Ortha Olice (b. 23 Oct 1891)
Ortha Olice (b. 23 Oct 1891)
Fannie Belle
Hood (b. 27 May 1874, d. 17 Oct 1949)
Hood (b. 27 May 1874, d. 17 Oct 1949)
Linda Carol
Linda Carolyn
Linda Carolyn
Vernon Haze (b. 16 Mar 1909, d. 25 Apr 1964)
Claude (b. 25 Mar 1875, d. 20 Apr 1950)
Claude (b. 25 Mar 1875, d. 20 Apr 1950)
Clyde M. (b. 20 May 1885)
Clyde M. (b. 20 May 1885)
Daisy (b. 11 Dec 1876)
Donald William (b. 16 Feb 1907)
Donald William (b. 16 Feb 1907)
Elgie (b. 20 Jan 1882)
Gary Lynn (b. 11 Jul 1938)
Harold Russell (b. 07 Mar 1907, d. 21 Mar 1952)
Henry F. (b. 09 Nov 1853, d. 1921)
Henry F. (b. 09 Nov 1853, d. 1921)
Leslie Franklin (b. 11 Sep 1908)
Leslie Franklin (b. 11 Sep 1908)
Leslie Larry (b. 04 Jun 1943)
Melvin Lynn (b. 24 Apr 1915)
Melvin Lynn (b. 24 Apr 1915)
Pearl (b. 28 Aug 1879)
Pearl (b. 28 Aug 1879)
Rosemary Jean (b. 18 Sep 1930)
Rosemary Jean (b. 18 Sep 1930)
Russell Clyde (b. 07 Dec 1918)
Sandra Jean (b. 18 Nov 1938)
Wanda Leota (b. 10 May 1921)
Wanda Leota (b. 10 May 1921)
Warren Glen (b. 24 Nov 1910)
Wayne William (b. 13 Sep 1933)
Winifred (b. 04 Aug 1925)
John O.
Gladys L.
Gladys L.
John H.
John H.
Henri Marie
Henry (b. 10 Aug 1896)
Henry (b. 10 Aug 1896)
Maradean (b. 27 Mar 1938)
Marilyn Ruth
Mark Henry (b. 03 Jul 1934)
Alfred (b. 1821)
Alfred (b. 1821)
Elizabeth Regina
Elvera (b. circa 1847)
John N. (b. circa 1849)
Lucinda Julina (b. circa 1819, d. say 1859)
Lucinda Julina (b. circa 1819, d. say 1859)
Mary Elizabeth
Newton (b. circa 1787, d. 1864)
Newton (b. circa 1787, d. 1864)
Susan Ann
Wilton Lee
Caroline Frances
Caroline Frances
Nancy ( , d. 03 Feb 1834)
Nancy ( , d. 03 Feb 1834)
William Henry (b. 16 Sep 1927)
William Henry (b. 16 Sep 1927)
Annie (b. 1870)
Nancy (b. 25 Mar 1958)
Nancy (b. 25 Mar 1958)
Agnes Clarissa
U. G.
Alfred Samuel (b. 10 May 1944)
Alfred Samuel (b. 10 May 1944)
Amanda Gail (b. 04 Oct 1994)
Clarence Tracey Lee (b. 09 Oct 1962)
Clarence Tracey Lee (b. 09 Oct 1962)
John Robert (b. 18 May 1990)
Patricia Ann (b. 24 Jun 1992)
Robert Samuel (b. 08 Oct 1963)
Charles L.
G. B.
Carrie Vaughn
F. M.
Shelby Hayes Main (b. 20 Jul 1975)
Shelby Main
Shelby Main
Cynthia Marie (b. 04 Dec 1956)
Cynthia Marie (b. 04 Dec 1956)
Edna Hazel
John Russell
William Henry
William Henry
William Henry
William Henry
Glisa Gay (b. 17 Dec 1961)
O. C.
William Earl (b. 18 Aug 1928)
William Earl (b. 18 Aug 1928)
Abbie E.
Pauline (b. 24 Mar 1927)
Pauline (b. 24 Mar 1927)
Horace Gene
John Lewis
Mary Jane
Mary Jane
Sarah Elizabeth
G. B.
G. B.
Amy B.
Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner
Kathleen W.
Margaret A.
Ralph "Bub" Earl
William Burris III
William Burris III
William H.
Thomas Jefferson (b. circa 1850)
William Burke
William Burke
Elizabeth Marlene
Nicole Christine Helene
Adam Herbert
Adam Herbert
Delmae M.
(--?--) (Alonzo Dr) (b. 1880)
(--?--) (Alonzo Dr) (b. 1880)
Adriane Frances
Adriane Frances
Everett Adams (b. 11 Feb 1902, d. 03 Jan 1984)
Everett Adams (b. 11 Feb 1902, d. 03 Jan 1984)
Everett Odgen (b. 08 Jun 1932, d. 09 Sep 1939)
Janet Kay
Janet Kay
Margaret (b. 1878)
Margaret (b. 1878)
Anna C.
Anna C.
Carl John (b. 01 Jan 1901)
Carl John (b. 01 Jan 1901)
Charles Edward (b. 03 Mar 1895)
Helen Claire (b. 10 Feb 1902)
Helen Claire (b. 10 Feb 1902)
James Leroy (b. 16 Oct 1896, d. 1981)
Julian Eugene (b. 24 Jul 1903)
Julian Eugene (b. 24 Jul 1903)
Louisa Adele
Ruth Amanda (b. 21 Feb 1907)
Ruth Amanda (b. 21 Feb 1907)
Sabra ( , d. 1847)
Sabra ( , d. 1847)
Tigrail Jones
Tigrail Jones
Tigrail Jones Jr.
Tigrail Jones Jr.
William Ware (b. 19 Nov 1892)
William Ware (b. 19 Nov 1892)
William Ware Jr.
Annie Lou
Annie Lou
Donna Denell (b. 20 Jun 1961)
Donna Denell (b. 20 Jun 1961)
Gwendlyn Gay (b. 02 Dec 1959)
Gwendlyn Gay (b. 02 Dec 1959)
Linden Paul
Linden Paul
Linden Paul
Lynn Wayne (b. 24 Mar 1939)
Lynn Wayne (b. 24 Mar 1939)
Susan Renee (b. 11 Jan 1964)
Todd Wayne (b. 27 Aug 1966)
Sarah Ann
Martha Ann
Delia Fredrick
Delia Fredrick
Robert Burton
Henry ( , d. 20 Aug 1895)
William J.
Isabella Alice
Isabella Alice
Ryan Joe (b. 09 Jul 1985)
Stephanie Lynn (b. 27 Nov 1983)
Steve Joe
Steve Joe
Bobby James "Bj" Jr
Jacob Daniel
Mary Boyer
Ronny Dale
Vance Bradford
Curtis John
Louise Jewell (b. 08 Jun 1934)
Louise Jewell (b. 08 Jun 1934)
Louise Jewell (b. 08 Jun 1934)
Sandy Marie
Maureen (b. 31 Aug 1940)
Maureen (b. 31 Aug 1940)
Betty Lou (b. 02 Oct 1935)
Betty Lou (b. 02 Oct 1935)
Joseph Ray
Kevin Curtis
Harty Ann (b. May 1846)
Harty Ann (b. May 1846)
Eda or Edy
Eda or Edy
R. E.
R. E.
Daniel (b. 1864, d. 1930)
Daniel (b. 1864, d. 1930)
Mary (b. 24 Mar 1868, d. Oct 1953)
Mary (b. 24 Mar 1868, d. Oct 1953)
Zora Hazel (b. 16 Apr 1890, d. 02 Apr 1950)
Alfred L. (b. 1844)
Jesse M. (b. 1846)
M. Newton (b. 1842)
Mary E. (b. 1850)
Sampson F. (b. 1848)
William B. (b. 1840)
George W.
George W.
Susan ( , d. 1929)
(--?--) (Jack Dr.)
David Lee
Diana (b. 14 Oct 1945)
Fred (b. 26 Dec 1950)
Gary (b. 08 Oct 1953)
James (b. 08 Sep 1943)
Laura (b. 16 May 1961)
Linda (b. 11 Aug 1955)
Richard T.
Richard T.
Richard T.
Richard T.
Rick (b. 30 Jan 1960)
Robert Frank (b. 1844)
T. C.
Zenobia (b. 29 May 1867, d. 18 Jun 1951)
Zenobia (b. 29 May 1867, d. 18 Jun 1951)
Margaret Elizabeth
Janet Annetta
Janet Annetta
Earnest Howard
Virginia (b. 1929)
Virginia (b. 1929)
Eula Mae
Eula Mae
Elizabeth (b. 19 Jun 1877, d. 04 Jun 1966)
Elizabeth (b. 19 Jun 1877, d. 04 Jun 1966)
David Edward
Edward Arnold
Edward Arnold
Gary Stewart
Gertrude Catherine
Gertrude Catherine
Glen Thomas
Harriette Ann
Harriette Ann
Hilda Patricia
Hilda Patricia
James Leo
Jason Dean
Josephine Maude
Josephine Maude
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth
Petrus Jacobus "Pete" (b. 12 Jul 1889, d. 29 Nov 1978)
Petrus Jacobus "Pete" (b. 12 Jul 1889, d. 29 Nov 1978)
Ragina Gail (b. 13 Sep 1949, d. 13 Sep 1949)
Terry James
Walter Dean
Walter Dean
Vernon L.
Carla Kay
Chauncy Arl (b. 09 Feb 1898, d. 01 Dec 1950)
Chauncy Arl (b. 09 Feb 1898, d. 01 Dec 1950)
Fredonis G.
Fredonis G.
Joie May
Joyce (b. 13 Jan 1932)
Randall Granville
Randall Granville
Stephen Kermit
Mary Louise
Mary Louise
James Edward
James Edward
Nell B.
Nell B.
Elizabeth (b. 06 Mar 1914)
Elizabeth (b. 06 Mar 1914)
Clara (b. 18 Dec 1863, d. 07 Apr 1950)
Clara (b. 18 Dec 1863, d. 07 Apr 1950)
Jerry Thomas
Carl Lyle
Carl Lyle
Patricia Lyle
Sally Lucy (b. 1807, d. 1886)
Sally Lucy (b. 1807, d. 1886)
Shirley Rae
Shirley Rae
Smallwood (b. circa 1829, d. 11 Jan 1907)
Chester Herman
Martha Jane (b. 12 Mar 1835)
Martha Jane (b. 12 Mar 1835)
Nancy C.
Nancy C.
Martha Alice
Martha Alice
(--?--) (Douglas jr)
(--?--) (Stanton P jr)
Bannus (b. 1847, d. 1936)
Bannus (b. 1847, d. 1936)
Charles Bannus
Charles Bannus
Helen H.
Lydia Virginia Elizabeth
Noreen (b. 1938)
Virginia Ann (b. 1936)
Duane Gene (b. 21 Apr 1948)
Noland Dee (b. 27 Aug 1944)
Norman (b. 11 Aug 1913)
Norman (b. 11 Aug 1913)
Norman Dean (b. 01 Oct 1942, d. 13 Feb 1943)
Daniel A.
(--?--) (Nolen dr)
Bettie F.
Bettie F.
Cavita Aline
Cavita Aline
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster
Dollie Rachel
Glenn Logan (b. 04 Apr 1915, d. 14 Mar 1966)
James Leroy
John Edward
John Edward
John Edward Jr. ( , d. 25 Nov 1996)
Nancy (b. 16 Jul 1774, d. 22 Mar 1850)
Nancy (b. 16 Jul 1774, d. 22 Mar 1850)
Clara Jane (b. 24 Aug 1838, d. 22 Jul 1872)
Clara Jane (b. 24 Aug 1838, d. 22 Jul 1872)
(--?--) (Linville jr)
Linville (b. 04 Nov 1894, d. 09 Dec 1930)
Linville (b. 04 Nov 1894, d. 09 Dec 1930)
Ethel M. (b. 18 Feb 1898)
Ethel M. (b. 18 Feb 1898)
Joseph Marhoul
Frederick Michael (b. 03 Apr 1883, d. 01 Nov 1967)
Frederick Michael (b. 03 Apr 1883, d. 01 Nov 1967)
James Elwin (b. 31 Oct 1921, d. 13 Oct 1924)
Joseph Wayne (b. 05 Aug 1924, d. 05 Nov 1994)
Myrtle Christina (b. 29 Mar 1908, d. 05 Apr 1995)
Myrtle Christina (b. 29 Mar 1908, d. 05 Apr 1995)
Sarah Neva
Sarah Neva
William Frederick (b. 24 Dec 1909, d. 06 Aug 1973)
Mary Jo
Betty Faye
Ellis Herbert
Ellis Herbert
Frances Elaine
John Lamont
Virginia Pauline
Vivian Marie
Wilma Lacresia
Brenda Kay (b. 15 Apr 1953)
Brenda Kay (b. 15 Apr 1953)
Audrey Eilene
Haley Jane (b. 09 Jun 1887, d. 01 May 1991)
Haley Jane (b. 09 Jun 1887, d. 01 May 1991)
Haley Jane (b. 09 Jun 1887, d. 01 May 1991)
Eva (b. 1897, d. circa 1970)
Eleanor (b. 1839)
Eleanor (b. 1839)
Emilene (b. 1848)
Jane (b. 30 Jan 1844, d. 31 Aug 1871)
Jane (b. 30 Jan 1844, d. 31 Aug 1871)
Jason (b. 19 Jun 1803, d. 22 Dec 1852)
Jason (b. 19 Jun 1803, d. 22 Dec 1852)
John (b. 1837)
Leonidas (b. 1843, d. 1850)
Malinda Harriet (b. 1845, d. 1915)
Malinda Harriet (b. 1845, d. 1915)
Orinda (b. 06 Mar 1852)
John William
Alma Mae
Gary Louis
Gary Louis
Gary Louis (b. 21 May 1968)
JoAnn Dawn
JoAnn Dawn
Betty Jane (b. 24 Mar 1937)
Earl Estin (b. 03 May 1908, d. 05 Aug 1909)
Edgar B. (b. 18 Jul 1884)
Edgar B. (b. 18 Jul 1884)
Edith Marie (b. 20 Feb 1910)
Edith Marie (b. 20 Feb 1910)
Everett M. (b. 19 Apr 1913)
Everett M. (b. 19 Apr 1913)
Gloria Gay (b. 14 Mar 1934, d. 16 Nov 1934)
James Perry (b. 25 May 1947)
Jean Elaine (b. 10 Oct 1945)
Kay Ann (b. 26 Sep 1943)
Lee Benton (b. 21 Mar 1906)
Lee Benton (b. 21 Mar 1906)
Marjorie Diane (b. 11 Jun 1950)
Mark Randal (b. 13 Feb 1948)
Nancy Lee (b. 14 Dec 1935)
Ora Keith (b. 08 Jan 1915)
Ora Keith (b. 08 Jan 1915)
Carrie Vaughn (b. 10 Oct 1881, d. 10 Jun 1887)
Lived at Ames,
Sarah Frances
Florence (b. 12 Nov 1893)
Florence (b. 12 Nov 1893)
(--?--) (Robert jr)
Anthony Hargrove (b. 11 Jun 1948)
Donald (b. 22 Feb 1913, d. 05 Jun 1955)
Donald (b. 22 Feb 1913, d. 05 Jun 1955)
Jill Noland (b. 25 Oct 1953)
Morris Adrian (b. 16 May 1954)
Morris Allen
Robert E.
Robert E.
Judith Ann (b. 11 Jul 1937)
Luella Mabel
Luella Mabel
Richard Paul (b. 12 Nov 1911)
Richard Paul (b. 12 Nov 1911)
Jason (b. Jun 1980)
Johnny Frank (b. 11 Feb 1944)
Johnny Frank (b. 11 Feb 1944)
Melissa Renea (b. 11 Dec 1968)
Patrick Robert (b. Jul 1978)
Shawn Mechille (b. 11 Sep 1972)
Mildred Lee (b. 24 Feb 1923, d. 23 Apr 1993)
Mildred Lee (b. 24 Feb 1923, d. 23 Apr 1993)
Grace Laura
Bessie Lee
Bessie Lee
Lola Pearl (b. 16 Apr 1888)
Lola Pearl (b. 16 Apr 1888)
Pamela Leigh
Alice Ruth (b. 30 May 1870)
Alice Ruth (b. 30 May 1870)
Darlene Catherine (b. 1961)
Melonie Lynn (b. 1956)
Richard Ocie (b. 1957)
Debra Anne (b. 05 Dec 1950)
Kristin Jule (b. 08 Feb 1948)
Leatha (b. 23 Sep 1902)
Leatha (b. 23 Sep 1902)
Addie (b. 23 Jun 1880, d. Jan 1959)
Addie (b. 23 Jun 1880, d. Jan 1959)
Sterling L.
Andrew Jackson
Abram (b. 1860)
Billy L.
Claire Rachelle (b. 12 Oct 1963)
Coleman T.
Coleman T.
Coleman T.
Early Maxium ( , d. 25 Oct 1975)
Edith Casey (b. 28 May 1920)
Edith Casey (b. 28 May 1920)
Flora Jessie Jane (b. 11 Oct 1886)
Floyd Joseph
Fred A.
George Columbus (b. Jan 1858, d. 1937)
George Columbus (b. Jan 1858, d. 1937)
Harry (b. 1856)
James "Jim" (b. 1859)
John Arthur Samuel (b. 20 Sep 1882)
Mary Alice
Mary Ann
Mary Ella (b. 03 Dec 1890)
Mirah Ruth
Mollie (b. 1868, d. circa 1890)
Mollie (b. 1868, d. circa 1890)
Mollie (b. 1868, d. circa 1890)
Nina Merle
Spencer Vaiden
Susan Emily
William Evalcus (b. 30 Aug 1880, d. 04 Jan 1956)
William Evalcus (b. 30 Aug 1880, d. 04 Jan 1956)
Willie Ruth
James Alvin
Sara Frances (b. 01 Jan 1922, d. Dec 1978)
Sara Frances (b. 01 Jan 1922, d. Dec 1978)
Alice Tallulah
Alice Tallulah
Augusta Maxine
Barry Randolph (b. 20 May 1967)
Barry Randolph (b. 20 May 1967)
Bessie Mae
Brenda Kay
Brenda Kay
Brendan Scott (b. 07 Aug 1991)
Brialda (b. 1836, d. 1874)
Brialda (b. 1836, d. 1874)
Brialda (b. 1836, d. 1874)
Brialda (b. 1836, d. 1874)
Brialda (b. 1836, d. 1874)
Charles Thomas (b. 02 May 1865, d. 30 May 1932)
Emmett F.
Eulalia (b. 20 May 1896)
Jack C.
James Stonewall
Jo Ann
L. B. W.
Lillie Annie
Lillie Annie
Lucy Ann (b. 14 Oct 1821, d. 14 Dec 1891)
Lucy Ann (b. 14 Oct 1821, d. 14 Dec 1891)
Lyndsay Susan (b. 11 Oct 1990)
Michelle Margaret
Michelle Margaret
Morgan Marie (b. 08 Oct 1997)
Murray James (b. 23 Jul 1906)
Paul L.
Pink Pickney
Ronald Kevin (b. 02 Sep 1962)
Ronald Kevin (b. 02 Sep 1962)
Samuel Ervin (b. 16 Feb 1899, d. 1949)
Samuel Ervin (b. 16 Feb 1899, d. 1949)
Tanner Wells (b. 06 May 1992)
Allan John
Allan John
Helen Evelyn (b. 27 Jun 1910)
Helen Evelyn (b. 27 Jun 1910)
Bonnie Joe
Della Ann (b. 10 Apr 1934)
Della Ann (b. 10 Apr 1934)
Harry Morton
John Thomas Jr.
Andrew (b. 14 Dec 1817, d. 08 Nov 1868)
Andrew (b. 14 Dec 1817, d. 08 Nov 1868)
Andrew V. (b. 22 Nov 1847, d. 07 Aug 1852)
Claiborn E. (b. 08 Oct 1856, d. 12 Nov 1857)
Frank B. (b. 03 Feb 1862, d. 12 Nov 1947)
George E. (b. 12 Apr 1851, d. 19 Jul 1919)
Juliet Helen (b. 26 Feb 1854, d. 19 May 1932)
Mary G. (b. 08 Oct 1849, d. 06 Oct 1867)
Philip N. (b. 28 Feb 1858, d. 23 Oct 1933)
Philip N. (b. 28 Feb 1858, d. 23 Oct 1933)
Richard L. (b. 26 Apr 1888, d. 25 Jul 1944)
Tata Ann
Robert Darrell (b. 12 Nov 1957)
Danny (b. 28 Feb 1950)
Nancy Jo
Robert Jr. (b. 24 Jul 1946)
William Ronald (b. 31 Oct 1943)
Herman (b. 1878, d. 1927)
Herman (b. 1878, d. 1927)
Katherine (b. 09 Jun 1917)
Kathleen Joan (b. 1947)
Kristina Noel (b. 30 Dec 1942)
Nicholas Van De Grift (b. 27 Jun 1913)
Nicholas Van De Grift (b. 27 Jun 1913)
Almira "Allie" (b. 21 Jan 1882, d. 24 Mar 1924)
Bertha O. (b. 16 Jul 1891)
James Noland (b. 14 Sep 1889)
Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis
Jewell Richard (b. 03 Jan 1897, d. May 1985)
John Alfred (b. 31 Dec 1903, d. 25 Oct 1979)
Joseph Benjamin (b. 24 Aug 1908, d. 14 Apr 1983)
Laura Frank "Fannie" (b. 24 Aug 1884, d. 20 May 1969)
Laurence C. (b. 18 May 1888)
Lucius Rush (b. 17 Feb 1902, d. 13 Feb 1975)
Pollie Lee (b. 11 Jan 1893)
Sarah Elizabeth (b. 11 Jul 1880, d. 06 Aug 1956)
Silas Culp (b. 05 Dec 1899, d. 12 Nov 1993)
Thomas Jefferson (b. 04 Sep 1895, d. 17 Nov 1965)
Virginia Lee (b. 22 Sep 1886, d. 08 Oct 1914)
Mary Eleanor
Mary Eleanor
Clyde C.
Clyde C.
Coral N. (b. 1934)
Coral N. (b. 1934)
Nancy Lynn
Susan Kay
Betty (b. 06 Dec 1936)
Betty (b. 06 Dec 1936)
Curtis Jr.
Reva Jean
Beatrice (b. 26 Oct 1915)
Roy (b. 19 Dec 1894)
Doris (b. 10 Jul 1926)
Doris (b. 10 Jul 1926)
Laura Ruth
Laura Ruth
John (b. 26 Jul 1968)
John Earl (b. , d. 19 Jun 1964)
John Earl (b. , d. 19 Jun 1964)
Bethany Rene
David William Mansfield
David William Mansfield
Katie Ann
Randall Tyler
Robert James
Sarah Elizabeth
Nancy Ann
Alton O'Neal
Archie Stokes (b. 14 Jun 1912, d. 21 Apr 1978)
Archie Stokes (b. 14 Jun 1912, d. 21 Apr 1978)
Archie Thomas
Betty Dean
Charlie Jack (b. 08 Dec 1904, d. 02 Sep 1916)
David Stokes
David Stokes
Delona Kaye
Dollie Louise
Franklin O'Neal
Hugh David (b. 01 Aug 1898, d. 12 Apr 1924)
Linda Dell
Marvin Stokes
Mary Alice (b. 17 Oct 1895)
Melvin Dennis
William Thomas (b. 10 Aug 1901, d. 12 Jun 1902)
Willie Mae
Homer G.
John ( , d. after 1964)
Connie Harris
Connie Harris
Connie Harris
James D.
John Franklin (b. 28 Jun 1913)
Julia Dent
Julia Dent
Linda (b. 13 Aug 1947)
Linda (b. 13 Aug 1947)
Agnes Vaiden
Bernice (b. Feb 1890)
Bessie Mae (b. 1893)
Clarence K. (b. Nov 1885)
Eulala Lois (b. 1905)
Florence A. (b. 12 Mar 1901)
Hiram (b. 25 Sep 1888, d. Dec 1981)
John (b. 1901)
John H. (b. 18 Nov 1859, d. 07 Apr 1933)
John H. (b. 18 Nov 1859, d. 07 Apr 1933)
John H. (b. 18 Nov 1859, d. 07 Apr 1933)
Ollie (b. Feb 1887, d. 08 Jun 1905)
Paul Raymond (b. 1895)
Candace Dawn (b. 28 Feb 1960)
Harold Leon (b. 19 Mar 1916)
Harold Leon (b. 19 Mar 1916)
Pearl M.
Pearl M.
Aubry Loyd
Aubry Loyd
Aubry Loyd Jr. (b. 18 Nov 1971)
Daryl (b. 12 Apr 1973)
Holly Noel (b. 23 Dec 1975)
Mary E.
Ruth ( , d. after 1944)
Ruth ( , d. after 1944)
Edward Gene
Henrietta Charlotte
Henrietta Charlotte
James Harold
Marion Clifford
Mary Frances
Rebels Garfield
Rebels Garfield
Elizabeth (b. 1870, d. 1936)
Elizabeth (b. 1870, d. 1936)
Harold Edward
Charles Ronald
Charles Ronald
Christion Aspley (b. 03 Dec 1977)
Jennifer Rebecca (b. 06 Nov 1975)
Edgar J. Dr (b. 17 Aug 1868, d. 29 Aug 1939)
Edgar J. Dr (b. 17 Aug 1868, d. 29 Aug 1939)
Harry Wing (b. 01 Mar 1893, d. 07 May 1916)
James (b. Apr 1899)
Mayme Lee (b. 1890)
Orah (b. Sep 1892)
Roy (b. Aug 1890)
Thomas (b. Feb 1897)
Virgil (b. Nov 1894)
William J.
William J.
Ottis Jewell (b. 30 Oct 1913, d. Jan 2000)
Karen Kristine (b. 29 Jun 1970)
Karen Kristine (b. 29 Jun 1970)
Jacob (b. 21 Jul 1983)
Kenney (b. Apr 1978)
Rozanna (b. 22 May 1949)
Azar Youseff Issac David (b. 29 Apr 1982)
Bess Turley (b. 15 Mar 1909)
Mildred F. (b. 14 Mar 1908)
Mildred F. (b. 14 Mar 1908)
David Joe (b. 25 Nov 1960)
David Joe (b. 25 Nov 1960)
Hillary Blair (b. 05 Oct 1987)
Jill Loree (b. 10 Oct 1965)
Joe Bernard (b. 16 Sep 1927, d. 28 Oct 1985)
Joe Bernard (b. 16 Sep 1927, d. 28 Oct 1985)
Bobby Louise
Bobby Louise
Mrs. Ozie M.
Mrs. Ozie M.
Betty M.
Edna Lahoma
James Randy
Katherine Elaine
Leonard N.
Margaret Nan
Roany Kenneth
Florence Dudley (b. 04 Nov 1918)
William Cromwell
William Cromwell
Lula (b. 07 Dec 1899)
Candice Janel (b. 30 Sep 1969)
Charles John (b. 30 Jan 1947)
Charles John (b. 30 Jan 1947)
Charles John Jr. (b. 03 Nov 1967)
Christopher James (b. 27 Nov 1971)
Arthur B. "Jack" (b. 08 May 1924, d. 28 Dec 1984)
Arthur Barrett
Arthur Barrett
Dwight E.
Jennie Mae
Jennie Mae
Jennie Mae
Martin Edgar
Martin Edgar
Mary Sue
Mabel Marie
E. S. (b. 1883, d. 1922)
E. S. (b. 1883, d. 1922)
Minnie Elizabeth
Lola Kathlyn
Lola Kathlyn
Albert Joseph (b. 31 Oct 1928)
Albert Joseph (b. 31 Oct 1928)
Albert Keith (b. 05 Jul 1951)
Allyson Kim (b. 04 Jun 1953)
Joseph Ramsey
Kara Nanette (b. 02 Jul 1957)
Kevin Dodge (b. 07 Jan 1963)
Kyle Matthew (b. 29 Dec 1966)
Mittie Vera
Mittie Vera
Marjory Beryl (b. 10 Nov 1918)
Marjory Beryl (b. 10 Nov 1918)
Jessie Anne
Paula Gail
Byron Douglas
Robert Barry
Robert Oleria
Robert Oleria
Susan Diane
Susan Diane
John Henry (b. 11 Mar 1923, d. 25 Apr 1925)
Robert Dallas
Robert Dallas
Romona Ann
Tracey Kristen
Tracey Kristen
Virginia Ruth
William Scobee Jr. (b. 14 Feb 1920, d. 28 Apr 1993)
William Scobee Sr. (b. 10 Sep 1896, d. 10 Mar 1982)
William Scobee Sr. (b. 10 Sep 1896, d. 10 Mar 1982)
Montford Bert
Alexander Trey
Ethel Lee
Ethel Lee
Juanie Sue (b. 17 Dec 1941)
Juanie Sue (b. 17 Dec 1941)
Ruth Ruppersberger
(--?--) (Charles W. Jr)
Albert Clark (b. 18 Oct 1972)
Albert Hughie (b. 28 Jul 1898, d. 14 Sep 1960)
Albert Hughie (b. 28 Jul 1898, d. 14 Sep 1960)
Anna Zillah
Arther Earl (b. 30 Jun 1894, d. 06 Jan 1977)
Arther Earl (b. 30 Jun 1894, d. 06 Jan 1977)
Charles W.
Charles W.
Dianne Amanda "Mandy" (b. 08 Oct 1956)
Dianne Amanda "Mandy" (b. 08 Oct 1956)
Earlene ( , d. 1988)
Earlene ( , d. 1988)
Edna Earl (b. 05 Oct 1951)
Edna Earl (b. 05 Oct 1951)
George Alva
George Alva
George Leroy (b. 15 Jul 1902, d. 22 May 1965)
George Leroy (b. 15 Jul 1902, d. 22 May 1965)
Henry Pitts
Jessie Edward (b. 08 Feb 1891, d. 08 May 1962)
Jessie Edward (b. 08 Feb 1891, d. 08 May 1962)
Jewel Lovet
Joe Noland (b. 12 Mar 1948)
Joe Noland (b. 12 Mar 1948)
Joe Noland (b. 13 Apr 1969)
Judy (b. 21 Feb 1944)
Judy (b. 21 Feb 1944)
Linda (b. 23 Feb 1946)
Linda (b. 23 Feb 1946)
Linden E. "Jack"
Mary Anna "Mamie" (b. 05 Sep 1904, d. 13 May 1984)
Mary Catherine
Mary Kathryn (b. 03 Mar 1929)
Mary Kathryn (b. 03 Mar 1929)
Mary Lou Ella (b. 20 Nov 1950, d. 10 Nov 1951)
Max Layne (b. 22 Sep 1929, d. 02 Jan 1959)
Max Layne (b. 22 Sep 1929, d. 02 Jan 1959)
Maxie Layne (b. 14 Jan 1959)
Maxie Layne (b. 14 Jan 1959)
Maxie Wayne (b. 18 Oct 1931)
Maxie Wayne (b. 18 Oct 1931)
Nettie Mae (b. 12 Jan 1888, d. 30 Oct 1960)
Nettie Mae (b. 12 Jan 1888, d. 30 Oct 1960)
Oliver C. (b. 23 Jan 1916, d. 14 Mar 1918)
Robert Edward (b. 16 Jan 1917)
Robert Edward (b. 16 Jan 1917)
Robert Edward (b. 24 Jul 1866, d. 26 Aug 1909)
Robert Edward (b. 24 Jul 1866, d. 26 Aug 1909)
Robert Edward Jr. (b. 22 Aug 1937, d. 07 May 1957)
Robert Noland (b. 27 Oct 1892, d. 19 Aug 1905)
Thomas Jefferson
William Leroy (b. 18 Oct 1925, d. Aug 1927)
Xxxx (b. 1965)
Clarence Herman
Frank Cargill
Vera Gay
Vera Gay
Elizabeth Jane "Beth"
Elizabeth Jane "Beth"
Charles H.
Charles H.
Lauren Hope (b. 17 Nov 1983)
D. D.
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann
Evarine Silvia
Evarine Silvia
Hazel Kirk (b. 22 Jun 1891)
Ruth (b. 1895, d. 12 Sep 1940)
Ruth (b. 1895, d. 12 Sep 1940)
Lyle Hubert
Estelle Genette (b. 24 Feb 1920)
Estelle Genette (b. 24 Feb 1920)
Gail Allison (b. 21 Jun 1942)
Gail Allison (b. 21 Jun 1942)
Ralph Stanley
William Tom
William Tom
Lydia Barlow (b. 25 Jun 1833, d. 05 Mar 1905)
Lydia Barlow (b. 25 Jun 1833, d. 05 Mar 1905)
Alces (b. 17 Jul 1884, d. 01 Mar 1977)
Martha Isabell
Amanda E.
Elizabeth (b. 16 Feb 1841, d. 06 Mar 1875)
Elva (b. circa 1844)
James N. (b. 1823)
Jesse (b. 1821)
John S. (b. 1823)
John S. (b. 1823)
Joseph (b. 1831)
Mabry (b. 1826)
Mary (b. 1834)
Nancy Dulcimer
Nancy Dulcimer
Richard (b. 1827)
Thomas Van Buren (b. 12 May 1837, d. 30 May 1914)
Thomas Van Buren (b. 12 May 1837, d. 30 May 1914)
Christina Adele
Samuel Frederick
Margaret Ann (b. 10 Mar 1872, d. 12 Nov 1935)
Richard Keith
Annie King
Annie King
Clarence Denmon
Clarence Denmon
Homer Morgan
Owen G.
Owen G.
Wayne Edward (b. 11 Sep 1938)
Sara (b. 05 Apr 1951)
Sara (b. 05 Apr 1951)
(--?--) (Homer Townsend ii) (b. 1922)
Elizabeth Marschall (b. 1918)
Homer Townsend (b. 14 Oct 1885)
Homer Townsend (b. 14 Oct 1885)
Mary Eileen (b. 21 Sep 1890, d. 1948)
Richard A. (b. 1854, d. 1938)
Richard A. (b. 1854, d. 1938)
Salienia or Hannah
Mary Jane (b. 1851)
Mary Jane (b. 1851)
Willie Madera
Willie Madera
Alexander R.
Callie Maud
Callie Maud
Melvinia (b. circa 1836)
Melvinia (b. circa 1836)
Rachel (b. 1886, d. 1965)
Rachel (b. 1886, d. 1965)
Ella J. (b. 1858, d. 02 Jan 1916)
Ella J. (b. 1858, d. 02 Jan 1916)
Alice ( , d. 13 Sep 1913)
Craven (b. circa 1781, d. )
Elizabeth (b. 1779, d. )
Elizabeth (b. circa 1775, d. )
John (b. 1751, d. )
John (b. 1751, d. )
John Middleton (b. 1782)
Lawson (b. circa 1773, d. )
Mary Eleanor (b. 1754, d. 1819)
Mary Eleanor (b. 1754, d. 1819)
Nowland M. (b. circa 1818, d. )
Otho Holland William (b. circa 1782, d. )
Philip Hussey (b. 1776, d. )
Sally (b. 1773)
Samuel Noland (b. circa 1784, d. )
Samuel Noland (b. circa 1784, d. )
Thomas Hussey (b. circa 1748, d. 1786)
Thomas Hussey (b. circa 1748, d. 1786)
Thomas Noland (b. circa 1773, d. )
William Meroney (b. 1778)
Elizabeth (b. 1827)
Elizabeth (b. 1827)
Patrick Henry (b. 1821)
Artemsia (b. 1913)
Dale Q. (b. 1929)
Dorothy (b. 1924, d. 1979)
Dovie C. (b. 1920, d. 1989)
Joicy N. (b. 1910, d. 1994)
Ralph T. (b. 1922, d. 1991)
Raymond (b. 1919)
Robert B. (b. 1880, d. 1959)
Robert B. (b. 1880, d. 1959)
Robert B. (b. 1916)
Rudolph G. (b. 1926)
Verna (b. 1935)
Louisiane (b. 06 Jan 1838, d. 24 Jul 1887)
Louisiane (b. 06 Jan 1838, d. 24 Jul 1887)
Martha Ann
(--?--) (Joseph Read dr)
(--?--) (Joseph Read dr)
Beulah Eletha (b. 1890, d. 1931)
Beulah Eletha (b. 1890, d. 1931)
Barbara Rue (b. 08 Nov 1932, d. 1956)
Barbara Rue (b. 08 Nov 1932, d. 1956)
Diane Ware (b. 22 Jun 1931)
Diane Ware (b. 22 Jun 1931)
William Leon
William Leon
Gwen Gardner
Gwen Gardner
Judith Mapes
Judith Mapes
Stanley Van Vliet
Stanley Van Vliet
James Sidney ( , d. 13 Nov 1922)
James Sidney ( , d. 13 Nov 1922)
John S. (b. 1862, d. 05 Nov 1926)
Levi (b. 1877)
Mary A. (b. 1865)
Mary A. (b. 1865)
Nannie Grant (b. 1869)
Nancy Jane
Nancy Jane
Nancy Jane
Jane Blanton
Martha Jane
Pamela Darlene (b. 28 May 1954)
Dorothy (b. 05 Jun 1921)
Dorothy (b. 05 Jun 1921)
Hampton J
Betty Jane
Betty Jane
Laura Wade
Laura Wade
Earle Alexander
Elizabeth ( , d. 1865)
Elizabeth ( , d. 1865)
Belva Jane (b. 1884, d. 1966)
Belva Jane (b. 1884, d. 1966)
Alice (b. circa 1854)
Andrew Jackson
Ann Eliza (b. 23 May 1852, d. 27 Jun 1934)
Ann Eliza (b. 23 May 1852, d. 27 Jun 1934)
Catherine (b. circa 1861)
Elizabeth J.
George (b. circa 1855)
Hulda J. (b. circa 1859)
Izora (b. circa 1856)
Jasper Newton
John South (b. 09 Jan 1824, d. 30 Sep 1883)
John South (b. 09 Jan 1824, d. 30 Sep 1883)
John Walter (b. circa 1860)
Mary Frances (b. circa 1853)
Mary Jane
Melissa May (b. circa 1857)
William Grant (b. circa 1858)
William John
William John
William Phillip
Lawrence E.
Lawrence E.
Aleta Mae (b. 02 Mar 1901, d. 26 Nov 1991)
Aleta Mae (b. 02 Mar 1901, d. 26 Nov 1991)
Mary Ann (b. 1822)
Mary Ann (b. 1822)
Mary Ann (b. 1822)
Charles Lewis (b. 29 Sep 1866, d. Oct 1941)
Charles Lewis (b. 29 Sep 1866, d. Oct 1941)
Ethel Gardner (b. 15 Aug 1904)
Ethel Gardner (b. 15 Aug 1904)
Mabel Glenn (b. 03 Mar 1890, d. 1980)
Mabel Glenn (b. 03 Mar 1890, d. 1980)
Agnes Marie
L. M.
May (b. 01 May 1892, d. 06 Apr 1952)
May (b. 01 May 1892, d. 06 Apr 1952)
Shelby (b. 1892)
Bradley John
Brenton Joel
Edward S.
Elizabeth (b. 1819, d. circa 1850)
Elizabeth (b. 1819, d. circa 1850)
Fanny (b. 1816)
Florence LeNora (b. 1901, d. 1984)
Florence LeNora (b. 1901, d. 1984)
Henry Sanford
James Henry ( , d. 04 Oct 1954)
Louis Hubert
Mary Lou
Mary Louise
Nancy I. (b. May 1876)
Nancy I. (b. May 1876)
Rachael (b. 16 Jul 1818)
Rachael (b. 16 Jul 1818)
Susie (b. 10 May 1891)
(--?--) (Ivot Jr.)
Dallas Jerome
Dallas Jerome
Loretta (b. 22 Oct 1958)
Loretta (b. 22 Oct 1958)
Raymond Carter (b. 03 Jan 1951)
Lynda Sara
Lynda Sara
Andrew Dean (b. 14 Aug 1889)
Andrew Dean (b. 14 Aug 1889)
Francis Louise
Hugh (b. 1909)
J. P.
J. P.
John Hardie (b. 14 Aug 1886)
Roma Morris (b. 28 Dec 1883)
Roma Morris (b. 28 Dec 1883)
Stella C.
Barney E.
Floyd A.
James Newell
James Newell
James Newell Jr.
Lena Bell
Mary Irene
Mary Irene
Naida Lee
Naida Lee
Nona Lee
Robert Wesley
Robert Wesley
Roy Price
Walter Hugh
W. L.
Mary (b. circa 1792, d. circa 1854)
Mary (b. circa 1792, d. circa 1854)
A. E.
A. E.
Bertie Lee
Bertie Lee
Laura Ann
Laura Ann
Jean Myers (b. 28 Dec 1926)
Jean Myers (b. 28 Dec 1926)
Sarah B.
Sarah B.
Charles W.
Charles W.
Kenneth Howard Jr.
Kenneth Howard Sr.
Kenneth Howard Sr.
Regina Gayle
Tina Marie
John W.
A. J. H. (b. circa 1842)
G. G. G. (b. circa 1850)
Joseph M. (b. 05 Feb 1815, d. 20 Dec 1907)
M. A. V. (b. circa 1858)
W. B. A. (b. circa 1853)
Anna Dorothy (b. 16 Nov 1821, d. 16 May 1896)
Anna Dorothy (b. 16 Nov 1821, d. 16 May 1896)
James F.
George B.
Mary (b. 1829, d. )
Eleanor (b. 04 Jul 1905)
Eleanor (b. 04 Jul 1905)
John H. (b. 24 Jan 1838, d. 10 Aug 1917)
John H. (b. 24 Jan 1838, d. 10 Aug 1917)
Mary M. (b. 20 Feb 1867, d. 07 Dec 1949)
Mary M. (b. 20 Feb 1867, d. 07 Dec 1949)
Alice Adelia
Alice Adelia
Avis Louise (b. 21 Aug 1942)
Avis Louise (b. 21 Aug 1942)
G. B.
Robert Dean
Robert L.
Robert L.
Joseph J. (b. 04 Apr 1854, d. 20 Jul 1915)
George W.
Mildred Pauline (b. 21 Mar 1924)
Mildred Pauline (b. 21 Mar 1924)
Douglas Ann (b. 16 Jun 1941)
Douglas Ann (b. 16 Jun 1941)
Douglas Bennett (b. 07 Jun 1911)
Douglas Bennett (b. 07 Jun 1911)
Douglas Bennett Jr. (b. 27 Sep 1934, d. 19 Mar 1935)
James Farlow (b. 24 Nov 1937)
Richard Lee (b. 20 Feb 1936)
Bertha H. Conner (b. 24 Dec 1886)
Bertha H. Conner (b. 24 Dec 1886)
Anna Lucille (b. 26 Sep 1900, d. 30 Aug 1986)
Anna Lucille (b. 26 Sep 1900, d. 30 Aug 1986)
Dorothy Lee (b. 05 Mar 1912)
Dorothy Lee (b. 05 Mar 1912)
Jesse (b. 28 Aug 1892)
Jesse (b. 28 Aug 1892)
John David (b. 01 Dec 1865, d. 18 May 1950)
John David (b. 01 Dec 1865, d. 18 May 1950)
Lillie Brown (b. 02 Dec 1896, d. 15 Dec 1992)
Jean Lucille
William Perry Herring III
Robert Gordon
Hattie Pearl (b. 23 Dec 1884, d. 22 Jul 1918)
Hattie Pearl (b. 23 Dec 1884, d. 22 Jul 1918)
Eleanor Jane
James Leonard
James Rice (b. 07 Aug 1895, d. 26 Dec 1980)
James Rice (b. 07 Aug 1895, d. 26 Dec 1980)
Jo Ann
John Wesley
John Wesley
John Wiley
Larry Glenn
Millard (b. 18 May 1888, d. 24 May 1976)
Millard (b. 18 May 1888, d. 24 May 1976)
Shelby Jean
(--?--) (George W. III)
John E. (b. 1800, d. 1910)
Lauretta Frances
Lauretta Frances
Amanda Leigh
Cheryl Karen
Cheryl Karen
Holly Denise
Holly Denise
James Burton
James Burton
James Burton (b. 29 Jun 1925, d. 09 Jan 1987)
James Burton (b. 29 Jun 1925, d. 09 Jan 1987)
James Burton III (b. 19 Oct 1999)
Leo Francis
Timothy Francis (b. 10 Jul 1962, d. 01 Jun 1990)
Billy Gene (b. circa 1929)
(--?--) (Archibald Jr)
(--?--) (Archibald Jr) (b. Jun 1809)
(--?--) (Archibald Jr) (b. Jun 1809)
James B. (b. 1858)
John (b. 1856)
Lucy (b. 1851)
Marion Francis (b. 1846)
Millard Fillmore (b. 1853)
Susan Margaret (b. 23 Mar 1847, d. 02 Feb 1919)
Susan Margaret (b. 23 Mar 1847, d. 02 Feb 1919)
William (b. after 1844)
Gladys Rachel
Gladys Rachel
William Emmitt
Theresa Lynn (b. 25 Jun 1958)
Theresa Lynn (b. 25 Jun 1958)
Sarah Or Sallie ( , d. 1842)
Sarah Or Sallie ( , d. 1842)
(--?--) (John Dr.)
Dr. John
Dr. John
Gayla Susann (b. 28 Feb 1960)
Gayla Susann (b. 28 Feb 1960)
Evelyn (b. circa 1912, d. 31 Dec 1990)
Evelyn (b. circa 1912, d. 31 Dec 1990)
Robert N.
Frances Margaret
Della M. (b. 15 Dec 1892)
Della M. (b. 15 Dec 1892)
Charlie Haynes (b. 1814, d. 1851)
Frances Anna (b. 13 May 1848, d. 07 Jul 1915)
Frances Anna (b. 13 May 1848, d. 07 Jul 1915)
Frances Anna (b. 13 May 1848, d. 07 Jul 1915)
Ann Elizabeth
Edward James
Edward James
Glayds May (b. 11 Dec 1898, d. Aug 1983)
Jenny Aline (b. 20 Sep 1887, d. 03 Jul 1971)
Jenny Aline (b. 20 Sep 1887, d. 03 Jul 1971)
Lucille Miriam (b. 12 Jan 1889, d. May 1976)
Lucille Miriam (b. 12 Jan 1889, d. May 1976)
Milton Hawthorne (b. 26 Aug 1894, d. 16 Apr 1973)
Myrlie Lillian (b. 26 Nov 1892, d. 28 Apr 1973)